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See Them In May and Maybe In December

Rest We've had a lot of back and forth between GPP readers of late so let's put this whole FIU/UM thing to rest once and for all.

Last April, I wrote on the GPP and in the Miami Herald game story after the first FIU/UM baseball game last season at University Park Stadium, that UM was going to cancel all the series in the revenue sports with FIU.

After the teams played in basketball last December in Coral Gables, I again mentioned in the MH game story that this was the last game between the schools, because UM was going to cancel all the series in the revenue sports with FIU.

And after both those stories came out, the folks in Coral Gables called to voice their displeasure saying IByrne  Biel didn't know what I was talking about.......Fast forward to last Sunday.

Now, I'm no Nicholas Cage in: (you pick the movie, "Next" or "Knowing" both have similar plots where NC can see the future and both flicks also have a lovely co-star: Jessica Biel [near left] or Rose Byrne), but I guess I knew something about this happening 11 months ago.

In last Sunday's paper, Barry Jackson had in his column someone from UM finally talking about the state of the crosstown series......Thank you Barry, Kirby and the folks from Coral Gables for validating what I wrote 11 months ago and again 3 months ago.

In case you missed it , UM AD Kirby Hocutt told Jackson: "'There's history there,'' referring to the 2006 brawl in UM's 35-0 victory. (Miami won 23-9, without incident, in 2007.) ''This particular time, it's not in Miami's best interests'' to play FIU. 'Will it change in five years? Ten years? I don't want to speculate.''

Ds C'mon, Kirby, you or the people pushing to cancel the crosstown series could have come up with a better excuse, than citing the 2006 brawl. 

For example, a better and more believable excuse than "there's history there" could have been: UM will not play FIU until they rename Dolphin Stadium to Hurricane Stadium or something like that.

Plus, you went on Joe Rose's radio show on Wednesday and said there is no bad blood between FIU and UM. So which is it? "there's history there" or no bad blood?

The brawl is a poor excuse, because the teams played with no problems in 2007 in what ended up being a two-touchdown game. Hell, even the 2 head coaches (right) embraced at midfield after the game and players from both sides were exchanging hugs and handshakes afterward.Coaches

If UM doesn't want to play FIU, then that's OK. That's the choice of the folks in Coral Gables.

About the only way the 2 teams meet from now on will be each May in an NCAA baseball regional or possibly in a bowl game with the Hurricanes rebuilding and the Panthers building. They could meet in the St. Petersburg Bowl and draw a much better crowd than the 25,000 that showed last year to see Memphis and South Florida.

Let's set aside the "There's history there". Here's why UM will not play FIU anymore:

Because there's an actual athletic threat brewing at FIU.

Comp Before the green and orange go pounding their keyboards, here's what I mean:

I'm not saying the Panthers are ready to start beating the Hurricanes on a regular basis this year or next, but give FIU another couple of years of recruiting and developing. UM will be recruiting and developing too, but here's why the series would start to even out.

Within the past 3 years, FIU hired an AD (Pete Garcia) that knows what he's doing and has made winning a priority at FIU, where before PG, I'm not sure winning was No. 1 on the to-do list under rotating FIU ADs.

FIU hired a football coach (Mario Cristobal) that brought discipline, knows how to recruit and relate to high school and college players and in just his second season tied the program-high for wins and had the Panthers in bowl contention until late November.

FIU hired the nation's top college baseball recruiter (Turtle Thomas) as its baseball head coach and he has the Panthers off to their best start (17-5) since 2002 and brought in the No. 15 recruiting class in the nation.Ttjm

When the former FIU ADs, and head coaches in football and baseball were in place, UM never felt any heat from FIU. So sure, let's play the Panthers every season -- the Hurricanes would say.

Here's an anecdote to illustrate the previous point: When the FIU baseball coaching job was open in 2007, the last person UM coach Jim Morris wanted to see take the FIU job was Turtle Thomas.

Forget about the past when they worked together, Oliver Stone is not making a movie about that and unless you are TT or JM, you don't know squat about that situation. Only those 2 guys know.

Os Here's why JM did not want TT 9 miles away coaching Division I baseball: Thomas, before FIU, had produced 19 consecutive top 10 recruiting classes at his previous stops and at FIU -- a program that has not been to an NCAA regional since 2002, TT got the No. 15 recruiting class in the nation in his first full recruiting season in 2008.

So when the FIU job was open, JM quickly recommended to FIU AD Pete Garcia to hire 1 of his 2 assistants: J.D. Arteaga or Gino DiMare -- a combined 17 years of college baseball coaching experience. At that point, TT had 31 years of college baseball coaching experience.

JD knows baseball and I'm sure JD will make a fine college baseball head coach one day, but he wasn't ready to be a head coach in 2007.

And DiMare is no longer on the UM staff,  or as Morris said, Gino wanted to spend more time with hisSvg family -- that line sounds familiar?.....

So what you have is FIU getting better football and baseball players than they ever have before and from an area (South Florida) that is a hotbed for both football and baseball talent.

You also have MC and TT recruiting the heck out of the state of Florida and all around the nation -- FIU  right-hander Tom Ebert -- he of the 1.80 ERA and 95 MPH heat -- is from Iowa by way of North Dakota. New FIU TE Dudley LaPorte, the No. 1-rated JUCO TE, is from Connecticut by way of California.

How did that quote from above go again? : "This particular time, it's not in Miami's best interests to play FIU."

UM's best interests, they have said, is to play more elite teams from around the nation and FIU is not in that category. Fair enough, after all FIU is in year 3 of Division I football and baseball had been mismanaged for some time before TT's arrival.

Yet, there is Charleston Southern and FAMU on the football schedule & St. Thomas and Barry on the baseball schedule. Not exactly top 25 competition and 3 of those 4 teams are in-state.

