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Darian Mallary: Coach Wants Me To Race T.Y.

Back to the recruiting trail after our lively debate on to be or not to be Panthers.C11 gulliver SPTS ADD

Gulliver running back Darian Mallary envisions himself playing a similar role in the FIU offense that he played this year in leading the Raiders to the state championship game. That role being running and catching the ball out of the backfield and maybe even a little WildPanther. DM led the county in Class 3A-1A rushing this past season with 1,796 and accounted for 17 TDS (15 rushing, 2 receiving). And with his serious wheels, DM might give T.Y. Goodbye a run for fastest Panther come August....

PP: Heard you were pretty fast. How fast are you?

DM: 4.3 in the 40. FIU really likes my speed. Coach Cristobal told me he wants to see me race T.Y. when I get into camp.

PP: You had a long list of schools (Iowa, Ole Miss, Rutgers, UM, Central Florida, Indiana, Troy) interested in you. What made you choose FIU?

DM: Every player down here already knows, if not, they are learning that FIU is an up and coming program. It's not a secret anymore. What FIU is doing and what they did last year really impressed me. They were 1 game from a bowl game last season.

Jw PP: How was your visit to FIU?

DMJarvis Wilson (left) was my host and he was the best. I recommed to any recruit to ask for Jarvis on their visit. The campus is beautiful. The school library is huge. I saw the stadium and drawings of the weight room, locker rooms and we also got a view from the top of the stadium and saw all of Miami from there. There are no flaws with FIU.

PP: You ever play in the spread offense like FIU runs? 

DM: We had something similar at Gulliver and that was another reason I chose FIU, because I like playing in that type of offense where you can make plays. Hopefully, I get some snaps out of the Wildcat, because I have a strong arm and can throw the ball. Dolphins Brown Football MAW  

PP: You grew up playing football with T.Y.?

DM: Yeah, we played and so did Kambriel Willis on the same Pop Warner All-American team that played in a tournament in Cancun, Mexico. We beat like 5 different nations from around the world to come in first place in that tournament. Another reason I chose FIU is because of T.Y. and I saw that he played his freshman season. There are opportunities for freshmen to play at FIU in their first year.

PP: Kenny Dillard really liked the banners on the side of the stadium with T.Y. and Anthony Gaitor. What are your thoughts on those?

DM: I want me one of those and so does my mom. She wants to drive up to the stadium and see my poster hanging on the side of the stadium. But Coach Cristobal said he wants me to earn it. I'm ready to go. I'll be there watching spring practice.


Jsuarez88: Pete, couple things...Any news/updates on Larvez Mars? On his visit to FIU? His top 2-3 choices? Do we still stand a chance? Rocky Vann said he runs a 4.32?! Is there any way you can confirm? Thats TY Fast.

PP: Haven't heard anything new on LM and agree with you that he would be a tremendous addition to the FIU D, but I did hear he may not qualify. I'll see about RV's time, but maybe we should line up TY, RVAol   and DM on the first day of camp and watch 'em go.

Gazi: Pete, Any news on C. Mack?

PP: Nothing new, but will check on it. Maybe esteban688 (a.k.a Mack's Ari Gold can chime in).

2006PA: Pete... Have you heard anything about changing the logo on the FIU license plate?

PP: Last I heard the new license plates could be out toward the latter part of this year or by 2010.

Sb fiu4ever: Hey Pete, Any news on the MLS front?

PP: MLS is expected to make an announcement at some point the week after the Super Bowl, which would be after Feb. 1.

Pantera Dorada: Pete, can you confirm the band rumor?

PP: Been told the band is NOT going anywhere. Band


But the latest poll question is moving right along with currently 62.1% of you saying it's time for the FIU Panthers and 37.9% of you say keep the FIU Golden Panthers. Poll is still open, keep on voting.


We've heard from several recruits what they think is the best selling point about FIU. What do you think it is?



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I feel like im playing NCAA 09. The poll question was very reminiscent of the offseason recruiting you have to do in game. haha

"but maybe we should line up TY,RV and DM on the first day of camp and watch 'em go."

Florida International Speedway anyone?

& doesnt Mertile run in the 4.3s-4.4s too?

Great interview btw Pete. I'm glad to know Mallary is pumped to be an FIU Panther. Keep em comin'!

but I did hear he may not qualify.

By that do you mean academically?? is there any way to put him on academic probation??

If we cant get him, it'd be nice to get some comments on his thoughts about his FIU visit atleast. We could use the media attention.

You should have made it easier for us and put All of the Above.

alt7787, lol you beat me to it. I was about to make a similat comment.

Hopefully EA comes through with our new stadium and logos for 2009.

