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Spring Offense....So Far

Spring break is just about over and your Panthers return to the FIU Stadium gridiron on Tuesday.

Drink In case, you're still applying the sun tan lotion, not done with that drink with the little umbrella in it or haven't come off the 18th hole yet....here's a two-part recap of what we've seen so far in spring ball. We'll look at the D on the next blog, but here's a look at the offense.

Paul McCall has picked up where he left off last season. The senior seems to have added some extra mustard to his passes. According to MC, another off-season in the weight room has helped PM's MPH on the his throws.

There hasn't been much separation between Wayne Younger and Colt Anderson in competition for the backup job.

Both WY and CA have had their moments this spring, but one has not outshone the other yet. Still got plenty of time for this position to play out before September.

Although, he has to sit out this season, because of NCAA transfer rules, Wesley Carroll has been as Wcarroll good as advertised. No. 13 has solid mechanics throwing the ball and is mobile. One moment that stood out was when the D brought consecutive blitzes and WC calmly rolled out, surveyed his options and hit Jason Frierson and Jeremy Dickens for completions.

Darriet Perry has been limited in his touches thus far -- got to keep DP upright, especially with the injury uncertainty behind him. When he has carried the ball, DP has done well. On one run he cut back and got a nice 20+yard run.

By now, you know RB/WR walk-on Jonathan Ramirez (left in a MH all-county photo) is no longer a secret with his video game moves. Could envision him Jram playing a Wes Welker-type role in this O.

You know what T.Y. and GE can do. Frierson (below, right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) might be having one of the stronger springs among the WRs. If you recall, Frierson came on at the end of last season and might play a bigger role this season.

Among the TEs, Jonathan Faucher has looked good with some acrobatic catches. JF also looks bigger after the off-season.

The starting offensive line has been together this spring with no injuries (find some  Frierson wood around you and knock on it). We've seen some holes opened in the running game and the protection has been all right for the most part during team drills.

Will be interesting to see come fall if any of the heralded freshmen (Rupert Bryan, Giancarlo Revilla and Dave Istanich) linemen can crack the starting lineup. Also will be interesting to see how Chris Cawthon bounces back from injury. He was playing pretty well before going down against North Texas last season.



FIU baseball has been rolling right along. Scott Rembisz continued his mound mastery on Friday night and lowered his ERA to 1.80 in the win over Fairleigh Dickinson. Writing this blog during a rain delay in game 2 of Saturday's doubleheader where the Panthers won game 1 15-7 and have an 8-0 lead in the 2nd inning. Don't worry Turtle, my attention is on the diamond during this blog.

How about that new 5th inning tradition your Panthers have come up with: the Cha Cha Slide? Here's a tryout photo (thanks, AJH photo) for "Dancing with the Stars"....Chacha


IAMFIU: Pete, Any idea if and where we can grab some replica FIU baseball caps. I checked NewEra.com and Lids.com, but haven't seen anything.

PP: Drop by an FIU baseball game and you can buy FIU baseball caps at the souvenir stand on the right side of the stadium as you enter it. There the lovely FIU Diamond Dolls have a bunch of FIU baseball gear to sell.

quijote: Pete, how the hell did FIU manage to become a regional host for the NCAA tournament? I mean, what exactly does that mean that we're hosting?

PP: Any NCAA Division I school can put in a bid to be a regional host for the NCAA tourney. FIU put its bid in a few years ago and the NCAA decided to come to Miami. What hosting means is that the FIU media relations staff and other FIU employees have been working non-stop for the past week and we and the rest of the world get to see the FIU logo on the Heat's court for two days. (Click photo from unidentified FIU fan on the right for a better view)

Apaw  Big turnout on our last poll question regarding the new FIU baseball uniform gold tops. Voters fromFiuaarena the United Kingdom chimed in as did the Land of 1,000 Lakes in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Poll is still open and we have a close call so far with 41.4% of you liking the gold tops, 37.1% the blue tops and 21.6% the Roy Hobbs "Natural" unis.

Next question and last fashion question for a while:


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So I dont think I ever read your prediction for the upcoming season. Thoughts? BTW, will be in Rutgers for our huge upset!

Another great win, but I'm getting frustrated with the experience at these ball games. Last night, I brought my cowbell trying to add some noise and excitement to the stadium and was not bothered. Today in the 5th I was approached by someone who I think worked at the stadium asking me to stop. Now look, can someone please explain to me what is the harm in bringing "artificial noisemakers" to the game? I'm tired of the constant silence at these games. I'm tired of seeing no students come out to promote this team. Isn't going to a college athletic event supposed to be fun? Isn't it supposed to be exciting? Well right now it's not. And I don't care what these people tell me, I want to be able to cheer for my team as I please. The atmosphere at UP is horrible, and that's putting it nicely. If they want students to come to these games, they better stop with these petty restrictions and start instilling some EXCITEMENT here.

Sorry, but I just felt I had to say that. Am I wrong here? I say let fans be fans! Let freedom ring! We need to start allowing fans to develop traditions and get excitied for a team that's winning. I congratulate the Athletic Dpt. for putting a winning product on the field, but I fault marketing for TERRIBLY promoting that product and the current stadium policies for restricting the fans.

You want to have the students back their team? Changes need to be made.

You are not wrong Joel...i agree with you about the Marketing Dept.. They really need to get things rolling and start earning their paychecks. The athletic teams are starting to do their jobs, so there is no excuse... I like the whole starting tradition thing also. The only thing about the cowbell & artificial noisemakers is that i think its against the NCAA rules, as dumb as it may be. But that is the NCAA for you, they make rules for no reason... Again, i also agree with you where they need to get an exciting atmosphere at the stadium. We need to start our own things and take it in our own hands

Gold wins. If you don't go for the gold, the best you can hope for is second place! Hopefully the athletics department of the Golden Panthers is going to understand that simple lesson.

Can't have artificial noisemakers at the games!

Great coverage Pete!!

God forbid a "Cow Bell" offends our opponents! I would understand a whistle @ a football game, however cow bells or other non-game-related noise makers should not be a problem.


Pete, great work as always!!! You're right about Frierson. We have so many playmakers on offense.

Congrats to FIU baseball, TT addressed the pitching this year and offense is clicking. As for cowbell, it's NCAA rule.

Incase anyone didn't read. It's a shame that they are not playing in at least baseball. Some Canes fans thinking Gators(two NC's in 3 years) scared but don't realize they are doing the same thing to FIU. Time to play at least in baseball.



I have seen no NCAA rule saying no artificial noisemakers... as far as I know it's a Sun Belt policy, similar to the SEC, which did not make Miss St. fans happy and they responded: http://media.www.reflector-online.com/media/storage/paper938/news/2007/11/09/News/Should.Freedom.Ring-3090430.shtml

It's funny how the policy is what it is and then they give out thundersticks at a football game this season. So we can use artificial noisemakers they give us but not our own? That's hypocrisy.

