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Golden Panthers Or Panthers

Lately, it's been quiet on the recruiting front as we approach the 2-week countdown until National Signing Day. On Wednesday, it will be 14 days before you learn who are the newest FIU footballers. Still several talented players out there who have not decided where they will play at the college level.

Js The FIU basketball team is getting ready for their game against North Texas on Thursday at The Bank and we may or may not see the return of point guard Josue Soto (left) on Thursday, if not Saturday. JS is that close to returning to the hardwood.

Meeting with the Turtle on Thursday and will have his thoughts on the upcoming FIU baseball season shortly thereafter on the GPP.

So that leaves us with a question that has been bandied about ever since FIU went to solely using FIU as the first name for all its athletic teams and that question is should FIU just be the FIU Panthers or should it stick to FIU Golden Panthers?

The thought here is it's time to move the Golden to the background and just go by FIU Panthers. It's quicker, easier to say and with the new logo unveiled last year and the whole new branding of FIU Logo athletics it makes sense.

And part of this new branding is bringing the concept of winning to the forefront, which was not a regular occurrence around FIU for some time before the change in athletic administration a little more than 2 years ago.

Unlike going by solely FIU, the university has not made an official announcement on dropping the "Golden" from the nickname.

Some traditionalists probably are not in favor of going without the Golden, but part of the reason Golden came about was because Huizenga, then-owner of the local hockey team, complained about having another Panthers team in town and to a lesser extent Florida Tech in Melbourne also didn't like having another Florida school with Panthers as a nickname. So what? No hockey team or central Florida school should dictate what FIU can call itself.  

As FIU's football coach would say "FIU is building a monster". And that monster's mascot is a Panther.



Gppaw Like to hear what you think, post your thoughts on this blog and vote at the bottom of the Pawse.


Plenty of interest in our last poll question about future conferences for FIU. Yes, the question was meant for some time down the road, but so far 80.4% of you say go Big East. 10.9% say C-USA and 6.5% say stay in the Sun Belt.


We also had a new state visit the GPP, when a reader from Georgetown, Delaware voted for a move to the Big East. We now have 41 states on the GPP map with 9 still to go. Here's the rest of the scorecard:



27 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.



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We were the Golden Panthers (1987) before Miami even had a hockey franchise which was launched in 1993. (Huzienga is a jerk, he could respect that we had the name already)

We need to drop the Golden part of the name ASAP, we already have a long enough name as it is.

It comes off as a corny, tired and unnecessary.

And for anyone who thinks Golden makes us unique, you are very wrong.

Here are the 46 NCAA teams that are Golden... got everything on here but Golden Grahams.

Concordia University Golden Bears
Kutztown University Golden Bears
Miles College Golden Bears
University of California-Berkeley Golden Bears
Western New England College Golden Bears
West Virginia Institute of Technology Golden Bears
University of Califonia at Merced Golden Bobcats
Johnson C. Smith University Golden Bulls
California State University-Los Angeles Golden Eagles
Clarion University Golden Eagles
Cornerstone University Golden Eagles
John Brown University Golden Eagles
La Sierra University Golden Eagles
Marquette University Golden Eagles
Northeastern Illinois University Golden Eagles
Oral Roberts University Golden Eagles
Spalding University Golden Eagles
SUNY Brockport Golden Eagles
St. Joseph's College- Golden Eagles
Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles
University of Charleston Golden Eagles
University of Minnesota-Crookston Golden Eagles
University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles
Felician College Golden Falcons
Kent State University Golden Flashes
Nazareth College Golden Flyers
University of Minnesota Golden Gophers
Canisius College Golden Griffins
Oakland University Golden Grizzlies
Gustavus Adolphus University Golden Gusties
University of Tulsa Golden Hurricanes
Clarkson University Golden Knights
College of Saint Rose Golden Knights
Gannon University Golden Knights
UCF Golden Knights
Dowling College Golden Lions
University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions
Xavier University of Louisiana Gold Nuggets
Florida International University Golden Panthers
Albany State University Golden Rams
West Chester University Golden Rams
Sheldon Jackson College Golden Seals
Arkansas Tech University Golden Suns
Brenau University Golden Tigers
Tuskegee University Golden Tigers
Geneva College Golden Tornadoes

Please Pete Garcia, lets just drop and grow to OWN the Panthers moniker.

Dude, you went ahead and searched for all the colleges that have "golden" in their nicknames?

