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No Nico....Yet

Reading the excitement on the GPP over North Miami Beach QB Nico Flores, I went ahead and called Nmb North Miami Beach coach Jeff Bertani to see if NF commited to FIU today and......he has not....yet. The rivals report is incorrect.

Coach Bertani said Flores and NMB defensive back Kemal Ishmael will visit FIU on Jan. 16 and either that day or shortly after both will announce what schools they will attend. Should they say they want to become Panthers, NF (left) and KI (right) would make 4 NMBers at FIU along with Markeith Russell (middle of photo) and Jonathan Cyprien.

Bertani said NF is down to FIU, Western Michigan and Central Florida. Florida State initially showed interest in NF, but has cooled off.

KI is down to FIU, Western Michigan, West Virginia and Central Florida.


CJ: Pete i got an idea for the GPP. have an interview session w/ a few FIU commits after NSD. (preferably the ones that chose FIU over other major programs) what do ya think?

GPP: Good idea. We did it last year with the new Panthers and we'll do it again this year.

Gooch7 & FIUFP&L: I'm starting to lose track of all the recruits that have verbally committed. Pete, would you be able to make a list of names that you think are close to putting the ink on the dotted line?

GPP: No problem. Will have the list after we get through the last of our recruiting series -- the OL. For Bama_2 now, you can check out the list over at fiugoldenpanthers.com.

class09: How many tickets will be available to students for the Alabama, South-Florida, and Florida games?

GPP: Will find out, but usually it's about 3,000 for the visiting team, although for consistently sold out Ts venues like Bama (above, right) and The Swamp, there might be less tickets available.

FIU_Fiji_Falcon: Why is there a Rutgers Football billboard on the I-95 in Ft. Lauderdale? Is that referring to the school in NJ??

GPP: Rutgers has done that for the past several recruiting seasons. They used to have Tony Soprano on the ad as well. Apparently, it doesn't have the effect it used to -- just ask FIU commit Terrance Taylor -- a Rutgers de-commit.

Gppaw Again, nothing like a football poll question to stoke the fires of GPP Nation. We reached all the way out to Dubai, United Arab Emirates with our last question regarding what grade FIU's 2009 recruiting class would receive right now. Our friend in Dubai said an "A". We also reached the plains of Okla_4 Oklahoma with our last question and our new reader there is not too happy about FIU's recruiting class.  Our new Oklahoma friend handed out an "F" for FIU's 2009 class. What an ugly grade from Oklahoma.



27 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

It hasn't happened yet, but what kind of an impact would FIU getting Flores and Ishmael from NMB make on this recruiting class?


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Thanks for setting rivals straight!!

Bummer... for now lol

Come on Pete...raining on our parade. Anyhow thank you for getting this story straightened out so quickly.


Oh, God. I can't take this anymore. All this recruiting talk is getting to me.

Pete... can you try to do more stuff on the men's basketball team? I know, lots of people here want to hang on the every word and sigh of an 18-year-old and project future glory for FIU based on said word and sigh, and you have to do what they want and blah, blah, blah. But I (and I hope I'm not the only one) would like to hear more about a team that's currently in the midst of its season. I would like to hear about guys playing for FIU right now than guys who might be.

(Strange concept, I know. Especially for Miami. The Cane fans are no better, and they actually HAVE a decent basketball team.)

Why football recruiting talk is forcing men's hoops into the back seat is just totally and completely beyond me. Some of you people seriously need to realize that there's more to sports than just football. And, if even one of you people seriously believe all these kids who say they're committing to FIU, come talk to me. I got beachfront property in Oklahoma you might want to take a look at. :)

Hey CC, I agree with you. There should be more coverage of FIU BBall.

But don't come here with the negativity.

FIU is taking its football program to new heights, starting 2 years ago. And the program has yet to to take a step back.

PP is just giving fans what they want. And what the majority wants is recruiting coverage.

CC, that's life in Florida. Football is always first, just look at attendance and it says it all. I'm there at pretty much every basketball game but it's just not the same for others.

Mistake by RIVALS huh ? I don't buy it...

***Hey NICO, if you see this, we got SERIOUS LOVE for you here at FIU. Make it happen and bring Kemal with you. I am confident FIU can provide all you need to be a successful person in the classroom, community, football field and prepared for the rest of your life.

Yeah, let's talk about Basketball ?? When is Russell and Josue coming back ? Until then, we have ZERO depth to really compete consistently.

CC, many FIU fans can talk about both things, if possible, at the same time. But, if there are some interesting and/or crazy things happening in recruiting....why not talk about it? Because you think it's not worhtwhile? C'mmon...everybody has their own interest, and in this board, as long as you talk FIU, it shouldn't be discouraged by anyone. But hey, that's my opinion.

