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FIU Signs Top JUCO TE In The Nation

Dudley Dudley LaPorte, the top JUCO tight end in the nation according to Scout.com, has signed with FIU and will join the Panthers in August for fall practice and suit up for FIU on Sept. 12 against Alabama.

LaPorte, who arrives to FIU as a junior and will have 2 years of eligibility unless the NFL snaps him up after his junior season, played last season at Santa Barbara CC and is the second 4-star recruit to become a Panther this season joining Pooh Bear Mars. At Santa Barbara, LaPorte led all tight ends in the nation with 30 receptions, 500 yards and 4 TDs.

At 6-5, 250 pounds and running a 4.4 40-yard dash, LaPorte should make an immediate impact for the Panthers whether its down the seam, underneath or in run blocking along with 6-4, 265-pound TE Eric Kirchenberg.

This coming season opposing defenses will have to account for T.Y. Hilton, Edgard Theliar, Greg Ellingson, Junior Mertile, Wayne Times and LaPorte, plus Darriet Perry and Darian Mallary. The FIU O is more than just Goodbye. Hey, CrazyPanther, you need to get off-line and get out to a few practices or games.


Huge turnout for our last poll question about FIU baseball's 15-4 start -- best since 2002. I guess everybody loves a winner -- one big reason why UM won't play FIU anymore, but we'll get into that later.Mj

On our last poll question we picked up another reader from another part of the world: Amman, Jordan where this GPP reader is not sure yet on how far FIU baseball goes this season, but will have a better idea after the UL and WK series in the next 2 weeks.

Here's our updated scorecard.



29 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

So how dangerous does Dudley make the FIU offense now?


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ok wow Pete ask and you shall recieve huh lol well im thinking we will be somewhere in the top 3... it really all depends on our running game. i know we are in the belt that is a basic spread Offense across the board.. however if we get an ave. 125-150 on the ground/Game i think we will be at the least 2nd. which is what i think this offense can do. figure 150 yd/game on the ground.. figure 250 through the air.. thats 400 yd/game. of offensive productivity... i mean in the pro's id take that any day.
you have to figure though w/ our air attack and now w/ a BIG pass catching TE we could bump that # to 275-280 yd/game in the air

Let's go Panthers! Keep adding those weapons.

HELLO!!! This is INSANE! Fantastic pickup and other amazing offensive weapon at our disposal! Things just keep getting better and better!!

What are the statuses of the current FIU alums playing at the professional level? (Carlos Arroyo, Raja Bell, Antwan Barnes, Mike Lowell, etc.)

Arroyo is playing over see, barnes was injured so im not to sure... Bell he was traded from the suns but im not sure for who, and Mike Lowell... i dont follow baseball

Great pickup...adding another fabulous weapon for our offensive arsenal. If our O-Line keeps improving the returning players, plus new incoming and redshirted players providing depth and extra talent, we will have, most likely, an awesome offense.

Thanks for the info....

the only thing we need is to have our Defensive Line step up

That is great news, too bad he will only play two years, but I am glad DLP is in our team and not playing against us. Now is defenetly down to the line to make things happen with the O. I hope CMak can play next year, we will need all the help we can get there and we will get our first championship and bowl. I am exited, I hope all the new guys and the old ones can develop a good chemestry and that PM stays healthy.

Mario and the boys did it again..... "relentless! we are relentless!"

From rivals circa January 19, 2008 -

"I an Ole Miss Rebel tonight," added Scout.com's #1 rated juco tight end, Dudley Laporte.

When did the commitment take place?

"I told Coach Nutt this weekend. He was excited and it took a lot of stress off the both of us. We were both relieved."

And why Ole Miss?

"It just felt right. It came down to Ole Miss and Utah. Proximity from home was not a big factor at the start of the recruiting process, but the opportunity for my family to come see me play became important at the end"

Congrats FIU - I'm sure he is committed to you....for now.

Hey PP - those stats you cited were from 2007 -what did he do last year in 2008? I am interested to know.


If you notice what Pete wrote it says he signed, he isn't just a "commitment" he has signed a letter of intent. So it is a done deal.

Continue as you please.

I understand that he is signed and that it is a done deal - I am just saying that this is a guy that committed to Ole Miss, Utah and who knows where else, now he is Golden Panther. I'm just saying, does FIU want guys like that?

What an absolute JERK OFF and DOUCHE that CC.

