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Sunday Scrimmage: Prowling D, The Bus and Lightning

Bettis How ironic that in the previous blog there was a mention to set your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night to get to Sunday's scrimmage at 10 and someone forgot to do so and woke up at 9:30 thinking it was 8:30. Got to FIU Stadium about 10:15, good thing they didn't start scrimmaging until about 10:30.

A couple of unexpected FIU running backs (The Bus and Lightning as their teammates called them) were definitely not running late in Sunday morning's scrimmage -- which were the highlights for the Light FIU offense after the defense controlled the early part of the scrimmage.


The FIU D came out flying Sunday morning with Dez Johnson intercepting Paul McCall in the first series.

Wf Winston Fraser (left), who bulked up 17 pounds in the off-season to 232, then popped the ball out of Goodbye's hands in the second possession. WF is going to have a huge impact on the FIU D this season. All healed up from a broken hand last season, WF has not missed a beat since last playing and leading Booker T. to the state title with other Panthers: JJ, Kambriel and Franklin Brown.

LB Wendy Napoleon (below right), seeing his first action in pads since his spinal cord injury against Alabama in 2006, picked off Colt Anderson -- who lined up as the No. 2 QB whatever that means on March 8 -- to close out the second series of play. WN might be the biggest body of the FIU LBs along with Aaron Davis. When WN goes up to defend those short passes over the middle he covers a lot of air space.Nap

Jarvis Wilson and Kreg Brown kept up the nice D on the next possession getting some tackles for loss in the backfield as did Davis, who had a terrific first week of spring.

The FIU O finally got a little movement in the 3rd series with CA hooking up with John "The Bus" Ellis on a 15-yard pass that Ellis went up high to snag out of the air. JE is an athlete and could surprise some defenses this season.

But the FIU O again stalled thanks to nice pass D by DB Brandon Ellison and DL Donnell Wilson. Wilson made a quick hit on a screen pass to prevent the play from going more than 4 yards. Jeremiah Weatherspoon and Anthony Gaitor were again solid on pass D.


When the offense went to a more up-tempo pace of play it got rolling.

Wesley Carroll found Jason Frierson on a screen pass and JF made a nice move to pick up 15 more Ellis yards. The O scored their first TD with WC under center, but the biggest contributors were Ellis (right) and walk-on RB/WR Jonathan Ramirez (No. 26 blue jersey in your program, FIUJM. No. 26 white jersey is Chuck Grace). Ramirez (Lightning) played his high school ball at McCarthy in Pembroke Pines. At 6-0, 177 he could play both RB and WR. MC said after Sunday's scrimmage, "When you're a skill player here you better be prepared to play wherever we need you".

With Darriet Perry limited to one series (nothing wrong with him just got to keep him healthy), Ellis and Ramirez's running moved the ball. Ellis is a load to tackle and Ramirez has got some video game moves in the open field.

Ellis punched in the first TD with an 8-yard run through the FIU D.Lt

The offense scored again this time with Paul McCall under center, but again with JE and JR running the ball the majority of the time downfield.

At the 10-yard line of the D, PM found Goodbye with a screen pass and Goodbye made 3 moves through the FIU D and scored a TD and did his signature "TY Goodbye" TD celebration.

FIU practices Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week before taking next week off for spring break. Tuesday and Thursday they'll be out at FIU Stadium at 3:15 and Friday might be a 6:30 a.m. practice or 3:15 stay tuned.


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In true FIU spirit, SR continues the great tradition of losing a minimum of 17 games a season. Yesterday performance was typical of FIU, (if we look on the bright side, Donnie Marsh lost 20 games every year), when there were 7 minutes left (knowing that losing that game was the end of the season), the Golden Panther allowed WKU a run of 14-2. No talent, no heart, no coaching.

PG, time to make a move and btw get rid of CR too. It pains to walk into the gym.

We as fans should demand for better basketball programs. As much as we critic UM, they make moves when they have to and we got to respect that.

No poison intended just the truth.


Pete, any chance we can get some photos of these practices and the players?? thanks keep up the good reporting work!!! GO FIU!

Dude! I totally agree with you! We do need a better basketabll team. Our recruiting is horrible, the coach is not coaching! We are a division one school we should be able to recruit play makers. I love my panthers but we need improvement!!!

Go!!! FIU!!!

How did Thatcher Starling do? You said before he had several "sacks" during practice.

