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Spring Tour: WRs & TEs (Updated with new spring practice date)

Back to our spring football tour to get you ready for when your Panthers hit the field again.

The opening of Spring Practice has been moved up to next Wednesday, March 4 at 3:15 p.m. at FIU Stadium. That first week the Panthers will also practice on Friday, March 6 at 3:15 and Saturday, March 7 at 10 a.m.

Ty New date for the spring game is Friday, April 3. Moved up, because Friday, April 10 is Good Friday.

Right now the strength of the FIU offense are its wide receivers and that will only get stronger come August when ET, Wayne Times, Rockey Vann and 6-5 Jairus Williams arrive.

Goodbye (left, thanks Sam Lewis), Greg Ellingson and Junior Mertile established themselves as the top 3 WR last season. Beyond that trio it could be wide open for playing time in 2009. Although you would imagine ET and WT will see plenty of the field when they put on the blue and gold.

FIU uses a ton of receivers in its spread offense so it's always good for the Panthers to have depth. This spring will be crucial for several receivers trying to get more playing time.

Toward the latter part of the 2008 season, Jason Frierson (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez) came on and contributed. He figures to be, Frier along with Jeremy Dickens (below left, AJH photo) and Marquis Rolle, the favorites to possibly get into the receiving rotation for the 2009 season. But they will have to catch the FIU coaches eyes this spring.

Frierson, a junior, has shown to have good hands during his first 2 Dickens seasons at FIU. Dickens, who the other receivers call the "Godfather" since he is the eldest of the group, has been bothered by injuries throughout his FIU career, but when healthy makes plays. Rolle is the WR we've been waiting to see break out and maybe this is the season the junior makes his mark. Rolle has had terrific springs at FIU now he's got to carry it into the regular season.

Gf Kendall Berry (returning from ACL tear), Elliott Dix and Reggie Thompson also need to have great springs to challenge for playing time.

Over at tight end, starter Eric Kirchenberg returns, but look for Jonathan Faucher and Joey Harris to get plenty of work during the spring to see who emerges as the No. 2 TE and maybe even get a leg up on the starting job come 2010.

Faucher showed some athleticism last season in limited duty and coaches really like his potential. Harris redshirted last season, but has good size for a TE at 6-3 and 240+ lbs.

John Ellis is back for his senior season as a hybrid TE/fullback. Ellis showed he can get downfield last spring hauling in some deep passes.

We'll take a look at the O-line on the next post.


Apaw Looking to bring FIU coach Mario Cristobal on the GPP either next Monday or Tuesday for a LIVE BLOG Q & A with you good people. You ask the questions, MC Mc answers.

Once we settle on a day and time, I will have that information on here for you.Apaw 

Nice start by the FIU baseball team taking 2 of 3 from a tough Jacksonville team over the weekend. What a difference starting pitching makes: new starters Scott Rembisz  (left, SL photo) and Tom Ebert combined for 12 2/3 innings, 4 hits, 0 runs, 2 walks, 18 Ks.

Plus, solid starts by Tyler Townsend, Junior Arrojo and newcomers Tim Jobe, Raiko Alfonso, Mike Rem Martinez and although he had shaky start to his college career look for Garrett Wittels to be a major contributor both with the bat and the glove.

The Panthers do have to be more careful on the field -- 10 errors over the weekend won't help you win too many games.


Here are the entries for our Win A GPP Baseball Blog:

FIUUuu (40-16, 392 runs); Baltimore Panther (37-19, Regionals, 409); Posterchild (37-19, Regionals, 449); Joel (36-20, Regionals, 410); Roman (36-20, Regionals, 385); Baseball Fan (35-21, Regionals, 420); Clawing Cancer (35-21, Regionals, 400); FIU_GPanther (35-21, Regionals, 408); Max (35-21, SBC finals, 401);  FIUBlueandGold (34-22, Super Reg, 392); FIUcanesFan (34-22, Regionals, 409); FIUPantherFan (33-23, SBC semis, 370); OC Panther (33-23, Regionals, 425); 2006PA (32-24, SBC champs, 320); FIU Fanatic (31-25, SBC semis, 402); Yandro (30-26, SBC semis, 374); Gooch7 (29-27, SBC semis, 390); TheChampionUnderdog (26-30, no postseason, 385); Crazy Cane (25-31, Regionals, 350).    


