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FIU/Florida Gulf Coast Baseball LIVE BLOG

Last minute idea here of a LIVE BLOG from tonight's FIU/Florida Gulf Coast baseball game.....So follow along in the comments section.


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Top of 1st:

Aaron Arboleya starts on the mound for FIU.

Josh Upchurch singles and advances to 3rd after 2 outs.

Cleanup hitter Zach Maxfield up now

Arboleya gets a ground ball to Junior Arrojo and gets out of the inning.

Going to bottom of the 1st: FGC 0, FIU coming to bat

Couple of notes here in between innings:

FIU is wearing their "The Natural" throwback unis, which the Panthers have always had little luck with.

FGC told the FIU Diamond Dolls "Monique and Unique" that they are not needed in the dugout to pick up the Eagles bats.

Bottom 1st:

Bermudez caught looking at strike 3.

Mollica grounds out to 2nd.

Townsend up now.

Townsend reaches on infield single after a pop up drop in between the FGC pitcher, catcher and 3rd baseman.

Stropp up now and grounds to 3rd to end inning.

Top 2nd 0-0 score:

Looks like FIU will use a lot of its bullpen tonight with a reliever in Arboleya starting.

Top 2nd:

Steven Wickens flies out for the first out.

Brad Roberts singled.

FIU turns 2 to end the inning.

Bottom of 2nd now 0-0

Hey Pete,

Have you heard anything on that mystery signee that PG spoke about on 790 am ?

Bot of 2nd:

Jobe grounds out to SS.

Martinez grounds out to 2B.

Alfonso up now

Alfonso flies out to center to end the 2nd.


FIURage: nothing yet on any new signee, but there should be one more addition before camp begins in August.

Top 3rd 0-0:

Robert Greene strikes out.

Joe Guarnaccia singles to right.

still Top 3rd

Guarnaccia steals 2nd.

leadoff hitter Upchurch at the plate.

Top 3rd:

Upchurch walks -- runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out.

Alvarez up now

Top 3rd:

Alvarez single to left....1-0 FGC.

Berkowitz warming up in the bullpen for FIU

Mystery signing in football?

Also, thanks for the updates Pete.

Another single to left....2-0 FGC now

Pitching coach Sean Allen to the mound

Top 3rd:

FIU turns 2 again and ends the FGC rally.

going to the bottom of the 3rd: 2-0 FGC

huge double play to stop the bleeding

Bot 3rd:

Lammar Guy gets hit by pitch to lead off inning

Arrojo bunts too hard and forces Guy at 2nd.

Jr. safe at 1st

Bermudez grounds out to pitcher.

Jr down to 2nd base with 2 outs

Mollica flies out CF....end of 3rd.

2-0 FGC

Top 4th:

Arboleya still on the hill. Mason McVay warming in the pen.

Top 4th

Wickens flies out to Guy for 1st out.

Diamond Dolls sitting next to me here in the suite tell FGC "go get your own bats"

Top 4th:

Roberts doubles into the LCF gap with 1 out.

Call to the bullpen: Mason McVay in the game with runner on 2nd and 1 out.

Top 4th:

FIU Mayor Nelson Bradford makes an appearance here in the suite, offers Diamond Dolls and yours truly some non-alcoholic beverages.

Top 4th:

Mollica makes a great diving catch for 2nd out

Top 4th:

Mollica makes a nice play on a grounder with plenty of English on it and gets the 3rd out to end the inning.

2-0 FGC heading to the bot of 4th

Bot 4th:

Townsend, Stropp and Jobe due up

meat of the order up...

Bot 4th:

Townsend grounds out.

Stropp singles to CF

Jobe 2-run HR tie game 2-2

hit streak continues for Jobe...22 games now right pete?

Good luck to the guys, can't be there tonight, but they need to start winning these midweek games!

any guesses on who the mystery committ is Pete?

Martinez grounds out to SS....2 out

Alfonso singles to LF.

Diamond Doll Dorami, whose mom was an opera singer, says after a HR, the Panthers will start hitting.

Guy grounds out to end the inning....2-2 after 4 innings.

JM - no guesses on the future Panther....might be an O or D lineman, because you can never have enough of those.

Top 5th:

Mollica gets another ground out for the 1st out....that's 3 straight outs recorded by Mollica.

McVay strikes out Upchurch for 2nd out of the 5th.

* R.J. Fondon and Tim Jobe both warming up in the pen

McVay walks Alvarez with 2 outs....3rd batter Roberson coming up to the plate

Roberson grounds out to 3rd to end the inning.

2-2 going to bottom of the 5th.

Time for cha cha slide on the top steps of the FIU dugout.

Bot of 5th:

I think if FIU goes on a 10-game winning streak we might see Turtle do the cha cha slide??

Bot 5th

Jr. leads off with a single to center.

FIU can equal last season's win total (20) with a win tonight.

