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Final Week of Spring Ball; LIVE BLOG 4 FRIDAY'S SPRING GAME

JUPITER -- We're down to 4 spring practices including Friday's Blue/Gold Spring Game -- which we willLive have a LIVE GPP BLOG on giving you play-by-play as your Panthers offense and defense match up.

Good suggestion, blkpanther. Want to keep the 44 GPP states and 30 GPP countries abreast of the Panthers.

Spring game starts at 6 p.m. Friday and I anticipate to start the LIVE BLOGGING AT 5:45 p.m. for some pre-game talk.

In Jupiter tonight with the Marlins and Mets. J.T. Wilcox went to cover FIU practice, but Tuesday's workout got washed out by rain and lightning. Will be back at FIU Stadium on Wednesday.

As we head into the final week of spring practice, here are some spring observations that you can watch Gat for in Friday's spring game if you are in Miami and if you're in cyberspace, then you can check on when we're LIVE BLOGGING on Friday. (I'm contractually obligated by Gatorade to always type LIVE BLOGGING in CAPS each time I do so, that's what my agent says).

We still have August to go, but Wayne Younger (below right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) appears to have moved ahead of Colt Anderson for the backup spot this spring. Not saying WY has cemented the No. 2 job, but WY seems to be more comfortable running the O and is throwing the ball with more authority than he has in the past.Wy

WY led 1 of the 2 TD drives in last Saturday's scrimmage. WY had some good passes in the drive that ended with Darriet Perry taking it in for 6 from 22 yards out.

DP has been solid. John Ellis has looked good running the ball, something he hasn't really had a chance to do in his first 3 years at FIU. JE is a load to bring down at about 245 pounds -- that's a big back. That's why his teammates call him "The Bus".

Walk-on Jonathan Ramirez has been elusive running the ball, but along with rushing duties he might get a look in the defensive backfield.

Jason "Ty" Frierson made some good grabs on Saturday with JTF having the only TD catch on a 68-yarder from Wesley Carroll. And it was a legitimate 68-yarder where JTF went about 48 yards and WC hit him in stride down the middle of the field busting a Cover 2. JTF sprinted in the final 20 yards for the score.

Defensively, Aaron Davis continued his solid spring and so did Scott Bryant and Winston Fraser.

Dezj The FIU defense pretty much controlled the offense on Saturday. Outside of the 2 TD drives, the O didn't really move the ball much.

The FIU secondary got 3 INTs on Saturday with safety Derrick Clark getting the first one and seemed to have a wall of blockers for what could have been about a 79-yard return for 6, but after 30 yards Carroll forced DC out of bounds.

Dez Johnson (left, AJH photo), who has had a good spring playing pass D, tipped the second INT and Anthony Gaitor snatched it.

Kreg Brown made a diving grab for the 3rd INT of the day. O'Darris D'Haiti made a nice stuff on a screen pass.


blkpanther: Pete, What is K.Willis (right AJH photo) weight right now?

PP: KW is at 215 right now. That would be almost 15 pounds that he's packed on since Kw his freshman year.

FIU Fanatic: Question Pete....why hasn't a Spring Prospectus file..and/or Spring Roster file...hasn't been released by FIU Athletics website like in years' past?

PP: Been told the spring media guide should be on line either Wednesday or Thursday.

SouthPaw: Can you give us an update on any remaining scholarships for this season?

PP: There should be 1 scholie left.

OC Panther: Hey Pete, Whats it going to take to get the baseball team ranked this season? We used to get on there pretty regularly... are we off the radar now?

PP: FIU needs to get on a long winning streak or keep winning every series like they have so far this season. Unfortunately, a team's recent history also figures somewhat in the voting and FIU baseball has not had much success in the last 8 years.


Warthen PP: Since I'm not a columnist they won't run the previous blog as an article in the MH.

Claw 4 Lyfe: Artis Warthen (right AJH photo) looked quick noticed him on both ends, should be big contributor this fall if healthy, your take.

PP: Artis has done a good job this spring and should be a good contributor this fall.