In the scenario of FIU beating UM, here in South Florida -- Bandwagon Capital USA -- it would not surprise to start seeing -- not the die-hard UM fans -- but the bandwagon UM fans start to take an interest in FIU and possibly even start rooting for them. It's only natural, everybody loves a winner.

Of course, there will be some who will click on the X in the right corner of their screen upon reading this Ja post or send their greetings in the comments section saying this guy might have had a little too much while writing this.

But about 11 months ago you read here how UM was going to cancel all the series with FIU and some then also clicked on the X in the right corner of their screen.

I'm not Nic Cage, but like our old GPP friend Joaquin Andujar reminded us before FIU defeated UM (right) in Coral Gables last year -- in the last baseball game the 2 teams would play: "Youneverknow".Fium 

The crosstown series matter has been put to rest on the GPP. Now you vote and decide.


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Very interesting blog post Pete. UM, I think, is being really smart and their decision not to play FIU makes complete sense.

NOT saying FIU is ready to dominate UM in sports, because that might not ever happen, but UM should just say the typical PR crap and stick to, 'at this time, UM has no interest in playing FIU'. And when they ask the follow up questions, just stick to No Comment.

But coming out and talking about the 06 Brawl is complete BS in my opinion.

Great post, Pete. You hit it right on the money!

I can tell this is issue is something that you have a lot of opinions about. I think this is the longest post you've made in while. ha.

There is no question that everything you said, in my opinon, is right. You brought up numerous legitimate reasons to counter everything that UM claims. The brawl has nothing to do with anything anymore. That was a long time ago. FIU football has changed completely in every aspect. Players dont have to "settle" for FIU anymore like they may have had to a few years ago. Coach Cristobal has turned our program into one that athletes are legitimately excited to play for. There is no longer resentment between players at UM and FIU because our players are proud to be Golden Panthers and would not want to be anything else. The Coaches and front office are fully committed to running the athletics department the right way, and that includes making it clear that a fiasco like the one in 2006 will not be tolerated and that there will be repercussions. A brawl will never happen again.

All we can do is hope for what Pete suggested in his blog title, seeing them in May and/or December. I think that might be sweeter. Knocking them out of the baseball playoffs or beating them in a Bowl game would be much better than a regular season win.

Pete I have a suggestion. Af the end of the year when the football and baseball seasons are completed we should evaluate how well FIU played and make a stronger case to play against UM. You should organize some kind of petition or boycott or something to show the people at UM that a FIU v. UM rivalry is something that South Florida wants and needs because it is. UCLA plays USC, Rice plays Houston and even though UF and FSU are not as close as the aforementioned schools are to each other, they are still worth mentioning.

By the way I noticed something kinda scary or funny, whatever way you want to put it. We have a RB named Darriet Perry and UM has a RB named Damien Berry. freaky isnt it....?

Interesting post. Lets just hope our athletics continues to grow and one day gets big enough to make it impossible to ignore.

Playing on the brawl is a cop out. There's "been history" since before and after the fight.

But as soon as we start getting better...suddenly they don't want to play us anymore? Well, F "DAH U".

Atleast have the balls to say "we have to much too lose" if FIU starts winning.


Great stuff Pete, one of the most entertaining blogs you've ever written! I don't think we should play them at all anymore unless forced to in post season play. I'm tired of them trying to act like FIU isn't good enough, yet playing the FAMU's and Charleston Southern's, who of course are power houses in FCS football.


I was born and raised a canes fan. In fact, I love the canes but just like many of us here, I went to FIU when we did not have a football team or athletic program in general. This of course led me to root for UM while I attended FIU. Ever since FIU achieved DIV. I status, my commitment has shifted more towards my alma mater. Especially now where there is an obvious commitment to athletic excellence. And why shouldn't I, the stronger FIU gets the more my diploma will work for me.

In effect, I will always root for the canes to do well but FIU is my new # 1. I love FIU and love the direction that this school is headed into.

I would like to co-sign on this blog. Pete, are simply calling it as you see it.

One of the best blogs you have written in a while. Your 100% correct. First, if FIU where to win, UMs recruiting would be completely damaged. Furthermore, many HS kids want to play in big games, UM which would be and has been an out of control playing environment doesn’t want to place that big game on FIU's schedule; understandably. It hurts there recruiting and helps ours (everyone wants to play on the underdog team and beat the goliath; it helps FIUs recruiting). I believe it is inevitable, UM will play FIU eventually, society in general will call for it. And when it happens, FIU will trounce the Canes.

Forget about UM. Let them rot. Why should we care?
I finally agree with UM. It isn't a rivalry. One day they'll want to play us. They'll let us know. Until then, let's keep playing the best teams we can schedule. Go FIU!

Pete, I cannot post using Firefox. Something to mention to your webmaster. Thanks.

I am coming to the realization that FIU is growing way beyond anyone's expectations. As early as a decade ago, FIU was seen by many in South Florida as Miami-Dade College, Part Deux. But that characterization is quickly fading.

As much as I hate to admit it, Pres. Maidique, as questionable and controversial as he's been, has otherwise been making the right moves to establish FIU as a legitimate school overall.

In the US, three things give a school prestige. A medical school, a law school, and a competitive Div I-A (BCS) football program. Maidique has given us all three. Furthermore, he's further developed the school's infrastructure at both campuses and established the School of International and Public Affairs, a vision of the original founders of Florida INTERNATIONAL University (as an INR alum myself, I'm definitely glad to see my diploma gaining even more value).

