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FIU Makeovers

No, it's not one of the many makeovers shows on cable TV, these are just some upgrades to tell youWr about around FIU sports this week.

The FIU baseball team broke out its new gold tops in last night's 10-6 win over North Florida. The tops have that similar side swoosh thing (anyone in the sports uniform business could provide a better word for swoosh thing than me) that the football uniforms have. The word "Panthers" is in navy blue script across the chest of the new uni. Here's shortstop Junior Arrojo Jr rounding third base last night (thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo).

University Park Stadium is about to get a long-deserved paint job next Monday or Tuesday. Newport Construction headed by the mayor of FIU and project manager, Nelson Bradford Lopez, VP Jose "Pepe" Gomez and VP of operations, Jose More will oversee the painting.

The stadium's facade will now be dark blue along with gold. The old FIU "thundercats" logo will be gone. Eventually, the new FIU logo will be where the "tc" logo was.

Got the photo below e-mailed to me from an FIU fan, who was at the AmericanAirlines Arena. This is the FIU logo on the Heat's court for the upcoming NCAA hoops regional which begins Friday. The regional in Fiuhoops downtown Miami is being hosted by FIU.


The largest majority of votes that we've had in a poll question came out in our last question about what has been more impressive about FIU baseball this season. The poll is still open and you can still vote, but so far 94% of you good people have voted for the stellar starting pitching. Only 6% (probably the hitters families, LOL) voted for the offensive firepower FIU has put on this season. My vote was definitely for the pitching: if you can't get people out, you can't win.

We have a fashion question below the mini Q&A.

FIURage: Pete who is this QB Carlos Gonzales? Is he a walk on?

PP: Yes, a 5-10, 200-pound walk-on from McCarthy High in Cooper City.

You be the FIU baseball fashion consultant....


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Gold wins every time.


Nice to see the FIU logo on the basketball floor of AA Arena...Pretty cool.

That gold definitely looks nice. I know SouthPaw is happy. LOL

Hope there's good games this weekend at event hosted by FIU.


Note to the FIU Brand Manager. If this is the font style you're going to use to write out "Panthers" throughout FIU athletics, STICK TO IT. FIU has been historically plauged by the constant shifting of Panther font style that yields ZERO brand equity or recognizability, which is the point of branding, correct?

Now let's put the Panther spelled out on a few t-shirts and caps and let's sell some units.

Boys bring another W home, 3 - 0 on a nice pitching performance by the freshman, RJ Fondon. Keep it up this weekend against FDU. Pretty busy week for FIU as they have 4 games this weekend. Go F I U!

Great stuff, love seeing that logo on the AAA court.

Another big win for the baseball team. 11-4 on the year with a 4 game set this coming weekend before going up to Daytona Beach for a game with Bethune next Tuesday. Key 5 game stretch to stay strong.

Totally agree with GPantera, what is so hard about using the same font for teams logos. It should be one logo adn lettering for all teams.

Can someone from our nationally ranked business school or communications school walk over to Pete Garcia's office and let him borrow your Marketing 101 handouts.

Im just happy because we are at least finally keeping the shades of blue and gold the same everywhere.

All we need are some blue baseball pants to go with the blue jeseys to get some fans riled up :-)

BLUEBERRY!!!!!!! That fan would probably have a heart attack.

Baseball needs some pinstripes

For all Hoops fans, if you are participating in the ESPN Tournament Challenge, I've created a group called "FIU Hoops Fans". Its public and open to ALL GPPers!


Logo looks great!

Great job again Pete!

I'm probably a little late to the pissing contest from last week about FIU vs UCG in academic success etc... nice story about a recent FIU alumnus in the lastest FIU Magazine that went out recently.

I guess his awful academic preparation at FIU has held him back in life....


MIA Josh, CC, U/24, Paolo and the rest of you scUMbags:

He's one of the peasants you guys often refer to on here about the FIU student body or alumnus population. Born in Italy and raised in El Salvador...

Nice job Pier, see you soon !!!

Where will you be seeing him soon? While waiting in line for cafe con leche?

You are right blueandgold, since you found one article about a successful FIU person, there must not be any successful UM ones...

Oh wait, since this is a sports blog, you can just look at all the NFL rosters for the successful alumni


Any idea if and where we can grab some replica FIU baseball caps. I checked NewEra.com and Lids.com, but haven't seen anything.

IAMFIU, are you really that surprised you cannot find the hats?

