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Looking Like A Golden Panther

Wc After taking some time to think about the situation between his old school and FIU, it now looks like former All-SEC freshman quarterback Wesley Carroll is ready to become a Golden Panther.

Carroll, who played at Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas in high school and was a freshman quarterback for Mississippi State, was released from his Miss. State scholarship 3 weeks ago, but took some time to think about where he'd like to play the final 2 years of his college career.

FIU starts the spring semester on Monday, Jan. 5 and Carroll along with new defensive end Thatcher Starling are expected to be at FIU and ready for the first day of class and off-season conditioning.

By NCAA transfer rules, Carroll will have to sit out the 2009 season and then be eligible to play in FIU Stadium for the 2010 season.

How's that for a main course, starvin' gpantera

Happy New Year, GPP Nation.

Vote for your FIU New Year's Resolution below.


FIUPantherFan: What about Gacesa, did he just sit out because of the back to back games?

GPP: Gacesa had the stomach flu against Fordham that's why he sat out, but he should be back for the next game on Saturday at Troy.

alt7787: Would you happen to know if El Monstruo will be able to play this Sunday? Ab 

GPP: The official NFL injury report comes out later today. When I spoke to EM's cousin in Baltimore last week he said EM would do everything he can to play in the playoffs. When I have an update I'll post it on here.


So far a very close call in our last poll question regarding the improving health of FIU hoops starters. 39.5% of you good people have voted that FIU will be eliminated in the 1st round of the Sun Belt hoops tournament and 37.2% of you have voted that FIU reaches the Sun Belt semis. Keep voting, poll is still open.

We've reached another state in this great country of ours with the last question. An ambitious reader in Charleston, West Virginia voted that FIU hoops would win the Sun Belt and reach the Big Dance.

Here's the Big Scorecard: 



23 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

What would be your New Year's Resolution for FIU sports:


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Glad to see Carroll will be a Golden Panther! This gives us options at QB for 2010.

And also, I was wondering if there were any developments concerning Miami's MLS bid that would have a pro team play at FIU Stadium. There should be an announcement sometime in January... anything coming out of FIU?

Thanks for the great news Pete!!! It should be great competition in 2010.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! May the new year be filled with lots of love, happiness, health and Golden Panthers victories.


Thanks for the information, Pete!! Way to end up 2008 news for FIU Football.


My compliments to the chef. You serve a mean dish of info. Thanks.

Happy New Year to all. '09 will be The Year of the G-Panther.

Great news, welcome to the team Wesley!

BTW, Happy New Year Everyone! Hope it's safe and prosperous for all you FIU fans!

Welcome to the family wes.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year!! God bless and here's to a year that will be filled with prosperity, joy and more FIU victories!!

happy newyears everyone

Welcome to the FIU family Wes and Thatcher, your going to love it here!

Happy New Year to everyone and great job all year round Pete!

And great work on this scoop.

Hey Pete,

Is there any truth to Tiger Clark being Fired?

That is amazing news for the 2010 season. Wesley and Colt should both be amazing. Can't wait till the Spring Game! Have they made a date for the game?

Great news having a guy with a proven track record coming in to FIU to compete at QB. Competition is nothing but a positive thing, and it also gives us needed depth at the most important position. I like the fact that Carroll is a competitor and can also run pretty well.

I think this sends a pretty clear message to Colt Anderson -- 2009 is your year to step up and take the starting position. Otherwise, I think Carroll comes in and is our starter for the next two years. I like McCall, but I think Anderson needs to get a long look at starter next year if he continues to show improvment.

And by the way, those gold helmets on Wesley Carroll in high school looked pretty good. Maybe FIU can learn something from STA and finally get it right by going to GOLD helmets once and for all. If I were in Wesley Carroll's shoes, I'd tell Coach Cristobal that a condition of me transerring was that FIU goes to gold helmets. But that's just me:-)

Let go of the gold helmets (lol).
As for McCall, the job is his. He broke our loosing streak in '07. We're +4 wins with him at the helm in '08. He's coming back as a senior with his first full year of starting experience under his belt. How can anyone argue that we have a QB more qualified to lead us to wins next season than Paul McCall?

You're completely right about the gold helmet Southpaw. It does look nice, but there's nothing that can be done about it now. FIU decided on helmet, time to move forward.

I also agree with you that Colt Anderson has to be given a shot to compete for starting job in '09. It's obviously McCall's job to lose, but if he gets outperformed by any quarterback in our roster...it's in the best interest of team to play who they think will give us best chance to win.

As for baseball, I'm expecting a great year from TT. Last year we lacked pitching, TT has recruited some and it should show this year in W column.


Does anyone that think Mario would even start a conversation with the Marve family about coming to FIU ?? Reading between the lines, Randy Shannon is trying to keep this kid down and it seems personal. UF, FSU, USF seem out of the question, but how about UCF, FAU, or FIU ??

The story of his dad having cancer is definitely going to play a factor on where he goes next year.

The transfer or Carroll to FIU gives us (Younger, Carroll, Anderson, Hughes, McCloud for 2010) You probably need 4 QBs on the roster. Marve looks to fit in better with spread system, and has good speed. Wonder if Coach Legg is lobbying to bring him in here ??

My money is on UCF making a play for him, but we'll have to wait and see.

FIU B&G.. he cant go to ANY D-1 school in the state of florida.. that means FAU, FIU UCF, USF, FSU and UF are all outta the question

I saw the stipulations. But those will not stick after he appeals to the board at UM of non athletic dept staff....