Our school grows stronger, is gaining notoriety, and is becoming more selective academically. Thinking about the sacrifices FIU has made in recent years, in the end, it will all be worth it. As those three programs we now have grow prestige, so will FIU's coffers, and the sacrfices of today will be the fortunes of tomorrow.

So yes, UM and their alumni have grown from the arrogant elite to being on the defensive. Look, UM is a South Florida fixture. Your sports programs have brought joy to many locals in years past. But you know what? Your monopoly of the Miami-area academic and athletics scenes are coming to an end. Because when FIU gains the respect they've been earning step by step, I and many others would rather pay ~$2,000/semester with my peers than go to Coral Gables to mortgage my life away with trust fund babies who don't appreciate their expensive education.

That pretty much sums it up Bryan.

Warthen looked quick noticed him on both ends, should be big contributor this fall if healthy, your take

Well Said Mr. P

Keep up the strong work!

The brawl is indeed a very weak excuse but the decision to stop playing us is a savvy one. Why give a local opponent a yearly measuring stick that could accelerate the growth of a future competitor. The time will come where we will play them again, it is unavoidable, for now we take comfort in this decision by scUM serving as validation that our program will be one to rekon with in the not too distant future.

Hogwash. PP, I didn't know you were a mindreader. I didn't know you could read others peoples thoughts through there statments.

In your article you commit the same faults as you claim Kirby did in his two interviews with the MH and JR. You say that Miami is scared to play FIU b/c of their growing talent and a fear of losing recruiting wars in baseball, and then you say that JM and TT just do not like eachother. So which is it, are they not playing in baseball b/c of recruiting fears, or a dislike for eachother - or Both?

Can't it be the same for Kirby - there is history there, there is no bad blood, but at this team playing is not in Miami's best interest.

As for the football arguments - just to address the USC - UCLA comparison, FIU is neither of those schools. And the poster who posted - "UF plays FSU every year" in support of thewir argument for why UM should play FIU, UM plays FSU every year too smart guy. So there is our every year in state rival - not you bottom dwelling losers.

Figured CANDY CANE couldn't resist chiming in. The UCLA-USC comparison is obviously based on proximity of the schools, as was the UF-FSU comment which has nothing to do with in-state competion as you tried interjecting. I understand it is the scUMmy way of life to ignore the main point of contention (cross-town competition) and divert attention where possible but try to babble with some reason if you must babble at all.

Great write up Pete, and on the money. This is one of the most natural rivalries in college sports, with a long history in several sports already. We will keep scheduling games against teams like Alabama and Florida, and keep on proving ourselves in the SBC. Eventually they will have to play us, be it in a bowl or in regionals.

Great article, PP. I remember when you wrote that here...it only seems that new AD now had to gall to "make it public" or "official" now...

Truth is said in all the above posts (minus the last one, of course...lol) about the motivations, realities of this series, and the eventual renewing of this series. The 2006 fiasco used as an excuse..you all are right...is just that, an excuse. Now, I'm sure some will try to find a way to spin it, inexcusaby, their own way....But that is history right now.

I'm so proud Pete Garcia finished what Kirby started. Let's sever ALL sports relationship until it is renewed in an equitable way. The reality of it is, we should carve up our own destiny without having to play any schoo...including the canes. We don't need them to play us as much as they don't need to play us. Time will take care of that issue...if it ever does....

Again, great post PP....way to bring a perspective on what has been brewing for a long time (is it 11 months?..wow).

Pete, how could you forget about Mount St. Mary's and University of Maryland Baltimore County? Those 2 are elite programs.

CrazyCane - UM has been a bottom dweller these past couple of seasons as well, so i wouldnt be talking like they have been almighty. What have they done worth noting over the past couple of years? The same with FSU. Your point is pretty dumb there "smart guy".

I think its simple, FIU fans would like to see the series between FIU and UM for the same reasons that UM fans would like to see the series between UM and UF continue. Its FUN. We all have a lot of friends that are fans of FIU or UM or UF of FSU or some combination of those schools, and its fun to have the teams play each other for the simple fact thats its fun to talk garbage. (Everyone here knows how fun it really is)

UM wont play FIU it is what it is, its too bad, it would have been fun for both sets of fans. But for now not going to happen so no problem we consentrate on the games we do play in all our sports aganist other quality opponents. We get to play UF in football next year, and maybe soon FSU too. UM will go on and so will we.

FIU is definately on the way up, and thats better than down.

C-UM - are you a college sports fan? Do you have a clue? Lets see - UM baseball was IN the college world series last year and won the ACC, this year, UM is Number 2 in the country right now, where was FIU? UM football was in contention to get to the ACC title game last year before losing to Ga Tech, and they beat the eventual ACC champion Va Tech. Where was FIU football? In basketball, UM was in the second round of the NCAA tourny just last year and this year was in the Top 25 for a period of time - did FIU even play basketball this year?

Here's a tip C-UM, take last weeks gas station attendant salary of $52.75 you made a go out and buy a clue.

you were talking football there... i know what they have done in baseball; CHOKE! and you shouldnt be too proud of that either

And thats great that they were in contention last year, but wasnt it you that wrote on here a few days ago that "almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"?

So heres a tip for you, when you look dumb bc ur argument is pointless/worthless dont go and try to switch your whole argument around. Lets look at this excerpt straight from your post "As for the football arguments "... Goodluck pal

Pete - I have to take issue with your blog and you calling ouot Coach morris and the UM baseball program as a whole. You, and the rest of this blog can talk all of the crap about UM football you want, especially since Miami has had a down couple of years, we all know who has 6 rings (yes I am counting OSU in '02) and who has yet to even have a winning season.

