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Down The Lineup With Turtle

Turtle We're 10 days away from the FIU baseball season opener against Jacksonville on Feb. 20 -- a 3-game series at University Park Stadium.

Here's the third part of our 3-part preseason look at your Panthers with coach Turtle Thomas (left, Sam Lewis photo). Still plenty of time to make changes everywhere for TT, but this is what he's thinking thus far when it comes to the Opening Day lineup and other parts of FIU baseball as the 2009 season approaches...

PP: We're still some time away from the opener, but what's a rough sketch of your batting order right now?

TT: We have an idea about our top 5 or 6 guys in the lineup. Pablo Bermudez in center field should lead off. Ryan Mollica (right, Alex J. Hernandez photo), who hit second in the lineup last year, should be our second hole hitter. I would think that Tyler Townsend would be our third hole hitter. Steven Stropp will probably clean up for us or hit fifth. I think Tim Jobe may be in the fifth spot and then some other spots below that are still open for Moll competition.

PP: Stropp showed he can hit last season, but wasn't your prototypical cleanup hitter, what about Stropp makes him suited for the 4 hole?

TT: Stropp has a lot of power actually. He’s a big, strong guy. One game this fall we only used aluminum. It was one of only 2 times we used aluminum in the fall. In that game, he hit a grand slam, a three-run home run and a three-run double off the top of the center field wall. He knocked in 10 runs here in the intra-squad game. It was a pretty stellar day. There wasn’t anything wrong with the pitching he was facing that day. It was OK pitching he was facing.

PP: One guy that I thought made a pretty good impression in the fall was freshman shortstop Garrett Wittels (below, left). Could we see him in the starting lineup on Opening Day?

TT: Wittels probably has made more strength gains in the weight room than anybody that we’ve had so far. He’s taken to the weights and the bat weight stuff that we do. He’s done a nice job of getting stronger. He’s very strong from the elbows down where hitters need to be. He’s one of those guys who is Gw a self-made player that competes and doesn’t want to get beat. He finds a way to hit the ball and finds a way to field it. He’s going to play somewhere either shortstop or third base.

PP: Wittels also was a pretty good pitcher/closer at Krop High, will he pitch too?

TT: Being a left side infielder, you’re probably asking a little too much for a young guy to pitch and play the left side of the infield. You’re waiting for an arm injury or arm problem waiting to happen when you do that.

PP: Your defense was a little shaky last year during some games. How do you feel about your gloves this season?

TT: We were middle of the road in our conference in fielding percentage last year, but we were close to the top in the 30 conference games. In conference games, we really had only 1 or 2 sub-par defensive games. We went six games in a row and another time five games in a row without making any errors and that set the all-time school record. I was pretty pleased with our defense. Probably the range of our players just due to probably not having the fastest of guys, probably was the biggest detriment. But when they got to it and caught it they usually threw them out. We just have to find the right guys for the right slots that can give you a nice offensive and defensive production.

Wood PP: You guys came out a little slow offensively last year. Did you still go most of theAlum off-season using only wood bats.

TT We started picking up the aluminum on Jan. 26. We’ll be using the aluminum almost 4 weeks before we open up. Last year, it was one week before the opener and I thought it took our guys a little while to adjust to the aluminum so we are going to go with that a little bit earlier this year.


Apaw  Apparently there is some pretty good interest in FIU baseball, the Diamond Dinner drew 670 people -- an all-time FIU record for a Diamond Dinner.


A nice comeback win for the FIU hoops team last Saturday after an awful 1st half in which they scored just 16 points. Down by 21 points with 14 minutes left in the game, the Panthers rallied and won it in OT. If this team can be as resilient as last Saturday, then there's no reason it cannot contend in the Sun Belt Tournament. Still need Freddy Asprilla back for a serious run, though.


 And you thought the Golden Dazzlers only just dance on the basketball court? Dazzler Lisa Dazzlers Sakowitz hit some 3-pointers in the 3-point contest at halftime of Saturday's game. Spoke with her afterward and LS says she stopped playing hoops at Sunset High to go into dancing.

Your questions:

blkpanther: Pete have you heard anything on James Jones. I know he blew his knee out at the end of the season and he is likely to miss most if not all of next season. But how is it going with him?

PP: It's looking like JJ might be taking a redshirt season in 2009. It was a pretty good tear.

FIUBlueandGold: Pete: do we have an update on the status of Ash Parker and his recovery?

Ash PP: Saw Ash (left, No. 11) before going to an FIU hoops game the other day and he says he's feeling a lot better and expects to be ready for fall practice in August.

Alonzo: Pete, how many seniors will we have next year and, how many starters for both offense and defense are returning?

PP: By my count FIU brings back 24 seniors for 2009. If we count Darriet Perry as a starter, which is what he is, then all 11 starters on offense return, but only 6 starters return on defense.

FIUFPL: Hey, Pete - I don't think you ever answered whether this is the best recruiting class or not.

PP: In the 7-year history of the FIU football program, yes, this is the best recruiting class ever at least on paper, now let's see them do it on the field starting Sept. 12 in Bama. I gave them 5 Paws on the last poll.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Question to Pete & the GPP Nation: Is there ANYONE faster in the SBC than TR!

PP: Not that I have seen from any other Sun Belt team this season. Tremayne Russell is a tremendous sparkplug off the bench for FIU.


We had a worldy turnout on our last poll question about the rating for the 2009 FIU football signing class with readers from Lebanon, Spain, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, France, Ennis Montana and the rest of the good old USA chiming in. Thus far, 57.5% of you gave the 2009 class 5 Paws (the highest mark), 38.4% (4 Paws) and 4.1% (3 Paws).