I'm sure there's one thing of abundance to be found on the Internet though - scUM mugshots. Can't wait to sport some ND gear at a future Catholics vs CANEvicts matchup. Not even god likes you.

scUMsanitizer G-d doesn't like us? Then why has our program been blessed with so many Nat'l Championships while FIU has None? Why has G-d allowed so many of our athletes to go onto professional careers and make millions and millions of dollars while FIU has had a fraction of the number of athletes go onto to major professional sports careers? Why has G-d provided UM with a beautiful campus in the heart of Coral Gables while Fiu is stuck out in West Miami next to the Turnpike extension?
Why has G-d made UM one of the most recognizable schools in the Country and the World, while the local papers cannot even get its name right in the media (is it FIU or Florida International University?) Why has G-d permitted UM to become of Pop Culture while FIU remains largely unknown except in most Cuban Coffee Shops? Wow, id G-d hates UM as you say, what does he think of FIU?

I knew GPantera would have something to say about the Panthers logo lol I agree...

Pete, how the hell did FIU manage to become a regional host for the NCAA tournament? I mean, what exactly does that mean that we're hosting? And why would NCAA let us host, we are SunBelt bottom dwellers.

I dunno its just kinda weird to see FIU in this position.

CrazyCane obviously hasn't spent some quality time on our campus lately. Sure, scUM has a nice campus, but so does FIU. Things have changed quite a bit since "Primera Casa" was indeed the first building on campus.

CrazyCane: "Our program"??? Last time I checked you did not attend UM so don't say "our" program. Don't be such a poser and at least take a Jazz appreciation class at UM if you want to be considered a REAL fan.

Ouch!! Sucks for you buddy! It's a nice feeling to say "OUR" athletic programs and "OUR" campus continues to get bigger and better everyday. "OUR" inside the campus stadium is just amazing. Nice not to pay "rent"! Can't wait till 2011 when we can proudly have a 45K seat stadium. Forget 2011. How about the 2009 season baby!

Well I'm sticking to my prediction. 15 wins for baseball after we get done with WKU.. Turtle is the MAN!

Not even god likes you.

Posted by: scUMsanitizer | March 19, 2009 at 05:09 PM

You're pretty pathetic? Even God doesn't like UM?

*Meant to say: "You're pretty pathetic aren't you?"

Can't wait to see the old logo on the stadium gone. It was definately time for a change!

I'm very surprised to see the baseball team doing so well. No one envisioned Rembisz and Ebert being lights out dominant. Let's keep it up!!

this back and forth um-fiu willy measuring contest has gotten really old...

'wish i still had time to change my baseball predictions because it looks like i really underestimated our pitching.

Our pitching has been phenomenal. We are definetly going to go really far this season if we can keep it up consistently. Truth be told, we probably should have swept UALR and Troy earlier, giving us a perfect Sun Belt record. But we just gotta keep playing our game and we'll be fine. Can't wait to get out to the stadium tonight! GO PANTHERS!!

LOL seems like my comment struck a nerve with you scUMbuckets. I couldn't be more pleased. I hope your blood pressure shot threw the roof while responding.

It wasnt G*d that helped in those Natl Championships, it was Moses...Ha!

And to clear something up, you guys were talking about academics, not athletics when the whole alumni smart thing came up... So the NFL roster thing is pretty worthless there.


I have to totally agree with Yandro. can't wait till the old logo is finally gone. I think that logo is as old as the Sunblazers.

Count me out for the Baseball contest. This team is on fire specially in pitching. One thing I'm very guilty as well as other FIU fans is that I have only been to ONE baseball game this season.. Not good. We all need to make it more of a priority to support a team that is on fire.. Go FIU!!

I agree with you Gooch... I feel bad that I've only been to three games this season, including tonight. We gotta start spreading the word about our team and get butts in the seats. It's gonna take a grassroots campaign to get things going. It's gotta start with students... heck it's free for us! Why aren't we going there in droves?? Fact is people don't know... that's where it needs to start!

students should use it as an excuse to tailgate (bbq & drink with friends) and then go and show some school spirit. I guarantee you that there are plenty of students in those dorms that arent doing anything better. Having a good fan base also adds a plus to the recruiting process as well.

exactly, i don't even live on campus and i make an effort to go to as many games as i can. the question becomes how do we get those in those dorms into the stadium? It shouldn't be too complicated, should it?

Hey! Pete Garcia why not let Miami FC play at the stadium. We are going to boycott any soccer games if you don't let them. MFC is our pro soccer team in Miami. Let them play.


The marketing dept needs to get off their @sses and do something. Get the student body out there

Mr. Garcia you are not a good man if you don't let MFC play in FIU.

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