Jsuarez88: Pete, any word on AJ Grant or Dannehower? Will either play for FIU?

PP: Neither will play for FIU. Grant is not coming to FIU and Dannehower is no longer on the team.

KJHarris02: Hey Pete, how did the Walk on Football try outs go?

PP: There will be some walk-ons participating with the Panthers during spring ball, but they'd have to have a huge spring to stay with the team come August when fall practice starts. With Daunte Owens and Trenard Turner out for the spring, there will be some walk-on running backs working with Darriet Perry this spring.

SouthPaw: Pete, can you give us any update on any potential FIU transfers (DeArmas, Q Taylor) and Q signees?

PP: Chris De Armas might join the team in the fall, depends on how many more scholies FIU has available. Last I heard, the number of scholies left to give is still unclear. Quavon Taylor is taking some classes in a JUCO to become eligible and join FIU. Taylor would sit out this season and be ready to play for FIU in 2010.

Baltimore Panther: Pete enjoy your trip, and if you get bored you can always go cow tipping.

PP: Lakeland is not that boring, but just in case will keep an eye out for cows.

Back to the football poll questions. This time tell us which receiver/tight end will have the best spring and help himself for more playing this fall.


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Great job on keep us up to date Pete. Can't wait to see how the TE's work out (especially #86 Joey Harris) i guess i'm partial, that's my son...but anyway looking forward to coming to Miami for the Spring Game 4/3!! Keep giving us as much up to date info as possible! Thanks GO FIU

Looking at that picture of Jason Frierson and how good those uni's look, I can't understand why we wore our blue pants at home all season until that last game. The white pants is BY FAR an improvement over the all blue look. Plus, with the heat in Miami, wearing all dark home uniforms is insane. And our helmets should be GOLD!

I've been thinking more about our helmets (what else is there to do between national signing day and spring practice?). Here's what we need to do: gold helmets with a white FIU logo (no panther, just the block letters) bordered in blue. On the front of the helmet, we should have the "stalking" panther eyes from the old panther logo. The idea of putting panther eyes on the helmet last year was a great one, it just wasn't executed well. The eyes need to go on the front of the HELMET, not the label on the front of the helmet that is too small to be seen. Blue and white panther eyes on the front of a gold helmet. Totally unique, intimidating, simple and understated. We'd have the most recognizable helmets in all of college football. Can you imagine lining up on the other side of the ball and seeing all of those panther eyes staring at you?

I like the dark blue helmets - The new logo is way better than the FIU letters alone. These uniforms are way better than most or all sunbelt teams.

Southpaw, i wish we had gold helmets but it's too late now. Time to move on!!! lol

Pete, thanks for the great information. Now it's time for Marquis Rolle to step up and show why he was Cristobal's best recruit in 2007. He has all the potential to be a #1 receiver, he just has to put it together.

GO FIU!!!!


Crowds: Men’s hoops – 1,236;
women’s hoops – not announced;
baseball: 596 Friday, 361 Saturday, 311 Sunday; softball: 197 were at Sunday’s game.

Does this refresh your memory?

I actually think the all-blue uniforms looked fantastic!! plus remember most Sun Belt games are at night anyways!


What is your obsession with crowd numbers??! You're the only one that seems to care! Get over it! Geez man.

Are you Rainman? "Yeah, gotta count the crowd...yeah, gotta stop by Walmart and pick up underwear..."

#20 O'darris D'haiti for FIU and we love the uniforms just as. Look for all the GP to do our best so proud to be a panther and see the fan support!!!!

Alex isn't obsessed with the crowds, he's just obsessed with FIU. You would be too if you went to school in Boca at Find Another University.

