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Playing USF in 2009....Fuggedaboutit

Fiuhelmet Get ready to scratch off the USF/Tampa Bulls from the 2009 FIU schedule Rutgers this upcoming season. Your Panthers are in negotiations with Rutgers to schedule a home-and-home series with the Scarlet Knights beginning this coming September with a game in the Tony Soprano land of New Jersey. FIU would play at Rutgers in the third game of this coming season replacing the Bulls on the sked.

Rutgers then would be FIU's season opening opponent on September 11, 2010 at FIU Stadium. It would be MC vs. his former boss Greg Schiano. This series could become a 4-game set with 2 home games for each team. Stay tuned on that. Right now it is a 1-home-and-1-home game deal.

Nice deal for FIU, because of the ton of FIU alumni in the New York/New Jersey area and USF Nb supposedly was only offering $200,000 for FIU to drive up to Tampa this coming September.

Plus, USF has said they no longer want to play any Florida school that is not Florida, Florida State or um. The Bulls dropped the series with Central Florida and now FIU is getting ready to drop USF.

Will have more on this scheduling change as the story develops in the coming days.

After making some phone calls today here are some recruiting updates for you starving GPPers:

Gppaw Down to 2 schools for Larvez Mars and heard that all of Mars's family wants the linebacker to stay Pooh in Florida and play for FIU. The Mars family says the honey is sweeter in Miami than Ames, Iowa for Pooh Bear.

Gppaw Quavon Taylor (below, left) is interested in returning back to Miami and playing for FIU. We could see the former Northwestern star joining former Bulls/current FIUers: Quavont Anthony Gaitor, Kenny Dillard and Wayne Times this fall, although he would probably have to sit out a season, because of NCAA transfer rules. Nothing official yet on Q becoming a Panther but it looks like it.

Gppaw Doesn't look like Daquan Hargrett is going to change his mind from West Virginia to FIU. But one season in Morgantown where the highlight of the area is visiting the Henry Clay Iron Furnace, might be enough to have anyone longing for home, especially with WVU bringing in those 2 big running backs ahead of DH. Like new FIU defensive back Terrance Taylor said the other day: "This is a new and improved FIU". And a lot of these recruits that leave for what may be greener pastures eventually find their way home.


FIUBlueandGold: Have you heard where they project to use McGee at ?

PP: Looking like a DB.

pikedanny: Pete: Are they any plans to spruce up the Baseball Stadium a little bit?

PP: Turtle is working on getting it done.

So what do you think of the possible FIU/Rutgers football series?


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We are starving, Pete! Thanks for the update.

Too bad about Hargrett, I guess he'll have to learn the hard way. Seems like all of the big name RB's that can make an immediate impact are off the board now, unless someone makes a sound last minute decision (c'mon DH). We need to keep hounding Baskerville.

I think I read on rivals that McGee is being recruited by FIU as a corner rather than a safety. Still hoping we bring in Jerome Swinton at corner and Larry McCoy at WR.

As usual, thanks for all the info, Pete. Rutgers on a home and home...or better yet...on a 4 game home and home series...is a good deal indeed. The drawback from that change is that more South Florida based FIU fans would have gone, but hey...as you said, there are tons of FIU alumni in that New Jersey/NY area.

As for recruiting...hope Mars follows his heart to FIU, and just as importantly, pay attention to what relatives think.....Good to hear that Quavon transferring to FIU might be in the works as well...Seems to be a win against USF, not just on the field yet....Too bad for Hargrett not leaning towards giving FIU a chance. Oh well..you win some and lose some.

Thanks, Pete!

Pete, thanks for the great information!!!

Last year I thought we were going to land Quavon Taylor. Seems like he wants to come back home to Miami.

I'm actually digging having Rutgers as our home opener in 2010. That's the type of team that will draw a big crowd. I would have definitely gone to USF game this year in Tampa but I guess it's not going to happen. A win against Rutgers would bring national attention to FIU football.

GO FIU!!!!

that is to bad it would have been great seeing Daquan in the Blue and Gold

Nice! Would not mind Rutgers on the schedule this season and as our home opener in 2010! They finished the season strong after struggling a bit at the beginning, it would definitely be a good test for the team!

I guess a home-and-home with Rutgers will be cool... but I really wanted to go up to Tampa this year and see us beat them. We were so close last year!!

I will admit though, Rutgers vs. FIU does have it's attractions (Cristobal Connection, FIU alumni, etc). Should be a fun 2010 opener!

I'm a Jersey guy, FIU alum residing in South Florida. I love this. The less I have to explain to my friends in Jersey who FIU is, the better for me (selfish POV, i know).