How did Thatcher Starling do?

Guys, IF SR still has 2 years left in his contract, I don't see how our administrators could make such a hard financial decision as to buy out the remaining two years of his contract in these very hard times. I guess PG can do it...and I don't doubt he WANTS to do it...but the question is if it is fiscally responsible to do at this time, when that money could be used to shore up the football and baseball programs. Both those programs are, obviously, the top 2 priorities at FIU Athletics now.

Pete, thanks for your reports, as usual....Really like the fact that we have a lot more depth in the linebacking corps...and experienced at that...with Wendy Napoleon also joining the team

KJHarris02 - it is too easy, and some things are just better left unsaid.

As for FIU baseball, is it me, or does this seasons schedule really seem weak as compared to last years? I know last years schedule was put together by DP, my question is, who put this schedule together?

as much as i would like to see SR gone.. cause although im sure hes a nice man... he cant coach his way out of a paper bag.. i tend to agree w/ FIU Fanatic.. i think if it were strictly a game situation w/ all things staying equal SR would be gone yesterday.. the moment they lost... however, being that the times are tough and or athletic program for all that it is improving is not generating the financial #'s yet. it wouldnt be wise to Cut SR lose now... sucks cause another losing season in one of the big three sports will not help bring up the revenue's in the athletic department

The UM blog is that way -------->

FIU Fanatic, I agree completely. Save the cash and give SR another shot with a healthy team. The focus HAS to be on football. Once we establish ourselves as a legitimate top 25 threat year after year in football, only then should we shift our focus on basketball.

And give Turtle the resources he needs.

Great to see Wendy Napoleon back! It's looking like our linebacking corp is going to be the strenght of the defense this season. What a chnage from a year ago.

And CrazyCane, the ONE thing that UM can gain by playing FIU is RESPECT. Ducking your bigger cross town brother shows FEAR. There is no way to hide from that reality, my friend. Stop wasting your time on this board and spend your time trying to get your athletics administration to come out from under their rock and stop pretending FIU doesn't exist. It's almost embarassing at this point.

I don't know, I guess we are resigning ourselves to another season with Sergio. The basketball program will not grow with a 2nd rate Arena and a 2nd rate Coach. Let's go F I U!

When are we going to see new pictures of the fieldhouse?

great to see fiu get those international soccer matches will that help in Stadium build up? Also what is this about a big donation to the program to get field house done?

Where did you hear that Pine Panther (donations)?

Man I wish we can play a "Strong Baseball Schedule" like University of C.G. does. They are playing some powerhouse teams like(sarcasm)

St. Thomas (Can you say NAIA)

Mount St. Mary (God know where that is)

Barry (Great school for pharmacy!)

Florida Gulf Coast (Nice place to Golf)

U.C.G. baseball team is a joke and scared to play a team with a great new coach, and a very young talent.

Don't worry $30,000 X 4years will still get you a good education at U.C.G. Try attending the school before you become their private cheerleader. Ha ha ha..

GO F.I.U!!

Pete: Any truth behind the rumor that PG is looking at possible replacements for SR? I hear his top pick is Anthony Pujol, current assistant at VCU (Dancing this year) and he was the former coach at Northwest Christian (a powerhouse while he was there).

Not sure if everyone's seen this, but here's a great clip of our offseason conditioning program courtesy of CBS4. It's amazing what MC is doing with this program...if only we had him from day one!


FIU Fanatic, if football and baseball are this program's top choices then PG and his staff are doing something wrong. Let me begin by saying that there are less than 5 baseball programs in the nation THAT MAKE MONEY (one of them being whether we like it or not UM). Baseball will never make money at FIU. Baseball carries 35 players and the TV money is almost not existing. Football on the other hand is a money maker however it is projected that it will take for a new program about 10 years (You have to realize this program really started when MC became the head man). Basketball only carries 15 players, it is extremely well received by TV and all it takes is for the team to make it into March Madness to create revenue.

That's why to have this program continually losing ,makes absolutely no sense. Two more years and you might never recover.

When we hired Donnie Marsh we passed on Anthony Grant and when we hired SR we passed on Frank Martin. Grant and Martin are without a doubt two of the greatest young basketball minds in college basketball.

I hope that next time we hire a basketball coach we do a better job. AsprillaFan mentioned Tony Pujol, there is Allan Edwards also at VCU, George Fernandez at UM, Shakey Rodriguez (The only coach to have won at FIU), Chachi Rodriguez who just won the state with Coral Reef.