We're 25 days away from spring practice, but let's keep the football polling going....


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I voted Thatcher Starling because I hope he can help apply consistent pressure on opposing QB's. I think thats whats been missing most from this defense since the loss of the Killer B's.

All of these guys show a ton of promise, but I think Jack Griffin can also make a huge impact on special teams if we can consistently turn good field position into points.

Hope the pitching and defense improve for the baseball team, I hate errors and I remember dreading every time there would be a call to the bullpen last season. Also, I think Mallary is going to give Perry a run for his money at running back, should be a great combo at running back for FIU with those two guys.

Kinda hard to say at this point, isn't it, Pete? I mean, most of these kids haven't even practiced yet. I would think that, if anyone makes a big impact, it's probably Mars. With him being a 4-star, I would imagine that playing time is available, at the very least. Hopefully he makes something of it.

I also agree with TCU about Griffin, because he's in early and because kicking is one of the few positions where a freshman can step in and have a big impact right away. Plus, though he's made progress, Rivest hasn't proven yet that he's a solid, dependable kicker. The opportunity should be there.

Good interview with Tortuga. I just hope FIU makes some big strides on the diamond this year. Their schedule doesn't seem to be all that hard, though there are some interesting opponents. I'm hoping we can get to 35 wins, at least. 40 would be a success and probably a birth to a Regional. And why not? We gotta play Miami at some point this season, right? ;)

Until then... hoops it is. And the South Alabama game later this week is totally winnable. Here's just hoping the Jekyll-and-Hyde act stops soon with SR's squad.

Pete, any thoughts as to SR's future with FIU? In other words... do you think it's likely that he gets canned after the season? Especially if they finish badly?

I actually remember the defense being pretty fundamentally sound last year, i think we just had the slowest outfield in the NCAA. Our pitching, once we got past maybe our top 3 or 4 guys, was horrendous but that was pretty much what TT inherited last year. Most of the time, that first year is not really a full recruiting class for the head coach. I would say that this years class is TT's 1st recruiting class and from the sounds of it, it seems that he has bettered the team, which is his and the coaching staff's main task. As long as there is improvement, i cant complain.

Had a great time at the banquet this past weekend, btw. I thought coach polk was an excellent speaker and very humorous.

I think Wayne Times makes the biggest impact since now we have two down field threats.

I think it will be EXTREMELY hard for defenses to cover TY and Wayne (downfield) and then Greg and Edgard (in the middle).

It has to be Jack Griffin, he has a serious leg. In his high school film he was kicking balls out of the back of the endzone consistently. I think he even sent a few through the uprights on kickoffs as well. He is going to change the game for us.

Rocky Vann.

I think it will be Pooh Bear, because for the other guys to get the ball the Oline has to give PM the time to throw, so their success depend on 6 other people, JG is a good kicker, maybe the best even in our program but again his work goes with the field possession. But on defense a line backer can make the plays regardless of the front or the backs, LB's are more like one on one with either the wr's rb's or qb's, if now just remember the killer b's.

Wayne Times will be running the WildPanther in our offense next year. I actually envision him having a couple of throwing TD's next year.

All I know is that this recruiting class is going to compete for starting positions next year but it won't be easy. Keep in mind players that got redshirted last year also want to get on the field. Perfect example of some players I think will have a great year is Souarin, Winston Fraser, and Aaron Davis.

GO FIU!!!!

You can't coach the speed and agility of WAYNE TIMES !!! Most college teams don't have 3 or 4 lock down corners on their squad.

Hilton, Times, Ellingson, Mertile and Theliar will cause problems. Leave one of them open and Paul will zip it in there.

The offensive guards spots need to be solid this year !!! We cannot afford guys getting to McCall right up the middle. They are the key to establishing a protective bubble for QBs to go through their progressions...

i've been saying it....Jack Griffin will have the greatest impact.


You're right about those receivers. Don't forget Marquis Rolle. He has all the potentials to be a great receiver!!!!


J. McGee will make the biggest splash in 09'
Behind him will be Starling & E.T.

Mars should redshirt, gain 15-20 pounds & learn the plays to perfection; that way he'll be all sun-belt in his first full season. Let him grow under papa oso & then he'll be good to go.

That is unless he can come in at 215+ in the summer.

Don't get me wrong, I want to see him day 1.
But you want the best for the player.

I'd like to see him taking John Parker Wilson & Tebow down next season, but it all depends on how everything goes from here on out.

Can't wait.

I went with Times as well. I think it would be a mistake, as some of the recruiting services think, to play him at DB, he's got too much god-given, natural talent to make people miss and deliver the blow.

Can't wait to see him in the open field. Also can't wait to see T.Y. a year older and stronger...whew, it's gonna be sweet.

Go Panthers !!!


John Parker Wilson has graduated.

Pete, Do you think FIU will market their latest accomplishment? Of Having a 32.7% acceptance rate making FIU the most selective university in Florida http://tinyurl.com/c2pzxr.

Do you think FIU will market their latest accomplishment? Of Having a 32.7% acceptance rate making FIU the most selective university in Florida http://tinyurl.com/c2pzxr

It's gotta be either Starling or Theliar. These are the most advanced guys we got, and they've already faced bigger and tougher competition.

I went with Starling because in the Sun Belt, 6-2, 260 pound DE's who run a 4.8 are hard to stop. Here's to hoping he can get in there and be an imposing presence.

Went with E.T....essentially for the same reasons fiucris states....He has JUCO experience, and was a star in that level.

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