Thanks for dropping by OD to say hi to all the FIU fans.

As a fellow North Miami Pioneer, I'm awful proud to watch you on the field representing our great up-n-coming university FIU.

All us fans are so excited about next season and the tremendous strides made last season.


Are the recruits starting in the Fall allowed to practice with the team this Spring ?

Great to have you stop by OD, nice to hear that you guys are working hard to make us proud. Can't wait to see you guys in Spring practice.

OD, stop by more often! We love hearing from the players. We're all behind you guys. You make us proud.


OD. you da man.

Damn, is football season here yet?

According to Edgar Morales a walk on that made the team - OL. Only 5 total walk ons made the team.

Great piece of info, Pete.......I love it. Good to "hear" from you, O.D....and good luck this coming season!....Some FAU fans are, for some reason, obsessed with FIU, our attendance, our recruits, etc.....Point is...if you have a glass ceiling, don't throw stones.

do we have a dline coach?

FIUrage the only recruits allowed to practice during spring are those enrolled in classes which are QB wesley, K griffin, DE Starling. The rest will join in during the summer.

FIU has a great walk-on program. 5 walk-ons for spring is fantastic. How many walk-ons see playing time on Saturdays? Has to be a very high number. You mention Jonathan Faucher at TE- He is a walk-on! I am very excited for the start of spring ball!We all need to show our support and be at the spring game! GO FIU

Don;t worry man, they have a nickname for your school up here too.
Florida Illegal University or Florida Incompetent University.
How do you like that?
ah! I forgot that you like to call UM, ucg.
I just find that very disrespectful from you based in the fact that you STILL are a 4th tier school.

Yes I do have a fetish with numbers, but I think your attendance is lame and sad for all your sports. What bothers me the most is that you BELIEVE that you have a better attendance than FAU, which is NOT true.
Please sleeping giant, don't wake up because all the schools in florida are scared of you.
Go ahead and come up with jokes and fictitious facts about FAU that only the same 55 FIU fans understand.

FAU? Why are you even posting here - your attendance is sooo much better ! WOW get a life - your school is extremely forgetable ... nothing exiting ever happens.

alex, boca raton is a sleepy little retirement town filled with bingo halls and kvetchy old jews. It will never be somewhere other than a place where old people go to die.
and Attendence? Homie, your grandiose football team doesnt even have their own stadium.

F you and the little plastic horse you rode in on.


i apologize pete, i know you like to keep it classy.....

LOL!! As Ron Burgundy would say "Stay Classy FIU"!

Alex, its funny you used the word "fetish" with numbers. We're starting to worry about you. Did you also count the holes in the roof at FAU? I mean, its probably more interesting than sitting in an FAU class anyway.


School rankings and the tier system are a joke. I've had professors at FIU who went to IVY league schools who criticize the rankings themselves. I have met plenty of people from UM, none of which have had a leg up on me in education. But you, out of all people, should not bash FIU's academics. FAU isn't necessarily known for its rocket scientists. Hell, your wikipedia page can't even say a single positive thing about your school.

Actual Wikipedia reference:

"Florida Atlantic University's admission requirements have been traditionally considered low... Starting in the summer of 2004, Florida Atlantic began denying entry to students with low GPAs and SAT scores."

Odds are, especially with FIU now being the most selective school in Florida, you probably would not even be accepted into our university.

Well Alex I can only wish us too would be able to draw in those big crowds, but early bird specials just aren't as big in Miami. And besides it's not even comparable, every one of your fans is accompanied by his or her nurse, that's double your fan base right there! And that's not even mentioning your genius marketing department, official FAU owl moo moos, wow, how could that now excite the Boca faithful.

That is AMAZING that FIU is the most selective school in the entire state. Thank God I already graduated because I might have ended up in the Retirement home in boca raton trying to get an education...

I did have one quick crazy idea for the FIU Nation:
Do you think it would be a good idea to "Guarantee" FIU football will play in a Bowl game this year? If they don't reach a bowl game anyone that bought a ticket will get one game free for the 2010 season.