I see the upside for RU as well...they recruit South Florida hard so they see coming to FIU as a big commerical for them. The onus is on our Panthers to drive RU out of South Florida while gaining a foothold in Jersey, getting some of those northeastern recruits who can be wooed by the nice weather, good school, pretty ladies and soon to be winning football program.

This expands the FIU brand up the eastern seaboard. Bring it. When the fudge does spring ball kick off already?!


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Always thinkin'...Go Panthers!

I think its crazy that yet another Florida school is afraid to play us.

I hope folks are connecting the DOTS here. I love the fact that Pete and Mario are scheduling Rutgers and Louisville. By the 2012 season we would host Louisville and Rutgers here in Miami.

This gives us 3 years to improve and dominate the Sun Belt before the 2012 season. If we are going to make an argument for admittance into the BIG EAST for football, how we fare against them over the next few years is essential for FIU making the leap out of the Sun Belt.

I know what you're all thinking....Before everyone starts saying, "Let's dominate the SBC first," I agree - however this program needs to have a plan out of the SBC. What you are looking at, is that very exit plan.

In my opinion, the Rutgers move is genius. As long as we continue to improve and move forward and not backwards, FIU is on track to reaching the BIG TIME soon and becoming a player in college football within the next 5 years...

Great job by Pete and Mario !!

OC Panther:
Get it right... USF is NOT scared of playing FIU. FIU is trying to cancel their game against USF at the last minute, now giving USF problems having to re-schedule a new home game at the last moment. USF had no say in this matter.

Also... USF -DID NOT- drop the the series against UCF. The series was only scheduled for 4 games, which USF won all, then USF signed a 6 year deal with UM. Nothing was canceled or dropped.

*Please* look up your sources when posting information so it is correct.

Interesting theory, blueandgold. Regardless of that, I believe the schedule they are putting together, coupled with (hopefully) more wins, exposure, more attendance, and facilities' improvements, will catapult FIU to bigger and better things. At least that's the plan.....whether it's 5 or 20 years remains to be seen...TDAOS.

Tampa Tribune is saying it was our power move to dump USF

USF May Lose 2009 Opponent

TAMPA - Florida International is in the process of canceling its game at the University of South Florida this fall, which would leave the Bulls with only 11 games in 2009.
The Golden Panthers are close to finalizing a home-and-home series with Rutgers that would begin this fall at Rutgers. The FIU at Rutgers game on Sept. 19 would replace FIU's Sept. 19 visit to USF.
The Golden Panthers and Bulls signed a three-game deal in 2005. USF won the first two meetings, in 2006 at USF and 2008 at FIU.
Earlier this month, USF athletic director Doug Woolard successfully juggled the Bulls' schedule to add a home-and-home series with Florida State, starting this fall in Tallahassee. Now, Woolard must find another home opponent to replace FIU.
Woolard and FIU AD Pete Garcia did not return calls seeking comment. It's unknown how much USF will receive from FIU for the Golden Panthers to buy out the finale of the three-game series.

Maybe your right, even though USF is also in the BE playing more BE teams and ones we have a shot of beating can only help.

Interesting info...I think if USF made it clear that they don't want to play other Florida teams, then MC and Pete Garcia made the right move to buy out of the contract. I think FIU can find other willing big-name opponents. Too bad though, b/c I think we had a good chance of winning the last game of the series this fall.

This is awesome, I am totally there. It is a win - win. Schaino would play as many Florida teams as possible, the more visits to Florida the more opportunity to recruit.


Well, I think most of the fans from both sides, after contemplating this cooly, will agree this move could be better for both ends, after all. Leavitt made it clear they didn't want to play as many Florida teams as before, and Pete and FIU get their home and home series with yet, another Big East team...perhaps even a 4 game series.

Both games we played against USF were highly contested, with FIU actually leading the first game until about 3 minutes remaining, and there is no reason why the third one wouldn't have been tight as well, notwithstanding what the most ardent fan of USF would say. Anyways, let's move on an prepare to play the Scarlet Knights.

Well I would have liked to have seen us stick with USF, to try to build a local rivalry outside of the Hooters...a univ of south fla vs the real univ of south fla matchup...but it seems USFs administration and fanbase seem to overrate and overhype themselves into thinking they're something they're not and as such too "big" for the "small" time programs like us and UCF. Because of that I understand the logic behind cutting the deal. Although like someone else alluded to, Rutgers might have more to gain than us by increasing their sofla exposure. But surely it was easier for MC and FIU to land a 4 game reciprocal deal with Rutgers than with WVU, Pitt or Cinci (the better of the BE teams). Regardless it's a better home draw than Lousiana Monroe or Western Kentucky.

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