FIUBlueandGold - dont be mad that your new recruit hasnt played a down in over a year. He was hurt in 2008, didn't play - no wonder no good Division 1 schools wanted him and he settled with FIU.

crazy panther...he was asking crazy cane...hmmmm... brilliant...

Anyways, crazy panther..err..cane...well, he has signed, it seems. Even rivals also has a story on him signing, saying he will come to FIU on May for Summer A classes. A problem with transcripts and Clearinghouse...perhaps similar to what happened with C-Mark (perhaps, don't know), prevented him from enrolling at Utah, thus he couldn't play last season....

Our latest 4-star recruit will have two years to play two years, since he used last year as his "redshirted" year....

No- He was HURT last year. That is why he did not play. That's right GPers, damaged goods. Maybe he was a 4 star out of high school or after his 2007 season, but now he is just another TE coming back from injury - don't kid yourself. He may be good - he may suck, but lets not throw him a parade just yet until we see how he comes back from a season long injury in 2008.

Originally signed with Eastern Michigan out of Milford Academy (New Berlin, N.Y.) in 2006. 2007: Caught 30 passes for 500 yards and four touchdowns.

THIS GUY JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER - more research to follow.

Good Catch Fanatic......

Yeah, that is one more catch than Dudley LaPorte had all of last year.

The Haters are coming out after FIU signs a 4-Star recruit!!!

Great pickup.


Check again your sources....he had problems with some academic credentials from many sources I've read/heard.....but, even if injured...which, again, wasn't the reason he didn't play with Utah after signing with them over Ole Miss...who cares? He signed with FIU...

He may be good or may be not that good...same with any player that ever signs with any school...be it FIU....or Miami as well.

crazy panther...I mean...crazy cane...why do you answer a question directed at the other crazy?

do all the research you want...I already did it...enjoy!!

I wasn't answering for CC, I was asking a follow up question to what CC and Roman posted. Mainly, do we at FIU really want a guy who has committed to other schools? I want guys who want to be at FIU and are not coming to FIU as a last resort or because they were injured and the schools they really wanted to go to no longer want them. If he works out and is a stud TE - all the other crap doesn't matter.

crazycane/panther - you got caught buddy, hahahaha!!!... u responded under the wrong name. Its the same guy everybody!!!! you've been exposed.

UM fans - dont be bitter just bc you could use a TE at this time.Sportsmanship people.

LOL!!! Oops...two times...

Official release on FIU SIGNING (again, not committed) with FIU. It will be great to see Laporte join the new and returning players in our beautiful ON CAMPUS stadium....Welcome home Dudley!!

Like I said, what a Douche & scUM Bag that fool CC/CP is......by the way, heard Randy "Marble Mouth" Shannon on the radio this morning.

Kirby Hocutt must cringe every time that man speaks. WOW, you'd think he was a boxer that never knew when to retire ??


Kind of like the RB Brown you wanted and then left you at the altar. Goes to show the ever eloquent speaker Randy Shannon can't recruit outside of Northwestern.


That was hilarious! Marble Mouth!!! WOW!!!

Welcome to the team Mr. LaPorte, looking forward to watching him play!

Its funny how PP uses the star ranking that makes the recruit look best. Not blaming you PP since every fanbase does it. But take for instance Dudley who is a 4 star on scout yet a 2 star on rivals. So which ranking is used. Yet in terms of Larvez Mars, it's preferred to use the fact that hes a 4 star on rivals instead of a 2 star on scout. Furthermore I guarantee you that he doesn't run a 4.4 40 yd dash (that would make him tied for 5th fastest player at the NFL combine this year, ahead of Harvin, J. Maclin, and Pat White) nor is he listed at 6'5 anywhere credible. Why did he not go to Ole Miss though? I'm taking Fanatic's word over CC's about Utah.

MiamiGator when you see this man in person he looks bigger than advertised. So before you come in here talking all this doo doo butter check your sources. AND as far as the RANKINGS each website (scout,rivals) ranks most players that they heard are good as 2 stars until they go and see them play in person or watch tape on them. in this case scout did the research on laPorte and rivals did it on Mars. oh and didn't Mars play like a beast in the army ALL AMERICAN game or was that just him in front of a green screen?

