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Easing The DSB

Nothing new on the recruiting front today, so GPP Nation catch your breath.

Rb_2 However, there should be some action in the coming days with key recruit visits on Friday, among them 3 from NMB (Nico, Kemal and Jon Cyprien). Also 2 big LBs in Pooh Bear Mars and Roderic Blunt, who from watching him play in person several times at Everglades High in Miramar, I can tell you Blunt is a hell of a defender and would make a tremendous addition to the FIU D.

So with the recruiting waters calm on this hump day, let's talk a little about the FIU/FAU hoops game on Thursday night out in the Mouth of the Rat (Boca Raton for our Spanish-speaking friends). After all, we're reader-friendly here on the GPP so why not appease our hoops fans on the GPP. By the way here's a Freddy Asprilla story in today's MH as a hoops appetizer: Freddy's Ready

Can an FIU win on Thursday take away the sting of the 2008 Don Shula Bowl [gosh darn it :) Clawing Cancer, here we go back to football on a hoops post, go figure?], probably not for some, but it Dp sure would be a step in the right direction for the Golden Panthers. Glad to see CC has bought into the GPP's Gatorade Recruiting Theory.

There was some good out of the 2008 DSB, such as the stellar debut of Darriet Perry (right, can't get enough of DP dragging 3 Owls on his back for 13 yards?)

Almost turned my train of thought there to football for a second. Oh, yeah, we were on FIU hoops.

FIU hoops can sweep FAU again in the regular season this year. The Owls have been without their best player Carlos Monroe all season and are having a little tougher season than the Panthers. Of course, the regular season may matter little, except for home court in the 1st round of the Sun Belt tourney, because these 2 teams are likely to meet again in the opening round. And we know what happened last year when FAU smoked FIU in the SBC tourney.

Still, FIU is getting healthier as SR told me the other day that Russell Hicks (broken foot) may now be the next hoopster back at the end of the month, even before J.C. Otero (knee). Josue Soto (thumb) still Fa remains out until late Feb., early March.

What has helped the Panthers, even in their narrow losses at Troy and Middle Tennessee has been the emergence of 6-10 freshman center Freddy Asprilla, (left) who has slimmed down from 296 and bulked up. If you've seen FA play in person, then you know how he can dominate in the paint. 28 points and 10 boards vs. the Sun Belt's best in MT and 21 and 7 against WK -- a Sweet 16 team from last season are no flukes.

With opponents needing 2 and sometimes 3 guys to defend FA, there are several Panthers open all over the floor. That's where Alex Galindo and Tremayne Russell (right) returns along with the sharp shooting of Tr_2 Michael Dominguez has helped FIU.

Will FIU be big dancing come March, probably not, but have to agree with CC and say the Panther hoopsters have become more interesting to watch with their 6-10 big body anchoring the paint.


Apaw We'll get back to the meat and potatoes of the GPP on the next blog. Finished interviews with new LB Kenny Dillard and new QB Wesley Carroll and will have those up soon and will finish the recruiting prowl with the OL.

FIUJM: Pete, I know you will ask TT some questions regarding the upcoming baseball season. Do you know when that will happen? I'm ready for baseball season.

GPP: Will be meeting with TT at some point next week and will have the latest from FIU baseball shortly thereafter before NSD.

Jsuarez88: Doesnt Nico's coach want him to go to Western? Isn't he the guy thats been trying to make him become a Bronco?

GPP: Yes, NMB has some ties to Western Michigan, but I got a feeling -- and this is just a hunch -- Nico is between FIU and Central Florida. Again, just a guess. I've called Nico the past few days, but his cell Cell phone has been out of service for most of this week and this was before the commit mistake appeared on rivals.

thechampionunderdog: Pete, speaking of NMB recruits...... do we know what the deal is with mike dominguez?

GPP: MC told me that Dominguez along with Devin Parrish and Marcelus Manear are no longer on the team. He would not go into specifics, but they are no longer Panthers.

blkpanther: Pete, what effect of the recruiting limit does enrolling early have?

GPP: Carroll, Starling and Griffin all count toward this year's class.

saint, Alonzo: Welcome to the GPP.

Apaw_2 We all know football is king around FIU and on the GPP. Every time I write a football blog, the GPP gets more hits than any other FIU sports blog and it also helps explain why a blog about a program that hasn't really won much before is consistently in the top 10 of the MH's 48 blogs. You good people are passionate about your FIU. So thank you.

So with that in mind here's Wednesday's poll question:


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