Note: Same idea that the Florida Panthers have going with the hockey team and the playoff hunt. I think it will bring more people to the stadium!

Just an idea for everyone to think about..

Alex has the biggest case of "Penis Envy" I've ever seen on the internet. He really needs to seek some professional assistance. What he really wants is for FIU fans to care about find another university, but the fact is that we don't and we never will. While people on here are for the most part excited about the prospects of FIU's future without the need to talk about or compare ourselves to fau, he constantly comes here trying to make the comparison. Dude, we don't care about fau. We don't want to talk about fau and much like the rest of the nation feels, other than on game week, fau doesn't exist for us.

Pete, a question for you, what's going on with Bermudez, he started the first game and had the first AB, but was then taken out for Vargas, is he injured and if so, when is he coming back?

I'm sorry, but FAU does exist. And I can't stand them. If you witnessed what was the Shula Bowl last year, there shouldn't be a doubt in our mind as to who are real rival is. It's them. And our future needs to invovle beating them year in and year out consistently and without remorse. We haven't been able to do that, but this yer it starts. I think it's healthy for both fanbases to embrace this rivalry. At least they have had the guts to play us (*cough cough* UCG *cough*cough*). Let's please rough 'em up in our house next year and show them who really owns the Sun Belt and who will really own South Florida football!!

•In regards of the wikepedia, yes it does say positive things. Read it through and you'll find out.
•We don't have rocket scientists; we have an astronaut that went to space last year FYI. Do you have rocket scientists?
•Holes at FAU? I don't know about that. All I know is that FAU bldgs are way more advanced than yours.
•Boca is a retirement area, but there are some sweet girls up here too and yes FAU has a bigger attendance.
•I graduated with a 3.4 GPA working full time and I think that's more than enough to be admitted at your school right?
•I have nothing to do with the marketing dept, but I can guarantee that 1 conference title and 2 bowl champs plus 6 vs 1 against Florida Illegal University make me really happy.
•Our stadium sucks and I hate it, but hey! what can I do?

Okay! 6 out of the 55 fan base at FIU responded, the other 49 are in line at FIU library waiting for a computer to be available because they have like 40K students, only few computers and the smallest fan base in the sunbelt.

Oh no the giant is coming!!!!

Yep, definitely "Penis Envy".

Man, some of these posts have been hysterically funny. Some of you clearly have nothing better to do. I say that kindly, of course. :)

Part of me agrees with Joel. I do wish FIU'ers would get more into the FAU rivalry. I mean, most of us get excited whenever we play most any other state school... UM, UF, FSU, USF, UCF especially... but, unlike most of them, FAU's basically on the same level as the GP's. They're really FIU's main rival. Especially in the conference.

But I'm also not surprised most FIU fans don't feel that way about FAU. Because FIU's in Miami, everyone there will always compare them to the 'Canes. Always. And that's not just the common man... it's also the base. No one FIU plays or has played draws as many actual FIU fans as Miami. That's just a fact. FAU can't draw the ire of the GP fans like Miami can. I'm sure that pisses off some Hooters fans like Alex, especially since we're their main rival, but it is what it is. I guess, in part, it's because FAU isn't Miami. They can't overshadow FIU in their own city.

I hope someday we as a base learn to hate FAU like that, because I suspect both programs are on similar paths. It'll make for a great rivalry someday.

As for those of you hating on FAU... it's been funny... but, seriously, say whatever you want about Boca. It hasn't stopped FAU from being a force in the Sun Belt. And being the only major college in the town has its advantages, y'know. As long as Miami is around, that's something FIU will never have. Besides, who says Boca will be filled with old farts forever? People used to say that about Miami before the Cubans came.


See you at University Park this fall for the beatdown on your FIGHTIN OWLs !!!

Until then...


smart guy, listen to him.

Posting on this site just proves how LAME you are. Thanks for you interest in our program. The attention in flattering.


AlexFau06 ur school is whack....Pls dont blog here until we play u guys next year...

