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Springing Along: Recaps Before Sunday Scrimmage

Your Panthers will tee it up for the first spring scrimmage Sunday morning beginning at 10 at FIU Clk Stadium. For some of you the scrimmage will start at 11 a.m. if you forget to move those clocks up an hour at some point Saturday night for the start of daylight savings time.

Before you make it out to the stadium to see them start hitting each other, this is what's been going on Ty at spring practice the last couple of days.

For the most part, the receivers appear to be ahead of the defensive backs thus far.

No shocker here: Goodbye (left, thanks Sam Lewis) and Greg Ellingson (right, SL pic) continue making acrobatic catches. Goodbye reached back across his body to snag a pass in Friday's drills. GE did the same Friday and Saturday. GE also faked a DB out of his shoes on a long pass play Friday, but the QB underthrew Ge GE on what would have been an easy 6.

Junior Mertile has also joined the fun. Another season of experience and another season in the weight room has the Hilton Heave receiver primed for a big season.

Other WRs to make some nice catches have been Jason Frierson, Marquis Rolle and Jeremy Dickens. One WR that has shown marked improvement has been Jacob Younger (left) -- Wayne Younger's cousin.

The wiry 6-2 JY stretched out his body on one sideline catch and then caught a bullet from his cousin   Jy over the middle on Friday.

All of this is not to say the DBs have not been making plays, because they have.

Emmanuel Souarin and Chuck Grace have stood out batting down balls and playing tight coverage. Petey Riley has also played some good pass D and so has Dez Johnson, who is currently lining up opposite Anthony Gaitor with the 1st team D -- whatever that means in March. AG, as his usual All-Sun Belt self, is back at it playing stellar D too.

New QB Wesley Carroll looks like he's been running the FIU offense for 10 years now the way he has practiced thus far. He threw a dart deep down the middle of the field between 2 DBs on Friday that tight end Jonathan Faucher made a leaping grab to haul in. On Saturday, WC eluded a sack with some nice mobility and connected with Dickens deep down field.Dperry WC has some solid mechanics throwing the ball.

Darriet Perry (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez), who is expected to be limited in carries this spring, because he needs to stay healthy for  2009 with already a couple of RBs on the mend from injuries, made a nice cut back move and ran away from the defense in Saturday's practice.

And Wendy Napoleon back from a spinal injury showed what a big body LB can do in the middle jumping up high to snare a Younger pass over the middle for an INT.

Wh Some of the newest Panthers have been making it out to practice. Wednesday, Darian Mallary watched the FIU RBs work and Saturday, Terrance Taylor was checking FIU out.

Get out to the scrimmage Sunday, if not check back here later on Sunday for what's happening.



How about FIU baseball then and now getting off to a good start this weekend. The now part -- right-hander Scott Rembisz (right, SL pic) with 8 shutout innings and 7 Ks in a 5-0 win vs. Troy on Friday. Rembisz worked out of a bases loaded, no-out jam allowing no runs Rem in the 3rd inning and did it again in the 5th inning working out of a 2nd and 3rd and 1 out-jam. FIU has got some serious pitching this year -- these aren't your "he's bigger than me and he wanted the ball" Panthers.

Also, former FIU assistant coach Rod Delmonico, now the coach of the Netherlands national team, defeated the favored Dominicans in the World Baseball Classic on Saturday.


MONSTER DONG: Pete, How does Rolle look? I think he's finally poised to make a run at quality playin' time. What do you think?

PP: Rolle looks better through 3 practices. He has all the tools (size, hands) to be an elite receiver in college football and he definitely has the quality competition around him to push him. He would give FIU another huge weapon on offense.

JulesFIU07: Does Perry look like he has added on some bulk and gone over 200lbs?

PP: Like most of the Panthers, DP has gotten bigger. He is at 200 now.






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yeah.... i saw terrance taylor there.With one of his buddies from the 2010 class.

I must say the linebacking squad is looking much more intimidating now. With Fraiser-Davis-Bryant we have desent size and speed but excellent strength! I thought they would have let Franklin Brown play saftey after the INTs he got last season... but right know he's a tall skinny LB.

Thanks for the great info Pete!!! I'm going to make it out there tomorrow.

Let's talk about FIU baseball, 1-0 win against a good Troy team. This year we got pitching, great job by TT.


2-0 start so far against the preseason predicted #2 team in the conference. And 2 shutout games against a suppose to be solid hitting is pretty good also... I like what i see so far, keep it up

perhaps i was wrong about FIU baseball this year...

Looks like Turtle signed himself 2 legitimate weekend starters. Now let's see if Corey can keep it up, otherwise, I think RJ (freshman) might replace him on the weekend rotation. Go F I U!

It would be a great start to SBC play if we sweep Troy. We won the series, which is quite good, but a sweep would send a message to the rest of the SBC.

Great scrimmage today. T.Y.,Willis, Bailey and Mertile definitely look stronger/bigger. I'm just mentioning a few names, but it's pretty much the whole squad.

