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Your 2008 FIU Football Moment

We'll start focusing in on your Golden Panthers recruiting story lines after this blog post. Here's a Wc_2 Wesley Carroll (right) update to tie FIUGPanther and you good people over until then. Spoke to friends in Mississippi, who spoke to WC last Friday and WC said he is not sure where he will play now in 2009.

Mississippi State officially released WC from his scholarship last Tuesday. And according to sources in Miss., new Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen is recruiting 2 to 3 QBs that would come in and challenge last year's starter Tyson Lee and redshirt freshman Chris Reif. Both sources and myself have gotten nowhere with WC's high school coach, George Smith. All parties getting no answers from GS or in my case -- smart answers. As the Recruiting World Turns continues....

Now to the point of this post, to find out what was your favorite moment from the 2008 FIU football season. Below are the nominees and you can vote at the end of the post. (Thanks to Sam Lewis and Alex J. Hernandez for FIU pics)

Tyku Aug. 30 - Hello, Goodbye (left): A highly-touted freshman by the name of T.Y. Hilton makes good on his signing day promise to MC: "Take it to the house, the first time I touch the ball". Hilton, who would later this season be dubbed "Goodbye!" by TheChampionUnderdog and GPP Nation, takes a punt return 74 yards for a touchdown leaving the Jayhawks in the dust.

Sept. 20 - Home Sweet Home: The Golden Panthers open the doors to Fiustadium their new Cage -- the new FIU Stadium (right). The Golden Panthers fall to South Florida 17-9, but the only on-campus stadium south of Orlando is open for business.

Sept. 27 - Holy Toledo!: No need to wait until December this time for the 1st win of the season. Behind a solid running game and a suffocating D that allows 3 points after the 1st quarter, FIU knocks off its first non-conference foe as a Division I team. Final score: FIU 35, Toledo 16.

Oct. 4 - North Texas, Paul McCall is Your Daddy: While T.Y. Hilton notches another 2 TDs -- one of them a dazzling catch-and-run that breaks 3 NT tackles, FIU quarterback Paul McCall (left) throws 4 TDs to tie Pmm the program record of Jamie Burke. That gives PM 7 TD passes vs. the Mean Green in the last 2 games.

Oct. 11 - Your Welcome, AOL: FIU gets its first win in the new FIU Stadium by handling Middle Tennessee 31-21. Besides the sharp FIU intro video of the Panther jumping buildings and landing on the MT helmet set to "Thunderstruck", Hilton's (right) new touchdown sound effect, the AOL sign-off, makes its debut: "Goodbye".

Nov. 8 - The Hilton Heave: A field goal festival for Dustin Rivest, whoTymt  sets the FIU single-game record with 5 FGs, to keep the Golden Panthers in the game against Arkansas State. But the late-game drama belongs to two FIU freshmen. Goodbye fumbles an end around, but stays with it and throws against his body a 38-yd TD pass that Junior Mertile "was waiting forever for the Money Ball to come down". FIU 22, ASU 21.

Nov. 29 - An Offensive Afternoon: No, I don't mean to send you good people back to your shrink's couch. Yes, it was an offensive ending losing 2 14-pt. 4th quarter leads to the Hooters, but the title of this game refers to the FIU O putting up 50 points in a 57-50 OT loss. Freshman RB Darriet Perry (left) shows that he can carry the load literally and figuratively, taking 3 FAUers for a 13-yd ride en route to 115 yds and 2 TDs. PM becomes 1st FIU QB to throw for 400 yds. Goodbye scores 3 TDs and GE puts up 138 yds receiving. The promise of a potent FIU Dp O is unveiled.

Dec. 6 - The Beginning of the Turnaround: After a slow-starting 1st half, FIU turns it on in the 2nd half for a 27-3 season finale win over Western Kentucky. FIU matches the program-high of 5 wins in the season and rides a surge of good vibes into the off-season and recruiting.

Vote for your favorite 2008 moment below the Pawse.


  Clawing Cancer: Senor Pelegrin... the following's from Manny Navarro's UM blog:

"From what FIU beat writer Pete Pelegrin tells me, UM is looking for a four-game deal in hoops, with three games at UM and one at FIU. That's doesn't sound like a stretch, considering UM has hosted 10 of the team's 12 meetings. But FIU athletic director Pete Garcia is looking for a basic home-and-home series with the Canes." Is that true?

