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Golden Panther Pawse 12/1


Apaw_4 Congrats to the FIU volleyball ladies for reaching the NCAA Tournament. FIU opens Vb against Colorado State in Gainesville and then gets the Florida/FAMU winner.

Apaw Throw some salt over SR's left shoulder, get him some Lucky Charms or get him a rabbit's foot, because got word a little while ago that center Russell Hicks will miss 8-10 weeks with a slightly fractured foot that occurred in last Friday's practice in Los Angeles before the UCLA game.

Apaw_2 Will have Shula Bowl thoughts right after this Pawse and your WIN A GPP BLOG leaderboard is updated below the Q&A. Scores for FIU/Western Kentucky have to be in by 6:59 p.m. GPP Time on Saturday.

Apaw_3 LIVE GPP BLOG for the season finale vs. WK begins around 6:45 p.m. on Saturday from FIU Stadium where I've never had a problem with the wireless. Unlike last week's debacle at DS.

pantera rosada: Can we settle Greg Ellingson's nickname as "Velcro" (right)??Velcro

GPP: Will have to put that and other suggestions up for a vote, because GE is surely developing into one of FIU's top receivers. GE had his first 100-yard game on Saturday with 138 yards. I'm kind of partial to Spid GE's nickname being "Spiderman" because of his web-like hands and the way he went over the ULM defender to make that TD catch. cobracommandr has volunteered the nickname "Stick-Um" (below, right being used by Lester Hayes). Let's get some more GE nickname candidates and we'll put a Stick poll together.

SouthPaw: Hey Pete, just want to make sure you don't confuse me with the loser that posted the false rumor about T.Y. I posted "we're going to win this one" after FAU tied the game at 36. Obviously, I'm not a college football expert with that prediction!

GPP: I never once thought it was you, SouthPaw. Remember, I get everyone's e-mails when they post and this poster was new to the GPP. And considering the good contacts I have with the FIU football program, this poster never had a chance with his TALL TALE.

FIUJM: What's the deal with kickoff/punt returns? I know MC let Hilton do kickoff returns at end of the game but what about punt returns?

GPP: Goodbye (hammy) was not 100 percent going into the FAU game so the coaching staff was being cautious with him.

NYCFIUFan: Do you expect or have you heard of any voluntary turnover in the coaching staff this upcoming year?

GPP: No changes expected. Last year, OC James Coley was kind of expected to go to Florida State after they named his close friend, Jimbo Fisher the HC in-waiting when Bobby Bowden steps down.

Pm_2 Baltimorepanther: How many records were broken or established yesterday by FIU?

GPP: Goodbye became the single-season receiving yardage leader passing Cory McKinney's 890 yards of 2002. Paul McCall (left) became the 1st FIU QB to throw for 400 yards in a game. Darriet Perry became the first FIU freshman running back to run for 100 or more yards. T.Y.'s 3 TDs left him 2 TDs shy of the FIU season record of 12 set by former RB Rashod Smith in 2004.

Quijote: Can you comment on FIUDad's input?

GPP: FIU is no longer bowl eligible with Saturday's loss. You need at least 6 wins and the most FIU (4-7) can get is 5. Here you go Quijote.................Pb_3 

WIN A GPP BLOG or (2nd place -- 2008 FIU football media guide) Leaderboard (through 11 games): Down to 5 people for the GPP Blog and up to 12 people could possibly win the media guide.

9-2: Baltimorepanther (237); Gold (245).

8-3: outofthecage88 (228); Ultimate FIU Fan (245); FIUChris (268); FIU Fanatic (268).

7-4: Puma (212); Fomenter (230); Clawing Cancer (231); FIU Voice (234); NYCFIUFan (252); fiufan751 (255); MIA/NY Josh (311).

6-5: FIU 0406 (249); FIUJM (254); TheChampionUnderdog (267); SouthPaw (290).

5-6: Max (262); gpantera (310).

GPP: 8-3, 225



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Can Hicks get a redshirt?

I finally got the will power to post...but I'm still reeling from this loss.

Pete, any news on recruiting. I know things like that are keep close to the vest but I need something to look forward to.

At least from what you know, do we look like we'll have a good class. No names are needed. Just general thoughts.

I am sorry but the only thing SR needs is a membership to the same country club where Don Stroke is playing golf.

Poor SR, guy can't catch a break. Seems like Pete Garcia may be looking for a new basketball coach at the end of the year.

Pete, went to FIU store online to check out the deals for Cyber Monday and there were no deals. Only deal was shipping and handling being $2.99. Someone has to let the FIU staff know that fans can go to Sports Authority/Champs and pay less for T-Shirts or FIU gear.

Pete, I had one question;maybe you can even ask MC. Right before the half FIU was at the FAU 1 yard line. For some reason, FIU lines up in a spread. On first down they lose a yard or two. Second down, Mertile catches it out of bounds. 3rd down from spread formation they hand it to T.Y. when he's in motion and he loses two yards(I think whole stadium and FAU knew that was going to be the play). And on 4th down they settle for a field goal. My question, why not run 4 QB sneaks right behind the O-Line to get that TD? Do coaches not have confidence in line to get 1 yard in 4 attempts? This in no way intended to be criticism, I'm just trying to figure out what coaches are thinking. Thanks in advance.



How long after the season is done will the team get handed to Rod Moore to go into the weight room?

Well, I usually have a cooling off period when FIU loses where I don't visit the boards or the blog. That game was just amazingly frustrating, I thought the ULM game was horrible. Anyways, Pete, what are the chances that the team comes out flat against WKU? After such an emotional loss, will the team come out with any reason to play next week? I'll be there as always, I just want them to end the season on a high note.


We're in pain. This FAU defeat was a major, nutcracking, bone crushing loss.

Tell things are going to be OK Pete. Give us the silver lining. We need a dose of positive reinforcement because at least i am teetering on the edge between sanity and insanity.

Hey Pete, since I'm officially out of the running for the Win a GPP Blog with Saturday's loss, am I eligible to receive any lovely parting gifts should I come up with the lowest point differential?

Also, can we just fast fwd past basketball season? It's like the movie Groundhog Day. How much longer is SR guaranteed money?

What does baseball season look like for the Golden Panthers?

Finally, no matter what happens on Saturday, this season has been better than expected. How many starting seniors are we losing? I'm thinking most of these guys are freshmen and sophomores and the next few years promise forward progress as well.


Great blog thanks again. Looking forward to the game this Saturday, hopefully they come out and put 50 on WKU.

I am excited for the team that MC is forming, some good talent here.

Velcro sounds funny for GE.

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