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3/10 Spring Practice: Mack Truck OL, Ground Chuck and More Lightning

The first practice after Sunday's scrimmage produced some more highlights. Among them some Mack trucks, a powerful safety and a walk-on that keeps on striking.

Mack During the early team drills, the FIU O-line had some moments when they paved the way for several RBs. Darriet Perry, Brandon Paquette and walk-on Jonathan Ramirez all found gaping holes made by what looked like Mack trucks (this reference would work even better when Ced Mack joins the party) blocking on a few plays that allowed them to break some long runs.

The FIU D was again fast and aggressive.

Aaron Davis got another sack and had some more stops in the backfield. Franklin Brown playing LB had some nice pass D. Jarvis Wilson continued his strong spring with a tackle in the backfield of Ramirez.

Chuck Grace (right) also had a big day getting a sack and all 5-9, 185 pounds of Chuck took down a 247-pound bus in John Ellis. Chuckgrace

The passing game got going later in practice with Wayne Younger connecting with Jeremy Dickens on a long pass play. Dickens would later grab another pass in traffic and go for what would have been 6.

Goodbye made a nifty catch going behind his body during 7-on-7s. Ho, hum so what's new there?

More future Panthers visited practice with Northwestern's Kenny Dillard and Wayne Times (left) in attendance Tuesday. WT was flinging it after practice and   Times showed a pretty good arm.....WildPanther, anyone?

Tuesday's practice finished with another big run from No. 26 "Lightning" Ramirez, who made a nice move at the line of scrimmage and broke free outside for a long gainer. During the run, a spectator on the sideline started yelling "Veinte seis!, veinte seis!, veinte seis!" (that's 26, 26, 26 in Spanish) while others on the sideline started cracking up.


Great job by former FIU assistant coach Rod Delmonico (right, thanks Richard Lewis photo) and his Dutch boys taking down the D.R. in the WBC. So what if RD was here for a short time. He was instrumental in landing some of the talent headed this way next season. Rd

BTW, speaking of FIU baseball had a great arroz con pollo the other day at the stadium, courtesy of Sandra Perdomo. Look for her arroz con pollo stand at FIU Az Stadium this fall beginning with the first home game against Toledo.


KJHarris02: Pete, any chance we can get some photos of these practices and the players??

PP: Will try and get some on here.

CharlieGP: How did Thatcher Starling (below left) do?

PP: TS started strong with some sacks, but recently tweaked his knee so he's working his way back.

Andy: When are we going to see new pictures of the fieldhouse?

Star PP: Should have the first tour sometime after the spring game.

AsprillaFan: Pete: Any truth behind the rumor that PG is looking at possible replacements for SR?

PP: PG has not had any official comment on that, but the thought here is there will be no change there.

Alonzo: You keep commenting about the stregnth and weight gain of many of our Panthers this spring. Why is this such a focus lately? Did we bring in a new stregnth and conditioning coach this year, or are you merely focusing on the fact that last year's recruiting class has had some time to bulk up?

PP: Most of the team is still young (freshmen/sophomores) so they're still growing and adding muscle. FIU didn't have the type of strength and conditioning program under Rod Moore that it had in its first 5 seasons. Not going to list all the Sun Belt teams heights and weights here, but here is the Sun Belt link to check that out on: Sun Belt website

blkpanther: Pete, Whats up with Ricky Booker how is he progressing?

PP: RB is still finding his way. He seems to have all the tools to be an impact player on D, but still has not broke through. He'll need to improve soon, because each and every season more D-line talent is arriving at FIU.

FIUPantherFan: Pete, Is there a new D-Line Coach, if so, who is it? What's up with the DL, how are the big guys looking.

PP: Not yet by fall practice. The D-line has made some plays this spring, but it's kind of tough to tell with guys like Jonathan Jackson, Jonas Murrell, Reggie Jones, James Jones, Andre Pound and Thatcher Starling hurt right now and not participating in spring ball.