Seems like offense was clicking in the scrimmage. Pete who was that RB making those defenders miss and getting better with each carry? I know he's #26 but #26 on FIU's webpage is Chuck Grace(DB). Looking forward to what you will inform us about the scrimmage. Thanks.

As for Gaitor, he has to be one of the best CB's in the conference(may be the best). He seems to play with a swagger. Made some great plays today.


One more thing, great interception by Wendy Napeoleon. It was nice to see him make a play, i'll be rooting for that kid to contribute this year.


UFF and Clawing Cancer-

You two were very vocal when baseball lost a couple earlier (if you know baseball you know that can happen). Still want Price! Please let us know what you think now.

GO Sergio and Turtle!!! Hope for Big wins today

It's early in the season. That's what I think. Troy's been a top conference team for a while now, so I won't say the series win is meaningless. All I'll say is FIU's started out hot before. Let's see if they can keep it up.

For the record, I never said Price should've stayed. I agree that it was time for him to go. I just expected TT to show better results last season. If he does well this season, then it's all good. Sure sounds like he fixed the pitching problem, though. When Polizzano's the #3 starter, he's gotta be doing something right. I think.

Trailing late to WKU... somebody get Galindo his shooting touch! Please!

we did not show up in the 2nd half ??

What the F ???

down by 17 to WKU with 3:00 to go

Basketball season is over. Very sad, this team had too much talent to be playing the #1 seed in the conference in the quaterfinals.

This was a hard game to watch. Anyone think Sergio is back next year ? Might come down to keeping him because of the contract $$.


I must say I am pretty disappointed in the GPP's coverage of men's hoops, especially today. No mention has been made of their matchup today against WKU.

Anyways, season got a little exciting towards the end. If anything, all of the injuries might have spared Sergio his job because he only had all of his players together towards the end when they actually played quite well.

Tough call on Sergio's future.

Who Cares about F.I.U. aka Fraud Internaional University -- It's All About Da U! Go Canes!

Showing your inferiority complex there Paolo?

hey paolo you care enough to come write on this blog so appearantly you do.

inspubadj, ditto Clawing Cancer remarks. Do you think I want FIU Baseball to do bad? Then you DON'T know me! However, TT could do no wrong and DP did everything wrong. I never stated that I wanted DP to stay, I just think DP got a bum rap at the end.

Congrats to TT and squad on taking 2 of 3 from a supposedly good Troy squad. Lets keep it up.

On men's hoops, only one player in double figures!! Michael Dominguez had 12 and Galindo was 1-9 shooting. Horrible! SR fate will be determined soon I would imagine.


A T.Y. Quote on Number 26

"Then Jonathan Ramirez came in and we called him Lightning because he was making some quick moves out there."

Check the link for the whole article



I know you well. Well enough to know you did not attend one baseball game last year crying over Price.

I hope Aspirilla, and some of the other guys stay so the rebuilding process wont be so painful, but I hope we get a better coach next year. In any case next year is going to be painful for basketball wether is rebuilding or Sergio coaching.
I hope there are changes in women's bball too, CR put FIU on the map in the 90's but it is time for change.

Golden Panther 90, guilty as charged. I was upset about how DP situation was handled. I go to almost all other FIU sporting events, except swimming, only b/c it's in North Campus. I will attend this year when my boys sporting events don't conflict. Look me up at the game we'll have a hot dog, nachos and talk FIU sports. Sounds like a deal?


Thanks SOD. I'm usually good with the players on the roster but "Jonathan Ramirez" was a surprised to me. Kid showed some heart today in the scrimmage.

I don't know if SR did enough to save his job. PG has done a great job in the hiring of Cristobal and TT...whatever he decides i'm cool with it.


Ramirez was a 1st Team All Broward County 3A-1A level as an Utility on Defense. According to the Herald All County team report, he had 43 tackles, 3 Interceptions, 12 catches for 224 yards, with 3 TD's for Archbishop McCarthy HS.

I'm hoping we will have access soon to the Spring Prospectus..or at leat the Spring Roster, which includes all the newcomers, preferred walk ons, and other walks ons trying to make the team soon. That way, we can identify who is practicing, and a bit of their history....

Clawing Cancer, do u smoke rocks????... you expected more from TT last year?!?!?!?! what could you expect from him with a team like that, that had people like akeem pitching(that guy threw the best batting practice ive ever seen, just in game situation). That had some hitters last year, but A)TT really did not get to recruit for that season much and B) he didnt have much to work with.

Ultimate FIU Fan...DP was just fat and lazy at the end. He did well like 10 years ago, but ever since that one good season he just sat back and chewed seeds in the dugout.

Im not going to say i agree with Clawing Cancer, but there is some truth to what he says. There is still a lot of baseball left this season, especially with 22 newcomers on the team. If we can take 2 out of 3 for the majority of the conference series, we'll be good to go...We shouldve won today though, we had it!!! CH!TTT!!!

Absolutely I did. 20-36 at FIU is totally unacceptable. I don't care who the coach is or what he's inherited fom the previous regime.