Go Panthers

Gooch7 I think it is up to about 40,000 over 4 years now, and by the way don't think people are forgetting that with the current economic climate.

As far as schedule there is no excuse for UM not to play us in baseball, and down the line in football. Obviously the big concern that UM has is if they start losing on the field they start losing recruits to us.

HAHAHAHA!!!! Crazy Cane, your a clown. DP had very minimal to do with last years schedule. The Ariz St, UC Irvine, USC, etc... were all added to the schedule by TT. UM would be on there this year too, but they are too big of P*$$*'s to play us.

DOUBLE PANTHER - if there are 5 teams in the nation that make money off baseball UM is def. not one of them. They have maybe the 189th best attendance record. There are sooooo many other teams that make more then UM. I can guarantee that every team in the SEC makes a lot more money then UM. lets not just speak out before doing the research.

*Getting that new fieldhouse/gym is going to be huge for FIU athletics. Its so much better when athletic programs have a good gym just for themselves

Hey Pete,

You keep commenting about the stregnth and weight gain of many of our Panthers this spring. Why is this such a focus lately? Did we bring in a new stregnth and conditioning coach this year, or are you merely focusing on the fact that last year's recruiting class has had some time to bulk up? (Because, honestly, our program should be getting stronger and faster every year, this shouldn't be a surprise.)

Also, could you commen on how we compare to other Sun Belt schools and major conference schools as far height and weight (and, if possible, stregnth wise)?

"Franky the cat" I like the name!

Yes I have to agree with Mr. Cat about the field house. Not only will it make things better for the athelets but its also a great recruiting tool. Its scary how amazing the athletic facilities are starting to imporve. I realize we have lots to go, but you need to start some where and so far its been amazing.. Keep up the hard work!

Go Golden Panthers!

Gooch7 you are such a fraud. Your post about strength of baseball schedule was a joke. I hope. According to the USA Today/ESPN Coaches Poll, UM currently has 6 top 25 teams on their schedule. These teams include: Ga. Tech, Virginia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson and the number one ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. Oh and did I forget to mention Miami is ranked #6 in that poll. Funny though, i didn't see FIU or any of FIu's opponants on the poll. Shocker.

Some kid that doesn't go to UM calling someone else a "Fraud".


Like I said before try attending the school for at least a week before you become their private cheerleader.. I totaly understand that you are far from attending U.C.G. or any other school and you have never experienced D-1 ahtletics in any shape or form other then cheering for a school that you will never attend. Its also O.K. to dream about U.C.G. winning the National championship in every sport next year.

As a proud FIU Alum (yes I graduated from the school I cheer for) I realize we are not headed to a BCS Bowl anytime soon but as small as it may seem I can guarantee you FIU will be in a bowl game this Dec. For Cristobal's 3rd year I think that is amazing! Remember the crap that Strock gave him to work with..

Simply stop hating. Join a Flag Football Team or a Cheerleading Team to make you feel just a little more like an athlete! Sucker!

Franky the cat, let me begin by saying that I despise (never hate) UM however THEIR BASEBALL PROGRAM year-in year-out outdraws EVERYONE in the EAST. They were down two years because they were remodeling their stadium however check the attendance records and you'll see that only Arizona and USC have better attendance records. Let's not be blind, and I agree with you that UM should play us every year. Having said that, why is FIU baseball attendance this year so pathetic ?. I've gone to every baseball game and I'm yet to see 300 people. On that issue we have not drastically improved since DP's days. If you ask TT he'll tell you he's dissapointed.

You can guarantee a bowl game Gooch? How is that? I mean I guess you are assuming since you usually go to a bowl game every year, this year will be no different...oh wait, thats not the case.

Seriously? a guarantee? Lets see...

Definitly going to lose to Alabama, Rutgers, & Florida

Now lets look at teams that finished tied or better than you in the sunbelt last year. Those teams are Troy, ULL, FAU, Ark St, MTSU and ULM (EVERY TEAM EXCEPT NORTH TEXAS)....lets says you play .500 football against those teams...admirable....thats another 3 losses...we are up to 6 losses

If you dont play .500 ball...guess what, no bowl
If you do play .500 ball and trip up elsewhere...guess what, no bowl

If your one good player....TY....gets hurt (which by no means do I want since he is exciting to watch)...guess what, no bowl

So i dont think it is a guarantee

Let me guess Josh is a UM fan.

