Free FIU Doubleheader, Free Food & Free LIVE SPRING GAME BLOG

Date You're a cheap date and FIU has got your stimulus package on Friday.

FIU is taking you out to the gridiron and the diamond and feeding you (while supplies last) all for free on Friday and the GPP is LIVE BLOGGING  Gat for you free of charge as well.

The FIU Blue/Gold Spring Game begins at 6 p.m. at FIU Stadium where I heard the featured menu item will be some pulled pork sandwiches (No Arroz Con Pollo from Chef Sandra until football season).

The GPP LIVE SPRING GAME BLOGGat   begins at 5:45 p.m. with a pre-game blog and depending who drops by the FIU Stadium press box, maybe some live guests. Then we'll have play-by-play of the spring game after that.

At the spring game, you will receive a voucher to walk into University Park Stadium for free and watch Free you're Panthers (3rd place in the Sun Belt) take on the Hilltoppers (2nd place in SBC) of Western Kentucky.

Now that we have your Friday night planned out, here are a few more notes from the last 2 days of spring practice to get you ready for the spring game and again FREE of charge.

Wy It's been the Wayne Younger (thanks, Alex J. Hernandez photo) show the last couple of practices. WY threw a nice tight spiral to Ty Frierson for a 60-yard TD during team drills. In red zone drills, WY placed a nice touch pass to Greg Ellingson in the corner of the end zone for 6.

And in some pretty tight coverage where there were about 3 or 4 defenders, WY found Goodbye down the middle of the field for a 30-yard completion.

WY also got in some punting after practice and hit a 45-yarder. MC says WY is punting insurance, because the Panthers punting has been so-so this spring. WY punted at Cocoa High (photo right, WY is wearing No. 1 jersey) and should he be the FIU punter it would give special teams defenses a lot to think about.Wyhigh

FIU is still holding out hope that Carlos Munera gets a medical redshirt for the 2009 season for the appendectomy CM had in junior college 2 years ago. Should know more by August.

Receivers will be one of the strengths of the Panthers this fall, but noticed too many dropsies with the receivers on Wednesday. Need to clean that up.

Jgriff The D-line overpowered the O-line in Wednesday's practice.

Something to keep in mind down the road, today, we saw kicker Jack Griffin (left) hit a 50-yard field goal off the tee and with no rush coming at him. JG has a strong leg.

Safety Derrick Clark, the state's interceptions leader in 2007, leaped up like a cat and batted down a pass with one hand for Thursday's defensive play of the day.

New D-lineman Josh Forney visited practice today and looks ready to put on the blue and gold.

You can see it all for yourself Friday at 6 or ask about it here on the GPP at the same time if you are in one of the GPP's 44 states or 30 countries or you're in a new area and want to join the GPP Worldwide Readership.


Apaw  Update on center Freddy Asprilla (right, AJH photo) is that he tweaked his ankle and will be just fine.Fa Still got 7 months until the hoops opener. Breathe easy FIU hoops fanatics.


Good to visit with FIU Fanatic out at practice today. 

blkpanther: Pete, Some homework for the spring game.1. How did James Jones Surgery go. How is he rehabbing? 2. After Spring Ball is over are the players going back to the weight room with the emphasis on getting bigger. 2b. When the freshmen come in the Summer will the be going through coach Moore's program before getting into spring camp? 3. How Far apart are PM & WY? I will leave the rest for a POP quiz on Friday.

PP: Geez, I was not a fan of school blkpanther, but I'll do my best: 1) JJ is doing fine and there's a slight chance he could be back this season.

2) Yes, players will be back in weight room, but from what I was told their getting bigger period was in the winter before spring ball. 2b) Yes, the frosh will hit the weights with Coach Moore.

3) PM is the starter, but MC said on Wednesday that WY has moved ahead of CA for the backup job and gaining. MC also said it's great to have Wesley Carroll in camp, because it has helped WY get better, because WY is not just going to inherit the starting QB job next season. It will be a battle between WY and WC and whichever other QB MC brings in.

Question for you: if you announce a POP quiz, then doesn't it lose it's POP quiz status? It now just becomes a quiz?

Dolp LonePanther: Pete, What are the chances of having Younger moved to play another position vs. staying as a backup to McCall? Who do you believe is the front-runner thus far for starting QB next year, Younger or Carroll?