Why some of you on here like to pretend that FIU had no talent on the diamond before now is beyond me. You don't win over 1,000 games if you totally suck at recruiting, regardless of the schedule. You don't send as many players to pro ball if your eye for talent sucks. I know, arm-wise, things have been bad for a while, and that's where FIU mainly struggled last season. But to lay all of last year's problems on Price when half the team were guys TT put on the roster? Please.

That argument worked when MC took over for Strock, and ditto for Rouco when Marsh left, but it doesn't apply here. FIU has a good baseball reputation, is in a hotbed of talent and turning over a roster's pretty easy to do in baseball compared to other college sports. How many of Price's guys remain now? 5? 6? Something like that? Tell me, Franky, you going to blame those guys if FIU ends up having another bad season?

Fact is, Price only had three losing seasons in his tenure. Considering many talked TT up because he was a better recruiter AND coach than Price... yeah, I expected more than for him to give the worst season in FIU history. If he's such a better coach than Price, explain how THAT happened. And, please, save the "inferior talent" argument. Price's teams NEVER put up a season like that. Ever. Nor were they losing to D-II squads.

Again, I'm not trying to hate on TT. I'm sure he'll turn it around. His resume speaks for itself, and it looks like his recruiting is as good as advertised so far. Every coach deserves a chance to bring in his own ingredients, as Bill Parcells would say. But for some of you to come on here and say last season was all on Price are not only wrong, but you're being irrational.

Great coverage again, Pete!!


You could say the same thing about UCF. Ask their first year coach how it's going?

A quich follow up to JulesFIU07's remarks about local political leaders who went to FIU. I think you chose the wrong opponant to battle with using several of your named examples. Had you investigated maybe a little further two of your proud alumni, Mayor Diaz and Illeana Ross Lehten, after attending FIU, went on to receive post graduate degrees, a PhD and a JD from the University of Miami. Lets recap, both went to FIU where, as undergrads, it was local and cheaper to go, but once establishing themselves as special, decided to got UM and make a name for themselves.

Who knows, maybe if TY has another good year he will try to follow in their footsteps.


ur just dumb guy. You obviously have no clue how the internal process is run in college football and baseball. And no idea about college sports.

So i guess Randy Shannon shouldnt have had as bad as a 1st season as he did with Larry Cokers recruits. Are u kidding me???

A) The majority of the guys on that team were not from TT.

B) TT did not have anywhere near a full recruiting season last year, as he came on as head coach late.

C) I actually think they did pretty well for what they were dealing with last year (beating UM, #1 at the time, at mark light, taking a series away from Sunbelt #1 ULM, and really playing well as a team towards the end of the season. Plus, it was probably the toughest schedule FIU has ever had with Ariz. St, UC Irvine, UM, USC, et...

D) That D-II team won the D-II national championship and would beat a lot of D-I teams

No, the majority of Prices guys are gone now and they have started the season off well. What would come into play this season is the fact that they have 22 newcomers and a really young team, but then again, you dont understand anything about sports.

Price his last year had 29 losses and 24 the year before that(which could of easily been more with a rainout against alabama, fau, and ucf). Like i said before, he had some good teams back in the day, but he just got lazy and stopped working. Ask any of his players and they'll tell you. TT came into FIU with the ch!t that price left him and whatever he could grab before the beginning of the school year and put together the best season he could with that team.

Its like an old coach used to tell me back in my playing days, "Your either with us, or against..." Get focused and figure out what ur deal is buddy


franky the cat: I know when you respond to CC you mean clawing cancer, but I felt the need to post something here. You stated that "Price his last year had 29 losses and 24 the year before that(which could of easily been more with a rainout against alabama, fau, and ucf) And I AGREE with you. But, using that rationale, can we agree that FIU should have two more losses already this season b/c of the rainouts to Tennessee and Coastal?

franky...I think your arguments and CC's actually have a lot of space in common...just a few differences...but you should tone down a bit your volume level, as I'm sure he is as good a fan...supporter...as you and I and everyone else here. It's just his opinion...and then you have yours. I actually agree a lot with what CC states, in terms that TT's first year was a bit worse off that I ever imagined.

And I was one stating that DP's days were over, and we needed a new direction...actually, I have heard great things about TT's recruiting and how local kids have a whale of a lot of respect for him, and now for FIU baseball. I don't think, with all due respect to DP and his great tenure here, that DP ever had that with local players....

Crazy Cane,

I would say prob 1 more loss bc FIU wouldve most likely beaten Tenn with Ebert throwing against them.

FIU Fanatic,

I hear you. i just get fired up when i see people posting and they have no clue about what they are talking about or sports. Ive been in the college coaching profession before, and im not saying that i know everything, but hes just way off on some of the basics. I love it when all the people in the stands know best. Just support what we have, everybody is always looking to the past or future, etc...

When it comes to baseball, bringing in players is actually A LOT more important then football. Football you can use a lot more strategy (play calling, etc...) then in baseball to even the playing field(another wrong point by Clawing Cancer). I 100% agree with what that guy posted last year at the beginning of the season, that it will take 3 full seasons to see the true improvement of the baseball team under TT. Let him and the coaching staff get their players in school and seasoned and then we will see the true team.

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