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Early Look At The New Fieldhouse

DSC04310  Our GPP friends (GOLD & co.) up in Washington D.C. wanted to see a little progress on the new state-of-the-art FIU fieldhouse that will open this July.

Here you go from sunny Miami.

The walls are going up all around the fieldhouse and the inside is being put together. The following are photos of the FH taken a few days ago. Please click on each photo to get a larger view.

Here above left, you can see the opening in the west end zone stands has been filled with the concrete floor of the 6 extra meeting rooms/club suites. The white floor you see in the picture will be the patio area where the 6 extra rooms open up and give a west end zone view of the field. With the sun setting behind the west side of the stadium, this will be one cool, breezy area to watch your Panthers from with your favorite adult or child beverage.DSC04311 

On the right, we have a shot of the front wall of the fieldhouse -- but from an inside view. The area from a little north of the yellow Tonka construction toy vehicle and past the 2 pillars standing by themselves is where the 14,000-square foot weight room will go.

You can also see here the glass windows [rectangular openings] of the weight room where if you happen to walk by after July you could probably see your Panthers working out. As you can see the front wall of the FH is pretty high up. The area of the weight room is not expected to have a 2nd floor above it, so it will be one high ceiling for the workout area.

DSC04312  Here on the left is a better view of the weight room and the entrance to the fieldhouse -- the 4 rectangles at the end of the photo. There is the yellow Tonka toy and the 2 pillars. You can also see the back of the west side of the stadium on the right side of this photo. This sort of gives you an idea of how tall the FH is compared to the stadium. Notice the stadium concourse on the right is not that much higher than the top of the FH.

Also, notice the length of the FH. Look at the entrance and see how far it goes down to where Juan Angel (GPP photographer) and myself were standing on the southwest ramp of the stadium. DSC04315 

On the right is a better and closer look at the entrance to the FH. As you can see the FH is 2 floors for now (if the MLS soccer fellas want to have a business home it could be on the 3rd or 4th floor).

What is expected to go on floor 2 is the coaches offices, the meeting rooms/extra suites, a 100+ seat auditorium (NOT overlooking field), a Miami Herald office (nah, just kidding on that one, was told the space by the bar in the Stadium Club is reserved for the GPP).

On the 1st floor will be the weight room, FIU locker room with about 100+ locker stalls, an injury and rehab center, FIU coaches locker room, ticket office and possibly an FIU memorabilia store and Hall of Fame.

DSC04314  This photo on the left gives you a better view of the 2nd floor of the FH and you can see how far the 6 extra rooms/suites go back from the patio when you click on the photo to enlarge. Also the gentleman working with the bricks is building one of the coaches offices.

We'll have another look at the FH when it's filled out more in late March/early April.

Back to your FIU football spring tour on the next blog.


Gooch7: What year is Darold in?

PP: Darold Hughes will be a sophomore when the 2009 season begins. DH is in his 3rd year at FIU, but took a redshirt in his first season.


After our last poll question on being Number 2, we're getting closer to reaching the entire USA with Two the GPP. A reader in Albuquerque, New Mexico thinks Colt Anderson will be FIU's No. 2 QB this coming season. Apparently, so do many of you. As of this writing 67.7% of the GPP thinks Colt is ready to move up. Then 28.1% say Wayne Younger will stay at No. 2 and 4.2% think it will be Darold Hughes. Poll is still open. Here's the up-to-the-minute scorecard:



28 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Again, it's in the early stages, but let's see what you think....


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Hey Pete!!
Great job with the football team!!I'm very happy with the recruits and Mario. I know we are investing a lot in the football which is awesome, but I was wondering if the U.S. century bank arena will have a new make over as well?

Thanks for the Pics Pete. Your doing a great job feeding the FIU Football hunger.

Pete, thanks for that

I wanted to take the time to thank YOU, Pete. All the work you do with and for the program is greatly appreciated by all the fans, current and former players, and staff.

Keep up the great work and thanks again!

Will the team be practicing in the stadium for spring ball or at the rec fields ??

