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Spring Tour: Backup Quarterbacks

Fiufoot You good people can't get enough of FIU football as our last blog showed. Wrote about FIU baseball and most of you responded with FIU football talk. With that in mind, I guess it's never too early to start looking forward to spring practice.

This spring is going to be crucial for several Panthers and their prospects of playing time come the 2009 season. With another solid signing class last week, FIU is building some quality depth and with this depth comes more competition to see the field.

So with the opening of spring ball a little more than 3 weeks away, let's take a look in the next 23 days atPe the key battles at several positions. While spring ball has sometimes been referred to as glorified P.E. classes, this spring will be anything but for some players looking to impress and at the same time fend off the talented incoming  freshmen in the fall.

Our first tour is who gets the call to backup Paul McCall this fall? (was a poet and didn't even know it)

Wayne Younger (left) was PM's backup last season, but year 3 could be the time for Colt Anderson (right) to take Wy the next step.

CA will likely receive his redshirt for not playing a snap last season and looksAnd to enter the season as a redshirt sophomore. Since he arrived from Nebraska 2 years ago, CA has shown flashes in practice of being the QB to take the next step. Now he has to show more consistency this spring to possibly move up the depth chart.

As he displayed during 2007, WY has the ability to play QB, but like CA needs to play with more consistency this spring. Before he tore his shoulder against Florida Atlantic in 2007, WY probably had his best game the previous week against Louisiana in the OB (photo above left). WY will be a junior in 2009.

If the decision for the No. 2 QB spot was based on arm strength alone, Darold Hughes would likely be your No. 2 QB. DH has got a cannon, but is still several steps behind WY and CA.

These 3 guys will not only be battling for dibs behind PM, but also auditioning for 2010 when Wesley Carroll joins the FIU starting QB derby.Qbs

Oak There will be position battles all over in spring and fall practices, but this could be the most important, because (knock on a big oak tree here) the gap between PM and the No. 2 QB needs to be closer --should anything happen to PM.


RoaryisMyHomeBoy: Pete, Do you think FIU will market their latest accomplishment? Of Having a 32.7% acceptance rate making FIU the most selective university in Florida http://tinyurl.com/c2pzxr.

PP: They definitely should. FIU people read this blog so they should pick up on your question as soon as this post hits the MH website.

Apaw Pretty split decisions on who you thought can have the greatest impact in their first season at FIU. Pooh Bear has 33.7% of your vote, but Wayne Times (18.5%) and Thatcher Starling and Edgard Theliar (both 13.5%) all are on your minds. Yeah, Clawing Cancer, it is too early to project on this question, but you good people like FIU football poll questions. Here's another....


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I'm rooting for Colt... Wayne had his chance and he didn't deliever. Period. Colt should be the one challenging Wes for the job 2010. I want him to step up and take charge at the QB position. He's been here for 2 years, he's been waiting in the wings, he's been preparing for this. Heck, he should be expected to perform if called on to play during this season.

We need to be keeping a close eye on him leading up to the season, because he could be more important to this team this year than we all think... just a feeling...

Hehe... calling me out, eh, Pete? By the way, I would still like your thoughts on SR's job status. :)

Actually, I don't think it's too early for this question. I agree with Joel. It will hopefully be Colt. Colt seems to have a better grasp of what's going on at this point than Hughes, but I wouldn't mind Hughes either if he proves he can do the job in practice.

I love WY's athleticism, and perhaps he wasn't totally given a fair shake in 2007... that was a bad team, O-Line especially... but I think QB is not be the best spot for him. I would say WR or CB, personally. I know we got lots of frosh's coming at WR, but an upperclassmen or two never hurts. And, besides, since he was QB, he won't have to learn the offense to play WR; he already knows it. Plus, with him as WR, doing trick plays becomes a lot easier. I wouldn't mind CB for him, either... you can never have enough of those. Especially with the way the spread is so commonly used.

Man, isn't it nice to not have a QB controversy going into spring ball? I like it. Keep up the good work, Paul.

Pete, my vote is more football, less basketball and baseball. Football is king at FIU.

I'm not counting Colt Anderson out for the starting job, forget about #2. Like coach Cristobal likes to say, every job is open. I agree with Joel, its more likely than not that we'll need to lean on the #2 guy at some point during the season, so it's good that we have at least 2 guys that can take the helm.

Paul McCall is FIU's Chad Penington - calm, smart, decent arm, leader. He'll make a good coach some day, if he ever decided to pursue that.

Yes, all the other pieces are coming together but having the QB positioned solidified for 2009 will be key to the season's success.

I too am rooting for Colt. The kid came to FIU all the way from Nebraska and he has been waiting for 2 years, its his time. Of course McCall is the incumbent starter, but things can change. Poor play, injuries and other unforseen circumstances can put Colt in the starting QB slot at some point next season.

the kid's a beast too. I've seen him walking around campus and he is much bigger than all the other QB's in the above picture. ironically McCall is the shortest of the 4 QB's. not necessarily a bad thing.

I believe Colt will be backup to McCall. He has all the tools to be a successful QB at FIU!!! I actually think he has to be given a fair chance to start as well. You never know how much Colt has improved and he may surprise us and outperform McCall.

GO FIU!!!!

With the receivers that we will have next year, i would like to see DH throw it deep. I think he should move to 3 stringer and let WY run the scout team. after all in the belt we have to deal with athletic qb's that can run the option, and it would be good to practice against that with WY.
If next year we can learn to take charge of the game rather than to play like the opposing team, we should have a couple of blow out games that we can let CA and DH take some snaps.