PS. Mr. CrazyCanePanther I always knew you were a FIU student that couldn't afford to go to the U so you take it out on your current school. You definitely deserve to be at that scUM filled school in coral gables

I would think most fanbases would, and I agree, conveniently, choose the website with the highest ranking to describe their player....In any event, rivals ranks him as the highest a 2-star could be ranked. Even with that, JCGridiron.com, rivals juco website, ranked Laporte as the nation's #2 JUCO Tight end, while scout.com ranked him as #1.

Semantics as to whether to choose the one with 4 or the one with 2 stars, loses a bit of relevance, when both..and all...services ranked him as one of the top TE's in the nation.

I agree with you though, I don't think he runs the 40 in low 4.4's. However, scout has him running a 4.55 in his bio. Also, while performing in ajcfootbal.scout.com combine, he ran pretty fast 40's. As he put it: "I ran a 4.48 forty the first time, and everyone was checking their stop watches. They made me run it again, and I ran a 4.52. They had never seen someone that was 6' 4", 255 run that fast, at least that is what they told me."

Maybe not a low 4.4...but solid 4.5 is still pretty darn good for such a big specimen, I'm sure you would agree...

Big time signing. MC continues to amaze. Can you all believe at one point there were rumors of Randy "Marble Mouth" Shannon coming to FIU to coach his son...damn how big of a mistake would that have been! In PG we trust!

Hell in that picture alone he looks 7 ft tall...you can't even see the guy tackling...this guy must be a beast.

Hey Pete,

You forgot Beijing, China on your readership scorecard! Go Panthers!

Pete, ever since returning from Spring Break, there hasn't been any "reports" from Athletics or T.Y 's take on Spring practices...

Any updates you can share with us? Thank you..

wow. Im pumped for the season to start.


Randy "Marble Mouth" Shannon

Huge signing, recruiting is opening up a huge lead on the rest of the SBC.

MiamiGator -

The writers in coral gables used 2 seperate polls the other day in the same article. They used the NCBWA poll which has UM ranked #2 and the collegiate baseball poll for Ohio St, which has them ranked at #16.

(Im not saying ur a cane fan, just showing an example). I assume the writer will use the poll that makes ur Univ. look best

Listening to Randy Shannon speak is almost as bad as listening to Emmitt Smith. haha. that guy was hilarious on ESPN.

WOW we have GATOR and CANE FANS HATING I LOVE IT!!! THESE GUYS GET RECRUITS AND NO ONE DOUBTS THEM. But FIU gets a top recruit and the Canes and GATORS scramble in research to see if its REALLY TRUE. You guys are so pathetic. Like this is the FIRST college football player to say hes going to one school and ends up in another. CrazyCane is one of those Cane fans that really wanted Bryce Brown... arent you big guy. Keep up the research ... I love the interest we spark in you. Every comment you make on this forum is just like the breaking news i just read about signing this guy. FIU is making some serious moves and you cant help to put you two cents in. Thanks for your support.


LOL Some people do a great job at making themselves look reaaaaaaal smart.
You are the face of UM!

So do I!!!


I don't understand why UF fans would have to poke fingers at FIU. FIU is years away from a program like theirs. I could say the same about UM, but truth is whether you're UM fan or not, that Canes Football has been retrograding.

I can understand that UM fans are concerned that FIU will steal recruits away from UM. Once FIU starts winning Sun Belt Championships and the bowl games associated with being the Sun Belt #1 and FIU Stadium is completed, FIU will be a rising star in BCS Football. Hell, walk-on gems in South Florida would have an easier time going to FIU over UM because of the stark difference in tuition.

There are more local FIU alumni than there are UM alum. South Floridians can better associate with a public insitution at the heart of their community, rather than the exclusive private school in Coral Gables with few Miamians actually attending.

I'm no dreamer, my career is based on being able to make sound judgements based on research and analysis. FIU will be a good team. FIU will rise. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me to see FIU leave the Sun Belt and take an invite from the Big East (note how we've played or will play Big East schools like USF or Rutgers). So yeah, I can see why UM fans are outraged. But its okay, most of you Canes are not even alumni, so in a few years it wouldn't surprise me to see you wearing blue and gold instead of orange and green.

Dead on Bryan R. Congrats to MC for signing another gem of a recruit.

Damn Bryan, you made them into road kill!

You can't stop the rise of FIU. UM knows it. UM is scared and they SHOULD BE. CrazyCane and others, your fear is palpable.

Lol, I guess instead of insulting the pseudo-Canes on here that dropped out of MDC, I ended up inspiring fellow Panthers.