You need some therapy.......


OC Panther,

You forgot one!

The San Fernando Valley Golden Showers

UCF dropped Golden I think.

Pete convinced me. Drop it.

Just like any company or business that has struggled or seen turbulent times, we are still in a stage of transition and re-branding of a product. I love Golden Panthers, but think it's time we drop Golden, while sports especially, is attempting to turn the corner and become more competitive.

I really hope that Rouco gets his guys back and we can steal the conf.championship. and go dancing. Great PR for the team and perhaps Turtle can get us back into the NCAA Regionals, hmmmm who knows, maybe a showdown with UCG in the college playoffs, followed by a 7 - 9 win football season ????? 2009 might just be the season that FIU sports becomes a household name.

Time is now to go with FIU Panthers.

they did they are now the UCF knights only

Pete, couple things...

Any news/updates on Larvez Mars?
On his visit to FIU? His top 2-3 choices?
Do we still stand a chance?

I'm trying to point out that getting a guy who was an all american, 4 star recruit & #8 ILB in the Nation would be HUGE for this program... Even Barnes was rated #30-50 at his position when he came to FIU. This guy is #8!!, i tell others time and time again to go see for themselves the names of the past Top10 ILB to come out of HS in the past 5 years & tell me it wouldnt make a splash.

And two, on a recent interview done by HardWood with Rocky Vann, Vann said he runs a 4.32?! Is there any way you can confirm? us thats TY Fast.

Drop the Golden. They should have dropped it years ago.

Thanks OC for showing what many of us old timers already knew; Huizenga took the name from us, not the other way around.

Now on to the issue of 'to be golden or not to be golden'. We are the only golden 'Panther' on your extensive list of golden schools. I can only imagine how many generic 'Panthers' are out there. The golden also denotes the color of the Florida Panther which we are named after. There are all kinds of panthers out there but there is only one, rare, Golden Florida Panther. If the Florida panther was black or some other color then perhaps the golden would be superfluous.

I don't think we should 'change our name' for the sake of some kind of media expediency. Mike Lowell, Carlos Arroyo, Raja Bell, Antwan Barnes, Andrea Nagy, etc., etc. were Golden Panthers.

We are the GOLDEN PANTHERS !!!

I like the Golden Panther, but what I truly care is about getting W's on the field and courts. IMO, PG wants to remove the 'golden'. It is evident when you see limited amount of gold in our uniforms.

Pete, looking forward to TT interview.

GO FIU!!!!

the Golden becomes increasingly marketable By the number of wins the program has... lets put it mathamatically G.P.Marketing X # of Wins = P. Marketing X # of wins.. lol your name will become more marketable w/ the # of wins you have under your belt... i am willing to bet that the Buffalo Bulls sold more this year than the last 2 years.. Y cause they were winning.. personally i like being the GP cause its Different.. As stated above. but if it is only Panthers ... i dont think it would make a difference.. it really only matters if you win

FIUJM dont forget the Absence of the word "GOLDEN" in the endzones

I love the Golden Panthers. Sorry, it's not too much to say, it's not Florida International University to FIU. I always thought that it sounded great and you don't even have to change it to shorten it. CAL Bears, though their name is still the Golden Bears. Anyway, keep it. I never understood why FIU people run from their tradition (even if it's bad), you shouldn't erase the past because you want to establish a winning feeling with a new name. You ESTABLISH a new winning tradition to your own ORIGINAL name, the FIU Golden Panthers! Winning gives the name a positive conotation, the change in name does not give you a winning conotation.

I want to keep this alive so I will post it here. It is absolutely RIDICULOUS not to have a band at a football game. Do not allow it to happen, FIRE the current director because she ruined the band and get a new one. Don't do things half a_ _ _d, if you are going to have football, you have a marching band. These kids go out and promote FIU in the community, they play at local parades and high school marching band competitions. It is unacceptable for this to happen, especially with all the sunk costs that's already gone into the operations...uniforms, instruments, etc. This is a rant, but you want to start a new tradition and at the same start you are destroying one of the biggest tradition of COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Go F I U Golden Panthers. www.fiugoldenpanthers.com


Any news on C. Mack?

This is what we are talking about? what about tigers replacement? BTW he was fired no doubt. also, I heard maybe some support staff turnover also?

i agree 100% FIUPantherFan.. we need the marching band.. i would not want to see it be the budget cuts next casualty

Pete... Have you heard anything about changing the logo on the FIU license plate? I was thinking of getting one, but I'll wait if they're going to put the new logo on it soon.

