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FIU Makeovers

No, it's not one of the many makeovers shows on cable TV, these are just some upgrades to tell youWr about around FIU sports this week.

The FIU baseball team broke out its new gold tops in last night's 10-6 win over North Florida. The tops have that similar side swoosh thing (anyone in the sports uniform business could provide a better word for swoosh thing than me) that the football uniforms have. The word "Panthers" is in navy blue script across the chest of the new uni. Here's shortstop Junior Arrojo Jr rounding third base last night (thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo).

University Park Stadium is about to get a long-deserved paint job next Monday or Tuesday. Newport Construction headed by the mayor of FIU and project manager, Nelson Bradford Lopez, VP Jose "Pepe" Gomez and VP of operations, Jose More will oversee the painting.

The stadium's facade will now be dark blue along with gold. The old FIU "thundercats" logo will be gone. Eventually, the new FIU logo will be where the "tc" logo was.

Got the photo below e-mailed to me from an FIU fan, who was at the AmericanAirlines Arena. This is the FIU logo on the Heat's court for the upcoming NCAA hoops regional which begins Friday. The regional in Fiuhoops downtown Miami is being hosted by FIU.


The largest majority of votes that we've had in a poll question came out in our last question about what has been more impressive about FIU baseball this season. The poll is still open and you can still vote, but so far 94% of you good people have voted for the stellar starting pitching. Only 6% (probably the hitters families, LOL) voted for the offensive firepower FIU has put on this season. My vote was definitely for the pitching: if you can't get people out, you can't win.

We have a fashion question below the mini Q&A.

FIURage: Pete who is this QB Carlos Gonzales? Is he a walk on?

PP: Yes, a 5-10, 200-pound walk-on from McCarthy High in Cooper City.

You be the FIU baseball fashion consultant....


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