We soccer fans are going to boycott any event at FIU if you don't let Miami FC play. MFC is our pro soccer team in Miami. Let them play!

I will too boycott any event at FIU if you don't let Miami FC play.

Pete tell Mr. Garcia that we MFC fans will not support any event at FIU if he doesn't allowed Miami FC play. Let MFC play!!!!!!!

Let Mr. Garcia know himself. Here's a directory to everyone you may need to contact in the FIU Athletic Department:


I support soccer in So Fla and was very disappointed when the MLS bid failed. I, and I'm sure all FIU fans, hope you are successful in keeping Miami FC in Miami, whether it be at FIU Stadium or elsewhere. We also hope you will support FIU athletics in any circumstance.

4 people "threaten" to boycott FIU events because of some soccer team. great. As if they attend any events at the present moment. who cares about soccer.

As far as playing UM, all FIU can do is play well next season and the upcoming seasons and hope we can meet up with them in a bowl game. I dont think they can get out of that. Im really looking forward to the possibility of playing UM in the postseason. It is possible with the right amount of lobbying and a little help from the football gods.

Pete, is the walk-on RB wearing El Monstrou's number? I know the picture was a high school picture, but i was wondering if he was wearing it at FIU. I noticed noone on the current roster is wearing it. Thanks.

Also...talking about UM "rejecting" FIU....I say let's drop then all sports against them, including "non-revenue" sports...They certainly don't "need us", nor we "need them"...so let's not play at all then...in any sport...Let's just meet in post season play until there's enough pressure from the community (not just the pressure the most hatred-filled canes fans who fill their message boards and booster clubs) for these two local universities to meet during regular season.

I can't wait to see our baseball teams meet during Regionals...this year or the next....

FIU has the funding for the lower bowl of the stadium, so why are they waiting to build?

I hope we play Miami in a bowl game. They are such babies. They are scared. MC has created a monster that no one wants to play. They know if they play us, they will lose...maybe not this year but definitly in the next 3 years, we will be the better team without a doubt.

Does anyone know if it is possible to play those scUMbags in a bowl game? Any sunbelt-acc tie-in's? I hope so. Everyone would be so pumped for that game...PG, MC and all the players...they couldnt match our intensity, they wouldnt know what hit them.

Playing UM poses a tremendous P.R. risk. Their programs is supposedly in the rebuilding stage and they are desperate to gauge just how far along that path they truly are. A win against FIU, given a reality-based look at its present state, and given the perceived bad blood between the two schools, could worsen the situation. A loss to FIU would be an indication that the UM program is indeed in disarray, while at the same time it would establish the Panther program as up and coming. The recruiting consequences alone could be devastating. It's not the size of the program, or its newness, or even the quality of play on the part of FIU that gives UM pause, but rather the fear of competition for top-notch regional talent and the uncertainty such a scenario could bring to the Hurricane program.

My suggestion: beat the Hell out of everyone else you DO play and the situation will resolve itself. Public, athletic, media and recruiting pressure will force UM to rethink their stance on this, matter. The Golden Panther's present schedules completely remove the need for a game against "The U" to establish legitimacy. This team's performance against Alabama, Rutgers and Florida will go a long way toward do that very thing. Remember the boost this team got last year from the way they played South Florida, even in a losing effort? Years ago Al Davis of the Oakland Raiders said it best; " Just win baby."

As true Golden Panther fans we should remember that we have to learn how to act like we know how to win and not become the obnoxious whiners we so often complain about. You're FIU fans! Dignity and class should be your hallmark. Be merciful and graceful as we beat the living daylights out of our opponents.

Ellison has a good point about the whole P.R. thing. thats obvious.

although using Al Davis as a form of inspiration isnt necessarily the best thing. The Raiders are like 7-68 in the last 5 seasons. So "Just Win Baby" needs to become "Just win please!".

I hope Pete Garcia lets Miami FC play at FIU.

Garcia should understand that the stronger MFC gets the better chance of a future MLS team. Seattle, Portland and Vancouver all had strong teams in the USL 1st Division (where Miami FC plays) and thats a big part of why they got MLS teams.

How many of our blog readers can name the MLS teams that play in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver? Probabaly 1 or 2. Point is that noone cares about MLS.

Note to Marketing Department: The athletic Dept. is sailing the ship in the right direction.
1) Football will play for in their first Bowl game in 2009!

2) Baseball is on Fire! Should be among the Top 3 teams in the SBC!

3) Girls Volleyball had a magical season. Should be in the Top 25 int he nation the entire season next year..

4) With 35 less injuries to the Men's basketball team they can play WKU for the SBC next year..

5) Cross Country will finish among the Top 3 in the conference on both sides (Men & Women)

6) Softball has made drastic improvements in only two years!

7) And many many more! (don't have time to brag about our school that long)

As for the Marketing Dept. You simply need to find a way to get more support into the arenas, stadiums, and playing field! Make the proper changes and make it happen.. The new website was a good first step. Keep it going!

I second Mr. Ellison's position. You know I remember being upset when UM first cancelled hoops against us in the early 90's after FIU beat them, I was livid when FIU took the 4 or 5 game baseball series from them in DPs era and watched them dwindle the series between the schools down to 2 games a year.

Now with them canceling football, basketball and baseball, I could care less! In football they are NOW mediocre, in hoops they're improved but by no means a power! I would rather win the SBC year-in / year-out and upset legitimate powerhouses in football and basketball. Good riddance UM!


BTW attended my first baseball game of the TT era today and watched FIU defeat FDU 11-10. Great hitting! Poor fielding! Overall my kids and I met up with a couple of other alumni buds and their kids and had fun!

One complaint. No game program, roster list for either team, merchandise area closed after the SECOND inning plus a couple of other minor glithces! The only guys I knew were Ryan Molica and T. Townsend b/c they were from the DP era. That needs to improve. Is this the norm?


Sloppy win, but still a win. Pitching has definitely improved and hitting has always been FIU's trademark. Ultimate, I agree Townsend and Mollica are from the DP era but lets not forget Arrojo, Polizano and the infielder Garcia. Those 5 guys were on the roster in 2007 and have stuck around, but overall this team is playing some serious baseball and they sure have me pumped.


thats not the point. I do like soccer but in this context as FIU fans we should just care that Miami eventually get a MLS franchise and that the team plays at FIU stadium for all the financial & PR reasons.

I think the fact FIU was the host University for the NCAA basketball Regional in AA Arena made a lot of manpower to be in Downtown Miami instead of working at FIU.....Therefore, no PantherPass and, I suspect now, the no roster availability. When I went to a couple of games early on the season, they did provide nice players rosters.