But my point is about baseball. You have done your readers a real disservice in allowing them to believe that at this point in time that FIU is anywhere even close to the same class that UM is. Now, in time, with the help of TT, I am sure FIU will be back in contention for regionals and super regionals and possibly a CWS, but as for right now, NOONE can argue that UM is not at the top of the mountain here locally, in the state, and in country (along with some other programs UNC and Ga Tech just to name a few)as far as baseball is concerned.

Miami is not playing FIU b/c they do not have to. Miami is not playing baseball with FIU b/c JM doesn't like TT. Miami is not playing baseball with FIU b/c UM has nothing to gain from it. FIU wishes it could be in UM's position with baseball (and football for that matter) It is what they are striving to be. So PP, and the GPP bloggers, please do not be blinded by idiotic posters or bandwagon hoppers - FIU IS envious of UM sports and I would bet you my last dollar that PG, MC, and TT all hope and pray everynight to enjoy the success with FIU that Miami has had, will have and currently has and if you think otherwise, you are just lying to yourself.

Jimmy - I'll take the victories and championships that UM has won but you can keep the program, stadium, reputation and uneducated fanbase. If you can split all that up then, and only then, would I be envious of UM. Right now you are pittied more than envied, even given your baseball success because very few care about college baseball, it is what it is.

JM is a F@*!!!!! drill that into ur skull. before coming to UM, he didnt have any national championships and had NEVER been to a College World Series. He owes ALL of his success to the coaches that actually built that program as in Ron Fraser, TT, Brad kelly, Mike Ferguson, Jim "Piz"(dont know last name spelling), and yes, ill even throw in the infamous Lazer Collazo in there.

The Jimmy Morris Experience:

Skinny ole beer-bellied, calcium deficient, yella-chicken $hit....that Jimmy Morris ??

$hitbirds: since when has winning or striving to success been something to be ashamed of or envious of ??? We are not JEALOUS of UCG, FIU Alumns just want to kick their CAN all over the place. Just like UF and FSU have done in the past. We'll get our LICKs in and hopefully in the regionals for baseball this year.

You talk about BANDWAGON ??? what the hell do you call Mr. Manny Navarro - he actually went to school at FIU. That's like a Depaul grad shunning his alma mater and rooting for Northwestern....How friggin ridiculous is that. I don't care if it's his job, it's so WEAK !!

What you scUMbuckets don't realize is that....YEAH, we've been down and operated less than mediocre AD programs for a while - but that is changing in very short order.

If anyone is ENVIOUS of UCG it's folks like Manny and all the GED scUM bags that cheer for a school that they never attended.

PG, TT, and MC....All of those guys have RINGs you IDIOT, get a clue !! What are they supposed to ASPIRE to LOSING and butchering the ENGLISH language like "Marble Mouth."

what happened to the other message board????

You forgot to mention that the U tried to enlist F.I.U. in a plan to jointly renovate and occupy the orange bowl. F.I.U. continued it's plans for the magnificent on campus stadium and the U lost it's home advantage when it was forced to move to the mauseleum on the couny line. The stadium situation,more than anything else,is the writing on the wall of the future of the programs. Playing each other would only accelerate that future. U is doing the right thing.The future belongs to F.I.U.

wow, sensitive subject.

If we can only put the passions expressed on this blog into a game, think about what kind of rivalry that would be and what that could do for the city of Miami. Oh wait, we cant cause Miami’s AD is a wimped...

Good point Juan. When they were looking for $ to avoid their own responsibilities to their alumni and fanbase, which were largely opposed to leaving the OB, then there are no hard feelings and they want to partner with us , but afterwards FIU can go F themselves, right? Wrong. We are carving out our own path, love that.


I totally agree that UM has nothing to gain by beating FIU. But what a coincidence that it took TT being hired for the wimp JM to stop the series

Hey c-UM, a little background on Coach Morris to educate your little little mind.

At Georgia Tech, Morris was the all-time leader in coaching victories, in any of the school's varsity sports, as he had 12 straight winning seasons, nine straight NCAA regional berths, four straight Atlantic Coast Conference titles (1985-88) and a school-record 51 wins in 1987.

No, he did not go to a CWS during his time at Ga Tech, but does he owe all of his success at Ga Tech to Ron Fraser, TT, Brad kelly, Mike Ferguson, Jim "Piz and Lazer Collazo - I think not.

Please tell me, other than recruiting well for teams in which he was not the head coach, what had TT ever really done (or won) to be so great?

JM Exp-

Were you the guy JM left his wife for? You sure do defend him!

Jimmy Boy, who cares what he was at Ga. Tech. Of course he lead in victories, baseball plays more games then any of the other sports. DUMB!.. He can keep his ACC Titles and NCAA berths, but what everybody plays for is to get to the CWS and win it, which he had never done. Plus, the ACC was a completely different conference back then.

Ummmmm, another great topic by Jimmy Boy, my good friend. How about having the MOST (Yes, #1) College World Series appearance by any active coach. He is, i believe, 1 or 2 away from the all-time record.

I believe is one of the only coaches ever to win a CWS with one school and the very next year win it again with another school.

Thats just a few big ones...

HAHAAHAHA!!! thats pretty funny inspubadj... I thought it was Gino? guess i was wrong

So your point is TT is very good at riding other peoples coat tales? Or is your point that TT would not be where he is today without Morris and the other coaches he apprenteced for? Or is your point that TT has been a #2, #3 or #4 guy on everyteam he succeeded with, but never the head honcho? And while we are talking about your beloved TT - lets look at some of the programs he has been associated with shall we

Ga Tech (with JM)
Miami (with JM)

Hmmm, sure looks like the guy knows which jobs to take. And yes, he has been to the CWS almost more than anyone - a little research shows it as something like 14 times. Wow, that is amazing - and you know what is more amazing, 9 of those trips to the CWS was working under JM. That's right, JM went to the College World Series 9 times as the HEAD COACH with TT working as a assist., funny thing though, when TT left Miami, JM has still gone to CWS as the HEAD COACH, what as TT done as a HEAD COACH - oh that's right, not a damn thing.