I actually agree with UCG about not allowing him to transfer to ACC school, but SEC schools and Florida schools is a little ridiculous. Could possibly be that Randy Shannon is scared to play him and lose to a team that he's the quarterback at.

Happy New Year Pete.

What happened to Delmonico? I missed that news.

From what I've read on the Marve situation I have to agree with Randy's decision. Even Eugene Marve has come out and apologized for his child-like tirade.

Excluding him from any Florida schools is common practice, just for obvious recruiting reasons.

Excluding him from the SEC seems fine due to the fact that the Marves were speaking with SEC coaches before the season ended and they didn't think it would come out in public.

Best of luck to the kid, he seems to have a lot of the tools but is definitely missing out on some of the off the field due diligence to be a team leader.

2008 Sugar Bowl Result - Utah 31, Alabama 17
Congratulations to the Utah Utes.

According to the good ole boys of college football, teams like Utah and Boise State should just be happy to be in a BCS game. A few seasons ago, Boise State gave the college football establishment the giant finger by upsetting Oklahoma. Now, the undefeated Utes SPANK the mighty SEC representing Alabama Crimson Tide, giving Nick Satan, Kirk Hurbstreet and the rest of college football elites the big “up yours!” If your conference so damn tough then snap on your chin strap, get on the field and prove it.

Again, thank you to Utah and Boise State before them for proving that football is won on the field, not in the polls.

i think that stipulation for any team in florida really is just a way to say USF w/o SAYING USF... think about it.. the only team that COULD see the U ... in reality.. is USf..in the Orange bowl (unless scheduled to play earlier) and randy doesnt want to get beat by the guy he let go

Congratulations are in order for the Utes, however, they still should only be excited to be in a BCS Bowl game. Bama was an at large team, Florida won the right to rep the SEC. If they want the chance to play in BCS bowls annually, they need to move to another conference (ie PAC 10). Boise State was also undefeated going into Bowl Season and came out a loser to TCU. I do agree that football is still decided on the field, but with the big money now involved in the game, the opportunity to play in marquis bowls comes from some luck and maneuvering in the Athletic Department. Perhaps teams like Boise State and Utah would find more notoriety moving to a major conference. Would they find as much success though?

Fomenter I'll agree with you on Marve not going to another ACC school; that makes sense, however I disagree with you on the SEC school reason you mentioned. It is very well known that UM was talking to Brock Berlin when he was contemplating leaving UF. UF allowed him to leave EXCEPT to another SEC school. Not going to another conference school is the norm, what UM's coach as done is WAY beyond. It smacks of vendetta and does nothing but hurt Marve and the UM coach’s rep.

Here is hoping that FIU with Galindo, Gacesa and Asprilla can right the ship somewhat against Troy. Pete when is Souto coming back? The point guard is the QB of the hoops team, once Souto comes back and Nick Taylor backs him up the team should be much more solid.


I think Randy Shannon is just being vindictive.

I have never, ever heard of an in-state ban PLUS a conference ban PLUS ANOTHER partial conference ban.

Just like Ultimate FIU Fan, you never see UF do in-state bans when their players transfer!

Randy better how clear evidence of tampering rather than "gut feeling" and "media rumors" or he's gonna lose the appeal process.

gbd', what makes you think that Utah (or anyone else for that matter) can just up and join the PAC-10 for 'better competition'? These BCS schools jealously guard what they have as evidenced by not inviting Boise to a BCS game. Boise lost to TCU by one point and TCU gave Utah their toughest game of the season by far. And TCU's losses were to arguably the two best teams in the country, Utah and Oklahoma.

These teams would have made for much more exciting BCS games than what we've seen to this point (e.g. did anyone watch the Orange Bowl?). The best teams should be playing in the best games.

Delmonico is coaching the Dutch National team. I am not sure he was ever really a coach anyway outside of name. The kids said he was great when he was there, just not there very much. I wish him luck with the team.

FIUFan, teams can lobby to join conferences and do so quite frequently. Remember when the Big East and ACC realigned? Greater competition would only help the PAC 10 as evidenced by the fact that a 1 loss USC team was not given a shot at the championship because of the conference's perceived weakness. Adding a team like BSU or Utah would only increase the conferences strength. As food for thought, with tougher competition found in the "major" conferences, would these non BCS schools be able to weather a harder schedule?
What bowl game do you think BSU deserved with their undefeated record? I am all in favor of a plus one or even a play off system, but in the system in place now, in order to have BCS bowls readily available, a team must win in a BCS conference, otherwise it is luck of the draw. Right now the Mountain West and WAC do not have the overall strength to propel one of their teams into a BCS bowl.

What bowl game do you think BSU deserved with their undefeated record?

The Fiesta v. one loss Texas instead of a two loss Ohio St. from the sub-par Big 10. Did you see what USC did to Penn St.? Sure Penn St. made it respectable but that game was over 10 minutes into the 1st Quarter.

And btw, these major conferneces with their "tougher competition" have their share of bottom feeders. Take the PAC 10 for expample, Washington didn't win a game, Wash. St. won two and who are Arizona, AZ St., UCLA, Stanford....I think Cal was pretty good. What about the Big 10?, and the ACC and Big East were mediocre from top to bottom this year.

Boise and TCU would have won either of those three conferences hands-down.

I know this is not a UM board but I agree that what Shannon is doing is vindictive. Come on the kid's dad has cancer and he wants to play close to home but he can't go to an ACC, SEC, or a school in FLORIDA? Isn't he from central florida, where can he play then? Why is Shannon so threatened if the kid plays at USF or UCF or even FAU or FIU? What is his problem?

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