Wow...5 errors is definitely lack of focus...I understand we killed the obviously undermanned FDU team the previous three games, thus the lackaidasical effort...but we can't afford to play like that and win, especially against (even marginally) better teams...Actually, winning after comitting that many errors is plain lucky, in my opinion...

While the past 5 games have been against sub-par teams, the fact is we are now 15-4 for the season. However, a really big...and telling...conference series is coming this weekend, when ULL, who just swept UALR, visits FIU....

Its hard to keep young college players focused for a 4th straight game against a team that they have beaten easily the first 3 games... If anyone was at both games on Saturday, then they had the opportunity to see 2 of the better defensive plays made in awhile at FIU...1st one being a hard ground ball hit deep in the whole to Mollica's backhand at 2nd base. Mollica was in full sprint when he fielded the groundball backhanded and instantly, from his glove, pitched it to Raiko Alfonso coming across towards 1st base to make the throw and get the out. It was very smooth...2nd was in the 2nd game, a groundball hit to Alfonso's backhand deep in the hole at short, which took a big hop and was fielded bare handed by Alfonso who made the throw and got the out.

We def. all need to try and get as many people out the the ballpark this upcoming weekend. This will be a big weekend for the FIU baseball team and i think they have earned our support. As we have all seen, the marketing dept(Pete, reach out to them for us) has pressed the snooze button, so it is up to us to fill the seats.

As for that other "great" school in miami, im with the other guy that said "who cares". At first, I was a little fired up myself just bc Morris is such a (enter another word for cat here), but now that i think about it who cares for real. As long as we take care of business, we dont need to play those clowns and we will always know who didnt want to play who.

FIU Fanatic, i wouldnt say our last 5 games against sub-par. Our last 4 for sure, but N. Florida has beaten FSU and if you look at their schedule, they have played a bunch of great teams really really close. Those guys have to have one of the toughest schedules in the nation with Michigan, FSU, UF, Miss St, Ohio St, UCF, USF, the almighty UM, and Belmont (which rivals.com or one of those sites has predicted to make the regionals; and which UNF just took 2 out of 3 from) all on the schedule.

UNF and FGC are two underrated teams that we play/will play this year. UNF, despite posting a losing record, has rarely been blown out and has shown an ability to keep it close with top tier programs. FGC has also been decent, posting a sweep of UNF.

I would like if we got a little more playing time vs ranked programs though as I think we have the talent and coaching to be a serious threat.

As far as our would be cross town rival, let them do their thing and we will do our's. As long as we win consistently, and dominate our conference, we will pull in the recruits and eventually force their hand. We got Florida, Bama and Rutgers this year in football, a win vs Rutgers would be great, and a solid showing period against those three teams will do wonders.

We need more Cowbell!!!!!!!!

agreed. more cowbell!

lol i may be in the minority... but i never really understood the whole cowbell things... i mean i know about the noise they make.. still never understood them... id perfer more FIU Cowgirls to FIU Cowbells



It just don't make any sense not to let MFC play at FIU. We are not just 4 people that will boycott we are 300 that will not go to any event at FIU. Mr. Garcia Miami FC is our pro soccer team and if you want to see MLS at FIU it begins with Miami FC. Garcia make a deal with Miami FC.

Did I miss anything that said FIU turned down Miami FC. Why are you crying about not going to FIU games? Just its possible Miami FC is not playing at FIU ? What does one thing have to do with the other. Why dont you email the athletic department. Stop posting your out of place comments on this blog.

FIU gave away white homecoming towels last year - ill donate them so you Soccer fans can wipe your tears.

these people posting about Miami fc are all the same person - dude isn't even smart enough to space out his posts, there all one after the other. So go ahead and all one of you boycott us because if PG thinks it's not good for FIU then we stick by that decision. Let private business go out and build it themselves.


You guys don't support FIU as it is, loss of nothing is still nothing. If MFC makes this a profitable business deal for FIU then it will get done. The dollars and cents need to add up. We are not here to provide anyone with charity.

I have to say, be it one person or five, the "threats" from the MFC fans are very annoying. The MLS deal was taking shape because MLS is the top level of American soccer and has the potential to bring national attention to FIU and decent live gates at The Cage. MFC has had trouble keeping the team in business and Traffic was about to shut you down. You cannot sell out a 7,000 seat venue at Tropical Park and are demanding time at a 21,000 seat venue? Comeon, get real and stop spamming our board.

franky, you are right about UNF (although I didn't know they had such a killer schedule up to the moment)....but for some reason I thought the previous one game to FDU series was the Florida Memorial game, and not the UNF 2-game series....thus my reference to 5 games....

Still, it is the top conference games we have to go out and win now, starting with ULL this coming weekend....Obviously, our team has to re-focus first against Bethune Cookman....

Go FIU!!!

Some on this board have delusions of grandeur. You complain about crazycane but come up with a plethora of reasons why UM doesn't play FIU. Their AD Kirby said so, it's a direct result from the fight you guys started with them. FIU needs to play UM, especially if they want to seriously contend with the Big 3 in Florida for recruiting.

FIU needs to concentrate on the Sun Belt and making the games between Bama and UF respectable.

Fomenter, i think ur wrong. FIU already out-recruited UM in baseball this past year and is on the verge of doing it again. Nobody needs UM. Their AD is just trying to come up with an excuse so that i does not look bad on their part. Just look at all of the quotes from Pete's articles and see how the questions were answered by each side.

I hear that Bethune is going to throw their ace at us tomorrow. Great... Hopefully Fondon is on point.

hey franky the cat, it was Junior Arrojo that made those plays not Raiko Alfonso...

hey fomenter...it's not just football we are talking about..get your facts straight before making uneducated comments. It's baseball...yes baseball, where there have been a series against UM since 1973...36 years un-interrupted series between the cross town teams. It's women's basketball, and it's men's basketball as well. Volleyball have not played in a while as well...I urge now PG to drop the canes altogether from every sport. They certainly don't need us...and we don't need them, nor should we care...really.

Also, the fight we BOTH colleges had (it takes two to tango, you know), is, obviously an excuse for EVERY other sport dropped, even after decades of clean, consecutive rivalries. It's just that the AD succumbed under the pressure of some supposed deep pocketed UM boosters that are radical in their anti FIU ranting, always present in their comments and message boards.

As I always say...if it likes to chase rats, it's often chased by dogs, and meows...it must be a cat....


FIUFAN, you are right it was Arrojo. Thanks for the correction, he deserves the proper acknowledgement for those plays...Pete, any chance you have video of that play, so that those that were not at the game could see them?