GPP: Yes, except it is a 2 for 1 that UM is looking for and FIU only wants to play 1 for 1 and if they do 2 for 1s then UM has to pay FIU, which it does not want to do. Really, no big deal, FIU has to worry about getting healthy and winning some games when the "cavalry" as SR calls them, comes back in January.

Since Ultimate FIU Fan asked: FIU hoops injury updates from SR today: Tremayne Russell (hand), Alex Bc Galindo (ankle) and J.C. Otero (knee) all should be back by the 1st week of January. Josue Soto (thumb) is expected back the 2nd week of Jan. Russell Hicks (foot) by the "last few games of the season". True story, I almost went on injured reserve covering FIU hoops at the UM arena. Stepped on a chair to shake hands with Max and Miri, who were on the second level above the press area, and my ankle twisted, but not enough to sideline me. Maybe the FIU hoops injury curse extends to off the court as well.

Pantera Dorada & esteban688: PD, good meeting you at the Dazzlers Calendar signing. . .Regarding A.J. Grant, he may or may not make it academically at FIU and the AFL is an option, but he has not signed with any AFL team and the league is in $$$$ trouble, so who knows.

gpantera: Pete Pelegrin, You're MIA. Haz algo para la patria. We're dying for football info. Heck, any FIU sports info will do at this point.

GPP: gpantera and la patria, was a little busy today doing a Marlon Bright story for Tuesday's paper....hope this best of FIU football 2008 helps for now and we'll get into a recruiting breakdown next to fill the FIU football withdrawal. MC will also be on here LIVE doing a Q & A with you good people. He's kind of busy right now doing this recruiting thing, but he called me the other day to assure you good people that he will do a LIVE blog on the GPP. Will post when we have a set day and time.

Apaw We've reached north of the border, ay! in our GPP WORLDWIDE READERSHIP. A GPP reader in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada believes that FIU & UM have better opponents to play than Sbrew each other. More 80 percent of you think it's a shame the crosstown series is over. Maybe the GPP scorecard will cheer you up:



22 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Time to vote on your moment:


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Your updates is like giving water to thirsty desert dweller. We were dying ova here! Thanks for the update.

As for best moment, the Toledo road win was the first legit WOW moment of this turnaround season.

Go G-Panthers!

It was nice meeting you on Friday at the basketball game, Pete.

As far as this football season goes, my favorite has to be T.Y. in general. He is so much fun to watch.

I also gotta give major major kudos to MC, the coaching staff, and last but not least, the players for making this season so much fun. They really made us proud.

Toledo was the first wow of the season....but for me, The Hilton Heave topped it all!!

So I hate to break this news but we lost top recruit RB Neat to ole miss today. Sucks

Pete, hope the ankle is doing okay, that damn band was too loud right there. Good to see you didn't need to go on injured reserve. As for the topic of the poll, I voted for the Hilton Heave game just because it was such an exciting ending.

there have been many good moments this year but i had to choose the first home game. I wasn't around FIU before this stadium was built. (though i had gone to my high school games at the old FIU stadium, but it wasn't the same as actually being a student there) My freshman year i went to all the home games at the OB. But I remmember that wait before the home opener, the countdown! That game was the first time i felt like my team was on the same level as any in the country. We had a house to protect!

and im gonna have to disagree with gpantera. ithink it was in the USF game that we showed everyone that we are no pushovers, and we will defend our home. I saw an intensity that game that i hadn't seen since the 07 FIU-UM. Those boys were coming out to play. that game was the first WOW. We were heavy underdogs and it was in that game that our team realized just what they could accomplish. The next game they tore up Toledo! The USF game was the catalyst is the reaction of this turnaround season. Plus it was the only game that we saw our stadium almost completely full. Not to mention ESPN+ was on board. Great memory! I walked out so proud!

I also have to say the stadium opening up was the defining moment of the season. No disrespect to the Money Ball or any of the others, but anytime you open up a new stadium, the first game there almost has to be the defining moment of the season. I don't think any of the wins really topped that. Besides, we played USF damn tough and, had we had the offense going then like it did later on, we probably would've won that game.

Anyway... glad to hear some of the guys are coming back for conference play. I hope they get their stuff going fast, for Sergio's sake and FIU's. If they're as good as hyped, they might be able to make a splash, though I kind of doubt anyone but WKU is winning the Sun Belt this year. Maybe someone'll get lucky in the SBC tourney. Hopefully, FIU. But we gotta get there first. And hopefully, it'll be with Bright on the roster. He's a role player, but someone who's a damn good role player. FIU can't afford to turn him away even when they get healthier. Good article, by the way, Pete.