Ultimate FIU Fan: Is it true that FIU hoops plays UNC next season (can anyone say ROAD TRIP!)? Freddy Asprilla just announced in his Facebook page that he injured his ankle bad.

PP: FIU hoops is expected to play at Chapel Hill next season. FA is hurt, but checking to see how bad.







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We're going to play UNC next season? Oh god we're going to be destroyed. My prediction 88-41.

Pete, we're going to make you a columnist. It's time the herald got rid of Greg Cote. God that man gets annoying....

i second that. Cote is lame.

Cote - X him out.

Cotex is FAU - what more do you expect?

You should up there Pelegrin.

You're not a sensationalist prick. (Salguero)

You're not a blowhard talking nonsense about hypothetical BS. (Cote)

You're enthusiastic about your subject matter, making informed and concise reports, while gladly addressing you readers on this blog.

So yeah, I'd promote you, make a clone of Edwin Pope, and go back in time to make sure Dan LeBatard was never born.

I hope that Offense has a great summer full of practice. It seems that the defense is ready to go to Alabama and at least make it a game. As for the offense, to many mistakes (fumbles, Ints, not moving the ball, etc). We can't have another season of having the defense on the field for 45 min while the offense keep the ball for no more then 15min..


Some homework for the spring game.

1. How did James Jones Surgery go. How is he rehabbing?

2. After Spring Ball is over are the players going back to the weight room with the emphasis on getting bigger.

2b. When the freshmen come in the Summer will the be going through coach Moore's program before getting into spring camp?

3. How Far apart are PM & WY?

I will leave the rest for a POP quiz on Friday

Pete, For #3 I meant FALL CAMP.

We "can" have some great play-makers in offense if they puth everything together.. Would this look great or what:

Q.B: Top 3 QB Rating in the Sunbelt
R.B: #4 in rushing yards in the Sunbelt..
W.R: Leader in yards and T.D's in the Sunbelt
T.E: Top 5 in yards for all T.E. in the Sunbelt
O.L: Breaks school record for least sacks in school history.

If this actually happens we can have the defense take a break once in a while. Would be nice!

Go Panthers!


That is true, the have too many weapons to be stalling that like. Especially when they go into the house of the Most disruptive Nose tackle in the country in Terrence Cody.

i can't wait to see what they look like at the spring game. i was really hoping that the offense would be on track this year, they showed flashes of greatness the 2nd half of last year. i just hope the coaches can get these kids to concentrate because i really believe they have the talent to make a serious run at the sunbelt.


What are the chances of having Younger moved to play another position vs. staying as a backup to McCall?

Who do you believe is the front-runner thus far for starting QB next year, Younger or Carrol?

LonePanther i would hav to believe it would be carrol him transfering in hes a better QB than Younger... i think what younger has on carrol now is experience in legg's sytem something that carrol will pick up in this redshirt year

Pete -

Get that "FIU suxxxxxxxxx" post down, those videos are def. viruses

Agree, nobody open that video by FIU suxxxxx!!!

i was foolish enough to try to open one.. i hope my norton catches that

hey just a question to the public.. has anyone found out whats goin on w/ the FIU panther forum.. its been down for a while. man i really am hopeing i can catch the spring game but i do not think i will be able too so a live blog will be helpful. what i would like to know is how our Offensive line and Defensive line hold up... knowing that we are goin up against ourselves.. i know our greatest weaknesses were along the interior of our lines so i would like to know the opinion of how our Lines are shaping up

Hope its not that new April Fools' virus.

That other FIU panthers forum is weak. I know it was the first place on the web to come together and talk FIU but we've outgrown it to the point that it's now borderline embarassing. We need for some web savvy entrepreneur to step up and create and run a first class website and forum.

CJ don't worry I will watch it and tell you what it is after I am done!

FIU suxxxxxxxxx, U may hate FIU but u made my afternoon better, LOL

god i hope that vid wasn't a freaking virus....my norton is outdated.

The FIU Football Spring Prospectus is now up on the website. Go to the football main page then at the top there is something that says Media Guides & Game Notes. The Prospectus is in that folder.

Thank you for the prospectus...will check it out!