I saw that game and fight in person. It takes two to tango and has been discussed ad nauseum, but your players were feeling slighted since they weren't good enough to get into UM and talked a lot of trash in the newspapers before the game and during the game, while also playing very dirty. That's why football dropped you.

In regards to baseball I know just how much of a pain in the ass Jim Morris can be, but don't be fooled by Turtle. Both are scum in my opinion, but UM does have the better team right now, recruited outstandingly well the year before this past year, and are ranked pretty high again. I'd expect UM to do well since they always seem to follow their flops after being hyped up with very good season leading into the CWS.

Follow this article, he answers it on point when he discusses football. Jim and Turtle have their differences so we know the reasons behind that.


That's a novel you are writing..repeating and repeating the theory without knowing for sure...get over it, will ya? maybe it was miami's players getting frustrated because FIU was, up to that point, playing a lot better than they anticipated...How do you know what FIU players felt?...did you do a psychoanalysis of every player to reach that conclusion?...or is it just your imagination, or what some extreme (aheem...also the cat) UM anti FIU fans made up as a story behind the fight?....really...

The other sports can not be justified by the disgrace that happened that night....it's a lame excuse...but anyways...who cares at this point...

It was a UM player who started pushing and shoving that started the fight.

Jim (aka Elmer Fudd) Morris is the biggest dirtbag in town. As for TT, every person that i have spoken to that ACTUALLY knows him, and that doesnt have their (enter another name for rooster here) stuck to Morris, has nothing but good things to say about the guy... Morris' order of importance is as follows:

#1 - $$$$ MONEY $$$$
#2 - Cheating on his ex-wife
#3 - Baseball
#4 - looking cute for his date with Dimare

I saw the tape, a UM player didn't start the pushing or shoving. A UM player didn't throw the first punch. I'm sure you've seen the link plenty of times, but here you go:


Fanatic, no theories on my side. Ask Pete to give you a copy of all the articles leading up to the game that week. Your players came out AND SAID they had something to prove. They said they felt upset UM didn't recruit them and offer them. They blocked the UM players entrance coming out of the tunnel, they took a bunch of late hits and cheap shots (look at the late hit your receiver had on their safety after the interception in the end zone).

Did they play better than some expected? Sure, but it wasn't anywhere near enough for a winning effort.

You honestly think it was truly a 50-50 ordeal? You don't think your players were looking for it?

I can agree that not all sports should be canceled, but if UM feels upset about what occurred after granting you the opportunity to play Miami in football and with the results that occurred, then they are right in breaking all ties.

When it comes to Turtle, I'm not going to air his dirty laundry due to legal liabilities, but go ask LSU and ASU what they think of him.

In my opinion both Jim and Turtle are shady individuals who I wouldn't allow within 50 yards of my family.

Ummmm, LSU fans wanted him extremely bad as Head Coach...Im very involved in the NCAA Baseball scene and know many coaches and ADs around the nation. And i def. know that all of those little flaming rumors that the usual hardcore jim morris (another for rooster) lover goes around believing (and spreading) are untrue. Those were started by Morris, due to his bitter attitude towards life... Ive been in the game since '91 buddy, dont bring those fables around here or im going to have to start calling you Aesop

LSU fans did not want him as Head Coach, heck even in 2007 they were still ripping his recruiting (since he recruits a lot of top players who declare for the draft). You're definitely misinformed. Since you're so well informed, why don't you share with the blog why he's had a ton of issues everywhere he went? He's not easy to work with. Don't demonize one and not the other, both those coaches are trash.

Fomenter...sorry, but no...If you read the articles leading up to the game, I'm sure you would find a bunch of trash talking by the now UM Saints of football...also, a lot of dismissing FIU as an inferior team...they didn't expect the fight (no pun intended) FIU gave them, particularly the first half, where FIU dominated the first quarter. So, you didn't perform a psychoanalysis of either FIU or UM players to reach that conclusion....it's just the old tired way UM apologists still...to this day...like to find an excuse for an in-excusable behavior from BOTH SIDES...BOTH SIDES...

Again, nobody can reach the conclusion...nobody...that our players were "looking for it" anymore than the UM players were, especially after FIU outplayed UM in the first quarter, with a large FIU fan turnout (again, very large and more than many um fans expected or liked) for that game. All those elements, I contend (and yes, you might include some of your theory in it as well) are part of the reason this ugly fight erupted.

But for anyone to use the excuse many UM fans..and cats...continually still use about the fight, is just a theory...a novel...that some people believe it might become true if you and your friends repeat it over and over and over...The less smart ones will start believing it as true. We are above that....

I will tell you what I saw prior to the freaking fight...I saw plenty of friendly bantering from FIU and UM fans...saw dozens of couples, one with FIU colors, and the other sporting UM's. I saw a lot of pride in the air from a game that should be played...and then I saw disaster....now being used as an excuse to stop the rivalries in EVERY "REVENUE" sport to discontinue a tradition, in some cases, of playing each other for over 35 years...Is that a valid excuse? No...just an excuse.

Anyways, it is what it is...If that it the attitude some are taking, so be it, and discontinue all relationships. After all, we all must agree we don't need them, as much as they don't need us. Let's do our thing, and let them do their thing. Easy as that.

HAHAHA!!!! shows how much you know. Anybody who had the slightest idea of what is going on in NCAA baseball would know that he was not being allowed to recruit like he wanted to once skip left... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! (to ur second comment). Yes, he has been such a tough person to work with. That is why him and Skip are still good buddies(please see last years banquet speaker). Ive spoken to coaches from both the LSU staff and ASU staff and they all say that they still call him and are very good friends, so i have no clue what ur talking about. If you can find me a quote or article where Pat Murphy, Skip, Smoke, and any of the assistants on those staffs are bad mouthing TT, then i will apologize to you and send you an autographed ball of your favorite MLB player... Ive even talked to old UM assistant coaches that STILL have positive things to say about TT. And thats not even bringing up Coach Fraser who loves the guy... i tell you, Ive heard these same urban myths and every time it has come from some newly recruited UM bandwagoner. People are sick in the head.

Please, last thing I am is a UM bandwagoner. I actually know, for a fact, that almost every single player on UM's baseball roster dislikes Jim. They love his assistants though. No need to lump me in with them.

Please tell, if Turtle was so loved then why did he get his only crack at being Head Coach at FIU? Plenty of other better programs with more money could have hired him throughout the years, yet no offer.... hmmm. Could any of it be due to the problems he had at LSU or ASU? Answer the question.

The guy has severe issues when it comes to his players. Other people might love him or hate him, but when he was at LSU and ASU a lot of them didn't like him.

And I don't bring his personal life into it. Same way I don't bring Morris' personal life into it. I couldn't care less about him cheating on his wife or any other issues that he's had.That has nothing to do with what type of coach he is.

