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Contact From Mars

Mm While there could be some positive signing day surprises in the works for FIU, one of the bigger Lm revelations will be what happens on Mars. (sorry, couldn't help it with the planet reference)

Of course, that being all-world linebacker Larvez "Pooh Bear" Mars, who is between FIU and Iowa State. 

Traded text messages with Mars today to thank him for the interview (he checked out the GPP) and to see if there was anything new as we're about T-minus 32 hours before National Letters of Intents can start bursting out of the FIU fax machines.

The word from Mars is "I'm getting closer" to making a decision. Pooh Bear has not donned his choice of college cap yet, but it could be as early as Tuesday or it may be decided on Wednesday morning.

As soon as we know of a decision, will have it on here.

The GPP plan for Wednesday is to visit a couple of high schools where future FIU players sign on the Dearmas dotted line and then camp out at FIU the rest of the day and provide you good people with updates on signings all day Wednesday.

As far as Monday's FIU recruiting trail, the Panthers might be adding 6-4, 315-pound offensive lineman Chris De Armas to the NSD list. De Armas, a former USF recruit, played at El Camino JUCO last season and played his high school ball at Miami Southwest High. Should he join FIU, he would start his Panther career as a sophomore. Nothing solid on this yet, but if and when it happens will have it on here for you.


 FIUPantherFan: Pete, Can you update us on the injury situation in Men's BBall?

PP: Spoke with SR after Saturday's game and Freddy Asprilla is "week to week" with a herniated disc in his back. SR said J.C. Otero is a "long, long ways away". Everyone else is playing.

FAUFlyer: Pete, I have a question which i don't think anyone has asked. Does, the basketball team go Bluck through an off season conditioning program with the strength coach?

PP: The hoops team has Mick Smith, who worked in the NBA, to run their strength and conditioning program. Even SR said before the season that he felt his team was in the best shape ever this year. You can't control injuries. 

Gooch7: Pete are you going to give us a list of all the 20+ 2009 recruits (Including Mr. Mars) and some of their highlights? Any word on the USC Transfers that were thinking about coming to the 305, and play for the Golden Panthers? Stadium Talk: Now that they are done with Phase I and working on Phase II, what will we see by 2009 Season kick off, and 2010 Season kick off?

PP: Plan on setting up camp at FIU on Wednesday, so as soon as the players sign will have it on here. Doesn't look like any USC guys are headed this way. 2009 kickoff will have the fieldhouse and 6 meeting rooms/extra suites done. The north side is expected for 2011, but of course all this can change in a hurry in a couple of weeks if FIU Stadium gets Miami MLS.

CJ: Pete any word on the recruiting visits this weekend?

PP: The NW boys were at FIU so was Deerfield Beach DB Adrian Witty and Edgar Theliar.

Dazz CrazyCane: You all (the GPP posters) are sheep. You would follow PP if he lead right into the depths of hell.So, why is FIU and Iowa State his only two choices Pete?  Did schools like UF, FSU, Alabama, Miami, USC, Clemson, Tennessee, etc etc even recruit Mr. Pooh Bear? Please let us know.

PP: Crazy, relax man. No GPP readers and no sheep are going to the depths of hell here. Get yourself to another FIU game like you did last year with your dad and brother and get everyone in the family to wear FIU gear again like you did last November. Play some Sunday morning softball to take the edge off or buy a Golden Dazzlers calendar to brighten up the home or office.

Pooh Bear had choices of FIU, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Kentucky, South Florida, Central Florida, and Alabama-Birmingham. He has narrowed down that list to FIU and Iowa State. As one of the top high school linebackers in the nation, I'm sure Mars got looks from top programs like UF, FSU, Alabama, USC, Clemson and Tennessee.


You know Pooh Bear may have a planetary last name, but he also reaches readers worldwide. In our last poll question: "If Pooh Bear joins FIU, would it be the best recruiting class ever in the 7-year history of FIU football", we had a record 1-day turnout of voters (140) and we reached 2 new places on the globe along with places as far as France, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates and Serbia.

Our two newest GPP readers hail from Ennis, Montana (voted definitely, yes FIU would have best recruit class ever) and Mexico City, Mexico (voted maybe, will still have to see them play in 2009). Poll is still open.



28 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.








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Thanks for the updates, Pete!! Great stuff like always! Glad to see we might be picking up another JUCO O-lineman, depth at the lines is something we can always use.. CAN'T WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY!!!

We need O-Lineman!


Since you will be at the stadium tomorrow, can you take a few pictures of the field house for the good GPP people in DC. Thanks

Thanks always for your hard work Pete. I actually heard about the El Camino O-lineman yesterday.. so i had to ask Mack. He told me it was Dearmas and that he plays good at the guard position... things are looking brighter... lets wait and see.

