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Greetings From Somewhere in Florida

FORT MYERS -- The FIU/FAU Marlins tour continues for another couple of days before it's back to FIUPc baseball on Tuesday for their home game against North Florida and then FIU football when it resumes after next week's spring break.

The reason this has been dubbed the FIU/FAU Marlins tour is because both myself and Sun Sentinel FAU writer Ted Hutton are covering the Marlins these 5 days while the regular Marlins writers are at the World Baseball Classic. Was with the Marlins today in Fort Myers against the Twins at Hammond Stadium, which is one of if not the nicest spring training parks. Former FIU left-hander and current Marlins reliever Willie Collazo was here, but did not get in the game -- a 9-5 Marlins win.

Not much on the FIU news front with football on spring break and the baseball team in Arkansas. But here are some FIU items you might have missed:

As of this blog post,Ebert the FIU baseball team crushed Arkansas-Little Rock 24-5 in the first game of a Saturday night doubleheader. Dustin Rivest or Jack Griffin kicked a field goal in the ninth inning for the final FIU score.

FIU would like to at least take 2 of 3 in the series and continue their steady start to the season. FIU aces Scott Rembisz and Tom Ebert (right, thanks Victoria Lynch photo) are throwing tonight with Rembisz already securing a win.

UALR is supposed to have one of the better pitching staffs in the Sun Belt, but apparently not in game 1.

FIU returns home for a six-game homestand beginning Tuesday for 2 games with North Florida and 4 games against Fairleigh Dickinson (Angie Dickinson's sister) next weekend.Adk This is Angie on the right 

In case, you missed it in Wednesday's Herald, here's a story about T.Y. Hilton's visit to a childhood friend at Miami Children's Hospital....


Five years ago, Reynaldo Pringle sustained a broken head and left knee, and had the right side of his body partially paralyzed when he was struck by a truck that ran a red light in his South Miami neighborhood.

Nearly two weeks ago, Pringle, now 20, walked for the first time since the accident.

On Wednesday morning at Miami Children's Hospital, Pringle got to meet one of his favorite football players, FIU freshman All-American T.Y. Hilton.

Pringle had not seen Hilton since they played against each other in Pop Warner more than eight years ago, but had followed Hilton's football exploits since then.

He had an unusual first question for Hilton.

“This really brings my spirits up,” Pringle said to Hilton. “You're good. Tell me, why is
scared to play you guys?”

Hilton smiled and offered encouragement to Pringle, and gave him an FIU cap, shirt and photo of Hilton's first college touchdown at K
. (Reynaldo and T.Y. photo, left taken by Susan Frantz of fiusports.com)

Tymch “It means a lot to me that I could come here and talk to him to help him fight through this,” Hilton said. “I hope that I could give him an extra push to take that extra step.”

Pringle is part of the Project Victory program at the hospital, which helps special-education students with the opportunity to learn job skills in a work-setting environment.


FIUsports.com plans to launch its new website on Monday with expanded video, bigger photos, including a store to buy FIU game photos, more FIU stories and interactive features for fans.


Will be driving across the state to Jupiter on Sunday morning for the Mets vs. Marlins game in Jupiter.


The tour ends Monday and will be back in Miami on Tuesday for the FIU game vs. North Florida.





Don't really care if some of you want to keep arguing about who has the better cafeteria food between schools or how many years you have to be at a school to be able to cheer for them -- when the hell did the GPP turn into a bad cell phone commercial? Pos (photo, right) 


Other schools fans come on here, because they're interested in FIU, although they may not clearly state it in their posts.


If you can't keep it clean, then the Panther Claw will come out for your post. Thank you. Now back to your regularly scheduled FIU sports blogging.




Fomenter: Question regarding Wayne Times. Is he slated to come in and help out at corner?


PP: There are no plans for WT (left) to play corner. WT will play receiver and might be seen at QB in a WildPanther formation. No DB for WT.


Wt UltimateFIUFan: Pete, anything on changes with mens or womens hoops? Let us know. How many scholarship does SR have next year? Should be a minimum of two (Galindo & Hicks).


PP: No changes expected for FIU hoops. SR could have 3 with AG, RH and Badu N'Diaye graduated.


FIUFPL: Pete, Any word on how losing MLS has affected timeframe for stadium construction, if at all? Also, you mentioned some post back that some USF players may be transferring to FIU. Any news on this?


PP: Nothing definitive, but looking like the 2011-2013 time frame, could have been a little quicker with MLS. Nothing new on USF players.











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actually Jack Griffin stood out the most... one of the days tat i was therethe team was practicing kick-offs and Rivest would land then on the 10 or 5 yard line. Then Griffin booted each into the endzone, and the rest of the team on the sidelines where screaming: "We got our varsity kicker!! We got our Varsity kicker!!

Awsome to witness!

Hey Pete,

Hows Chris Volstad looking? I heard he had to leave a game a few days ago after being hit by a pitch. He was a beast last year in the time he pitched and I hope he can be around the whole year. Thanks.

Im pretty sure Jack is going to start this year. We need a strong kicker.

Hey Pete,

I think someone mentioned on the comments section of the last blog that we finally got a D-line coach? Any truth?

Also, doesn't having a week off kind of interrupt the practice momentum? (I didn't think there were enough practices in spring so that the team could have a break and then come back and not have to start over mentally.)

P.S. - The national cafeteria rankings are slated to come out in a few weeks ago and its rumored that FIU will show up in the top 10. If there aren't any preseason injuries or turnover on the staff (I think the pasta lady might transfer) I think we have a chance for a title.

That's funny stuff Alonzo.

Pete, I feel bad for you having to hang out with Ted Hutton. Thanks for posting T.Y. story.

I went with Jonathan Ramirez. Looking forward to seeing what the combo of Ramirez and Perry will do in spring game.


Nice series win at UALR, winning the series 2-1....lost that second game on a couple of errors and mistakes...arggghhh...but still our bats came to life with games scoring 24, 4, and 13 runs....

Question Pete: Two pitchers on the roster have not pitched....Bryam Garcia, and Miguel Mejia...both of them with good accolades and JUCO experience, with Mejia being a two-time 1st team All Conference, and Conference MVP last season....Are they injured?....grades?...sitting out?

Thanks as usual...

Pete, your in "the know" what happened to Sid in the morning on 790 the Ticket? He was a huge FIU supporter and hated UM, Randy Shannon would not come on his program - but he always had MC on. Did his firing have something to do with that? What do you know? I hope they do not replace Sid with a UM buttboy.

i dont think mejia is eligible this season. He would be real good to have for this season (if im thinking about the right guy)

i am wondering about that.. i just thought he went on vacations.. he was always interesting to listen too i will say that BTW Pete Garcia was on 560 this morning talkin tourney. o and Alonzo dont forget the head of staff at UM is being considered to take the Job opening at Texas El Paso, lol

CJ do you mean the athletic director or someone else?

Great story about T.Y. I hope that the entire football team as well as all teams at FIU continue to provide community service to hospitals, to children centers, and to areas that are in desprest need for a helping hand. I remember that we use to plant trees in some rough neighborhoods when I was in school. The athletic department has always had a great tradition of helping out the comunity as much as they can. Keep it Up!

Thank god for those trees. Where else would the drug dealers be able to stand in the shade. LOL

Not sure if this ever posted or discussed. Possible new bowl game SBC vs. Conf. USA


Sign and show the Orlando folks some support in getting this bowl game certified.

i just noticed T.Y. looks like Young Buck.


jules i ment the AD of FIU Pete garcia

Wow - really interesting stuff being talked about on this blog. Yeah, it definelty does not need me.

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