Anyway, Goooo F I U !!!

I post here when I feel like it, and yes I am interested not only in ur program but also in the rest of the football programs around the state.
We have few FIU fans that post on our blog, so why can't I?
Let me enjoy one more year of bragging rights.
I will post for sure this year when we play you on november. I have the feeling that this year I will posting about attendance again. Do not use thanksgiving weekend as an excuse for the lack of fans in the stadium.
Arroz con pollo y pantera dorada:
FAU fue, es y seguira siendo su papa por el resto de sus vidas.
ah! UM sigue siendo el rey en Miami

Very funny stuff

FAU might have a small short term advantage in one thing football, but FIU is on a whole other level of trajectory as an athletics program, university, etc.

Alex, your pathetic little program will crumble under the weight of the mighty panther this fall.

The FAU Chant

"Who let da owls out, whoot, whoot, whoot"

For real? I'm mean really. Let's get serious.

Alex, I love your passion, I really do. We all feel the same way about our FIU G-Panthers . I realize that the "market cap potential" to borrow a business term, of FIU is soo large, it behooves FAU and the other south Florida schools to stem off the inevitable emergence of FIU as long as you can because when we blow the roof off of this thing, everyone else will be dwarfed. I get that and understand your position of self-interest.

But when your chant is "who let da owls out, whoot, whhoot, whoot" you should have no time for an FIU blog.

You should be spending every waking moment lobbying FAU to shed that unreasonably lame mascot and chant for something just a tad bit tougher. Stage a hunger strike, write the state legislature, hi-jack a local old-folks home, do whatever you must to rid FAU of the Owl name. Please. I know it hurts you to be forced to rep an Owl. It almost pains me just as much to think of being forced to chant that awful Owl song.

You're in Boca, so you can lobby to be called "The Big Mouths." Or perhaps leverage the Raton part of your city's name and call yourselves "The Ugly Rodents." Either way, it won't matter because after this upcoming season's football game, you'll be known as Panther Meat. You gotta admit, event that's better than Da Mighty Owls, whoot, whoot, whoot.

Well I guess your program crumbled in 08, 07, 06, 04, 03 and 02. Now you are gonna tell me you will be superior because you won 1 game.

I agree about the chant, but I don't see anything embarrassing about the mascot.
What are your chants?
Do u have any?

You are the only school in a different level. The rest of the country does not invest in research nor in education.
Does not FAU has a top 10 oceanographic program in the nation?
Find out what is happening at the FAU sea Tech location, this might help your community in the future.
Don't buy all that they tell you at FIU.
It is really cool that they brainwash you about how good your school is because nobody likes to admit that the school they went to sucks, so sometimes people get carried away by coming up with facts that are not real and looking down on other schools not realizing that certain schools might have equal or better programs than your own school. That's why I don't believe everything you say or wikepedia says because it is extremely biased. I gotta see it to believe it.

alexFAU: En que aspectos seguiran siendo nuestor papa?? Academicamente, obviamente que no. En deportes nosotros seremos los que los empezaremos a dominar año tras año. Deja de pensar en el pasado y date cuenta que FIU se esta posicionando para dominar el Sun Belt. Yo personalmente tendre una gran sonrisa cuando desplumemos a su maldito buho.

FIU hoy y siempre tu papa!!

lol Pantera Dorada...I agree. As for Alex, I wasn't denying our loss in prior years. I was only reaffirming what the FIU community and South Florida in general already know, that FIU is going to cripple the hooters this Fall!!! So go ahead and enjoy your bragging rights for the next few months because that's all the time you have left.

FIU will destroy your pathetic, insignifant, spec-on-the-map program you so courageously defend on this forum. Get ready because 2009 belongs to the Golden Panthers...

As a matter of fact, Omar Baez Jr. was a launch director for NASA and he graduated from FIU. That's importance, that's responsibility. There are hundreds of astronauts around the country, most of which will never travel to space. There is only ONE launch director at a time.

Congratulations, I had a 3.8 GPA when I graduated in 2005.

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