By the way, we should drop the "Golden" and just be the FIU Panthers!


i dont get this nonsense, We ARE the Golden Panthers of FIU. if the media or athletics want tho call us panthers FINEEEEEE. but dont change the original name.

if the band its actually being shut down, theres gonna be massive turmoil amongst the majority of students and alumni. this is ridiculous.

I say Drop the golden.

Yo FIU4ever,
All it took was a Google search, found one site that lists every ncaa team alphabetically and did a copy/ paste.

What you think I am a UM graduate ;-) lol

On another note, we have to have a band, I know budgets are tight, but we already have the instruments and uniforms, and the student musicians... how much of a cost saver can it be?

also, I heard maybe some support staff turnover also?

Posted by: ridgepanther | January 21, 2009 at 11:56 AM

RidgePanther, what do you mean some support staff turnover???

I agree it would be sad not to have a band.


That's make sense. I was worried about you....

I say we rent the northwestern high marching band for the games..............

Keep Golden Panthers, that's who we are!

Hey Pete,

Any news on the MLS front?

Seems to me like the whole "Golden Panthers vs. Panthers" argument is six in one hand vs. half a dozen in the other. The only real reason to keep "Golden" is that no other major college program with a panther mascot uses the golden color. Not to mention the native Florida panthers who have a gold color. But most people are just going to say Panthers - easier that way - so I don't really care if they keep it or not, especially since they don't really emphasize gold anymore. You hardly see the color in any of the uniforms.

With that said... I agree with FIUPantherFan when he says that FIU has a habit of burying their traditions. One could argue that replacing the Sunblazer with the Golden Panthers is a good example of that. I'd add all the logo changes over the years, which is why I thought having another new logo was dumb to begin with. But, it seems like every incoming athletic administration seems to want to have their own logo, so what the hell. I just hope the insanity stops here, because FIU needs to spend more time getting better in sports than in making up new logos. Winning is what matters. Period.

As for the band... I'm not really that inclined to keep them around if the budget's tight. Don't get me wrong, because I think a great band makes a big impact in game atmosphere. Problem is, I don't think FIU has a great band.

They do a fantastic job during basketball games... you can always hear them loud and clear inside the Bank... but not during football. You could hardly hear them in the old stadium. I dunno about the new one, but from the pics I saw, I doubt they made much of a presence there, either.

They need to either add a LOT more members to make their presence felt during football games or just drop them entirely. There's no reason to have a band if you're not going to do it right. Especially since the band is only really used during football and basketball games. Money's tight all around these days, and the dollars might be better spent elsewhere.

Besides, who says every school needs a band? That's not true. Maybe every school has one, but to have a band simply because "everyone else has one" is a stupid reason to have a band. Now, if the band is going to be loud and interesting to watch and special... that's one thing. But having a band just to say "FIU has a band" is retarted. We're not a traditional university, and there's no reason to have typical college traditions if they don't make any sense. And, if FIU can't field a decent band, I, as an alum, don't think we should have one at all.

1) We need to keep the Golden in the name. That's who we are, and tradition should not be changed..

2) The FIU license plate is awesome. Every Alum and current student should have one. If any one sees "RUN 7" on a FIU Plate that's me.. Ha ha ha.. (by the way only $45)

3) Most Important: I just finished talking to someone from athletics and they said the thing about the band IS NOT TRUE!

4) Talking about the band. two things they need to change for next year is make the band bigger (at least 30 more members), and have the band play for ALLLLLL 3 hours of the game. Last year in one of the games I counted how many times they played and it was something between 10-15 times. How about they play somewhere between 50-99 times.. 100 times might actually make us look like a power house..

Once a Golden Panther, always a Golden Panther!!


After getting rid of the GOLDEN label we should get rid of that ole ole ole nonsense.

Maybe we should become the FIU Skeeters. or FIU Golden Skeeters. oh wait i think SKEETERS is already taken by the ELEMENTARY school next to FIU.

i totally agree with the band comments. FIU's band is so sad. A football program isnt just about what goes onto the field, it is also about the music, the crowd, the atmosphere and the overall feel. FIU football home games by no means feel like im at a college game. i usually felt like i was at a dance club or party....

I think it's fine if we keep the name officially "FIU Golden Panthers", but in the logos and branding, they should brand it as the "FIU Panthers".

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