As for hoops, Asprilla, at least statistically, seems to be coming into his own...According to fans from MTSU he just dominated like a man against kids down low. With Galindo hopefully improving from his injury lay off...and maybe either Hicks, Otero..and most importantly, Soto coming back, it might make things interesting for FIU hoops for the first time in years....

When's the last time an FIU hoops game was on TV? Football is King in the South, Mid-West and West. Nothing you can do about it, sorry.


Thanks for the hard work on the best blog on the net.


I agree with what you are saying, but as a former athlete at FIU, I can only tell you that Football will always take first place (specially if its good news).
You are complaning about the little coverage about Basketball gets, hey what about Track and Field. Why can we start talking about:

1) The TWO olympians that we have on the team (one of them brought back the Gold).

2) They just got verbal comitment from a Top 5 runner in the state.

3) Last year they picked up the 2nd best Cross country runner in the entire state.

4) etc, etc.....

I realize that this is great news for me, and for a handfull of people, but for the other 98% of the people, they simply don't care. What is sad is that the Track and Cross Country team will always finish better then mens basketball, but where is the love.

Not a big deal. You do it for the love of the sport, not the FIU blog...

Go F.I.U!!!!

I hope Nico Flores is reading this blog, he defintely has some support from GPP.

Pete, I know you will ask TT some questions regarding the upcoming baseball season. Do you know when that will happen? I'm ready for baseball season. Thanks in advance.


Yeah Pete, Thanks for hustling to get the story on Nico.

Hopefully he makes the call to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience that is FIU.

Quick thought Pete,

Doesnt Nico's coach want him to go to Western?
Isn't he the guy thats been trying to make him become a Bronco?? I remember reading that him and coach werent on the same page recruiting-wise...

So how do we know Rivals didnt contact Nico & got the information from him? I mean, he was listed as high interest to FIU and UCF, so to my understanding it was between the two.

If the information isnt accurate, why would we get a committ from him, right after a visit to UCF?

We should ask Russell or Cyp to clarify

AND by the way Nico, if you're reading...

Just look at all the love youre getting from FIU fans.

Hope you make the right choice, best of luck

Jsuarez.. i say forget beating around the bush lets just ask Nico lol

Nico's been pulled off the rivals.com committ list. So it looks like they did jump the gun on that one. They're usually pretty slow to update so it surpises me they were first to scoop the story and be wrong.

Looks like NMB is to FIU what Northwestern is to UM it will open up a pipeline.

LOL good point CJ, we should.

And Even if Rivals was wrong, it was posted for a reason; maybe Nico isnt an FIU panther YET, but maybe it means his visit to UCF wasnt all he hoped for?? Maybe?

LOL K-Man are you Kemal Ishmael? lol

This year's recruiting seems to have opened a few more doors.

Last year is was The BTW boys

& this year has been NW's Times & Dillard (Maybe the RB too, i hope lol)

& NMB's Cyp, Russell, & hopefully NF & KI

FIU recruiting gets better every year
Thank You MC & Staff!!


speaking of NMB recruits...... do we know what the deal is with mike dominguez?

what MC is seemingly doing is what HS, BD, and RS are have or are doing w/ the canes... and what LC should have done... recruit home talent. if you do that you should be all right lol MC went to the U and he got that thought process from there S. FLA produces some of the top talent in the country.. so why go else where to get talent when its in your own back yard. the fact that we are seeing so many players from the same school's comeing in is a + for down the road.. if they are treated well and are able to compete for positions their coaches will feel comfortable with sending their players to FIU. and pretty soon those Players wo thought of only goin to UM down here will be giving FIU a harder look

I can't get any work done. Let's please close out the following guys...

Larvez Mars
Daquan Hargrett
Cole Gilliam
Claudyson Calixte
Akeem Spence
Nico Flores
Kemal Ishmael
Josh Gatlin
Jerrell McGee

Anyone know how we're looking on available schollies ???

5 maybe 6 the most. But there is always a creative way to get recruits into school. If anyone of them have a 3.5 & above GPA they could possibly get a Academic Scholarship like someone did last year. But we could get all of the above to commit and sign and still be under the limit come Fall. This because everyone might not qualify to start school in fall.


what effect of the recruiting limit does enrolling early have? I remember last year UM had 33 recruits, but 10 enrolled early. Did that bring them under the limit to 23? If so Do that mean we would have 7 free scholarships?

Here's a link to an FIU recruit list (It's from espn, so I don't know about their accuracy, judge for yourself. It does appear helpful however.)


If the link doesn't work, you can find it under recruiting, in the college football section (check teams).

I get that football is king. I'm not arguing that. Nor do I have a problem with it. I'm not arguing that recruiting shouldn't be covered. There's clearly interest in it, and being a reporter myself, I know damn well that's what gets people like me a paycheck. Hell, I'm interested in it, once National Signing Day arrives (and NOT before then).