Now dont get me wrong, I think TT was a great choice for head coach at FIU, I think TT is a great coach period, but to discredit what JM has done at Ga Tech and more notably Miami, is rediculous and shows your ignorance.

JM Exp-

How many CWS championships has JM won since TT left? Please answer!!

Wrong & Wrong...ur new nickname. A) TT got JM the job he has today, so lets not talk about riding coat tales and especially "TT would not be where he is today without Morris" (LOLOLOL, so dumb. people, i tell you)... How about the fact that JM's best season at GT was when TT was there.

JM only made it bc of TT recruiting, hence the only 2 times they won it under him was with players TT recruited. TT had been to the CWS before JM, so who needed who?

The last thing TT does is ride coat tales. That comment is up for "Worthless Comment of the Year". Not even Crazy Cane would post that.

Sorry, dont really understand your "14 times" sentence. Please clarify that one for me.

inspubadj - lets rephrase that question a little... How many CWS has JM won since all of TT's recruited players were gone?

THere's a reason why all of the players from UM that i spoke to after the '99 season told me that they had dedicated that season to TT. Never heard that for JM. And when you listen to Skippy B. speak, he has similar things to say about the LSU team in 2000.

inspubadj - I believe the answer to your question on how many Nat'l titles JM has won without TT is one - what is your point?

Now you answer my question - How many nat'l titles has TT won as a HEAD COACH? I'll give you a hint, it starts with Z and rhymes with "ero."

C-UM - I was saying i think TT has been to the CWS something like 14 times - and 9 of those 14 times was working under JM. Understand?

Guys, Rick is working on the server issue at FIUGoldenPanthers.com. I apologize, but we are trying to get the issue solved ASAP.

No JM let me answer it for you the answer is and I will give you the hint starts with Z and rhymes with "ero." JM has never won a national championship without Lazer and Turtle

Your question was "How many CWS championships has JM won since TT left?" It had nothing about Lazer.

Also, I thought TT was not there is 2001 - if he was, than I am wrong, but I would like to double check that, so should you. Can anyone else enlighten us? Was TT at UM for the 2001 Nat'l Championship?

Okay inspubadj, I checked it out and surprise surprise, YOU WERE WRONG. TT was not at UM when JM won a Natl Title in 2001. So, would you like to admit you were wrong like a man - or just pretend like it never happened?

Pete that was a great post!! Growing up a Canes fan by default (the only college football team in Miami), but now a FIU fan (Miami's Real University), I have a couple of things to say...First I would love to see both teams play each other...Its obvious that FIU is on its way up & UM is on its way down, so the competition will soon even itself out...Last year, FIU beat UM in baseball....This year FIU had a higher ranked recruiting class (TT first real recruit class)...Now in football, check this out: Coach Shannon is trying to save money for the football program by traveling by road for in state games (like USF), instead of flying. His reason for this is to save money for program, but he is an idiot because if he really wanted to save money, they would play FIU (only 9 miles away)...Wow like if USF was much better competition than FIU (FIU almost beat them last year)...Another reason is FIU Stadium is looking good (imagine once its fully built) & UM doesnt want to expose this...UM is definetely SCARED SCARED SCARED!!! They are realizing that they are no longer the only college sports team in Miami & will lose fans to FIU, once people see FIU winning!!! The time is up for UM...FIU is Miami's Real University!!!

Yes, now i understand...Great... But that shows that he has been there before and after JM. Too bad JM cant say the same.

Why no answer on the rephrased question for inspubadj???... Ill give you a hint, it starts with Z and rhymes "ero"...

TT is in his 2nd year as Head Coach, so your point is pretty dumb. On the other hand, JM has been a head coach for 27 yrs now (currently in his 28th season) and how many has he won? 2!...2 in 27 years, which again shows he needed TT's help to get it done.

The Jimmy Morris Experience,

So how long have you been giving him "ATM" ??

A. inspubadj do not offer a rephrased question, he simply realized his first question did not help him and tried to cover it up with a second question.

B. The number of times TT has been to the CWS is impressive, but let me ask you this, do you think he would rather win a CWS as a HEAD COACH or as assistant coach? Do you think he would rather go to the CWS as a HEAD COACH or as an assistant coach? JM has gone to the CWS and WON with and without TT - how many times has TT gone as a Head Coach again? I think you know the rhyme by now.

C. He won without TT - so he did not need TT to get it done. He has been back to the CWS several times without TT (or his recruits) so he did not need TT to get it done. So that point was pretty dumb.

D. How many Super bowls has Bill Belichek won without Scott Pioli there (I know spelling is horrible on those names, please forgive me)the answer is none, and people dont think anyless of Bill Belicheck, oh, and this year, withut Scott Pioli there, I think the Patriots are going to be just fine. Point, the man in charge, JM or Bill Belichek,. are the only ones that truly matter.

As for you Arroz - find a new argument - that one is old and just plain stupid.

You're missing the point here... these two teams have been playing for DECADES now in baseball. WHY is UCG putting this series on hold? I don't care about JM or TT right now. Coaches and players come and go. The institutions will remain. The point is, if UCG is so superior to FIU in baseball, they would not have a problem playing us. You guys are ranked in the top 10, right? So come on! Play us! Face it... there IS no good argument here for UCG! Jim Morris ended the series either A) because he's afraid of what FIU will become under TT or B) whatever happened between the two. Perhaps a combo of both.