I'm tired of seeing these kids do 4s in the 40. 4.3, 4.5, 4.4...I want to see a kid do 3.3, or 3.1!!!

Come on Mario, make it happen!!!


any news on the visitors from this past weekend???

Pete, great interview again...Thanks !!

Off topic, but someone during the season mentioned the west end zone scoreboard being too small. I wonder if there is any chance of getting a larger frame to go around it and set the scoreboard within it.



**Just a thought

Hey Pete(or anyone in general),

Will there be any open practices to the public when they start the offseason?

Do you see the FIU soccer teams playing in the stadium eventually?

Great things are still happening at FIU.

Let's go Panthers!

Before I get too pumped up about these new recruits, I want to see how many of these cats actually qualify academically, and end up at FIU, instead of some military prep school.

Great news about the band, we cannot afford to lose them. Also, I am excited about the game tonight, hopefully a few of our guys can come back tonight and we can make a run at the Sun Belt. It will be nice to see what this team can do when it is at full strength.

i may be skipping a class to head out to the game being that my class is right behind the arena


Take care of priority and go to the game.. Everyone has done it. Just cram-in more info tonight to make up for it.. I hope to see a 4 digit crowed tonight. I'm taking the entire family (Wife, baby, and me....)

Go FIU!!

Anybody with eyes will tell that there are a lot of beautiful girls at FIU.

Dang, just have the dazzlers host some of these recruits and watch how many four stars we land.

lol Gooch you are a horrible influence lol but i like your style lol

Yeah i talk to Ced Mack a little while ago. He liked the idea of being the Vinny Chase to my Ari Gold haha... this is what he told me.

"Tell them(GPP)whats up. Let them know im still battling the NCAA trying to get cleared. I will soon. I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe i'd get cleared."

There are many steps to the process, it may seem that nothing has been done. But the first big hurdle cleared was the arrival of his transcripts from El Camino CC about a month ago. Now it is completely in the NCAA's hand,. This step takes time, which is understandable but the overall delay is rediculous. All Ced can do now is concentrate in his classes and do his duty as a student. Trust me he is more annoyed than we are.

Pete, what is wrong with Freddy and when will he return?

Just curious... anyone else here having trouble grabbing the online feed from WRGP? I'm trying to listen to the men's basketball game against NT and having no luck.

According to the Herald, it's NT 66-59 with over 5 minutes to go in the game...

tough loss tonight...

i have to say for my first basketball game i was not impressed there was way to much Me basketball and not enough team basketball.. i saw way to many two on ones and 3 on 1 breaks that ended w/ the ball carrier takin up for the difficult shot instead of getting it to the out let pass... or 1 guy taking on 3 guys and putting up the shot we need a point

CJ what you saw is lack of coaching, the only reason we have won some games is because the pure talent of the players, imaging if all that talent was coached the right way. We could be one of the top teams in the Sun Belt.

balt... i'll give you that after a while the Coach needs to step up and tell these guys to o i dont know play as a team.. but what i mentioned you learn on the playground.. thats playground ball.. you learn that goin out w/ friends and playing pick up games.. not by coaching.. maybe they dont trust one another to finish.. thats a whole different issue. also.. when your bigs get out boarded by speedy gonzalez/mighty mouse (he's short for those who arnt following.. ) thats a hunger issue..

the best things i saw in the gym were the golden dazlers, a small group of funny ass students i was sitting next too which i assume were student athletes being that our celeb. Volleyball star was there in very good fashion i may add.., and in general some talent on the team.. i just hope that when the team is at full strength they actually play as a team

according to ESPN we just got a commitment from Rock Angrande a LB FROM Treasure Coast (Port St. Lucie, Fla.

That could be a mistake. I have read Agngrande's name linked to FAU, not FIU. As I recall, Angrande was also being looked at by Bethune Cookman, and other IAA school.

We are after Mars and Blunt, among others.

I SEARCH HIM AT RIVALS BUT COULD NOT FIND HIM so maybe it is a mistake.....

sorry just saw him on the FAU commit list it must be a mistake by ESPN...

After the B.B. game I asked my self the question: Why did we lose this game? My basketball skills from a scale of 0-10 are about a -3, but one thing I do know is that your chances of making shots from 8ft behind the 3-point line are very low. If you want to shoot the 3 go for it, but there was 4 or 5 times that different players shot from "Mid Court"!! Thats crazy. Don't get mad, but I think talking about recuiting will take full priority if they lose another one at home this weekend coming up.

Note: The dazzlers and the volleyball team had more to watch then the game (good observation CJ)..

hey pete, do you know if the sun belt distributes all their bowl revenues evenly between teams? or if the teams that make the bowl games get to keep all the money?

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