The Field House looks amazing, I wish there was less concrete framing on the 1st floor and all windows (Cat 4 hurricane codes??) so we could get better peaks on activity inside....but oh well, looks great nonetheless.

Pete: what's the latest with FC Barca and Claure's bid with the MLS ??

Great job on the pics Pete. Can't wait to go there and watch my son working out in that NEW weight room, (Joey #86) By the way Pete, are you going to be doing any interviews on some of the new and upcoming players that redshirted last year? I'm anxious to hear how they are progressing and who will be seeing some playing time (like my son? who was one of the redshirts) again, thanks for keeping us up to date.....GO FIU!!

Thanks for sharing those pics, Pete....I can't wait to see how the whole fieldhouse will end up looking like. I'm sure once it's done, it will be yet another feather in the cap in terms of recruiting the young athletes we are aiming at getting to play for FIU.

Then, we will have the second phase of construction of the stadium, with its new North Facade either done or being worked on in 2010. Exciting things for FIU Football indeed!

Thanks for the info Pete. As always a great job. Im lookin forward to spring practices. Are any of the recruits going to start school early to participate in spring drills?

I can't wait to see what that will look like once it is completed. Hopefully they will give tours to fans so we can see it as well.

Also, like Fanatic posted, I am anxiously awaiting the news that work on the North side of the stadium will begin. It is desperately needed to make the stadium look complete.

Hey Pete, could you do me a favor?

Can you show a picture of the old Sunblazer mascot? A Gator friend of mine gives me crap because he can't imagine what the heck it would look like.

I try to describe it but its futile.

Greatly appreciate all your coverage and blogs.

Is there not a way to finish the bowl before the north side building is constructed in the same way that the field house is being done?


1) Does this mean that during now during half time they will stay at the Stadium now that they have a locker room.

2) Whatever happened to the "march to the stadium" of the football players+band? I remember you said it couldn't happen until they got a locker room or something.

3) You mentioned last post that North side was set for 2011 I think. Is this the date no matter attendance, or can it get pushed back again if attendance is not up to par. (I understand it can get moved up depending on MLS but what about moved back?)

I'm no Pete, but I can answer questions 1 and 3, at least...

1. Yes. And from what I gather here, it will be a big, spacious, and very nice facility.

3. Well, the money for that project comes from the PECO funds from Capital Improvement Plan and Legislative Budget Request, since it includes the 100,00 square feet Student Academic Support Center. Already, from the current 2008-09 budget a total of around $2.5 to $4.5 million has been approved, and for the coming 09-10 budget FIU places this item at the very top of the list among dozens of projects, requesting an additional $21.5 million, with an additional $6.9 million requested for 2010-2011

To sum it up, it doesn't have to do with attendance whatsoever...it has to do with the availability of funds, and speed of construction. It's not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

Hey i heard there is a new QB last name smith #6 can you find out his first name and some background info?


Thanks for the pictures, I can't wait to see it finished. I have one question regarding this year's recruting class? How did we fare in comparison to th rest of the sun belt?


Great question FIU0406. I would like to know specifically how we did versus FAU.

I think we out-recruit them mainly because I didn't hear of any top notch players going there like Pooh Bear, Wayne Times, Wesley Carrol, or E.T.

But I don't have enough information to make that call. Pete, you have authority on this - What's your call?

I have also asked for the comparison of FIU versus the Sunbelt in the 2009 recruiting class. I hope we came out as Number 1..

Pete great job with the Pics!

This fieldhouse is gonna be amazing!! Just out of curiousity, what will the 100-seat auditorium be used for?

I assume the 100 field auditorium will be used for Team Meetings with all its players and coaches. led by the Head Coach, Mario Cristobal....other smaller rooms/suites will be used to have "unit" meetings led by position coaches and/or "coordinators" , meaning offensive and defensive units, perhaps even divided into defensive backs, wide recieivers and tight ends, defensive linemen, and offensive linemen, running backs, and linebackers....

Thanks for the look at the 'inside' of the Fieldhouse. My son would have loved it all.


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