For Fanatic, here ya go. I'll address you point by point, but I suggest you stop watching football if you think you "dominated" the first half. A 56 to 39 yard advantage, an interception, and a 0-0 score is not dominating a game. Come on, you are really saying that with a straight face?

Here's one article I could find that shows your own player stating how much he and other teammates wanted to be on UM's team.


We also did a story during the week in which FIU players talked about how eager they were to play UM. Most FIU players would have loved to go there but weren't good enough. In the story, FIU receiver Chandler Williams was quoted as saying, "Every year, I start the season [in a video game] and change FIU's first game to face UM and I always kill them and knock them off their record." Williams admitted that he and many other Golden Panthers dreamed of wearing a UM jersey one day. "I'm pretty sure over half the team here wanted to go to Miami and play there, but now that we have a chance to face them, it's real big," he said.

And look another article where FIU is blamed for starting it:


And on a blog entry as well:

You really don't see the inferiority complex they had and how it trickled onto the field? Again, ask Pete to go through his archives and get the article written all week.

I guess you might find it to be a novel. Too bad it's non-fiction. But again, you are above the truth, as you so articulately stated.

Formenter, give it up buddy. You really are way off on this one... Again, look back at the past and you will see the truth. A very very large percentage of the past players that i speak with from all programs think positively about TT, with the very minimal amount of dislike from others (which is natural in the sporting world bc you're going to come across players that thought they should played and didnt, players that do not want to work hard, etc...). I know that there are many former players that are now in the MLB, that contact TT and still have him help them out with their swing. Look back in one of those sporting magazines a while back, where it is an interview with Pat Burrel and the only coach from the UM staff that he gives credit to is TT. Ive even spoken to players such as Chipper Jones and Kevin Brown(pitcher, not guy from UM, but UM guy likes him as well) that were recruited by TT and have told me positive things about him... Seriously, you are 100% wrong with your evaluation and information.

As for only being hired by FIU as head coach, as sad as it is, Morris plays a very large part in this. When contacted by hiring ADs, Morris gives probably the most negative report possible. They tried the same thing here at FIU, but Pete G has been at UM and knows about all the bs. I mean why would LSU and ASU hire him as their top asst? Or even better, why would Ga. Tech, Clemson, UM, LSU, and ASU hire him? Whats so diff. about hiring if its the Head coach position or top asst position, he's still an employee of the Univ. and representing that school? If he had as many problems and was as tough to get along with, i doubt those Univ. would have hired him, whether he was up for water boy or Head Coach.

Plain and simple, you are wrong here... And i do agree with you that a very large amount of the players that are currently at and have played at UM dislike Morris. A decent percentage had a dislike for Dimare as well, hence the laughter in the dugout when he fell and broke his arm while screaming at them.

It is a novel...if you read the accounts by national media, it has a different take on things than the "local" ones. Very different. They put the blame squarely in UM's side. There
must be literally dozens of articles, let alone opinionated blogs, that would depict that.

Now, when you post two blogs, with a slant against FIU...full of opinions...I'm sure you could find dozens also blaming the UM....ESPN and others were on top of UM.....Do I think it was unfair to UM the national media? Yes. Do I think the "local" media was unfair to FIU? Yes. Remember, it takes two to tango..BOTH teams are at fault.

I got a chuckle from the Sun Sentinel editor saying they "cover" FIU sports....That was almost as funny as his very one-sided report and subjective comments.

Yep. FIU was leading in stats...and even more was about to score a TD, only for it to be intercepted....UM was being dominated in thear respect...I'm sure UM expected this from, as the very objective, full of FIU coverage sports editors calls a "low profile" opponent.

Regardless, get over it. It happened, move on..but the fictional reasons to justify and make an excuse of the in-excusable is just that..an excuse. And for someone without first hand knowledge of the individuals involved in the fracas to arrive at such conclusions based just on that, is very superficial, and an easy way to justify things.

I see as much inferiority comlex as superiority complex from the other side. Again, it takes two to tango, and to put the blame on just one side is unfair and ridiculous. More over, for an Athletic Director that wasn't the AD of UM to drop ALL REVENUE sports teams to play each other is just a reaction from pressure...or another excuse not to play FIU.

For someone to really belief that their opinions, based on subjective thoughts, past newspaper articles, and on comments by a really infuriated partisan side, is the truth, speaks for itself. If, somehow, you believe that superficial opinions and theories are the truth...then yes...I'm over that truth....because it isn't.

c-UM. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree. Maybe the people I talk to are biased against Henry, but these same people really, really can't stand Jim so I'd find it hard to believe, but who knows. Between Martin, Thomas, and Morris they are one big high school cheerleading squad pillow fighters.

Fanatic. You just make me sigh when you post. You really have the blue and gold glasses on. I post a link from an AP source in Dallas. They show the statements of your player. Clearly shows he felt he had something to prove.

By your logic the national media is better tuned into the details of what happened than the local media? Ok, if so I have a stimulus plan to sell you as well. I promise you it'll work.

After the game I was at a meeting and people were talking about the fight. Then they started hearing more about how FIU started it and said "well Miami is full of thugs so whatever". Not fair, but that's the perception people have of Miami. They brought it upon themselves years ago but, to their credit, they have run a clean program for 15 years now. But of course, if that's the side you want backing your play I'm sure your strong in objectivity.

Don't be embarrassed that FIU is a low profile opponent. I've heard FIU mentioned twice nationally. Once was the fight and the other was this week on Jay Leno where he made a joke about FIU offering valet parking, not as an option but as a career choice. That's it. Your football team and school are both young. Your athletics program, football in particular, is underdeveloped, unimpressive, and not scaring anyone. That's the epitome of a low profile opponent. Duke is also a low profile opponent to them, that's not an insult, it's a fact.

Regarding the game, you weren't dominating, no where near it. Almost doesn't count in anything except horseshoes and hand grenades. You had a 15 yard advantage. The score was 0-0. You obviously don't get football so it's a waste of my breath. That's like Miami saying they were dominating Florida this year midway through the second quarter down 9-3 because they had more yards and were about to score. Not one lucid and intelligent Miami fan would say that.

Addressing the fight specifically, it does take two to tango. I don't see anything wrong with UM responding except for #19's leg stomping and Reddick's helmet swinging. Remember, you did shove the first shove, throw the first punch, and kick the first kick.

It's a shame you live under these delusions. Heck just today I read an article by Luke Stampini from Pantherrage.com who says they are going head to head against Miami for WR Willis Wright and are leading for his services. Miami isn't recruiting the kid hard and FIU is the only school to offer. It's just another instance of either you guys putting a spin on everything or really believing some of this stuff.

