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3/10 Spring Practice: Mack Truck OL, Ground Chuck and More Lightning

The first practice after Sunday's scrimmage produced some more highlights. Among them some Mack trucks, a powerful safety and a walk-on that keeps on striking.

Mack During the early team drills, the FIU O-line had some moments when they paved the way for several RBs. Darriet Perry, Brandon Paquette and walk-on Jonathan Ramirez all found gaping holes made by what looked like Mack trucks (this reference would work even better when Ced Mack joins the party) blocking on a few plays that allowed them to break some long runs.

The FIU D was again fast and aggressive.

Aaron Davis got another sack and had some more stops in the backfield. Franklin Brown playing LB had some nice pass D. Jarvis Wilson continued his strong spring with a tackle in the backfield of Ramirez.

Chuck Grace (right) also had a big day getting a sack and all 5-9, 185 pounds of Chuck took down a 247-pound bus in John Ellis. Chuckgrace

The passing game got going later in practice with Wayne Younger connecting with Jeremy Dickens on a long pass play. Dickens would later grab another pass in traffic and go for what would have been 6.

Goodbye made a nifty catch going behind his body during 7-on-7s. Ho, hum so what's new there?

More future Panthers visited practice with Northwestern's Kenny Dillard and Wayne Times (left) in attendance Tuesday. WT was flinging it after practice and   Times showed a pretty good arm.....WildPanther, anyone?

Tuesday's practice finished with another big run from No. 26 "Lightning" Ramirez, who made a nice move at the line of scrimmage and broke free outside for a long gainer. During the run, a spectator on the sideline started yelling "Veinte seis!, veinte seis!, veinte seis!" (that's 26, 26, 26 in Spanish) while others on the sideline started cracking up.


Great job by former FIU assistant coach Rod Delmonico (right, thanks Richard Lewis photo) and his Dutch boys taking down the D.R. in the WBC. So what if RD was here for a short time. He was instrumental in landing some of the talent headed this way next season. Rd

BTW, speaking of FIU baseball had a great arroz con pollo the other day at the stadium, courtesy of Sandra Perdomo. Look for her arroz con pollo stand at FIU Az Stadium this fall beginning with the first home game against Toledo.


KJHarris02: Pete, any chance we can get some photos of these practices and the players??

PP: Will try and get some on here.

CharlieGP: How did Thatcher Starling (below left) do?

PP: TS started strong with some sacks, but recently tweaked his knee so he's working his way back.

Andy: When are we going to see new pictures of the fieldhouse?

Star PP: Should have the first tour sometime after the spring game.

AsprillaFan: Pete: Any truth behind the rumor that PG is looking at possible replacements for SR?

PP: PG has not had any official comment on that, but the thought here is there will be no change there.

Alonzo: You keep commenting about the stregnth and weight gain of many of our Panthers this spring. Why is this such a focus lately? Did we bring in a new stregnth and conditioning coach this year, or are you merely focusing on the fact that last year's recruiting class has had some time to bulk up?

PP: Most of the team is still young (freshmen/sophomores) so they're still growing and adding muscle. FIU didn't have the type of strength and conditioning program under Rod Moore that it had in its first 5 seasons. Not going to list all the Sun Belt teams heights and weights here, but here is the Sun Belt link to check that out on: Sun Belt website

blkpanther: Pete, Whats up with Ricky Booker how is he progressing?

PP: RB is still finding his way. He seems to have all the tools to be an impact player on D, but still has not broke through. He'll need to improve soon, because each and every season more D-line talent is arriving at FIU.

FIUPantherFan: Pete, Is there a new D-Line Coach, if so, who is it? What's up with the DL, how are the big guys looking.

PP: Not yet by fall practice. The D-line has made some plays this spring, but it's kind of tough to tell with guys like Jonathan Jackson, Jonas Murrell, Reggie Jones, James Jones, Andre Pound and Thatcher Starling hurt right now and not participating in spring ball.


Will be on the road with the Marlins the next 4 days, but will try and blog at some point. Armando Salguero will be covering your Panthers on Thursday and have a story in Friday's paper.




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