Will be on the road with the Marlins the next 4 days, but will try and blog at some point. Armando Salguero will be covering your Panthers on Thursday and have a story in Friday's paper.




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Great post Pete, keep up the good work....GO FIU!

Thanks for the info Pete!!! "Veinte seis" seems to be making some noise. I was impressed during scrimmage on Sunday, kid just runs hard and is a playmaker.

Keep the information coming Pete, we truly appreciate. By the way, great article on Winston Fraser. We seem to be loaded at LB, great job by the staff.


Thanks for keeping us abreast of information, Pete. Good deal....

please tell me this is Lighting Ramirez AKA Veinte Seis!


It seems to me he definitely is....

wow good highlights, I was trying to find Ramirez on Rivals but I hadn't able to find anything on him.

Thanks for the link. He's a real playmaker.

Reposted from last blog:

Mario Cristobal interview on 560 WQAM on March 9, 2009.


Look for "Mario Cristobal w Big 0 3-9" in the list. Interesting interview.

Franky the cat: I'm glad to see you know for a fact that Price didn't schedule the USC series. There's just one little problem, though. You know when I said that Price told me in an interview that he scheduled that series? Well, I have it on tape. I can ask Pete to post it so I can prove that you were wrong. Should I? You tell me, son, since you seem to know everything.

ok so we have no D Line coach Right Now??? Yeah Right! that is impossible.... C'mon Pete take off the hand cuffs and introduce the D Line Coach!

I saw a DL coach that I have never seen before, my guess is probably 50 yrs old +/- and has a serious voice (drill sgt like)...

He was all over Booker, as I pointed out in a previous post. Unless, he's just helping out for spring ??

Arroz con Pollo and a new D line coach !!!
Next year is going to be the BEST !!! How many football teams have a DJ and Arroz con Pollo.

Franky the cat, since Clawing Cancer already schooled your butt on this blog, I want to make a comment back at you from the last blog where you state that Miami had a good record b/c they played as an indy team rather than associated with a conference. Seriously dude, they won 4 National Championships, and played for several more. Did they play weak teams through the regionals and CW's in those years b/c they were independent? Dude, get a freakin clue.

Why is this POSER still posting on our blog?

You never went to UM.

You come here to talk about a school you never graduated from while the rest of us know what it is like to be part of a university, part of a tradition, part of a group of people that will forever be affiliated with our school.

YOU'RE someone that wishes he could be something that he's not. You're a fake. The closest thing you'll ever come to UM is a bumper sticker.

Crazy Cane - WEAK ARGUMENT! buddy.. u have to come better with that. Yes, they may have won 4 national championship (great for them) but that has been over how many years?...To be honest with you, im happy for their 80's national championship bc i like Fraser, but Jim Morris is such a little b!t*h. That is the main reason i hate jU-M.... Now back to my point. UM's little streak of 36 regionals would have never happened if it wasnt for the fact that they were independent for that long. There is no way that you can honestly disagree with me here. Ask anybody that is affiliated with college baseball that joining the ACC made it tougher for UM... U should become the miami maniac or something. Ur so flaming with how much u cheer for these guys and u never even went to school there. Goodluck with that.

Clawing Cancer - ur good pal, DP, may have been in the talks about it, but it was not finalized to after his departure. UR Wrong, post ur interview all u want.

Pete, great story on T.Y. visiting old friend at Miami Children Hospital. I read it in newspaper, Herald should post it on the internet. Great story.

TO: FIU_GPanther

That is definitely the Ramirez I saw on Sunday.


FIUBlueandGold, you saw that too? That d-line couch is the man!!!


I laughed pretty hard to my self at that practice. He said other things that i will not repeat for the sake of not embarassing Mr. Booker LOL... that coach is hardcore! By far te most agressive of all the position coaches out there.

Woooowww, Arroz Con Pollo at FIU stadium!!! This is like a dream come true, lol...Can't wait for the first home game!!!