As for "losing" Neat... IF we lost him... or if we get or lose Carroll... so what? I guess I shouldn't get into this argument again, but some of you guys really, REALLY need to gain perspective on recruiting. Just because big-time schools recruit a certain kid doesn't mean FIU should. Nor should FIU be interested in a QB just because he started as a freshman in the SEC. And, let's be honest, that's about the only reason some of you want Neat or Carroll. You don't know these guys will be good here. There's no guarantees. They probably could be, but there's plenty of talent out there. Obsessing over two people (or anyone, really) is pointless. Let the coaches do their jobs. And don't believe everything you read on the Internet. Especially from a "recruiting" website. You'd be surprised how many of those people are straight hacks who wouldn't know a good player if they ran over them.

OK - so much is made out of UM not wanting to play FIU in the big three. We have all agreed that, right now, there is no reason for UM to play FIU in football. Maybe, once they have established themselves, a rivalry can be born. Baseball, I actually agree with you all, Miami and FIU should be playing every year, but I do not think it is fear, I just think Coach Morris and Coach Thomas have some issues with eachother and, right now, Coach Morris has the better team and the only team that would benefit from games would be FIU, and Coach Morris does not want and/or need to give coach Thomas the satisfaction of playing them. None of us know the whole story between these two, so it is crazy for us to guess. I do hope they play soon though, maybe in a regional. BUT, based on Pete's post, UM wants to play FIU in basketball,but it looks like FIU does not want to play and are using excuses to avoid the games.

It is interesting how when UM does want to play FIU and it is FIU who is sidestepping, this blog just glances right over it.

In 24 hrs....Al-Terek McBurse (4 star RB) from Winter Springs will announce his choice and according to the other board, FIU is in serious consideration after he visited us this weekend. Even better, a 4 star RB just committed to Nebraska today and hopefully ATM realizes he can come in and play right away in Legg's spread...This kid is the real deal.

If we were to land McBurse, he'd be the best recruit ever to sign with FIU and has a bright future ahead of him. Check out his film on youtube and rivals.

Here's hoping we catch a break and get at least 1 stud playmaker in the 2009 class !!!


That whole thing in BBall is about ca$h !! A 2 for 1 deal with UCG hosting 2 home games to our 1 is not equitable.

- Miami is clearly the better basketball program and if we agree to a body bag non-conference game, then FIU needs to see the $$$.

- Only fair, if you're hosting the game twice and get all the box office and concessions etc..

The entire UM vs. FIU issue is grossly overstated. All of us know, there is nothing to gain for Miami playing FIU, but in due time we will see both administrations get their heads out of the sand and make this happen and create a cross town rivalry in all major sports. However, if FIU can turn things around in athletics....maybe the ACC comes calling in 5 - 7 years ??


Great post bud! For me, the season ended with a very sour taste in my mouth after b_l_o_wing many opps this season. But your post has summarized the season nicely...many more ups than downs.

scUM will probably complain now that since they didn't blow out FIU,, they were dropped out of the top 25. Honestly, considering we had no starters, it was not the blowout I was expecting to see.

All of these injuries just might give Sergi another year, its hard to judge a team with such a devastating injury report.

Great Blog Pete,

So many great moments this season, but it would have to be the Home Opener. The stadium, the team, the tailgating atmosphere, the visiting team fans (that adds to the stadium atmosphere), the sensation that we had a better team than we expected.

Yeah people, i partially have to side with Crazy Cane. Don't be so pissed that we are not playing anymore. All i see is an opportunity for us to get better so we can challenge them when we are more evenly matched. Our fooball team is comming along. The B-ball team is still a joke in my opinion. 1-12 in our series??? C'mon! That b-ball team needs some real ballers. the fooball team needs more experience. Baseball just needs to be more consistant. So i don't know what the big deal is. I see it as distancing ourselves from the old series and one day return as FIU 2.0 ready to compete on any field, cuz right now we would lose in most matchups. Just the way i see it.

First, as for UM not needed to play FIU, Miami is CURRENTLY ahead of FIU in athletic stature, accomplishment and history, however if they don't gain anything playing FIU please tell me about those MASSIVE gains in playing Charleston Southern in football? The attendance @ that game (first in Dolphin Stadium, a SUPPOSEDLY big event for UM) was pathetic. The attendance @ both UM / FIU games were very good, despite the fact that FIU was terrible and UM was below average both seasons.