You write so much, to repeat your heories based on some articles and what other people post. Again, I can find dozens of articles putting another spin..however, I don't dare reach conclusions so superficial as you...and most UM fans do. However, the fact is you didn't do a psychoanalysis of the players (from both sides)to reach such inane conclusions...it shows you are either brilliant in your long distance diagnostics....or just seeing things with your cane-colored glasses.

As or Willis Wright...the writer is not a fan of FIU, just a nice rivals.com reporter of at least two schools...yet on your obvious disdain for FIU, you make a point to bring in here as if to prove a point...which in turn, proves your delusions and ingrained FIU hate.

By the way, go to a UM recruiting website....insidetheu.com...and you will find out some real truth.., my "un-biased" (yeah right) friend. The story clearly indicates that UM had actually offered Wright a while ago....Oops...wrong again...I guess you could "exonarate" Stampini now...will ya?

Here's the link to a story...again...not written by an FIU fan, nor by a rivals.com reporter (that also covers FAU) but by a reporter writing in a UM website for recruiting...Enjoy and learn (or more appropiately....hate):


Excerpt #1:

The longer former UM player and coach Mario Cristobal remains head coach at FIU, the more the ‘Canes will find themselves in local recruiting battles for players around town.

Although Cristobal may have picked up the best all-around player in the Class of 2008 in Miami-Dade last year in T.Y. Hilton without a fight as the ‘Canes never offered him, Cristobal did manage to win a recruiting war with UM for Booker T. Washington defensive end Jonathan Jackson last year.

Looking at the performance of Hilton who has dazzled all season at FIU and is a sure fire Freshman All-American candidate, the University of Miami is not trying to miss on another potential future star out of Miami Springs.

It’s the reason the ‘Canes have already offered junior wide receiver Willis Wright, a 6-foot-2, 205-pound wide receiver specimen who has good speed, but also has a body that resembles that of current UM receiver Aldarius Johnson.

Excerpt #2:

Currently, Wright said he has offers from Miami and FIU, but that he lists Miami at the top of his list.

“They are at the top,” Wright said.

But the ‘Canes need to keep after Wright because Cristobal has already developed an excellent relationship with the Springs program and head coach Alex Pacheco because of Hilton and what he’s already done at FIU.

However, Wright has no plans to make a decision anytime soon.

“I really have no idea,” Wright said of committing anywhere. “That’s a long way away.”

Again...Oops....Wake up from the past, accept realities, and don't try to justify everything UM does....as you do....learn to deal with the truth...remember, by repeating half truths, and unfounded theories over and over again...won't make them true. Now, I'm sure if you, and your fellow UM fans, post 100 times that UM never recruited and offered Jackson, and never offered Willis Wright, then you will believe it is a fact....same way you believe your theories abuot the fight are, somehow, a fact. Sigh.....

Allright, since you can't refute any of my points you just leave them aside. Good stuff, it only gives weight as to how I am correct. The best part is, a basic tool in debate is when one uses another's sentence structure and tries to phrase it as their own in a satirical manner it is an admissions of a loss, hence using "sigh" and "cane colored glasses". You show no originality, you are trying to cover up your errors with an attempt at wit, despite how poor of an attempt it is.

I didn't reach any inane conclusions, your own players did and have said so. The article proves it, and yet you ignore it. What to do? My father was right, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

Now approaching Insidetheu.com.

Rudy Rodriguez is hack writer, the other person that owns that site is Christopher Stock. I know of both of them due to their involvement with the Scout. Rudy is on the verge of having his media pass revoked if he keeps getting his info wrong, by the way, and Stock works for the Sun Sentinel and that board. Trust me, those two writers are nothing but problems, hence why they had a falling out with Scout. I suggest you go onto the Scout board and ask those boys at UM what they think of those two. Do it, prove your worth, if you have fortitude for it.

Oh, and as an addition, if UM recruits him solely as a WR they'll have an uphill battle with FIU for him. Ponce made sure of that.

Concerning Jackson, UM did recruit him, they never offered him. Email Pete and ask him to ask Jackson about that. There were stipulations behind a possible offer that required Jackson to greyshirt.

And maybe I should have been clearer about Willis. Miami IS NOT offering him as a WR. They are offering him as a DB. Coley up here was talking about offering him as a WR but Jimbo has some reservations regarding it (thanks for him by the way, maybe if Jimbo flops around like a fish we'll throw a heap at money at Mario and take him too before someone else does).

Willis is a solid player, but UM has Dunkley, Harris, and Mccartney on the top of their list (although Dunkley is a heavy UF lean). I know, I work closely with people from ESS (google it, a lot of schools use them). I can actually tell you the reason why UM didn't offer T.Y. Hilton. It's two reasons, first, they received a better player in Kendall Thompkins (injured last year and redshirted) and second UM had a commitment from Collier who Hilton has issues with concerning a girlfriend.

Hilton is a great player for your team and Sunbelt, but none of the Big 3 missed out on him because UM filled that need with another player, we have who we need, UF has 3 of him, and he would have never produced that way in a real conference. I know you are going to disagree with my comment about a real conference so let me just nip that in the bud right here.

He wouldn't do it. Best way to do it is a previous example of Antwan Barnes, who by all means was a great player for you guys and was very good in the SBC. Best player you've ever had strap them up, including T.Y. at this point. But what has he done in the NFL? 24 tackles in two years? Heck Buster Davis, Lawrence Timmons and Jon Beason all are doing better despite Antwan having better stats due to the conference he played in. But yes, sigh indeed. I seem to have no theories about the fight except what video showed, and yet you can't dispute it, you just say I have theories without offering any facts of your own to dispute it. A shame, I can tell you are an intelligent person but you let your own subjectivity cloud your vision. Good luck.

Talk about writing so much to say nothing....After all, it's clear we won't reach anything close to a compromise by you. I did say it was unfair from the national media to put the blame squarely on UM......hardly a case of someone being too subjective to reach a compromise. It's obvious that in your zeal to try to prove you are totally right, you fail to include an even low dosis of objectivity.

Now, I bring up...as you do with the UM fight theory you and fellow canes fans have about the ONLY reason for that happening....solid article that makes your comment look bad about not offering Wright....Well..ehh...well...now, you put the blame on the writer, yadayada...and NOW you find it necessary to explain Wright was offered indeed...but not as a WR....You are a master in spinning stories, the truth, and trying to spin what you said, in order to try to come up as you were not corrected...

In any event, let's stop this debate...You haven't and will never convince any objective person that UM had nothing to do with the fight...and that the reason the fighst happened...was because every FIU player was looking for it...Give me a break....