Yes Pete....Great story on T.Y. Goodbye at the Miami Children's Hospital....

FIUFloridaPower&Light and franky the p*ssy cat, can't you guys come up with one original argument? Yes, I did not go to UM, okay, as i have said many times before, and you all have yet to post a counter argument, if I went to no college because I was just to dumb or could not afford it, does that mean I can no longer root for a college sports program? How about if I went to a college without a college football team, does that mean I cannot cheer for any college football team? I mean, if you guys are graduates, and by your immense intellect I am assuming not recent graduates, were you not fans of a college football team before FIU got one? You all are the jokes, the posers, the losers. Now, before we go any further I demand you respond to this argument or else, as I said before, you all are the posers.

Wow... Franky, what is your problem? I'm not trying to be an ass, but you just went from "he doesn't even know who USC is" to "Price might've been talking to them about it, but he didn't finalize it".

That interview I did with Price was when I was at WRGP. It was for the opening broadcast of the 2006 season against Miami. We ran out of time during the pre-game and didn't get to air that part of the interview, but in it I asked him how USC got on the schedule for 2006. He said why and mentioned they'd be coming to FIU in 2008. Which was Turtle's first year, dont'cha know.

Now, perhaps something happened later on and TT had to re-confirm... or maybe he had to schedule the dates... that's certainly possible. But Price told me flat-out he scheduled that series. Unless he lied to me, you are wrong, and I'm not about to believe Price would lie with a mic in front of him.

I'm going to ask Pete to post that interview, and if he can't do it, I will post it somewhere else. I don't take it lightly when someone tells me I'm wrong when I know I'm right. Especially when said someone keeps insisting I'm wrong.

"Yes, I did not go to UM, okay, as i have said many times before, and you all have yet to post a counter argument, if I went to no college because I was just to dumb or could not afford it, does that mean I can no longer root for a college sports program?"

You are OBVIOUSLY TOO STUPID go to a University. Being poor has nothing to do with it because all it takes to get a free ride is good high school grades and test scores to get scholarships.

Now that we got that out of the way, I'll answer your next question. Since you are too stupid to go to UM and you therefore have ZERO affiliation with them, that classifies you as a POSER. Put as many "U" stickers as you wish on your car. It doesn't change the fact that you are a pretender.

But what really sets you apart from all the other fakes in Miami, is that EVERYDAY you come to a blog OF a school you have no affiliation to post about ANOTHER school you have no affiliation to a bunch of people that couldn't care less.

FIUFloridaPower&Light, wow all that and you didn't even answer the question on how I am a pretender or poser and as to what all fiu college football fans did before FIU had football. amazing. I guess I am not the only dumb one on the blog. and while we are at it, where is the claw. i have tried very hard lately to say things nasty or overly rude; however, where is the out cry from the moms on this blog over some of the things posted to me today. hypocrite.

Let me answer your question:

Stupid people like you that can't go to college CAN be fans of college football in general.

However, there is a big difference between enjoying the sport and posting on the blog of a team you like VERSUS coming to ANOTHER SCHOOL's blog to boast about a school you NEVER went to. That's called being a poser, which is what you will always be.


What's up with Salguero and his negative reporting in today's paper. I think that the consensus around town is that FIU is vastly improved and still getting better. Maybe some people have a problem with that.

FIU FPL do you work in the GO ?

DP snort meatballs!... Im just kidding. I really dont have any negativity towards DP. U might be right about the original talks with USC. I just know that nothing was ever finalized until after TT's hiring bc i even heard him say one time that they were trying to finalize opening the season up with USC... Maybe DP was talking about South Carolina.

Crazy Cane - i brought it up bc i know you get ur panties in a bunch when someone tells u that. But for real, i could def see you as the type to have the UM flag on his car window and the wanna be frat boy type. UM is not that cool buddy. UM is so early 2000's get with it, the fad has passed. I will never respect UM baseball as long as Elmer Fudd is at the helm. The guy cheated on his ex-wife, has been caught driving under the influence when he crashed his little porsche, there are rumors that him and Gino have been seen making out, he cheats to win games, his main focus is $...to sum it up, hes a dirtbag...