Secondly, please tell me about those MASSIVE gains in playing Robert Morris, North Florida or Stetson?

You are correct that UM may not need to play FIU, however being that we all like money, THEY SHOULD PLAY! The game between these two schools does create more interest, more ticket revenue, etc. than when UM play the other schools mentioned above.

Finally, C. Cancer I agree that we may not know how these recruits will pan out, however in a job interview if you're top of your class, class president, heavily involved, etc. compared to a "good" student not involved, those interested in hiring you will have reason to be excited about your hiring. Same with these blue chip players. Whenever FIU can grab a blue-chipper like W. Carroll, TY (last year), etc. it causes excitement.

Let's hope men's hoops can steal one @ Arkansas State on Thursday. Did you guys see Cleveland State beat Syracuse on 1/2 court plus shot @ the buzzer?

As CC states, it's been noted many times now that Morris has an issue with TT. Whether justifiable or not, it also doesn't help that TT is an accomplished recruiter who will be dipping even more into the S. FL and national talent pool. That in itself translates into a narrowing talent gap between the two schools. FIU beating Miami regularly would then give TT even more leverage for local recruits. Morris is running from the inevitable because it's eventually going to happen at the regional level.

As for basketball, UM is doing FIU a favor now offering any kind of game package and FIU should jump at the opportunity whether it's balanced or not (i.e., 1-1 or 2-1). A series with FIU now is a lose-lose for Miami. You get zero credit for waxing a bad team and it's a big time loss for Miami if the game is even close.

It was very nice to meet you at the Dazzlers event Pete. As for the best moment in 2008, I agree with #32, the opening of the stadium was an incredible experience even if we did lose, and it makes our football program even stronger.

pete had to mark down that the signature moment of this season was the hilton Heave. as per the UM vs. FIU series officailly coming to an end.. its sad cause i like those type of cross-town games. you can truely see the passion in those types of games. but if we all want that series back.. FIU has to improve.. if they improve it wouldnt be such a bad thing for UM to play us. but for right now it is what it is. FIU in general just has to improve and they are on the right track to do so.

If FIU makes a bowl game next season, i dont think MC will be the MC much longer at FIU :(

is it true the Howard Schnellenberg from FAU will be coaching the rest of the nation against Texas during the ALL STAR game on the 31st?

If Neat wants to go to Ole Miss, then I wish him the best and I hope he is able to live up to his potential. It is the smarter thing to do for him...Ole Miss plays on national tv every couple of weeks and is on the upswing after a hell of a season in the SEC (better record than LSU). Lets face it, FIU is not a household name nor does it get a fifth of the exposure Ole Miss gets. Until FIU is able to win the conference a couple times, go to several bowl games, and draw over 25,000-30,000 fans to each game, I do not see them getting an abundance of star recruits like Neat. I wish that wasnt the case, but many big time recruits coming out of high school want big time exposure and FIU is just not there yet. In a couple of years however, I see FIU being able to grab these guys more readily from the BCS schools. Troy is able to do that right now, but FIU needs some winning seasons and much better attendance.

I'm going to have to agree with CrazyCane. There is no reason for UM and FIU to play right now. It's not like our season will hinge on whether we play UM or not! Let's consistently win our conference and then start a series in the future.

I also agree with Crazy regarding baseball. That series has been going on for years and because Morris and TT have beef with each other should not stop the series. Hopefully those two put their differences aside and get that series going again.

Looks like the "Powers that will be" are not happy with the Dazzlers' calendars. They have told the athletic department to better fundraise in a different manner. They have received calls from donors who suggested FIU should not have exploited the "Sex angle".

Also some coaches have expressed concern with the pictures.

FIU101 can you give us some more details? What exactly happened? I thought that the calendar was done very tastefully.

I miss the old CrazyCane. Go back to hating FIU.

Pantera Dorada, there are sensible-feminist (SF) and the extreme-nutso-feminist (ENF). The former believes, like we hopefully all do that women are equal and can do all that men can do. The later believe intrinsically that men are evil and we (men) are the cause of all bad that has been done to women.

The SF's have moved beyond this type of issues of "Dazzlers calendars", "Hooters Restaurant", etc. and concentrate on real women issues and focus on breaking the proverbial "glass ceiling".