As for B, TT has said he is willing to play UCG, it's just a matter of them wanting to. JM has handled this situation with poor class, shrugging him off and hanging on to whatever grudge there is between the (only God knows what that is). So the ball is in JM's court, and he's just not doing anything with it. Plain in simple. I don't care how many championships each one has won or not or whatever. It doesn't matter. THE SCHOOLS AND THE RIVALRY ARE WHAT MATTER HERE!

he would want to win one either way. And let me post the rephrased question again incase you missed it:

"inspubadj - lets rephrase that question a little... How many CWS has JM won since all of TT's recruited players were gone?"

That should answer your letter A,C, and part of B

Joel -

JM showed his class last year before the first meeting between these 2 teams, when TT (being the bigger man) stuck his hand out to shake "chinless Jim's" hand. Only to have "chinless Jim" show his poor class and not return the shake. What a guy! great display of sportsmanship for the kids growing up in the Dade county area.

Great post today Pete.

Great post Pete!!!

First meeting last year Jim Morris(JM) had alligator arms...very classless. On top of it, i can recall the chant by UM baseball players. Showed how much class JM had allowing his players to say that before the game. Great sportsmanship.


FIUJM, what was the chant?

Pete, thanks for putting the truth out there. You are very courageous for stating the facts so explicitly. There will come a day very soon when the entire country will realize what you are saying is true.

It's over for UM, and they know it. Running from FIU won't do them any good--it only makes them look more ridiculous and scared.

The bigger and better school is finally stepping into the sunshine and there's no turning back now.

FIUJM, what was the chant?

Posted by: JulesFIU07 | March 30, 2009 at 07:59 PM

Right before the game, players kept chanting F-Turtle Thomas!!!

Wow... unbelieveable. And these are student athletes who are supposed to represent their school. Very distasteful.

Joel, this is Thug U you are talking about. Did you really expect class from their athletes?

I actually want this rivalry to come up. the 2006 game showed the potential of this rivalry. You guys are only 9 miles away, I do not see why the university of Miami cant play FIU. If the "U" is powerful enough it should be a BYE week, but the recruits that FIU is bringing does have alot potential. Remember that the Bruins weren't a great team when they started the victory bell, but what I wanted to say is this.

1) The City of Miami is being stupid for not supporting this rivalry

2) The University of Miami is an idiot for not being able to see how much money you can make within this rivalry.

3) AD Kirby has no awareness on the history of UM or as ppl in the westcoast call it Thug U or bit**a** U (Referring to the Brawl comment)

4) For the Gaya*s Cane (CrazyCane) hahahaha.. Kid has no life and the fact is you need your shi*& together for victory bell. Do you know how much money the City of Los Angeles makes with this rivalry!Something you have to consider :) When you beat Cal come back to me, Oh wait we are schedule to play gaynes in a few seasons LMAO

Wow! I was not aware about the chant. What P*$$Y$!!! Jim Morris is a complete dirtbag, classless, and scum for letting that happen. I cannot believe that UM would not reprimand him for allowing that to happen. He is supposed to be representing the University and is letting his team chant that at an event that is known to have lots of children.

Parents, i hope you think twice before allowing this guy to coach your child. This will be the person that is supposed to teach them discipline.

I remember when this UM / FIU issued mattered. This was when UM was relevant. UM is mediocre in football (being 7-6 is VERY average CCane!) and by NO MEANS a basketball power (NIT stands for Not In real Tournament). FIU is building and developing in all sports and being in a conference aligned with a bowl in football, NCAA tourney bids in b-ball, baseball, etc.; FIU can determine its own future.

So, since UM IS IRRELEVANT to FIU, I would rather have FIU play LEGIT powers in our non-conference schedules like Alabama, UF in football and UNC in hoops.

Great post PP! BTW, is it true that FIU hoops plays UNC next season (can anyone say ROAD TRIP!)? Freddy Asprilla just announced in his Facebook page that he injured his ankle bad, Pete can you check on those two issues? Thanks!!


JM Experience,

What are u JM's bf or something? The way u defend him, makes me believe so...Stop being so ridiculous & see reality...UM is going down!!

Great summary of the situation Pete.

1st: Great posting Pete. Very good opinions as well as facts about FIU vs. UCG.

2nd: The road to success that FIU is taking is amazing (I could only wish I was still a student)

3rd: The only reason I would like to see them playing against each other is to continue helping the recruiting.

4th: Its amazing how many U.C.G. Fans (not actual students or Alums) love your blog. Way to go Pete..

5th: T.T. and the boys need a big weekend against WKU.

6th: Offense better have a great scrimmage on Friday.. I know Defense will step up like always!

7th: It feels great to cheer for the same school name that is on my diploma (and not have $100,000 of loans). That probably rhymes with "are you crazy!"

Go F.I.U.

PP- Thought you were trying to put the kabash on argument over who has the "better cafeteria food?" Looks like you brought back the argument full force....

We'll see how FIU stacks up against UF this year. If they can hang with Tebow for most of the game you guys might have an argument... however I see UF routing FIU by 50

Baseball has a really tough 2 weeks coming up. Jacksonville, who we took 2 out of 3 from to open the season, is now receiving votes in the NCWBA poll which has them just outside the top 25. We have 2 games vs them. Then have to play WKU(8-1 in conference and preseason to win sunbelt) this weekend, Bethune midweek next week, and @ MTSU (also receiving votes and 11-1 in conference) the following weekend.

It would be nice to get a good supporting cast out at the games this weekend. Bring the kids out and let them watch some well played baseball.

Yeah, baseball definetly is going to have to step it up now if they want to make a strong impression. No time to start lagging!

