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Golden Panther Pawse 12/8


Spoke to MC earlier tonight about 20 minutes before he was going to enter a recruit's houseMc  (Does the FIU head coach take a break? Also, all 8 FIU assistant coaches are currently on the road recruiting as well) and told him you good people were already having FIU football withdrawal. So MC said: "We can do a live blog. Let's get people cranked up!". As soon as I got a day and time set for a LIVE Q&A with MC, I will post it on here Comp with plenty of advance notice.

Clawing Cancer: Pete, anyone else on the men's basketball team get hurt? It's been a week or so since the last injury... I'm guessing someone else should be out 8-10 weeks by now.

GPP: No new injuries. In fact, Freddy Asprilla, who had been battling an Achilles injury, came back for the Buffalo game last Saturday. Maybe this will be a trend, FIU getting players back from injury instead of losing them.

blkpanther: Pete, I saw that 13 senors are leaving, but i don't see Jonas Murell's name in there is he coming back? Secondly, i heard a reporter say in the post game interview that the authentic FIU jerseys were on sale for 2 bills, that's true? Is Ricky Booker injured, in the dog house or just not performed?

GPP: According to MC, Jonas has one more year of eligibility. Yes, I heard the authentic jerseys are going for 2 Franklins. Earlier this season, MC said Booker was not playing as well as other D-linemen so he fell in the depth chart and worked with the scout defense for most of the season, but Booker did play in the season finale vs. Western Kentucky.

esteban688: Pete: Is it true, Jonas Murrell was not amoung the seniors in the group and i was under the impression that TE Eric Kirchenberg (left) was a senior too. Whats up with that?? Secondly... was told that LB Ek Michael Dominguez quit the team or turned in his gear (same thing in my book). He was in the stands with the students. What happened that he couldn't even play one more game to finnish the season.

GPP: I wondered about JM and EK too, but MC told me they both have one season of eligibility left. As far as MD, heard he was suspended for the WK game and his status on the team is up in the air.

gpantera: Pete, What's the story with Mike Dominguez? That guy is a warrior.

GPP: Read above answer to esteban688.

FIUFloridaPower&Light: Pete do you know the schedule for next year?

GPP: Open at Alabama, then home vs. Louisiana-Monroe, then at South Florida, then home vs. Toledo and Nov. 21 at Florida, Nov. 28 home vs. Florida Atlantic. The other 6 Sun Belt games take place Ns between the Toledo game and the UF game. The dates have not been set for the 6 other SBC games yet.

FIU Fan For Life: Pete, I know you stated in your live game blog that the microphone was not working properly at half-time during Dr. Maidique's speech, however Pete I was there, something was definitely wrong with the President's speaking ability.

GPP: Nobody call Oliver Stone (below, left) or any doctors. I spoke with President Maidique as soon as he made his way back up to the club suites after his halftime speech. I wanted to get a quote from him in the Sunday paper. I asked him about the halftime speech and he said he was waiting for a 5-second delay from the time he spoke into the microphone until his words played over the stadium speakers and that's why he Os sounded like he did. PG did not wait for the 5-second delay and that's why his speech came out just fine. MM is doing just fine.

NYCFIUFan: How many SunBelt teams are going bowling?

GPP: Troy to New Orleans and FAU to Motor City Bowl.

CJ: hey pete watching that panther pass post game interview.. the camera guy forgot to turn off the camera lol love hearing everyone shooting the breeze.

GPP: Yeah, that was yours truly with some FIU people shooting the breeze.

Baltimore Panther: Pete I noticed on ESPN that the only two sunbelt teams going bowling are Troy and FAU, why was LU and ASU dissed like that?

GPP: Louisiana, Arkansas State and FAU all split their games vs. each other this season, so it when Ff_2 came down to it, I think FAU having Howard and being defending Sun Belt champs played a factor in getting the at-large bowl bid. Because I think all 3 teams would probably bring the same amount of fans to Detroit.

Joel: Will the school be offering bus rides for the games at USF and UF? And how about the Alabama game? Will the school provide any sort of transportation for that game?

GPP: A little too early to tell, but there may be something for the 2 games in Florida, not so sure about the Alabama game.


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