One good player...do some research. SEC QB, ALL American LB, TOP JUCO WR. Yea yea yea we just have one good player. Typical loud mouth NYer.


Whats up with Ricky Booker how is he progressing? he was listed at 254 last season but he looked a bit chubby the last time i saw him play how is he looking to you?

Typical uninformed, dipsh1t UM fan.

Double Panther....the proof is in the pudding, since it's evident to me they have put a lot of resources into baseball and football. Also, I'm sure most people here would agree, that turning around FIU baseball into a top national team is a lot easier than turning a historically-losing hoops team into a contender, and not due to whether a sport is a money maker or not....I don't think FIU basketball could be a money maker anytime soon...

Franky baby... you're wrong about USC. Price scheduled that series before he was canned. I happen to know that because, when I was covering the team, we did an interview where he told me they had scheduled USC for a home-and-home. I believe the others were of TT's doing, but I don't know that for sure.

Also (referencing the last blog), you're wrong about the "majority" of last year's team being guys Price recruited. Compare the 2008 roster with 2007, genius. 50% of the roster were guys who came AFTER Price left. I guess you were too busy coaching ballplayers to notice that.

Oh, and I don't care if said D-II team is the best one on Earth. FIU should NEVER lose to D-II teams. Ever. Some of the other losses bordered on completely embarrasing. And so what if he beat UM? Price beat Miami plenty of times at the Light. Doesn't mean jack. Talk to me when he does it in a regional.

Besides that, I'll grant you that the team's young and 22 newcomers won't make team chemistry come any easier. But I'm just curious... are you going to use that as a crutch should the team start tanking late in the season? Sounded like it to me.

I've seen plenty of FIU baseball, and what I know is that they should be the type of program that re-loads every season, not re-builds. That's why Price is gone. I wasn't expecting TT to win a national title last year, or the next 2-3 years. But 16 games under .500? No one here saw that coming.

What really bothered me about last season was that I think a good coach should be able to take whatever talent he's got and make it better. Perhaps TT did that, but it didn't show in the overall season record, and that's what matters. I hope that doesn't happen again.
It's a good start so far.

Clawing Cancer, I have a question for you since you know more stats than I do, how many times have our basketball team loss to a DII team since we are on the Sunbelt?
I am not calling for TT's head, but if he doesn't win in the future, what about Demonico, he just made a name of himself managing the Netherlands team.

Ok how about for a new chant, instead of the announcer saying the old "another FIU FIRST DOWN" like every other team uses, we say another "First Down for F-I-UUUUUUUUUUUUU" and "Touchdown F-I-UUUUUUUUUUUU!!!"

Hey I'm having a scotch and the rocks and thinking FIU chants, must be a Tuesday.

NY Josh,

Considering the lack of info you have about the team I will try to help you out.

First who said that we are playing .500 ball against the SBC. The only game that might give us big problmes (like every year) is Troy.

As for the three big schools that we are playing you are probably right. Remember we are not going after a National Championship so undefited season is not our main goal (it would be nice)!

Last but not least, I'm assuming you are also another U.C.G. fan (hopefully you actually attended the school, not like CrazyCane that is a private cheerleader of a school that he never attended). I thought U.C.G. was going to win the National Championship in 2006, 2007, 2008,2009, and let me guess you guys are going to win in 2010.. Ha ha ha.. Now thats crazy!

I'm still laughing about "One good player in the team" Get the info before you post in the FIU Blog otherwise just post in the U.C.G. blog..

Clawing C-

I can't disagree with you more. If your baseball analogy was correct the Yankees would be undefeated and the Marlins would never have one a World Series. The 50% of players that came after Price were after thoughts or Price recruits. We saw what TT did in his first full year of recruiting give him one more we cannot count the first one because he came in late.

As far as comparing football to baseball you can because DP had two losing seasons in a row before TT came in and there was no talent. So before you call anyone a genious I wonder how much baseball you really know.

sorry for the misspellings in a hurry in blackberry


UCF has a new manager and they are struggling mightily this year. I think their circumstances are about the same as ours. The fact is that very few managers who are replacing FIRED managers are going to be succesful off the bat. Some of those losses were not pretty, but when you realize that our #1 starter last year is our #3 starter this year then you can start to see the difference in talent levels. I'm excited we finally have some arms on this team. Though I am a little concern with the lack of hitting. Go F I U!