The ENF's, usually work @ universities (wear boots and flannel shirts; Just Kidding!) or non-profits orgs that expound that "men are evil..." blah, blah, blah mantra. They can't compete in the real world not because of talent but due to their hatred of the opposite sex. SF's not only work well with men, they often laugh at MOST of these cheerleader / dance squad type of thing just like us guys laugh at those fire-fighter calendars for women. Sex sells for BOTH genders!

My message to those offended is get a life! For that I'm buying THREE calendars (one for my office, one for brother and another for my ENF neighbor to piss her off!).

LMAO FIUFan4Life. great way to end the rant. i personally have seen from the pics shown NOTHING wrong w/ those pics.. if those Uptight feminist (prob so uptight b/c they couldnt get a date in HS) have a problem w/ it.. dont look at it.. do you think the dazzlers would have "suited up" if they didnt want to? stop speaking for "all women" when the ones making the calender really didnt seem to have a problem w/ it

I don't see FIU ever making it to the ACC under any circumstances. The ACC is full, the most logical jump would be for the Big East, but that's a moot point right now. It's as if discussing what's going to happen in the NBA free agency in a few years with Lebron, Wade, and Bosh all on the market. Plenty of things need to happen for FIU to get to that point.

Reading some of the posts on this blog and the constant mention of FIU being more beneficial with higher attendance than Charleston Southern and some other creampuffs, I decided to take a look at the stats and compare the last two years.

The attendance against Charleston Southern was: 48,119

The attendance against FIU was: 40,915.

Clearly, Charleston Southern was the wiser move.

I really hope we didn't lose Neat... the video on this kid was amazing and would make a great addition for football... I hope this isn't official.

And also, would it be possible for FIU students to bring a guest for free to basketball games or was that only for football?

Fomenter: Charleston Southern was also the season-opening game for UM and the first at Dolphin Stadium for UM. Miami could've played the Little Sisters of the Poor at that game and gotten people to go just because of those two factors. Hell, Charleston Southern pretty much is the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Point is, neither of the FIU games had those particular advantage, so it's not a real fair comparison. Oh... and good job of taking the LESSER of the two attendance totals to "prove" your argument. The 2006 game drew 51,130. Your total of 40,915 was from the 2007 game. I doubt UM gets anywhere near that number against ChSo were they any other game but the season and/or home opener.

I do agree with you about the ACC, but not about the Big East. FIU's best shot at a move up, in my opinion, is C-USA. The men's soccer team is already affiliated with C-USA and the BE would probably take more C-USA schools if they wanted to expand instead of FIU. I could see FIU going BE if the program improves dramatically in the next 3-4 seasons, totally dominates the Belt and significantly expands the fan base. We certainly have the major media market to attract any conference. But otherwise, I don't see that happening.

FIU Fan For Life: I get your point, and it's a valid one. I would agree that high school grades, extracurriculars, so on and so forth, can show if someone will be a good student in college. Problem is, I don't think it applies to football players and their results in high school. Especially when there's such a difference of talent and skill levels at the high school level. Not to mention all the hype artists posing as recruiting experts who award stars to athletes based on who's recruiting them as much as on what they do in high school. Speaking for me, I don't care if FIU recruits a bunch of 1-stars. As long as we win, that's what matters. If stars meant anything, Kyle Wright would've been a smash at UM.

I do agree with you about the calendar. I hope FIU Athletics keeps going with stuff like this. As long as it's done tastefully, the girls don't mind and it sells, what's the problem?

The reason I chose it is because it's the last two years. The shine wore off after the first game. Don't you think that after everything that occurred during the '06 debacle more people would have been drawn to the game?

To be fair I also looked at the opening game for '07 which was Marshall and that attendance was at 39,830. FIU outdrew them by roughly 1100. Not very impressive.

In '06 Miami opened with FSU so those numbers are skewed but the game after was FAMU and they drew 40,208.

Just this year against your rivals in FAU the total attendance for that game was about 16k and from the picture that the FAU fan posted it showed maybe 700 fans on a generous count.

You can try to spin it either way, but the numbers don't really lie in this regard.

Also, for FIU to move to C-USA it would help them in the short term but hurt in the long run if they are serious about their athletic program. You can't mortgage the future for today.

That part by formentor was a very good point. Don't get to jumpy. The conference issue will present itself with wins.

The at this point FIU-UM game attendances can only rise.