And I've been thinking about the Miami FC situation for a while... I know things have been difficult for them, but I'm starting to think FIU can do some good with this. Hear me out: We want to be a venue for soccer events down here in South Florida. We want to host an MLS team... well look most expansion bids look a lot better if a USL team is already well-supported in the area. I think a partnership with Miami FC could help boost numbers. It's a nice place in a college campus with a student body that loves soccer. I think it could work in everyone's favor here.

FIU could be the school that saved professional soccer in Miami! Now tell me that doesn't sound good on an expansion bid for MLS!

Someone in our bullpen needs to sack up and become a leader in the bullpen. Theres no way they can expect us to rely on our 3 starters every game. The pen needs to go out there and compete.

I know this isn't really the place to be posting this... but is anyone having problems with the fiugoldenpanthers.com site??

Great post Pete!

Our bullpen is a great area of concern... no one really stands out... maybe Maraban but that's about it. But we can barely get to Maraban anymore because of how horrible our bullpen has been. We gotta have people step up in the relief role, or it's gonna cost us dearly...

i think the only teams that matter in playing each other would be football and basketball. the reality is with football FIU would have to win 8 games to have a chance at getting a bowl game to match up to UM. And hate to break anyones heart here but FIU will never catch UM in Basketball... baseball is like 4 in importance and revenue. As long as PG is the AD at FIU they will never play UM. but hey things could change real quick, if someone leaves... stay tuned

im going to go with one, unless you want to concede that everything TT is doing right now with FIU is with DP's players. TT left after the 99 season, UM won in 2001. DP left after the 07 season, this is the 09 season, same time span.

So if you concede that TT is winning right now with DP's players, I will concede that UM won the Title in '01 with TT's players.

Since I seriously doubt you are going to concede this, I am going to stick with my original answer, 1 nat'l title is '01 and ask you this:

How many nat'l titles has TT been a part of where he was responsible for the majority of the recruits on the championship team and was actually on the coaching staff of the team at the time it won?

A little hint, this question excludes him from the 2000 LSU team b/c he came to them in the off season right before and cannot be credited with recruiting a majority of those players who won the title and it also excludes the 2001 UM team b/c he was not on the coaching staff when it won the title.

No response? I am really not surprised, that is usually what happens when people realize they are wrong.

Answer me one thing - Are are basically saying that JM is a better coach than TT??

JM explosion - how bout you first respond to the 75 other posts that have called you out. Some of them could be very enlightening.

I think people see what they want to see when they read stuff like this. Lets be honest, Pete did not ever mention anything about FIU being better that UM in any sport... and we are not. But UM fans have to realize that the ONLY reason not to play us is that it is just TOO RISKY. If UM where to lose by any chance the repercussion would be too much. I don't have a problem with UM trying to prolong their dominance in Miami... but at least come up with a better excuse.

FIU will live on without the series... Time will tell.

Great job Pete, you where on point back then and you are on point now... keep calling it like you see it. UM fans will think that their school can do no wrong and "how dare you oppose UM!" Because few others refuse to kiss UM's butt.

Someone brought up an interesting point earlier. It is true that UM does not want to play FIU, but does want to play UF. The reason is quite clear, UM was dismantled by the Gators last year, still, the hurricanes had nothing to lose. They either lost, like they were suppose to, or won by means of a huge upset and got some attention.

A similar scenario would happen with an FIU vs. UM rivalry. Except, UM would be playing the role of the Gators, while we'd be playing the role of "dah U".

For the record, let me just throw this out there. The brawl was in 06, final score was 35-0 in favor of UM. Next year in 07, final score was 23-9. Anyone notice the closing gap? Factor in that that was before the arrival of MC. Factor in that that was before the downfall of "dah U". Factor in that that was before we had any real recruiting as a program.

scUMsanitizer - Ive answered every question. It is not my fault that you do not like the answer and it is also not my fault that I answer the question and then the question changes. Go back and use those reading comprehension skills my friend.

FIUFloridaPower&Light - No, I am not saying that JM is a "better coach" than TT, TT has never really been a head coach so there is nothing to compare - all I am pointing out is that JM is a proven head coach who has enjoyed great success whereas TT is an unproven head coach and to try and say that JM is only successful b/c of TT is rediculous.

Jimmy - Let it alone guy. Your points are the dumbest things ive ever read. The difference with TT and DP and JM and TT is that TT is using maybe 2 or 3 of DP's players (and not on an every day basis. plus it wouldnt be DPs, it would be the recruiting coordinator). Again, you have no response to how many JM has won once all traces of TT was gone from UM. You have no response to TT doing before, during, and after JM; while JM only did it once TT came into the picture.

As to ur next DUMB question, 2! He recruited the majority of the players on both UM natl title teams, and won another at LSU (so we could make a case for 3).

**A little hint for u slappy, he knew from way ahead that he was not going to be at UM (thanks to ur butt buddy) so those recruits can be credited to him. Goodluck though... To even ask that question is just DUMB, get with it.

The difference between me and you is that i can ask a normal question, "what has morris done without TT's help?" plain and simple as it gets... You on the other hand have to put like 5 conditions in there. When you answer "TT HAS DONE IT BEFORE, DURING, AND AFTER MORRIS; WHAT ABOUT MORRIS?" Then come talk to me. Your name has been changed from "your significant others experience", to Burger King bc i have never met someone so FLAME-broiled

Oh and btw Pete, you're an honorable man for this blog. Very few writers would dare to address this issue.

I say we petition for this blog post to be published on The Herald.

Jimmy - "rediculous", ha! u trully must be Jimbo lover... You've posted like 5 times in a row without answering one of my question, why we ask??? bc...

"No response? I am really not surprised, that is usually what happens when people realize they are wrong."

Sorry it took me a little time sweet t!t$. I didnt set my clock @ 8:30am to get on here and defend my bf.

After hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on your education... and you still can't even spell RIDICULOUS correctly... what a shame.

Lone Panther -

I can almost guarantee this guy/girl didnt get into UM. "It's" to hardcore of a fan and lover to have ever been a student there. Just another BANDWAGONER

are you guys really goin to start complaining about the Spelling of people.. dont like the UM propoganda that is more like anti Propoganda towards FIU.. but come on stop nit picking about spelling

Lover of Jimmy (get it?) is getting full force "Operation Pick Apart" for trying to come on here with his pointless ranting. I cant deal with dumb people anymore.

Regarding my question in the previous blog, FIU Alum Bobby Boswell is currently playing for the MLS Houston Dynamo. Are there any other FIU pro-athletes out there? Just curious...

As for UM, I don't know much in this world but what I do know is for UM to want to play teams like FAMU over FIU, that screams a hint of fear from the Canes. Fear that SOME DAY, FIU will beat UM.

c-UM - I have answered you so many times already, you just aren't liking what you read. JM has won a NC without TT there, and gone back to the CWS several times without TT there. Tell me again, how many times TT was at the CWS as a head coach? As for getting up early, it is called getting up for work my friend, that is what people with educations do. You on the other hand im sure are an FIU grad who cannot find work and choose to sleep in until your mom calls you down for breakfast and lets you know that your tricked out 1998 Honda Civic is being repo'd.

You want to know the big difference between JM and TT. People gave TT championship rings, JM gave people championship rings.

LonePanther - sorry I am not using spellcheck, didn't realize this board was so keen on spelling.

Series should continue!!

Can you imagine an FIU vs UM at the CAGE??? Freaking awesome! Like someone else said, I wish I was a student right now.

Great job Pete!

hahahahahaha!!!!!!... your answering, thats for sure, BUT NOT MY QUESTION. "without any trace of TT there? none of his recruits,nor him... HAHAHAHA!!!! ur a joke

People with my education get to work whatever time we please because we make the rules.

LOLOLOLOL!!!! Ummmm, I believe TT got JM his championship rings. I mean for a guy who had never stepped foot in Omaha until TT got him the job at UM and put together not 1 but 2 championship teams for him; i think your backwards there.

THe only point you have is that TT has done much as head coach, i can agrree there. But hes only in his second season, has already recruited the #15 rank class in his 1st full recruiting class, and over the next few years you will see what kind of work he does (at a University with far less money the UM).

Actually - I said TT has done nothing as a head coach. So, I do not know what you are talking about in your last post, "THe only point you have is that TT has done much as head coach, i can agrree there."

As for people with you education, "People with my education get to work whatever time we please because we make the rules." That's cool - so either you did not go to FIU or, you are self employed strawberry picker. Either way, congrats, I dont care.

I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on the who got who what and where - but one thing is for sure, JM has been a head coach for a long time, and achieved success that TT can only hope to replicate, but that begs the question, if TT is so great at coaching and recruiting, why is this his first real head coaching job? Why has he always chosen to let another coach lead the way to the promise land? Why has he not stepped up before now to stake his claim as one of college baseball's alltime best coaches?

An answer to those questions would be appreciated.

LonePanther, notice I am not pointing out spelling errors by c-UM, that is just stupid on a sports blog.

c-UM didn't go to "dah U" and inherit a mortgage loan to go to school.

obviously you are bothered my comment, otherwise, you didn't have to bring it up twice.

Hey guys, I just saw Dudley wrestle an alligator outside of Lakeview Hall! He's a juggernaut!

Great article, Pete! I for one would love for the series to continue. It's healthy for both schools to compete in all sports and at all levels. The fans, alumni, students, student-athletes, and the community in general want to see these two schools play. But it's UM's choice not to play, and we have to respect that. But as you mentioned, using the brawl as an excuse is just plain silly. As I have stated before, UM will have no choice but to deliver to their fans what they want and to answer to FIU's challenge. The rivalry will eventually be settled on the grid iron and my money is on FIU! Go Panthers!

Jimmy Lover -

Thats what i meant, typo, my bad (about he Hasnt done much as head coach. Again, its only his 2nd season).

As for why he hasnt been head coach before, that is a question you need to ask you lover because after receiving the job he has now from TT's help (wouldnt have gotten it without it) he has done anything in his power to make sure that TT did not land a head coaching job. My only explination for that is FEAR, as can be seen now by him more then ever. Who tries to give PG an ultimatum saying if he didnt hire JD or Gino that he wouldnt play FIU. The guy is a coward, not a hero like you think he is.


*and just to clarify, you were the one who brought up the employment thing, but now you dont care. Go make dinner for your mom buddy.

What questions have I left unanswered?

It is so obvious that JM is not playing FIU out of dislike for TT - NOT b/c they are scared. If PG had hired JDA or Gino - the series would have continued. Let me ask you this, if you dislike someone, are you going to invite them to the party if you do not have to - no. So why should JM play TT - it bothers TT more that he is not playing UM than it bothers JM that he is not playing FIU - so it looks to me that JM is winning that battle, as childish as it may be.

JM Exp-

IS turning tricks for JM a profession?

inspubadj - typical FIU fan comment. No surprise. No response necessary. Come back when you are a little more educated and can formulate a post without sounding like a F*ing idiot.

Why don't the FIU fans on this blog call out there own fans when they make dumb comments like inspubadj just did? Don't you realize comments like that make you all look bad too?


Obviously you dont know the guy. The fact that he doesnt care was shown when he put everything aside and went shake slappy's hand. He has shown nothing but class throughout this whole ordeal(too bad your booty call cant say the same). And for your info., TT holds the VICTORY at Mark Light in the last game between the 2.

Keep avoiding buddy, typical UM fashion.

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