It's called Scotch "on the rocks" and it better have been a single malt....

Poured drinks in college, so I get picky with that stuff....

Gooch7 - why do you keep pointing out that I did not got UM? Is it your position that one cannot cheer for a school they did not attend? So if I was poor, or just plain dumb, and could not go to college (which i assume is most of your family) I could not cheer for ANY college sports teams? That is just dumb. How about if I attended college outside the US and moved here when I was in my late 20's or 30's, can I not cheer/root for a college sports program either. Get a clue my man. You do not have to go to a specific college to be a fan of their sports program.

Second, I think what MY josh was saying was how can you gaurantee a bowl game with the history of your program? He is saying that your gaurantee is a pile of dog crap b/c FIU has never gone .500 within their own conference and with losses to 3 of your OCC games, a bowl game is unlikely, and definely not gaurenteeable. Is that a word, well, is now.

Finally, I saw somewhere that FIU is showing pride is Delmonico leading the Netherlands in the WBC b/c he is a former "FIU assisit." Are you kidding me? The guy never coached a game, and his involvement in FIU baseball was minimal at best. Is FIU that starved and/or desperate fro press. Hell, I think Joe Dimaggio, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron and Ernie Banks may have stepped on the FIU campus once back in the day, lets claim we have multiple Hall of Famers from the FIU family.

U.C.G. Cheerleader (CrazyCane)

I did not know that you can step down so far as mentioning family. Yes my family is full of idiots that attended schools like Michigan (AKA U.M.) Stanford, Some other small school in North Carolina by the name of Duke.. Last but not least my sister got to see 4 National Titles at UF while she was there. Guess what, don't hate because you will always be a cheerleader of a school that does not care anything about you (doesn't even know your name). As for athletic knowledge and probably your atheltic ability it is simply sorry.. I have already told you U.C.G. is looking for more cheerleaders.
By the way since you know so much about FIU, I'm starting to get the idea that you really want to come to the best school in town, and simply CAN'T!

Note: On another note, Baseball needs to pull of two good games against UALR..

Ok, this is a first and maybe the only time I can agree with CrazyCane...

Stop with the Delmonico rhetoric folks...It's just silly.



Booker still looks soft and he was getting owned by the O-line in drills last Friday, the new D-line coach (????) was all over him, Ricky did not look like he is enjoying himself. Heard Galiano calling him out for not being a 1st teamer due to effort. I am really hoping he and Rolle can step up this year and contribute. You plan for injuries always and these guys need to be ready in that 2 deep rotation to perform this season.

He is still very talented, but a project in the weight room and executing on the field. I wish him well though.


Is there a new D-Line Coach, if so, who is it?

Wow Gooch7, with so many smart people in your family, what happened to you? I mean I know FIU is the Harvard of the Southwest Miami Dade and all, but with family members who went to Michigan, Stanford and Duke, why are you the moron in the family who went to FIU?

CrazyPane get over it! Stop using this forum to be annoying.

FIURage, I could say the same thing to you.

I know I'm the idiot with a College Degree. The same school that I competed for ,and now proudly cheer for..

I also did not know that we had a new coach in the defesive side of the ball.. Anyone have Info on that..

Yes, let's get back on topic. If you ignore the troll, it will go away. They typically work much like a 3 year old child, the more attention they get with their tantrums the happier they are. Pete, what's up with the DL, how are the big guys looking. Go F I U!

Gooch7 it takes a big man to admit it. Although, I do not if it is fair to claim you competed for your school, I'm not sure that grabbing towels, keeping the bech grounded and filling water bottles counts as competing for your school.

Gooch7, I will tell you one thing about your FIU education, it has successfully prepared you to not respond to a counter-argument when it destroys your original point. So congrats there. I'm sure when you are at work washing cars and you tell the customer his car is ready and he tells you that there are streaks and the car is not done until those streaks are done, you respond by telling him that your sister went to Florida and she, along with the rest of your family, are smarter than yourself.

And as to you FIUPantherFan - why would I go away, this blog NEEDS me. Without me, this blog is boring. Like I have said in the past, FIU needs UM to be relevant. Why else would FIU want to play Miami so bad in football and baseball and basketball?