Jr. steals second and goes to third on wild throw...0 outs and Bermudez has a 3-2 count

Bermudez Ks

Mollica grounds out Jr scores....3-2 FIU

Tyler solo HR......4-2

The folks from Coral Gables are here scouting your Panthers:

UM pitching coach JD Arteaga is here with a notebook jotting down what he sees FIU do.

Stropp strikes out to end the 5th.

Fondon in to pitch the 6th....Maxfield greets him with a solo HR.

4-3 now

Wickens bunt single.

Roberts flies out to CF for 1st out

Another FGC single....runners on the corners with 1 out and FIU up 4-3

Greene strikes out for 2nd out.

Still runners on the corners with 2 out now

Guarnaccia hits 3-run HR with 2 outs....now 6-4 FGC.

Fondon gets 3rd out of inning.

Going to bot 6th now 6-4 FGC

Jobe singles to lead off the inning

Berkowitz warming up for FIU in the pen.

Martinez triples and scores Jobe....now 6-5 FGC

Thanks for blog Pete. It would be nice to win this game.

Were you serious about UM assistant at game? Maybe they are scouting FGC.


Pete any chance we see Ebert throw an inning tonight like he did a few weeks ago

Alfonso reaches 1st on error...Martinez scores tie game 6-6

FIUJM could be right since they play host to FGCU on 4/22 and 4/29

FIUJM: Yeah they play FGC twice in the coming weeks.

Roman: On Ebert could happen if it means winning this game.

Alfonso at 2nd with 1 out and Jr. with a 3-2 count

Jr. hit by pitch....runners on 1st and 2nd with 1 out

FIUJM: Yeah, they play FGC 2x coming up, but they're checking out FIU for late May.

Roman: Ebert could come in if the game is on the line

Vargas grounds into a DP to end the sixth.

6-6 game going to the 7th

Thanks guys. I hope you're right that it may be for late May that UCG is scouting us. lol

Berkowitz gets 1 out, but then a single and a walk.

Hi guys......

Heard over at Panther Pass that Ebert is warming up....

Ebert into the game with 2 outs and 2 on in the top of the 7th

Polizzano is now warming up in the pen

Well...I hope these moves all pay up....bring them in, hold the opposing team, then score some runs...and WIN!!!...

Man, I wish I was at the game...

I would talk trash to the UM coach until he upped and left the game.

Ebert strikes out Roberts to end the inning.

6-6 going to bot 7th

Good!! That's why you bring him to pitch!!! Do you think he'll pitch one more inning tonight?..or just bring Polizzano in the 8th....

I would talk trash to the UM coach until he upped and left the game.

Posted by: FIUFloridaPower&Light | April 08, 2009 at 08:15 PM

You are absolutely right. I wouldn't be surprised if assistant there doesn't like Morris. Pete is that assistant wearing UM gear and that's how you recognized him? Must have some nerves showing up to FIU game after his school is scared to play us.

Anyways, great job by Ebert. Still 6-6. Now we need runs!!!

Bot 7th

Mollica leads off with a single

No assistant is in civilian clothing.

Tyler 2-run shot...second of the game 8-6

Townsend is hot..hot...hot....My, oh my...2 HR's tonight for Tyler!!

FIU Fanatic: Ebert should be coming back for the 8th and I'm guessing Polizzano for the 9th.

Thanks Pete.

Great that we got lead, keep the runs coming.

Bot 7th

Stropp strikes out looking, Jobe pops up and Martinez pops up.

End of 7...8-6 FIU.

Ebert back for the 8th


Top 8th

Pop out and strike out by Ebert.

2 outs

Ebert takes a line drive off the leg for a single by FGC and is taken out of the game.

Ebert was able to walk off the field.

Polizzano in with 2 outs and runner on 1st.

FIU up 8-6

CP strikes out Upchurch for 3rd out..

going to bot of 8th....8-6 FIU

Good job by Polizzano to strike out the batter he faced...

Alfonso leads off with double.

Guy bunts and pitcher throws out Alfonso at 3rd.

Guy at 1st with 1 out

Jr. up with Guy at 1st

Marban warming up in the pen

FGC drops fly ball at second base but gets Guy at 2nd base with a force out.

Jr at 1st with 2 outs

Whats the score Pete ?

A walk to start the inning by Polizzano...Marban is in...no Panther Pass for the last inning...

Any updates?...even the live stats have stopped working for awhile...

CP walks lead off man in the 9th.

Marban in and gives up a single.

No outs, runners on 1st and 2nd

Oh...it just refreshed now...a hit..runners on 1st and 2nd...no outs...

Still 8-6 in the top of the ninth with 0 outs

Marban walks another batter.

bases loaded with 0 outs and FIU clinging to an 8-6 lead

Wow...now a walk to load the bases and no outs....Still up 8-6....

why waste CP for just .1 of an inning???? He should have finished the game

Marban strikes out batter....1 out and bases still loaded.

FIU 8-6

big strikeout, now lets roll a pair and finish this

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