Actually I'm not hating. I've lived in Miami all my life and I care about all the sports teams there. Don't take my comments to reflect those of other Gators. I doubt many of them can name 3 Golden Panthers. I enjoy the whole recruiting process and have read the boards of countless other teams. I've been reading this blog since before I became a Gator and before some of you have. I just chose not to comment before. it was just I've recently been having some back and forth banter with my friend who posts here (JoelD) and thought I would as well. Right now Florida isn't worried about FIU although who knows what happens in 5-10 years.
Also it's pretty hard to doubt the recruits Urban Meyer gets by this point although I think our receiving corps and defensive tackle depth are a problem this year due to several highly regarded players out of high school not stepping up so far.

Welcome here, 'Gator....not too bad posts...

As for Laporte...big signing indeed for FIU...especially at the stage we are in...

Go FIU!!


As a FIU alum/fan and former FSU fan (I was a Nole fan for the same reasons of disliking UM, despite being Miami born and raised), I have nothing but respect for UF. They're a solid school and established powerhouse. If you have constructive criticism or educated opinion, I'm sure anyone here will find you to be welcome.

While yes, FSU may be involved in the occasional scandal, they get caught because they have the oversight of being a public insitution. Not like private schools like UM, who compensate their faculty for writing off on their "student" athletes. Hell, maybe the State Universities of Florida may start "Sports Management" acadmic programs of their own so they can funnel the "student" athletes they brought in who really have SAT scores that would only make for a great ACT score, like UM.

To note, this only addresses the UM trolls that come on here to muck rake. I have friends and people I respect that are UM alumni and I have nothing against the insitution per se, other than it being an overpriced undergrad education. :P

I'm not hating in the least. I was born in Miami and I've always been reading this blog. Even before I became a gator. I've been reading GPP before many of you have. Also don't take my words or presence on the blog to reflect those of the UF fanbase (A majority of whom wouldn't be able to name one FIU player ever). Just because one opposing fan comments on something doesn't mean that we are scared or what not.

I've actually been having some back and forth banter with my friend who posts here (JoelD) and thought why not post. If Laporte runs anything under a 4.6 at the combine I will apologize to him on this board for doubting his times.

Urban Meyers recent recruiting classes' play on the field speak for themselves. But not every recruit is viewed as some stud because he signs with UF. Why do you think some fans are worried about the DT position despite signing two 5-stars in the past two years. another position where the fanbase doesn't have any trust in so far is WR. But I'm sure you guys don't care since that would be showing a sign of fear to be interested in another team. ;).

Hope to see you all at the game. Also hope to catch some FIU games when I'm on break in Miami.

Hey man, you're always welcome. It's good to hear opinions that actually make sense, unlike some of UCG people we have on here...

Anyway, so far Cristobal has proven to be a phenomenal recruiter, bringing in players that can contribute right away. Gaitor and TY stand out as prime examples. You can see that in this year's class as well, you're gonna be seeing people who will make an immediate impact on this team in a positive way.

We have a lot of speed on this team, a lot of energy and we're getting stronger. I think we're going to be a lot better this year and next, and we're doing it quicker than many realize.

Its inevitable !

FIU leading ULL 10-4 in bottom of 8th...

Great post folks! I have to say, though, that it's surprising to see a Gator hate on FIU. That's ridiculous since most Gator fans I know fully support FIU, not because they naturally like our school, but because we're the legitimate Miami school that will bring down UM!!

That's right, in just a few short years, UM will have no other choice than to face its crosstown rival. No more hiding behind mommy's skirt like a little chump. UM will feel the pressure and when push comes to shove, they will bend under the pressure that is FIU! And no one will be happier than the Gators who will watch the trash talking scUM not only lose a football game, but also fan base and recruiting grounds.

My bet is that we have a few Gators hating on FIU, but the vast majority of them are on our side. At least I am as well. Go Gators and go Golden Panthers!!

P.S. Crazy Cane, get back on your medication. I bet you bleed blue and gold but on the outside you're just scUM. I wouldn't be surprised to see you on FIU's side in the near future.

MiamiGator, welcome. I hadn't realized there were other posts. As previously said, constructive criticism is always welcome. Gators and Golden Panthers united against UM!! haha Actually, I think UM has a great program, but it's their arrogance that annoys most of us. I can't wait to see FIU play UF this fall. And as I said, UM can't afford to ignore us for long.

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