Comparisons versus opening day attendance numbers are not consistent with the season average. I suspect most teams across America see a spike in opening day attendance. The question is what would be more sustainable anytime of the year, FIU vs. UM or UM vs. Charleston Southern. The answer is obvious. This is a dumb arguement.

In any event, i'd rather not play UM in anything. It only brings out the worst in both programs. Let them keep playing the Charleston Southerns and beating their chests over it.

Pete, please give us something new. Entertaining our UM visitors bores me.


I agree with an overall spike in opening day numbers, but the FAMU game disproves the foundation of your point, or acts as the exception to the rule. The reason I bring it up is because it shows that UM really doesn't have much to gain, I don't blame them for not wanting to play FIU.

I actually agree that UM doesn't have anything to win by playing us. They win, that is expected, they lose and all the bandwagon fans fall off and the GPanthers gain national recognition.

Hopefully we will be a much better program within 5 years and then the FIU vs UM will HAVE to happen.

At this point, UM is irrelevant to us (FIU). They need to take care of their conference and we take care of ours. Fomentor, my buddy is Stadium Director at Dolphin Stadium; the stated attendance equals tickets sold (season tickets, giveaways, etc.). He told me that that Charleston Southern game had an actual (scanned tickets on the day of the game) game attendance of approx. 33,800, maybe 34,500. I think you stated 48K. That represents tickets sold not actual gameday attendance. He told me that Dolphin Stadium management group was disappointed in such a low turnout in that first ever game. Obviously, playing Thursday (I believe the game was Thu) didn't help.

Either way, I do think the game between these two universities garners more LOCAL attention but since both programs are re-building (UM) and building (FIU), I truly could care less whether we play UM or not. I use to care, however we'll (FIU) build our program DESPITE UM.


EXACTLY #32... lets just wait until we improve to the point that they will have to face us.

I am so in tune with Ultimate's thoughts in his latest post. To make a point, it's evident an Inaugural Game brings more fans (at least usually) than on subsequent games. I mean, for anyone to really defend Charleston Southern vs. FIU in terms of local fan interest is really ridiculous. But the point for me is...who cares...let us both programs do what they think is best for now...

Fomentor: Boy, where do I start?

I'm not saying FIU should move to C-USA. I just think that's the most likely destination IF the GP's move out of the Sun Belt. I can't really see the Big East having any interest in FIU as things stand. They don't draw a huge base nor are they a strong program. Other than being in Miami, there's no real appeal for them. C-USA might do it because we're already affiliated with them in men's soccer. If they get looted by other conferences again, I could see them taking a chance with us (or some other SBC schools). But it's really a moot point, because FIU has enough problems in the SBC right now.

As for the attendance... I don't even know how you can argue that FIU can't out-draw Charleston Southern or Marshall or almost any other school that UM could play. Citing official attendance numbers means nothing. Those numbers are usually weird. Actual butts in seats is a much better estimate. And there's no way there were more people at the ChSo game than at either FIU game. That just defies all kinds of logic. FIU's base is NOT that bad.

As for your FAMU case... that's another bad example. First off, FAMU has tons of alumni in South Florida. They drew pretty well the two times they played against FIU in Miami, and they probably draw better for UM. Second, did you forget that the Rattlers brought their band? There are LOTS of people who love that particular band. I remember my little bro (who goes to UF) telling me he went to the most recent UF-FAMU game just to see FAMU's band. And, apparently, half of the stadium also did that day, because they left right after half-time. I wasn't at the UM-FAMU game, but if someone was, can you say how many people stayed for the 2nd half?

As for the drop in attendance during the '07 UM-FIU game... I have a hard time explaining that one. I thought it'd be at least what it was in '06. I think what happened is that no one seriously expected The Brawl II to happen, so a lot of the reason for going got sucked out for the casual fan. Also, Miami wasn't very good that year and FIU was coming off an 0-12 season. Not many people want to see crappy football, even if it is two local schools playing.

I agree with you that UM has no real incentive to play FIU in football right now, but it's not because of attendance. That's one of the few benefits that UM would have to do the series. The real reason not to do it is because they'd have massive egg on their face if they lost to FIU, especially with recruits.

As for the FAU game... well, let's just be honest. They're really not a rival to many FIU fans. The real rival is Miami. Most FIU'ers just don't get geeked up for FAU. I know about the trophy and all that hype, but there's just not a real "sexy" feel for the Shula Bowl. Having it at the end of the year doesn't help matter, either, especially when FIU has been as bad as they've been recently and FAU's been as good as they've been recently. I'm not trying to make excuses... there probably should've been more people... but I also know Miami's a bandwagon town and FAU-FIU just isn't a game that's must-see. Maybe it will be someday.