You rant and go now in a thousand different angles to try and discredit and/or minimize FIU Football and or our athletes in order to perhaps make you feel better, more important, or more knowledgable. The truth is...it doesn't matter. The fact someone can bring a fact to clearly dispute wrong statments and facts (i.e. Wright not offered by UM), and then using the other person's wordings, is not, as it is clear in this "debate" you call in this case, admission of a "loss". It's just someone using your own words to prove you wrong. I find it hard to believe that someone has a copyright on a use of such a phrase in order to make such a propieatary remark....

Oh...check your "sources"...there is a rumor your boy Dunkley may be coming to FIU's Spring Game as well, just a FYI...

Finally, I agree with you that it is a shame to have your own subjectivity cloud somenone's smart mind to reach such a superficial conclusion on the REASON for the disgraceful fight. There is not a single reason, as you and your canes cohorts keep mindlessly repeating over and over again...The first step is to admit your mistakes.

I would just add that in looking at Chandler and Barnes as an example of guys who would not have been good in bigger conferences, it is important to keep in mind that both were recruited when FIU was still a D-I AA. It is really only since 2006/2007 that FIU has begun to pull down D-I quality recruiting classes.

Formenter, if you are ok with being wrong, then i guess we do agree to disagree... And what was the point of using "Henry"? Lol.

c-UM, If I find out from others that I'm wrong and the things I've heard about Thomas is incorrect, I'll gladly admit it. I used Henry because that's his name.

Fanatic, again I sigh when I read your posts. Not once did I say UM is not to blame for the fight. I put the blame for the fight being started squarely on FIU. As video shows, first to throw a punch, kick and shove.

I blame UM for responding. Would I or anyone else have responded in their position? Sure would have, I just think they went over the top swinging helmets and stomping. That's squarely on them. Those players should have probably been kicked off the team or suspended the rest of the year.

And not only do I discredit Rudy, you don't answer the call of the challenge to do your research about him. Strong work.

I made a mistake, I should have never said UM never offered Wright. I should have been clear and said they didn't offer him as a WR. Looking at their targets and their depth chart at WR would be evident enough of that, especially since you fork of the money to get information from a UM website. And you say you don't have any insecurities despite you perusing their forums.

And unfortunately, Dunkley isn't "my boy" (nice lingo, are you still in college? Is he your "dog"?). The poor kid is a HEAVY UF lean. The only thing that might keep him away from there is the fact that UF signed Andre Debose and he openly stated last year he didn't want to sign with a team that got Debose. A lot of kids go to spring practices, I wouldn't even get the slightest bit of encouragement from someone in Palm Beach just checking out a spring game (a notoriously pro-UF area, then FSU and UM).

I'll actually go on record right now and make you a gentlman's wager saying not only does F.I.U not get Dunkley, you don't finish in his top 3.

Finally, you further cement my point with your lack of originality. You try to spin every phrase I use as your own in a poor attempt at satire.

P.S. Plan on emailing Pete to ask Jackson what happened? Plan on asking around to see if my reasons for UM not recruiting T.Y. are true? Or have you not read anything on a message board yet? Laughable that a message boards are your source of information.

Fomenter...give it up guy....getting a bit too personal...I don't know who has talked of insecurities before (not me), but, my "objective" friend...it seems plausible you are projecting yourself. The fact site talks about recruiting in Dade County, besides UM, is the reason I spend "a little" money in it.

Besides...what does that say of you going to several FIU sites to get your information?...kind of pathetic...By the way, you seem to make up in your mind stuff about challenges and stuff, somehow expecting anyone to take your word seriously, and spend time on it...Are you serious? geez...

You say things without facts...I Correct you...and then you try to spin it one way to get out of the obvious...again, you read somewhere that Wright wasn't offered by the canes, brought it here (for some other odd reason you might have..lol) triumphantly...only to learn from me, not only Miami, but Purdue, and Ole Miss had already offered him...Oops!!

It's alright, you still have a lot to learn in life...especially about losing with honor....

...you've been exposed...really...give it up, man up, accept things...and leave psychoanalyis of players' minds, reasons for fights, and fellow posters to real professionals....it doesn't make you look good....

Anyways, I hope you feel at least a bit tired of this "debate", as I do right now...and let it be....I'm sure you will come back to our FIU board to make a comment...if I deem necessary to answer to you, correct you, or pat you in the back, I will do it....maybe that would make you feel better...

Good day...

LOLOLOL!!! Formenter, your a clown. Just give it up already guy. Where you trying to sound cool or that you knew what you were talking about by using Turtle's real name? everybody knows what it is, but nobody calls him by it. LOL.

I would have to second c-UM. Ive met the guy, think he is a stand up guy, and have never heard any serious negative things about him. I would say that your down to 2 options here: 1) Might as well admit your wrong and appologize or 2) Just drop it.

Oh, a gentleman I see. The facts I've thrown out to you hurt your arguments obviously. I did not get personal, but it seems as if me consistently shredding apart your posts with facts and knowledge that your normal run of the mill message board posters don't have have hurt your feelings.

Who says I go to several FIU sites? First off, this is the only FIU "site" I go to since it's a public newspaper and pretty much stay abreast of my hometown, its' teams and the colleges some friends went to. Same reason I went to FIU's first football game ever, hometown is hometown. Only reason I stumbled upon that article at Pantherrage is because a friend and FIU fan emailed me about it and asked me if UM is recruiting him as a WR. It was mmore slanted than my own home writer Gene on rivals, but I guess it's not true journalism, just message board chatter.

Thanks for trying to teach me about life, while not trying to address any issues. You tried to defend to your final breath the reason for the fight beginning despite it being obvious, and yet you have the audacity of telling someone to lose with honor? That's like Artie Lang telling Amy Winehouse she has a drug problem. It's the epitome of someone who has lost. 1 person throws out facts, the other one says "Maybe I'll respond, maybe I won't".

As far as exposure the only thing I've done is thrown your hypothesis in your face and you continue to repeat your catch phrases. Be a man, ask Pete to ask Jackson about his recruiting. You can't take my word seriously, but you have taken the time to respond to every post I have made. Jeesh, that is just an inherent contradiction. It makes you look foolish.

The best part about it is I know you are upset and your posts are direct evidence of that. You have left out words in your sentences that make it difficult to read , and you're a smart person so I know under the more careful and watchful eye that you usually employ you wouldn't let that happen. See "The fact site". That's simple evidence of your anger and writing being in a rush. It's as basic as evidence of perfect penmanship in threatening letters being the product of a cool, collected mind. I know you are arguing a losing battle with catch phrases and if you being tired is your excuse for attempting to bow out with whatever little self respect you have left, please proceed. I'll grant you leave to do so.

And yes, Miami has not offered Wright as a WR. They have 3 spots available for WR this year, have one commitment already and are going after a few others in Harris and Mccartney. They don't have the room for Wright. They want him as a defensive back.