Like I said, Offense needs to start catching up with the Defense. Gaitor and the amazing LB's are the heart of the Defense, now its time for McCall, TY and Perry to step up and be the leaders of the Offense. Can't wait till Friday..

I hope to see at least 3,00 people on the stands. I know its only Spring game, but if we can pull off 3K during Spring then we should be able to pull off 19,000 for the Opener..

WOW!!! 19,000 crazy fans!! Sounds good to me!

Any chance friday's scrimmage being on panther pass?

They should have scheduled the scrimmage later to accomodate those getting out of work and traffic at that time, even if it means overlapping baseball. Many people just won't go at all bc of the starting time.

Tell me Andy Leavine don't look like triple H.

Our bullpen is so G@y right now!!!!!!!... Danny actually threw well last night, but we couldnt seal the deal. They cant be scared to go after people and must understand that walks hurt them greatly.

Agree... That stinkin' bullpen is killing us!! It's gotta get fixed or we won't be able to pick up as many wins as we might have otherwise...


Any word on SR's status? I heard that there were meetings between him and PG today and that there would be word by the end of the week.

andy does look like hhh. lol

btw i saw cedrick mack, yo that guy looks stacked.

Where did you see mack?

I might be outside on this. But Leavine is related to HHH.

Cote sucks!! He shouldn't be writing in the herald...Anyway, Ill be there for the spring game...Pete, is there gonna be some Arroz Con Pollo there to eat? Or do I have to wait for the first home game? lol

Btw I know this is jumping ahead, but Caroll is goint to be dominant when his time comes...About Younger I think he should be #2 but they should use him for some creative plays...He sure is athletic...

One more thing...Is it against NCAA rules to put the word Miami in front of FIU's helmet (in that lil space above the facemask)?? Thought it would be cool to see Miami somewhere but i know its a state funded school & I dont know the legality of it...HOwever FIU is in Miami, so I dont think there should be a problem with it?? What do u guys think??

bad idea!!! ricewithchicken. We are FIU! let our game speak for itself, soon enough the nation will find out where we come from.

I saw Mack in GC.

CM in GC - DID he become eligible?

I agree with FIU_GPanther, bad idea.

I wish I could make it to the spring game, but I might not be able to due to work. I'll try to catch part of it though.

forget adding MIami infront of FIU... just doesnt make sense to do that

Hey Julian are you going to the game this Friday ?

Cedric is not yet eligible.

I like the idea ricewithchicken.

We should lay claim to "our" city.

Somebody email Pete Garcia.

I won't be able to stay for the entire game, but I will try to be there from 5:00 to 6:30.

Dont forget about the HUGE series opener against SBC power Western Kentucky after the scrimmage. Game starts around 7pm... You can find me taking keg stands behind the 3rd base dugout. SEE YOU THERE.

What's going on with fiugoldenpanthers.com?? What's taking so long with the servers?

I'll be out there tomorrow...with 3-4 people.

Bring extra people if you can.

I'm bringing my kids, their friends and their friend's Dads. If your a member of the Alumni Association (I'm a lifetime member!), you get free tickets to the baseball game. With this economy & administration, I have to keep my entertaining cheap. First, Blue & Gold and then I'm hoping we make a statement against WKU. All for FREE!!!


I was under the impression that all fans attending would the Spring Game would get a voucher to get into the baseball game for free. Am I right or am I wrong?

Joel, I do not know. I just received an e-mail from the FIUAA about Friday.


Ohh ok I was just wondering because that's what it said on the FIUsports.com website. I was planning on bringing as many people as I can tomorrow to both games haha. GO PANTHERS!!

Joel, im pretty sure you're right. I saw that same thing on an email sent out by FIU.

This is not relevant to this blog, but what's wrong with fiugoldenpanthers.com???

I'm counting on doing the same tomorrow!!...a double header of Blue Gold Football...and then heading on to watch the FIU-WKU Game 1 of the weekend series.

I know they are giving out "vouchers" for free at the football stadium...after the Blue-Gold game is over, I'm told. .....and if the FIUAA is also giving free tickets to its members, then, even better....

I hope it turns out as a success.....

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