Clawing Cancer,
I normally agree with your insights. Nevertheless, i'm taking the other side on the FAU agrument. I use to not care until they ripped our hearts out this year. I'm completely interested in dismantling FAU next year in our house. They are now a rival I care about.

2008 will always be the year that the Owls killed FIU's best season and Bowl appearance.

That game was ours. We had it. The bowl was right there. 2 minutes left. How did we not get that onside kick? How did we not stop them?!? We choked. You better believe I want to see FAU get destroyed and humiliated by FIU next year in the Cage.

FAU sucks. Now I hope Central Michigan puts up 60 points on them.

I too was disgusted, disappointed, disheartened, and any other dis... word I can't think of, however NOW its Bowl season and we need the SBC schools to do well to give more creditability to the conference. Even though I DO NOT like FAU, I will root for them and Troy to win because it helps the conference. I also root for ALL SBC teams in ALL their OOC games in football and hoops.

Good luck to SR and the men's hoops in conference opener @ Arkansas State Thursday. Pete do we have a chance w/o our starters?


For all the FIU recruits and current players, (TY) who read this blog - there are 7 Miami Hurricanes playing in this years Pro Bowl.

There's also tons of them in State Pen's.

jaja funny cause it's true!

I kind of agree with the ultimate FIU fan, if FAU and Troy win it bodes well for us too, as we SHOULD'VE won both games.


Thank you for your kind words.
yes FAU sucks. They have beat your team 6 times out of 7.
FAU won the sunbelt 07 / New Orleans Bowl 07 and got an invitation to the Motor City Bowl 08. FAU is just like any other team, but little by little we keep building our program. Did I tell you that FAU holds the record for the youngest team in Division 1 to get a bowl invitation and win the game? Let's not forget that FAU sucks.

ah! let's wait for the new rankings because I love to see how you keep ranking FAU as the worst team in florida. Don't worry, I will keep bringing the rankings from 07 / 08 to see where FAU really stands compared to Florida International.
Congratulations on your stadium and we hope to see you there next year.

I believe that the rivalry with FAU will gain a lot of interest after this year's horrible loss. I personally hate FAU, and really want to see them at the cage next season.

fau, meh (look it up its a new vocabulary word!). Don't care, never will, did not go to the game but I will be there for USF and UF next year and ofcourse I never miss an FIU home game. For the SBC's sake, I hope both the Owls and Trojans win their bowl games.

FAU needs to worry about being the best team in Division I with "Owls" as their nickname. This year they finished dead last behind Rice and Temple.

The highlight of the season was the release of the aforementioned calendar....

Any objections? I didnt think so


I agree with a lot of your points, but the fact remains, FIU doesn't present that strong of a fan base. Your program is young and I really don't expect anything else, but turning back to the attendance numbers... don't you think FIU should have brought more than 9,500 people to your season ending game? The most successful season in FIU history and fans don't even show up?

You could continue to view UM as your "natural" rival but unfortunately the case isn't so. Just because FIU is located in the same county it really doesn't mean much. So what you're saying is that, assuming Miami Dade hypothetically grows and becomes what FIU is, develops a football team and other athletic program, they are now FIU and UM's natural rival?

UM has enough rivals, they have us, UF, and Virginia tech. Two of those games affect conference standings, the other is a traditional in-state rival of over 50 years. FIU has to do a lot of work to reach that level, it's not just given out due to location. That's like saying FAMU and FSU are rivals.

Reaching the point of FAMU... According to many on this board UM has "scUM" fans and is a "scUM" program as well as all the other uses for the words scum and thug. Those fans wouldn't attend for FAMU. If the environment is such a "dangerous place" as many have put it here before, why would the few fans who would pay attention and notice when FAMU is coming down risk subjecting their family to that? You can't really have it both ways, but my sarcasm on this point is a little heavy.

In all honesty FAMU would, at most, draw a small number of fans to the game. UM has a small base to begin with and if FIU and UM were to resume playing FIU would require a home and home correct? That is a stretch because I don't see FIU as earning that yet, nor could the stadium hold the fans. FIU's only other recourse would be to request more money from UM, which makes no sense at all. Furthermore FIU wouldn't be able to pay UM any money on the return trip for UM. FIU is cutting programs correct? I know for a fact the state is decreasing funds to all state universities. All in all, it's a lose-lose for them.

