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FIU/Florida Gulf Coast Baseball LIVE BLOG

Last minute idea here of a LIVE BLOG from tonight's FIU/Florida Gulf Coast baseball game.....So follow along in the comments section.


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A double play would be nice....

single up the middle with 1 out...now 8-7 FIU

geez...this bullpen is our biggest hole

I tell you....another one of these nailbiters now....

FGC grand slam....11-8 FGC

wow grand slam for FGCU.....

Unbelievable.....this is just a ridiculous bullpen....you just can't trust anyone coming from the 'pen....

doesn't surprise me, well im off to PS2 land. Pete talk to you later this week :)

What's the score Pete?

end of the inning....going to bot of the 9th....FGC 11-8

Greg Waddell solo HR to lead off the ninth....now 11-9

Mollica fly out

Tyler ground out

Stropp up now

Stropp strikes out....ballgame FGC wins 11-9

Thanks for the live blog, Pete...have a good night...oh well....

thanks pete....man losing a close one like this hurts.

These mid-week losses are adding up, someone in that bullpen has to step up!

For FIU to become a Good team, they need to win the games the Should win.

This is the WORST bullpen in FIU history. No sorry, last year's was worse! Another loss to another lower-level Div-I team. Not acceptable if you want to be ranked!

That series win over the weekend is now in the shadow of these two losses. Unbelievable...im guessing that one vote wont be there again.

Just came back... man that was embarassing. You wanna talk about horrible? These last two days have been DISGUSTING! This bullpen needs to get a major overhaul... and is Tom Ebert gonna be OK? God forbid we lose one of our top 3 starters... if we do, we are good as done because there is NO ONE to fall back on.

What is the deal with this bullpen? Our batters can put up runs in the double digits and these guys will find a way to blow the game for us. Wake up 'pen and get some consistency, if we want to be ranked we cannot keep on losing midweek games. We should be 21-8 or 22-7 right now.

Tough loss for FIU. A blown game in the ninth...very disappointing. The closing pitchers need to step up their game. We can't keep relying on the offense to put games away. If our pitching chokes, it won't matter how many runs we score.

We have some damn good pitchers on our team, but the depth of the pitching staff is kind of lame. Rest of the pitching staff has to step up.

FIU message board is back !!

Miami FC announced that they will play at FIU Stadium on April 24th against the Montreal Impact. I don't know about the rest of you, but this could be a fantastic opportunity for FIU and soccer in South Florida. It'll be the first OFFICIAL soccer event at the stadium and it's going to be televised nationally on Fox Soccer Channel as their game of the week.

Let's show everyone how great our venue is and that FIU supports soccer! This could be look really good for a future MLS bid.

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