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Spring Tour: Linebackers

Winston Could be a pretty interesting spring for the linebacking corps, especially with the dynamic freshmen linebackers (Pooh Bear, Kenny Dillard and Markeith Russell) arriving in August.

Besides returning starters Scott Bryant and Tyler Clawson, this should be the spring where we see a fully healthy Winston Fraser (left).

Of all the LBs available this spring, Fraser might be the one that could start making a case for more playing time in the fall. Everything I've heard from high school coaches to the FIU coaches is that the kid is a beast.

Sophomore Aaron Davis (right) is another player to keep an eye on. In limited duty, lastMcad season Davis showed some flashes of the type of player he can be. Also look for Jarvis Wilson and hybrid DB/LB Franklin Brown to continue their steady play. Wendy Napoleon has been conditioning with the team in an attempt to come back. Whether he suits up in the spring remains to be seen.

One LB out for the spring is Little Canada - Toronto Smith (left). Saw LC at the opening series of the FIU baseball season and he was on crutches Lc recuperating from a torn tendon in his foot. LC said he would be ready for fall practice. The injury apparently has not slowed LC in the weight room, because he has gone from looking like Toronto to now Ontario.


You can ask or learn more about the FIU LBs and all other Panthers football on our LIVE Q&A BLOG with coach Mario Cristobal this Tuesday, March 3 from 11 a.m. to 12 noon here on the GPP.  


The FIU hoops team travels to Louisiana to take on the Ragin' Cajuns on Wednesday in 1st round play of the Sun Belt tournament.

If the Panthers play every game like they came out against the Hooters on Saturday night, then they could rule the Sun Belt. Outside of maybe the Western Kentucky home game this season, I've never Alex seen the kind of energy and passion this season with which FIU played last night.

Yes, it does help to have the entire team healthy for the first time all season like FIU had against Florida Atlantic. UL took care of an undermanned FIU 90-73 earlier this season at the Cajundome. Let's see what game 2 shows.

Apaw We're 2 days away from the start of spring football so what's on your mind....


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you know i cant wait till spring ball.. the one thing that i am really excited to see is the play of the DL and DB's i want to see the improvement on both those lines

Thanks for the info, Pete....Can't wait for Spring Ball!!

Pete, you going to cover the UL game for the Herald? Would be nice to get some updates or maybe a live blog or something. Just a thought. :)

SR and the boys got one hell of a road to go through in this tourney. Lafayette won't be easy, but I think that's a winnable game. If FIU does, then it's WKU. Fortunately, that game will be at Hot Springs and not Bowling Green. I think we could beat the Toppers at a relatively neutral court. Those first two games might be the toughest. Part of me wishes we had a easier road for the first two rounds, but it is what it is, I guess.

When is the first practice and is it open for the public to watch ??

i dont think any game is NOT winable for the boys in the BBall court.. however, they need to play as a team and not get caught early and live on comeing from behind.. that rarely ever works

I didn't see any mention on Artis Warthen Jr. a Sr.DE/LB returning defensive player, what's his status

WOW - While FIU was splitting games with crappy Brown University, UM was sweeping a ranked University of Florida team on the road.

Yeah, it sure looks like Turtle is getting FIU past UM in a hurry on the diamond.

Ohhh my.... well look who's knocking at the door asking if he can come in and play.

Remind us again how many National Titles, Heisman's, CWS appearances, diving/swimming, tennis, golf titles and convicts scUM has ?????

FIUBlueandGold - remind me again how many Nat'l titles, Heisman's CWS appearances, diving/swimming, tennis, and golf titles FIU doesn't have again.

And while your at it, why dont you tell me how many scholarships have been lost, ncaa violations have been enforced and other athletic infractions FIU has had in the past 5 years.

Oh, and while we are looking at the progrmas as a whole, why dont you tell us all again how FIU athletics are so great with the basketball team barely able to win a game, the baseball team splitting series with Brown and the football team that has a parade when they get a 3 star recruit and a freshman who excels against other crappy teams.


FYI - while FIU shouldn't lose to Brown, did you know that Brown also took a game from the University of Florida last year, and on top of that, the game was in Gainesville and the score was 11-2. They also lost to Florida 8-7 and 13-2. Even though FIU got good pitching in game 2, I think the coach was gambling by saving Ebert and Polizanno for Tennessee and Coastal and the rain ruined those plans.


You are such a tool.

You really have nothing better to do, do you CC? Unbelieveable... look, UM spring practice has started, go shine Jacory Harris's shoes or something.

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