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Big Shot Raul; FIU Baseball Opening Day

Raul Good win for the FIU hoopsters last night on a last second 3 by Raul. Jor No, this is not another Jerrell Lamb sighting or Sidd Finch (pitching, below right).

Raul is the nickname Alex Galindo (left, photo thanks Alex J. Hernandez) has been given by SR, because as the FIU coach puts it, "teams know who Alex is when we say pass the ball to Alex, so we call him Raul".Sidd

Might have to change that alias for Western Kentucky. Maybe similar versions to Raul such as Paul, Saul, Haul or Maul.

Huge game by Michael Dominguez (below right, AJH photo) with 24 points. MD has a great basketball IQ, always knowing where to pass and knowing where to be when the other team has the ball. MD made the pass to Raul for the game-winner.

Good point by FIU Fanatic, this team showed last night that it is capable Md of winning the Sun Belt if it plays like it did Thursday night.

I thought it was probably the most complete and best game that FIU hoops played this season and against the Sun Belt's top team in Troy. Even a friend of mine, who is a die-hard FIU fan, text me saying: who is this team wearing FIU's uniforms tonight?

Could be the real deal if they play like they did on Thursday.

Like SR said after the game, the next game against Western Kentucky "will let us know if we are for real, because not too many teams go into Western and win."


As the great Vin Scully (right) used to say when he was the play-by-play man for NBC's Saturday Baseball Vin Game of the Week back in the 1980's: "It's a gorgeous day for baseball, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the grass is gleaming". Now let's see what the new and improved version of FIU baseball can do starting less than 2 hours from now.

The pitching should be improved with some solid new starters and 4 lefties, which FIU had only 1 last season in Corey Polizzano and he was a starter.

Saw a lot of the Panthers using more of the whole field at the plate during practices and when you do that good things happen for the team and to your batting average.

Will be getting back to our spring tour of FIU football on the next post. After tonight's home opener, will be on the road for 6 of the next 7 days covering Marlins spring training in Jupiter and then some state high school basketball championships in Lakeland so there will be plenty of down time for FIU blogging after my work for the day is done, because there is not much to do in Jupiter and Lakeland.



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Here is my prediction for baseball
37 W 19 L
409 Runs

Pete enjoy your trip, and if you get bore you can always go cow tipping.

Pete, any word on AJ Grant or Dannehower?
Will either play for FIU?

Troy Dannehower? he isn't playing for FIU anymore, i believe he got kicked off the team, not sure for what tho?
Hey Pete, how did the Walk on Football try outs go?

Great win for FIU baseball to kick off the season!! Tyler Townsend's homer to tie it was awesome! And then Arrojo's 2-out bunt in the ninth to score in the winning run??? AMAZING!!! Just a perfect way to start it off!

I wasn't at the game so I can't comment too much because I did not see how they happened, but, we can't be committing so many errors per game and expect to win ballgames. Luckily Scott pitched a heck of a game for us but it's not everyday you win a game where you commit four errors.

Like Corey Polizzano said himself at practice: "If Scott pitches the way he is now then its going to be a sure win every Friday night."

This is far cry from last year's weekend struggles but Rembisz and his "bulldog mentality" as TT claims are going to be critical for the Golden Panthers if they want to follow in the football team's shadows.

Albeit just one start against a mediocre Jacksonville State team, Rembisz put FIU in a position to win which is welcome sign.

Feel good story in Junior Arrojo providing a walk-off bunt single, who coincidentally is in his junior year. The Southridge alumnus began last season as starter but was eventually replaced in the lineup by the departed Corey Lozano. Despite the demotion he became a presence in the dugout that TT acknowledged and appreciated. Great to see him have his day in the sun.


It was Jacksonville not Jacksonville State their is a difference. Lets enjoy the season regardless whether your a TT fan or not or whether your buddies are good enough to play.

TT will make the difference DP could not and that is bring real players to the program.

By the way Messina "mediocre" Jacksonville made it to the NCAA's last year and have appeared more times in the last 10 years than FIU.

Prediction 40-16
414 Runs

the major difference i noticed from last nights game is that last year, FIU would've lost the game 100%, but now TT is starting to bring in winners and putting a team together where they can pull off those type of wins. Great game last night. really exciting to watch.

Pete, can you give us any update on any potential FIU transfers (DeArmas, Q Taylor) and signees? Last update you gave was that we had anywhere from 1 to 3 scholarships left to round out this year's class.

Great game FIU baseball, way to start the season with a WIN!! GO FIU!

Another huge win for FIU tonight as they took care of Jacksonville, 20-1. Another fantastic pitching performance this time by Tom Ebert, who pitched 6 2/3 innings, giving up 2 hits, 0 runs, 0 bb and 9 ks. 84 pitches, 62 for strikes or something like that. He was lights out.

A pair of three run homers but otherwise just solid hitting up and down the lineup

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