Again, maybe if FIU develops a decent program and makes a jump to a major conference these circumstances might change, but right now it's the epitome of a moot point.

Regarding the conference issue, Notre Dame is associated with the Big East for basketball, but if they were to make the jump to a major conference (for the rest of their programs) it most certainly wouldn't be the Big East. Just because FIU is associated with C-USA for soccer doesn't mean they should pursue it, easy or not. Look at USF, they really didn't have a big fan base until they started winning games against some decent teams, and even still they don't have that big of a fanbase but they made it to the Big East. FIU should attempt to mirror their plan a bit.

just heard McBurse chose Purdue.

Temple # 88

Yes? FAU owls finished dead last behind Rice and Temple???????
Dead last means # 89 behind Temple.
FAU finished 3 spots above Temple and got invited to a bowl
check your stats and stop hating.

FAU is lame.... its in boca raton for gods sake. Not exactly the most happening of all destinations.

I think 99% of our students and fan base see it the same way. "This week we are playing FAwho?"

But really the point im making is, we should be beating them. It will happen next year.
Pete, you can write that down. "FIU exacts revenge in 2009 Shula Bowl"

FAU is just a small roadblock on our path to success. aint nobody tryin to put boca raton on the map for real.... come oooonnnn maaaaaannnnnn

You're going to make AlexFAU cry because you are not giving him (or fau) respect. Don't you know that he and fau need the validation of the FIU fans on this blog (and our un-ending awe, respect, and belief that FAU is the second coming and our rival) in order to feeel respected. If you need the approval of another fan base to feel good about yourself and team then you have more problems (psycho anyone) than the fact that you go/graduated to/from Find Another University. Go F I U! Also, sucks that we lost ATM!!! Its like being in the regular season all over again...just 2 years ago we would not be seriously competing for these guys (competing in games), now we are disappointed in the fact that we can't get them (winning the games).

Yo Champion...

You know what's lame?! BLOWING a 14 point lead with minutes to go in a bowl deciding game.

FAU is NOT lame, they started the season poorly but took care of business and knew how to win when it mattered most.


Why do FAU fans keep their diplomas on their dashboards?

So they can park in handicap spaces.

Quijote, you make a point but I am still entitled to my opinions and tall glass of hater-aid.

I see FAU as lame. Owls as lame. Shnellys mustache as lame. Boca Raton as lame.
The fact that they have a better football team at the moment does not change that.

The thing is, if my memory serves me right, you were "in the office" and didn't even attend that game. So perhaps you can teach your "lessons on the definition of lame" somewhere else.... Miss Webster.


With all the respect man, what did you major in? Are you working on the field of your career?
Your comments are just lame, and pretty offensive with nothing to back them up. I can go around and start making things up about your school without having a real proof. Actually I have heard comments like that about your school too. Hey! I did not attend your school, so I don't know if they are true or not. Good luck in your life.


Let's be real, both schools are not famous in football, but in terms of football you think FIU is more known than FAU?
1 conference title. 2007
1 Bowl title on ESPN 2007
3 appearances on ESPN nationally televised (only game)
2 appearances on ESPN+ which is CSS comcast
1 Bowl appearance on ESPN nationally televised (only game) 2008

so if you understand FAU has had more exposure than FIU so far.
who should we add the WHO? to? FAwho or FIwho?

I understand some of you hate FAU, but coming up with incredible lies and offensive statements is something else.

Good luck next year and enjoy your stadium!
We'll see you there.

Electrical Engineering.

How do you get a FAU grad off of your front porch?

Pay him for the pizza.

!!!!!!!!! ??????????? OMG.....Can we talk about recruiting?

AlexFAU, I appreciate the resume but I honestly was not comparing who is more well known.

I can see how the FAwho comment can go both ways, and I say that without taking anything away from what your football team has accomplished.

However, my point was simply that FAU is not really all that relevant to most of the FIU community right now.

I have been to every shula bowl since the end of 04' and understand that in order for FIU to distance itself from the pack, we must start beating the "FAwhos" of the world.

Heck bro, at one of our home games this season a referee said "Time out! Florida Atlantic."
This is a struggle that is not unique to your team.

lol...I remember that Champion.

I thought I was the only one that had heard that.


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