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Pitching, Pitching, Pitching

Poli FIU lefty Corey Polizzano was named Sun Belt Pitcher of the Week on Monday after striking out 11 in Sunday's win over Arkansas-Little Rock.

CP follows right-hander Tom Ebert, who took the Pitcher of the Week honor last week after his 2-hit shutout masterpiece against Troy, which followed Scott Rembisz's eight-inning scoreless performance vs. Troy last Friday.

You have 6 chances to see that pitching in action this week with a 2-game series against North Florida beginning Tuesday at 6 p.m. and again on Wednesday. Then Fairleigh Dickinson comes to town for a 4-game series beginning Friday at 7 p.m.

FIU took 2 of 3 vs. the Trojans and has NOT lost a series this season. What a difference getting solid starting pitching makes. Check out these numbers from the Panthers top 3 starters:

Rembisz: 3-0, 1.93 ERA, 28 IP, 25 Ks, 2 BB, (.206 opponents batting average)

Ebert: 2-1, 0.84 ERA, 21 IP, 27 Ks, 4 BB, (.137 opps BA)

Polizzano: 1-1, 2.65 ERA, 17 IP, 18 Ks, 4 BB (.210 opps BA)Wg

It's only mid-March, but FIU has shown to have the pitching thus far to play in the NCAA postseason for the first time since 2002. Maybe that's why Wally Gator didn't want to play anymore.



Nice job by the FIU marketing/website folks in launching the new website at fiusports.com. Check out the new and improved version.


alt7787: Hey Pete, Hows Chris Volstad looking? I heard he had to leave a game a few days ago afterVol being hit by a pitch.

PP: Volstad is doing very well. He threw 5 shutout innings against the Mets yesterday and only needed 54 pitches to do so. He's got a welt on his right leg, but has not affected his performance on the mound.

Alonzo: Hey Pete, I think someone mentioned on the comments section of the last blog that we finally got a D-line coach? Any truth? Also, doesn't having a week off kind of interrupt the practice momentum?

PP: Cary Godette is the DL coach. He was at Rutgers and before that with Jimmy Johnson on the Dolphins staff. If this was regular season preparations, then yes, a week off for spring break would probably interrupt practice momentum. But we're in spring ball here and the entire team is not around due to injuries and freshmen who have not arrived at FIU yet. Spring ball is a chance for backups and walk-ons to make their marks heading into fall camp.

FIU Fanatic: Question Pete: Two pitchers on the roster have not pitched....Bryam Garcia, and Miguel Mejia...both of them with good accolades and JUCO experience, with Mejia being a two-time 1st team All Conference, and Conference MVP last season....Are they injured?....grades?...sitting out?

PP: Mejia qualified at FIU and is taking classes, but not all of his academic paperwork got to FIU on time so he has to sit out this season. Been told that MM is as talented as Rembisz and Ebert. Checking on Garcia.

CrazyPanther: Pete, your in "the know" what happened to Sid in the morning on 790 the Ticket?

PP: Not in the know about sports talk radio. Don't really listen to it.


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FIU beats North Florida in the first game tonight, 10-6. Hope they continue their winning ways tomorrow and sweep UNF.

Thanks Pete. I'am really liking the new look of FIUsports.com. I think they did a great job. Who's this number 4 jersey kid? Is he any good? lol.

Pete who is this QB Carlos Gonzales? Is he a walk on?

I think the site is still a little busy with all those ads.

But its wayyyy better than the last one.

We should be over 10 wins in baseball in the next two days. Great start so far. Big series coming up with Louisiana-Lafayette. Can't forget Bethun before that eigther..

My vote was for the "Outstanding Pitching". What a difference one year can make.

As for the Web Page (FIUSPORTS.COM). AMAZING! Old one was good, but this one is way better. I wish the advertising would be smaller (unless the Money is right).. Ha ha ha.

It would be amazing to have 20 wins by the time we finish playing WKU (April 5). If the pitching and the big bats keep playing the way they have it should not be a problem. Need to play strong against Louisiana-Lafayette and the one game against Bethune..

Great start for Turtle and the boys!

FIU already has 10 wins, as they are right now 10-4. Our baseball team needs to take care of these next non-conference 6 games, with one tonight against UNF, then the 4-game series with Farleigh Dickinson, and finally Bethune...Coming out of that stretch 6-0 is certainly doable, I would say...(don't want to jinx it, but that's what I feel today).

WKU is, so far, leading the Sun Belt with a 6-0 record, so it's good we have them at home with our top 3 pitchers hopefully ready. Winning 2 of 3 in every series will go a long way towards establishing FIU in good position for a playoff run....Here's hoping that...

We have a newer...smaller...fanatic?

As for the new fiusports.com website...I like it....like many others, I would prefer less...or smaller...advertising stuff as well...but it's very good...

We just moved to 11-4 with a series sweeping win against UNF.

Corey Polizzano is the best pitcher!

Your article on FIU cutting 1 mil. from budget cracks me up. All sports programs except football will be cut. A none fact. Every sport has suffered since the inception of football. With Turtle Thomas on staff you will need all the money and help you can buy to keep the NCAA from coming down on the program. Give it time,from what i heard UM and UCF already reported Turtle to the NCAA. I also heard a professor was fired because he turned Turtle in for practicing to many hours.

Someone needs to check out the furniture deal Pete Garcia got for his office. I hear it came with intimate relations. I guess he's paying for it now!!!!!

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