This is what happens when you have too many QBs!!!

you know you're getting better when you have to dedicate entire articles to the competition of one position ... this couldn't have arrived sooner .... GO BLUE AND GOLD!!!!!

Is FIU now the most selective school in Florida?? I read that somewhere else too but I think it was wikipedia so it could be false...

Also, Paul McCall is the man.

Thanks for the football talk. Can't wait till baseball starts swinging for the fences and can't wait till B-Ball closes this injury season early. Since we are on the football talk:

I think Colt needs to see some real action this season. He can be an amazing #2 QB. Why not run the Wild Cat with W.Y? Who better then WY on the option, and Wild Cat. The only other pereson that can run the Wild Cat would be Times?

What year is Darold in?

Very important thing about QB position. Next year we need to make it a priority to pick up one amazing QB recruit. Need to think about who the starter will be after all 4 QB's are gone. This would be for the 2012 season.

I absolutely agree with the idea that every position should be an open competition. Even though McCall had an establishing season and has developed a continuity with the offense, Anderson and Younger should be given a fair opportunity in spring ball and camp.

Anderson has the physical makeup of a college quarterback from the onset but unfortunately I haven't been able to get a first hand account of his development in practice. If the two years, in particular the redshirt season, has benefited him, then FIU could have a solid #2.

Younger is a guy you hate to waste because of his flashy speed but his lack of arm strength and decision making is a liability that seems to have worn thin with Cristobal and Co. A move to WR or CB is appears to be a sensible move but realistically doesn't seem in the cards.


i am gonna go out on a limb here state that WY will be #2 next season. Also, unless the QB position is decimated by injury CA & DH will never consistently, start at FIU.

A lot, of people are hoping that CA develops into the starter, but I don't see him beating out PM or WY. Maybe you could have said CA takes over the team before Wes Carroll joined but it became that much more difficult. Note: he just began throwing a tight spiral last year.

I am not a PM or WY fan I see them as being Stop-a-gaps until a more viable option is available. And what happens if FIU gets a top QB recruit next year?


I don't see a problem in having 5 QBs on a team. I challenge you to name 1 FCS team that has less that 4 or 5 QBs on the roster. Our problem is that we have all our QBs as Sophs or Juniors and none of them are really heads or shoulders above the rest. Remember how long it took to name a starter last year even after WY had a broken color bone?

Wesley Carroll is the starter next year unless Anderson steps up this year and wins the job. Unless we're talking about a 5-star type guy, you don't want any freshman coming in an being your starter next year. If that happens, the coaches aren't doing their jobs recruiting and developing the young guys.

Paul McCall had a nice season, but this isn't Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. The position should be wide open, and if Anderson has a better spring, or anyone else they should be the starter. Period. Best man plays.


The point I was making, but should have elaborated on was with Carroll here for 2 years when eligible, what would happen if FIU got an elite QB next year? With CA being a junior in 2010 it would be even harder for Anderson to see the field.

FIU is now the most selective university in Florida with a 33% admissions rate. It's more selective that UM at 38% and UF at 41%. FIU should really publicize this and let everyone across the state know. Let's attract more students from North and Central Florida, see who the king really is in Florida. GO FIU!


the wild cat is a good offense i give you that but lets be real i would rather not recruit some1 to run that specific position for one set of plays and recruit a football player.. what the dolphins did this year was incredible... but lets not go all crazy for that offense every week the run game in that offense shrank and shrank b/c unless you have an RB w/ the throwing capabilites of a real qb (granted WY has the running and throwing parts but hes still a stick that will get parted in 2) that offensive style will prob only catch the first team off gaurd. and against a solid defense... well we all saw what happened to the phins against the ravens

For all you UM fans - just wanted to let you know that there is a real chance that UM opens the season 0-4. You have FSU on the road, then home against GA. Tech, then away against VA Tech and then home against Oklahoma. So while noone will be able to say you play a weak schedule, you will most likely be 0-4 while FIU is possible 2-2. How bout that.

For the record....at least this time, it was not me that started the scUM ripping !!! LMAO.

However, FIUDad - I have to agree with you, Miami has a real tough schedule to start the season, but it is - what it is...

Troy and ULL did not dominate us in those games last year, if we run the table in the SBC this season, which I think is very possible...I want the talk of "let's dominate the SBC for 5 yrs." to end and folks to admit that you take that success and capitalize on it. FREE AGENCY, and shop for a NEW conference.

That has to be the goal of this freshman class, to play in a NEW conference by their senior year. To do that, FIU needs to BLITZKRIEG the Sun Belt in 09, and 2010 .

FIUBlueandGold, I like the way you think and I agree with you. You have to be ready to make the move when the opportunity presents itself because you can't predict when its going to come. That's Pete Garcia's job one--to get us ready to move up when and if the opportunity strikes. Ready right now, not later.

Freakin' Jaguars of USA.... we were down basically the whole game, took the lead with 7 seconds left on a Galindo 3 pointer (he had a HUGE game) and then they make a three-pointer at the buzzer to win it 66-65... what the heck...

I think this is just tough breaks for Rouco and the guys... it's tough to lose games like this. What can I say? They got lucky, and we didn't... As much as the stAte game probably boosted out morale a bit, this one sounded like it just deflated it...

Im hating FOOTBALL season isnt here yet. I cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!!

heck ya, FIU (31% acceptance rate in 2006) is the MOST SELECTIVE school in florida. I knew I wasn't crazy...

FIU: Only the Best.

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