P.S. the fact that you even get the least bit excited about Dunkley visiting for the spring game is really mind boggling. It's worse than the UM fans being convinced they have a shot at Lamarcus Joyner because he was at their spring game yesterday.

It's obvious you live in your own world......and reach fast conclusions based on nothing more than what you've heard and read in articles and message boards...one of the many examples is when you foolishly (and again, for some reason devoid of any sense, but you seem to bring "points" not relevant to what's being discussed) brought up the article written in rivals (hint, not from me or anybody in this board) proclaiming how delusional FIU fans were (huh??) and stating clearly that Wright had NOT been offered by UM. This is what you stated:

"Miami isn't recruiting the kid hard and FIU is the only school to offer. It's just another instance of either you guys putting a spin on everything or really believing some of this stuff."

That was your stance until...well.. you were totally corrected by my post and link of Wright being offered by the canes..and perhaps reading in the same UM board you got the initial wrong info on Wright not being offered, that he was indeed offered by them, along with Purdue and Ole Miss. Which led you, in a true example of lack of credibility and honor...to change your initial statement in a convenient way to try and save face.

All of this while trying to minimize the truth of Wright being offered..first by attacking the writer's and website's professionalism on the link I originally provided to correct your lie. Only when you read it in other boards, you had to change your posture, again...to your last one on Wright and offers from UM.

You know what...you can rant and talk all you want in a mindless manner it's still the same....You got caught with true facts I showed you...accept it like a man....now, you try to divert (in true fashion of your "debating" history) different issues to the table, so that maybe you could feel better..

Funnier (or more appropriately, sadder) than anything is your assumption that any of the many out of nowhere things you bring to this board, which are not being debated by me (one way or another), would prompt me or anyone to follow your desperate requests for some sort of reivindication.

You somehow think in your inflated ego that you are not the "normal run of the mill message board poster" LOL...now, I'm impressed...Thanks for the laughter....if anything...you were owned with facts about Wright...

Again, it seems you are an aspiring psychoanalyst as well...but it is a matter of common sense....since it's obvious by your posts, that you are projecting yourself..(insecurities and being mad)...relax, spend some time with your family, have a beer or two...and come back here to post your usual "above the normal message board poster" stuff you usually do...Until then, we might have another "encounter". For in this thread, facts disproved your claim on Wright not being offered....

See u.

P.S. I was just informing you on Dunkley and rumors I've heard, since it's evident you didn't know...again, your psychoanalyst complex led you to believe something that wasn't written....Now you can go to other sites and mention that...I'm sure it will make you feel good about yourself...

Par for the course with you, we've reached an impasse. Not only do you NOT ADDRESS your inherent contradiction (way to go, you look ridiculous by ignoring it, but if that's what helps you sleep at night I'm all for it), you fall back to my statement about inside the u.

It stands, they are a hack site. They were the site that had Bryce Brown going to Oregon (I'm still laughing at this). You know what else is a hack site? Canesport. Get your information from there too if you'd like, even Randy gives them wrong information. Continue to contribute your money to UM affiliated sites, I'm sure they have no problem taking it.

Thanks for not wasting your time verifying my information, but wasting it responding to me. Do you know what irony is? If you don't, look it up while you look up the word "reivindication" (again, calm down when you type, it leads to a stronger delivery). I know you don't want to waste your time doing research, spend your money on an unknown entity. If you like I'll be selling my car this year, you can buy it sight unseen, since you seem to have no problem with that. But hang your hat on that rivals article, the same site that when I check as of right now has him with one offer. See, you know you are wrong about Jackson, that's why you won't make the effort.

I don't claim to know everything about recruiting because not only is it impossible, it's always changing. I just work closely with many people who do and as part of my job I have to be well informed in order to protect several entities from certain liabilities.

And I admitted I made a mistake with regards to Wright. He is offered by UM, but not as a WR. So you see, he's not being recruited hard because he wants to play WR. If Miami strikes out with Dunkley (90% chance they will), Harris, and Ivan, then they might turn the full court press on. Especially after they were foolish enough to offer Kenny Shaw who appears to be a FSU lock. That's why he wasn't on the invite list to their Spring Game this weekend. But hey, I guess they are recruiting him hard.... that's what they do with all the players they are really after. They neglect to invite them to the Spring Game to show them that if they really want be part of "Duh U" they need to show them the level of interest the other players on their target list do. God knows what that is because the majority of South Florida's HS players that are being strongly recruited were there.

Funny enough, I spoke with some of the kids that are being recruited by FIU, UM, FSU, and UF today at the Nike camp. Wright is a very nice player, but he's simply not what they are looking for in a WR. You guy want to hang your hat on attempting to get a recruit that UM isn't battling you for then congrats. I guess UM can say they stole Clinton Portis away from UF (they wanted him to play CB there, so did we).

In regards to Ole Miss and Purdue I was wrong, I don't know who they offer because I have no connections to any of those programs, we rarely work with them since they have their own representatives due to Bar licensing.

Regarding Dunkley, why would you mention it? Did you hear the rumor, or just read about it bandwidth king? Why would you bring it up if you didn't feel the least bit excited by it? But yes, a vague complex that you have attributed to me would lead me to believe that you just brought it up for the sake of it. And you say I'm the psychoanalytic one.

But again, you just ignore basic facts. You ignore the obvious issue of the fight, saying I'm biased. Here's a truth. A fight is started by one person or group. It can't be started by two groups/people because it defies logic. One group/person has to take it to that level, which your school clearly did. Arguing against it is arguing against gravity but I'm sure you'll try.

I'm sure the fact that you had two major personal fouls in the game, one of them was hitting their safety in the back of the head after the play was dead when he intercepted a pass and sat down in the endzone, didn't exhibit any frustration by your guys. The fact that your own player said over half the team wanted to play for them so it was big isn't a big deal. I know you are going to say I'm assuming something here, but there are 2 possible reasons that they weren't offered by UM. They either had really poor grades or sub par talent. Or in some cases, both. That's why they went to FIU.

Like you said, you were dominating the game.... except for the fact that you didn't score, got close once and were intercepted, and after the interception you didn't cross your own 35 the rest of the half, except for one time and had a punt blocked that time. You didn't even cross midfield the rest of the game, but yea, you guys posed a real threat.

Thanks for the suggestion on the beer, but I don't believe in buying alcohol. If you'd like to buy me one you are more than welcome to.

Are you going to respond, or are you going to type "see u", "good day" or some other farewell that you tend to ignore (again, when look up "reivindication" look up "ironic")? Obviously I have you upset and checking on this blog entry consistently every few hours.

I'll await your entry promptly at 9 a.m. What farewell will I get this time? Allow me to suggest "toodles". Or will you stick to your "see u"?

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