BP: Rouco had a loss this year against a D-II team. I don't think there's any others. It came early in the season when a bunch of people were hurt... but that shouldn't have happened anyway. FIU shouldn't be losing to D-II teams, no matter the sport. It's fair to jump on SR for that, and for the way the team tanked in the 2nd half against WKU.

I still don't think he'll get fired because of the contract. Maybe Pelegrin will have news on that front soon, but if it hasn't happened by now, I kind of doubt it will. Still, 5 years is plenty of time. I won't argue if he does end up being let go. At some point, you gotta deliver, and he hasn't. There's no denying that.

GP 90: How do you know that the 50% of players that came after Price were after thoughts or Price recruits? Coaches can (and sometimes do) pull offers made by a previous coach. I don't know what the case was here, but regardless, TT did let them get on the roster. I'm not going to come down on the man for that; he did have to make up ground recruiting-wise.

And (just a thought), maybe the 2 losing seasons Price had at the end wasn't so much about talent as it was about the coaching. No offense to the man, but some of his game decisions were strange, to say the least. And the less I say about some of the assistant coaches, the better. Then again, maybe it was the talent. I don't know. I just find that hard to believe.

PantherFan: Haven't been following UCF, so I can't say. But I do agree with the rest of what you wrote. I'm just sick of all the Price-bashing. I don't think it's fair to the man. He did great work at FIU. OK, he sucked at the end, but he did build a solid winning foundation. Much of the hopes we as fans have for this program came because of the success he had. I just wish more people acknowledged that instead of just rip him left and right because of his short-comings. Everyone has short-comings.

Clawing Cancer,

YOUR Wrong baby! i know 100% that Price did not schedule that. Price didnt even know what USC was at the time.

Double Panther - im not sure where your getting your info from, but Arizona and USC for top attendance in baseball?!?!?!?! Come on now! LSU has lead the nation i dont know how many times, theres texas, etc, etc... UM does not touch anywhere near those guys (Even during there up years). The only time the stadium gets packed is for FSU series and maybe some other high ranked ACC series, but after that, the attendance is poo. theres prob more people there to get a nestor special, then to see the baseball game.

Crazy Cane - First off, FSU & FLORIDA are no longer in the top 25. Secondly, lets wait and see how many of those are there at the end of the season. All of those teams have played pretty much all bs teams and their records are inflated. I even make a wager with you that UM will not make it to Omaha this year and another wager that they wont make a super regionall

franky the cat, CONGRATS, you too are now on the moron list with dunb comments. You post about Miami's attendance "even during the up years." We are talking about baseball remember, when were the down years in the past 20+ seasons? Since 1973, the program has been one of college baseball's elite, winning four national championships (1982, 1985, 1999, 2001) and advancing to the NCAA regionals a record 36 consecutive years. The school was in the college world series last year and won the ACC chamopionship.

With these facts, can you tell me when they had a down year as opposed to your, even during their up years, comment?

Congrats franky the cat, you have successfully joined the club for dumb remarks. In your post you talk about Miami baseball during their "up years" My friend, when were the down years in the past 25 years?

Because you seem to be uninformed, here is a little knowledge nugget for you to chew on:

Since 1973, the University of Miami baseball program has been one of college baseball's elite, winning four national championships (1982, 1985, 1999, 2001) and advancing to the NCAA regionals a record 36 consecutive years. Not too mention last year when they won the ACC and were at the CW.

Had to post it twice, i thought the first one got deleted. Sorry everyone for the somewhat duplicate post.


There should be more of the interview available later on the espn blog

If FIU needs UM to be relevant, why are YOU posting here seeing as you have absolutely nothing to do with that university.

The day we need Miami Dade Community College, is the day you can post on this blog.

Mario Cristobal interview on 560 WQAM on March 9, 2009.


Look for "Mario Cristobal w Big 0 3-9" in the list. Interesting interview.

Crazy Cane - heres a little knowledge for u nugget (Wow ur dumb). UM for many many many years before the ACC was an independent, which meant they played cr@p all year long and were pretty much guaranteed to make it to a regional. Look at whats happened to them since they joined a conference. They've won it once, last year, with a team that easily could of won it all but their coaches suck and are overpaid. UM is flaming these days, get over it... And just to fill you in, the year where they barely made the regionals (dont know how they did) would be considered a down year, along with some other worthless seasons.

Finally, i know for fact, 100%, where i could sit you down with past players from the late 90's and early 2000's that will tell about some of the schemes that ur golden team has done to cheat and win games over those years.

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