BTW Pete,

I enjoyed reading the shot that you took at crazy by quoting him and leaving out Miami. That was classic.

"I'm sure Mars got looks from top programs like UF, FSU, Alabama, USC, Clemson and Tennessee."

Thanks for the update, Pete....So, De Armas would (if he commits/signs) add another OL capable of playing/starting from day 1, thus giving us unprecedented depth at the position, should injured Cawthon and Cedric Mack join the fray, in addition to returning starters and resdhirted players now available.

I did a little research on De Armas, and he was highly thought of by recruiting sites , when he was ranked as the state of Florida #49 player by rivals.com, the #33 player in Florida by Orlando Sentinel, and #44 by Tampa Tribune. Meanwhile scout.com rated him as 3-star and the nation's #71 OL player....for the class of 2005, when he signed originally with USF.

I guess one question is...Where was De Armas for those 3 years before joining ELCO last season? Interesting get if it happens.

Also, I find it extremely interesting that after committing..and later de-comitting from FIU...Theliar is on campus for a visit...hmmmm. I saw where his receiving numbers dropped considerably from his frehsman year to his sophomore year, considering he transferred to a new JUCO with another great WR, whose 4-star talent outshined Theliar in that JUCO National Championship team. Maybe that has a little to do with it.

Anyways.....today and tomorrow will be...or could be....monumental days for the future of FIU Football...at this time next year we were not sure if we would land T.Y....we did, and look how much he contributed to our program right away.

Thanks again, Pete...and....Good luck to Mario Cristobal, the staff, and to our prospective recruits in creating a program we will all be proud of.....

Mars, Dillard, Times, Mallary, Taylor, Bryan, De Armas, Starling, Revilla, Jones, Jr, Griffin, Russell, Cyprien, Elliot, Franklin, Carroll, Forney, Istanich, McCloud, McGee, Tottle, Vann, Tourek and Jairus Williams, and Wimberly. I hope you all sign with FIU, so we can welcome you to Golden Panther Nation and live the ride for greatness together!!

Good Luck FIU!!

crossing my fingers.....

Great post FIUFanatic!!!

What impresses me most is that this staff is working hard to recruit O-lineman. They know it's one of our weakness and they're addressing it.


Looking forward to your report Pete.

Thanks again!

Will any the current football players be participating at the 6pm event and will any of the guys that are signing be there too ???

Any news on the MLS front? I would love that stadium completely closed...

Pete...why isn't your report (and very nice, btw)on FIU Recruiting not included in the "Recruiting" section of High School sports? You have several UM reports, 2 (TWO) USF reports!, FAU story, and FSU report....but NO FIU??? What's up with that? I know it's out of your control, but....


As one of the top high school linebackers in the nation, I'm sure Mars got looks from top programs - PP, are you serious with this comment? Where did you read that he was one of the top rated HS LB's in the country?

Also, as for coming to another game, I think I am actually going to buy season tix, and everygame wear the opposing team colors.

So, here are some rankings on Mars.

Aheemmm....Rivals.com ranks Mars as the eighth (#8) inside LB in the nation....Also ranks him as the #132 player in the nation in their "Top 250"...regardless of position. They also rank him as the #24 player in Florida (again, regarless of position)...ahead of players such as Dyron Dye(33), Luther Robinson (37), Jamal Reid, Olivier Vernon, Mike James, Kayvon Webster, and Cory White. All of the named have one thing in common..they are all canes commits.

BTW, he is also ahead of FIU commit Wayne Times, who ranks #86 in Florida.

He was selected to play (and reports are he was making plays all over the field) at the ARMY All American Game...

^^But behind Ray Ray (2)Miller (15) and McGee (18). Just saying

CC honestly man stop seeing things through Burnt Orange Glasses... he is one of the better players in FLA. and like FIU Fanatic stated he is considered the 9th ILB in the Nation

The point was to state he is as well ranked as the best linebackers in the nation....including ahead of some of the ones you all like, and the #3 linbacker in the state!....I was just sayin' myself.

There is no point in comparing classes, etc. yadayadayada. Just bring into the attention the facts about Mars and his rankings that were erroneously questioned.


Please buy season tickets and and wear the opposing team colors. It's a win-win for FIU.

We got your money, and we'll be able to more easily identify who to boast to when we win the games.

what happened to the baseball lineup and additional turtle news that you were going to provide??? the season is only two weeks away!

I hear Edgard Theliar might decommit again and sign back to FIU tomorrow!! Any truth to this???

Man I hope so........that dude is a stud !!

Theliar the prodigal son... i'll take him back in the blink of an eye! This guy is good. Great size too!!

Crazy cane, you are such a loser. UM is no longer the only game in town. Get over it.

so any word or are we waiting for tom?

This wait is KILLING me!! Is it tomorrow yet??

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