The new d line coach comes from the Dolphins and he is very tough...the toughest coach my son has every had, according to Joey, he says thats good...he loves a challenge..lol keep up the good work coaches..

Wow. Did Franky the cat really call Miami "ju-M". Can you get a bit more racist?

And that whole argument of Crazy not being able to root for Miami is ass backwards. He might not have had the grades or money to get in there, so what?

You know how many people at FIU, FSU, UF and other schools don't have the grades or money to go to better schools? Part of the greatness of this country is the freedom of choice.

(Before people balk back with the time old "This is how many valedictorians chose FIU", please get the numbers reflecting those from public schools, magnet schools and those from private schools. That's like bragging about dating the skinniest chick in a group of fat, ugly women. Getting good grades and being top of the class at schools like Coral Park, South Miami, Braddock, etc. is easier than cutting hair).

Let Crazy have his fun here, he's obviously doing what he wants to do by ruffling your feathers.

Question regarding Wayne Times. Is he slated to come in and help out at corner?

Pete, this is my new email, had a problem with my old one.

I love how a discussion on pretending to be from a university turns into what high schools FIU's valedictorian came from.

But I guess its better to change the subject when someone is getting owned.

So let me go ahead and answer you:

1) No one said you can't enjoy college football if you didn't go to college. However, coming to an FIU blog to talk about ANOTHER school you never even went to is called being a POSER.

2) Maybe people that got into UCF, USF, FIU, UF, FSU or UM DID want to get into better a school. WHAT does this have to do with being a poser?? As a matter of fact, what does this have to do with anything??

3) I love how every time FIU accomplishes a huge milestone, the haters come out and try to diminish it. Yes FIU did have the most Miami Dade valedictorians of any school in Florida. But yet you come here and try to imply they are from bad schools. That's as foolish as implying most students at UM are dumb kids with rich daddies that couldn't make it to an Ivy League school. Can you prove otherwise?

From a personal note, I can tell you that I went to Coral Gables Senior High, graduated from the IB Magnet Program and was top 9% of my class. I was accepted to UF, UCF, and FIU and choose to stay at FIU and came in as a sophomore.

4) He's not ruffling anybodies feathers. He's just looking like a fool, a wannabe college student that never was.

I think once CandyCane realizes UM is not the great dominant power they once were...Sees them lose year after year & sees FIU (Miami's Real University) rising, then I'll bet all my ArrozConPollo at FIU Stadium, that he'll jump to the FIU bandwagon...Well CandyCane, at that point u will totallyyyy be a poser!! Haha, can't wait to see this day...

cary godette according to other fiu blog. was retired from Rutgers, and coached for over 20 years good hire

this UM back and forth thing is old...

ditto ridgepanther

I think crazy cane is doing you all a favor by giving you other points of view. What is the point of a blog where all you FIU yuppies just talk about how great things are over there, when in actuality they arent. I'm a fan of UM, I grew up in the area, however I chose to go to a better school academically. Does that not mean I can't support the team I was a fan of growing up???

Private school for me pal.

Pete, anything on changes with mens or womens hoops? Let us know. How many scholarship does SR have next year? Should be a minimum of two (Galindo & Hicks).


People, why can't we talk about ohh i don't know... FIU SPORTS?!?!?! Come on, this is getting childish and ridiculous!!

Canesfan05 - in short, yes you can but only so long as you are fine with being a poser. Or at least viewed that way by people that actually attended the school. That's just the truth, regardless of the number of stickers and flags on your car, you're still an outsider. College football is NOT the NFL even though so many think it is.


Any word on how losing MLS has affected timeframe for stadium construction, if at all?

Also, you mentioned some post back that some USF players may be transferring to FIU. Any news on this?

FIU Rocks!!

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