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Another Freshman of the Year for FIU

Fa Freddy Asprilla meet T.Y. Hilton meet Yarimar Rosa.Tyasu  Yr  

FA and T.Y. won the Sun Belt Freshman of the Year in their respective sports this past season. YR (near, right) won it her freshman season 2 years ago. FA (left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez for photos) took it home despite not playing a full season because of back spasms. Shows how dominant the big guy can be even in limited playing time.

We all know already what T.Y. (above right) did last season earning the Freshman award, plus a nickname and a signature call "Goodbye" on touchdowns.

YR did even better garnering 3 All-Americans in her 3 years thus far at FIU.

Since Freddy played soccer his whole life in Colombia until 3 years ago when he picked up a basketball for the first time, maybe they should play the soccer "G-O-O-O-A-A-A-A-L-L-L!!" call when he scores at the Bank next season.

FA also was named to the All-Sun Belt team as well as FIU girls hoopster Monika Bosilj.

So which FIU freshman baseball player is going to take the Freshman of the Year Award come May later this year? Should happen right? FIU has got this award down pat.

Guess you good people liked the idea of a LIVE Q & A BLOG with MC. The blog numbers came in for Tuesday's GPP and it was the highest rated GPP blog outside of our LIVE GAME BLOGS that we started last season. We'll try and get MC, who said he had fun answering your questions, on here again around July before fall practice starts for another LIVE Q & A BLOG.

Off now to the first spring practice, will try and have the first daily report later tonight, if FIU football and baseball stories allow time to blog, if not look for 1st spring practice blog on here tommorrow.


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Congrats to the BIG Man

Yep...congrats to big Freddy on his award!!

Congrats to Freddy and Good luck for tonight!

Congrats to Freddy. This guy could dominate the SBC for years.

*Pete, Can you get us an update on Antwan Barnes and his progress from the injury? Watching some of these free-agency moves, I am hoping he gets more playing time next year.

Hey Pete, I was wondering if u knew or could find out how many people actually signed up as fans for FCB Miami. Or how many people actually reserved tickets. Just curious on the numbers...Im very disappointed that Maure & FCB got cold feet...I think they made a big mistake...Also thanks for for having MC live on here...Go F I U !!!!

PS That was not CC's mom writing on here. I know this cuz i was with her during the time the comments were posted, haha...

hey did anyone attend the first practice?

where can i listen to the game???????

The boys are playing well at ULL, watching it on PantherPass (crappy feed) and every time ULL scores they show the friggin replay.

42 - 25 FIU up with 3:00 left in the 1st half

Congrats to Freddy!!! He's going to give teams "nightmares" for the next 3 years.

43-34 at Halftime. Hope we can win this game!!!

Baseball wins a good one tonight against UCF.

ugh.. looks like FIU got real cold going into the half.. a 19-point deficit cut down to two... they better not blow this one!

WHOOPS!! Cut down to NINE, not two lol We are up 43-34 lol sorry!

And yeah a great win for the baseball team against UCF!! Fun one to watch!!

1420 KPEL-AM is broadcasting it on the web... just go to their website.

You could also just go to the FIU athletics website and click on the game preview story. There's a listen live link on there.

Congrats to Freddy! Shows how much people thought of that kid to give him that award, even though he missed a bunch of conference games this year.

Good start for the boys. If FIU stays healthy, they're going to be a nightmare out in the tourney... GP's could seriously win it all this year. Exciting stuff!

Congrats to Freddy. Anyone who saw him play this year now know why we the fans call him the gorilla. He was unstoppable at times this year. Watch out guys this kid is only going to get better

64 - 50......come on SERGIO, keep these kids focused and have 'em play smart and protect the ball.

What happened to Hick's ?? That guy is a liability on the court (can't shoot, rebound or hold onto the ball ??)

So much potential....

Well... we all but pissed away a 20-point lead... couldn't get a bucket late or hit much from the stripe... but FIU still pulled out a 2-point win tonight. Congrats to the boys. Gotta do a better job holding on to leads. This one should've never gone to the final seconds. Do that against WKU and FIU will lose.

On a positive note, though, nice to see we actually did a half-decent job against the press tonight.

Anyway... on to Hot Springs.

what a heart attack game

FIU men's hoops upset the Ragin Cajun 71-69. Blew a late lead but held on! Next its Western Kentucky!

Attended first practice at the stadium. Fieldhouse is coming along fine! Nice win by the baseball team over UCF! Good day to be a Golden Panther & Heat fan!


Wow, FIU BARELY scrapes by and wins by 2, we almost blew that one. Now we get to play WKU!

My heart was racing a bit too much at the end of that basketball game. We need to keep learning how to play with a lead in a pressure laden game to get over the hump...Regardless, very, very nice win tonight on the road against a team that just beat us a couple of weeks ago by 17....

Now, let's stun Western Kentucky, will ya?

Ultimate....and FIU women's tennis just beat North Carolina State 6-1. Only Cindy Russo's women's basketball team lost tonight, after a valiant effort...

BTW, I gotta think this is, by far, Russo's worst season ever. Her teams, records, and program has dropped considerably over the last 5-7 years. This program used to be a Top 50 in the nation, and now is a really bad, bottom feeder team.

FIU Fanatic, you are correct on all points. Did see the women tennis squad beat NC State on FIU Sports. Shocking to see Cindy's program fall so hard after SOOOO many great years. I wonder what has happened? Well, CR was one of the first to tap into the European players and now ALL major programs do it, so maybe to these Euro players go with the storied programs. What do you think?


I think that's exactly the main reason for this...It also seems to me as if she's a bit "tired" of being there...don't know if you can understand what I mean. I've been around FIU since 1985, when FIU was a Top Division II women's team, comprised, back then, by U.S. stars, including one Lynette Richardson, which went on to become the first woman to play in a local men's second rate pro team.

I never really liked the way she coached, since she would never substitute our point guard (we had a run of like 3 or 4..maybe 5 good to great point guards leading the teams) not even one minute during the games. Only played like 7 players a game, and not the best tactician, in my opinion. However, she was always a winner, especially when she started tapping the European area with her Associate Head Coach, Inge...so you couldn't say much about results. So, what do I know?

Now, the story is totally different. I see no future, only a steady decline. For God's sake, we lost both games this year to lowly FAU!...which we had a record prior to this season like 23-1 or something like that.

As a former alum living in southern California now, I would like to have our rivalry with UM as strong as UCLA is with USC. I mean it's basically the same thing, you have USC and UM which are both private, and FIU, UCLA are both public alternatives to those seeking a degree. But as longs as FIU's sports programs are in the tank, this will never happen. I mean it's great that Pete Garcia is our AD and I fully believe he's the best person to make this happen. Yes UCLA is in the PAC 10 with USC and FIU is in mid major Sun Belt, but we should be making more noise in march with our basketball programs and in the fall with football. The latter will take time because it's a new program. But there is no excuse for mens hoops. We should have no problem recruiting kids to play in south beach. Come on FIU, I AM SOOO TIRED OF MEDIOCRITY....

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