All I'm saying is, look at the last 10 posts in the GPP. 8 were about recruiting. That's right. 8. The other 2 were men's hoops. That just strikes me as very, very weird. We're actually spending more time talking about football's off-season that anything else going on at FIU. If the season was going on, fine. I'd understand. But it isn't. It's recruiting. There's nothing else to talk about? Bull. Men's hoops is as interesting as it's been in a long time. Baseball is, too.

Beyond that... I just don't get the whole obsession with recruiting season, and I probably never will. I guess, for me, this is the topic that gets me going like SouthPaw whenever gold helmets come up. :)

I've always liked lots of different sports, and frankly, I'd like to see Pete do more on other sports (men's soccer, track and field, women's hoops, just to name some). I just don't care about recruiting - in any sport - because there's usually other sports to watch.

When fans (and this isn't personal, just bringing up an example) start posting about specific high school guys that they think FIU should get, I just want to hurl. 99.9% of us have never seen these kids play one down at any level (and, no, highlight tapes do not count). Most of us don't know jack about these kids... not their skills, not their character, not their grades, not much of anything. All we have is their measurements, what they did in high school and what honors they got. Which means what in college? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Besides, watching athletic and talented 18-year-old use and be used by all the various forms of sports media during this time of year borders on the sick, and it's precisely because they know that football-crazed fans will watch. No one should be getting hyped the way these kids are. They're just football players. They're not going to change the world because of the school they go to. And, frankly, if these kids weren't good football players, most of you wouldn't give a damn what school they went to. You just want them to come to FIU for your selfish reasons, when what really should be the focus is what's the best move for the kid. No one ever talks about that.

There's a lack of perspective with this entire process that creeps me out. The whole Terrelle Pryor mess last year is the best example I can give. But if most people want recruiting, fine. I'd just like to see a bone thrown to the rest of us who want to know about other things FIU. And, by the way, the Asprilla article is just what I'm talking about. Good job, Senor Pelegrin.

By the way, FIUFan, the most recent FIU-WKU hoops game was on TV.

Hey Pete,

In case you'd like another perspective, to counter the above: I really enjoy and prefer news and speculation above football recruiting over other FIU sports.

Thanks for the good reporting. Your posts are always of interest.

P.S. - Posterchild and FIU Fanatic have some great posts in response to CC.

Until FIU is a perennial top-25 football program, I think we should be investing the MINIMUM required into all other sports, to be honest. Once that happens (and it will), then we should focus on men's basketball first and then baseball. Success in anything other than those sports is gravy.

So give me recruiting news over basketball news any day of the week, Pete. Speaking of recruiting, it looks like Aaron Schulte, the big JC OT that had previously committed to Ole Miss is now back on the market. How sweet it would be if Coach Cristobal and staff could pull Schulte in from Ole Miss and return the favor for stealing Korvic Neat.

Hey Gooch - how much love you think the track and field team is getting at UF right now? USC? Utah even? It's not just FIU man, it is what it is. Like you said, it's done for the love of the sport. On a one-on-one basis people will show FIU athletes extra love regardless of the sport they played, but mainstream people are all about football. So let's support it to the fullest, as surely you already do, it can only raise the awareness of all sports.

CC, I understand where you are coming from in terms of nothing is final until they sign, and to mantain the proper perspective that these are 18 year old kids, and some may never even set foot on FIU's campus, let alone play a down for us.

However, again, everyone has their own way of thinking and what they consider entertainment, or perhaps a gauge of the future of a program. It seems every time someone..or Pete...bring recruiting info, you almost go postal on us. We all know your disdain about recruiting and news about it as much as South Paw hates blueberry pants and wants a Gold FIU helmet...it is what it is, man.

Finally, as some have espoused earlier, Football....for good or for bad...is king in Florida, Miami in particular. Moreover, I have a feeling that if the men's hoops team were 16-2 rather than 6-12, a lot more basketball talk would be going on in Golden Panther Country. Still, I agree that basketball...and then some baseball as well, should be discussed here. But, as a popular saying in Spanish says: " Lo cortes no quita lo valiente".....means: "The politeness doesn't take away the courage"...

Let's talk about everthing FIU...it can be done.

BTW, tomorrow's game against FAU at FAU is huge for our team. Besides being an emotional game, a win would provide FIU our first away game this year, thus giving FIU and added sense of accomplishment and confidence into the final 12 conference games. We need to win, and every tough one helps.

Go FIU!!! Hope Asprilla and Galindo show them up tomorrow!

There will be five NMB Chargers if Nico, Kemal,Markieth and Johnathan sign. Michael Dominguez FIU starting linebackers is your fifth

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