PP: Unless, it's adding punting duties to his QB duties I don't believe WY will become a WR or any other position, because he's too valuable this season if something happens to PM. Of course, WY can always be a WR in a trick play, ala the Dolphins Wildcat offense. Of course, it would not come as any shock to see a WildPanther offense this fall, especially with all the athletes FIU has.

At the beginning of spring practice, I would have said the 2010 QB job was Carroll's to lose, but WY has had a pretty good spring. Not that Carroll has done anything to hurt himself, because on the contrary Wes looks like a veteran running the FIU spread, has a great arm, makes solid decisions with the football and is a mobile QB.

NYCFIUFan: Any chance friday's scrimmage being on panther pass?

PP: Panther Pass will be at the ballpark for FIU/Western Kentucky. Your viewing options for the spring game is LIVE at FIU Stadium or LIVE GPP BLOG.Gat I'll try to be as colorful as I can describing the Mad action.

Golden Panther 90: Pete- Any word on SR's status? I heard that there were meetings between him and PG today.

PP: SR will be back and there were no meetings. SR is in Detroit for the Final Four and PG is in Miami for the spring game.


You be John Madden and tell us who will win the Spring Game and why?



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ahhh Pete ignored the "Replace Greg Cotex with Pete Pelegrin" cries.

Me thinks he doesnt want to start drama... haha.

Add Scotland to your list. Hopefully the freebie tradition will take place during the regular season as well...lol.

Way to bring it strong with that previous um/fiu post, especially Cote.

Defense will win... once the other offensive weapons arrive for Fall, then the Offense will win.

In my opinion, the Offense will be stacked when the freshmen, JUCO transfers get here.

The O line struggles to contain the Defense at times. The Defense is gong to all over the offense this spring game.

It's been asked but there's been no answer, what's up with the FIU message board? FIUPantherfan is no where to be found lately.

Pete, please take note of attendance at the FREE Spring Game. lol. This will tell a short tale of the fan base that FIU is generating. I just wish I could be there.


A Reminder to all the fans that the baseball game will begin at 7:30 to accomodate all those walking or driving over from the football stadium. First pitch is 7:30 with Scott Rembisz on the mound for your FIU Panthers

I remember last year, the D-line was getting praise for creating pressure in fall camp but it turned out to be a down year for the front 4 so I would not be too giddy about the reports of the D-line just yet.

Similarly, holding head waiting to see O-Line go up against conference teams.

Pete, sorry to do this. Here's the latest on FIUGoldenPanthers.com...Rick figured out that the database crashed but he was able to recover everything, there's 0% loss from what I see. For some strange reason, though, now we're getting blank pages, which he is working to fix now. We will keep you updated.

Looking forward to game tonight, i believe both offense and defense will have a great battle.

Pete, heard PG on 790the Ticket today. He mentioned us recruiting #1 TE on the radio and said MC is close to signing someone else very soon in the upcoming days. Have you heard who this player may be? Seems like our coaches are not scared to recruit anyone.


MC still recruiting, man that guy was a great hire. Sun Belt domination is inevitable with this talent coming in, and a lot quicker than ever imagined.

That's what PG said in the morning. Kept mentioning lots of talent in state of Florida and expects big things in the next 5 years.

WOW another recruit ... this is unreal!

my call would be a victory for the Offense. Defense is at a great dis-advantage in my opinion in this type of game... I can almost guarantee that they will be somewhat limited in what they are allowed to call (blitz,etc...), blowing the whistle on the QB for a sack is always a tough thing to call(if they do it that way, which i dont know any schools that give the green light to hit the QBs), and the scoring IMO favors the O

I wish i can find audio of PG on 790theTicket...good stuff!!!

It seems like the ticket post audio archives a few days later - The Zaslow Show only has the latest 3-27-09.

Pete can you use your influence to have that PG 790 am chat posted ?

If anyone could bring a video camera and post the highlights on youtube, i would really appreciate it.

Yeah Yeah Post on youtube..... Maxxx?

Good blog, Pete...Likewise on chatting with you Yesterday...maybe I can go and say hi tonight somewhere...(either the Football or Baseball stadium...LOL).

I'll go with the defense...Heck.. how bored are we?...

If true what PG said on 790, Mario signing another kid speaks volume for the type of year-round, relentless recruiting he and his staff are doing. He just signed less than a week ago one of the top JUCO Tight Ends of 2007...if not the top....and now...the possibility of signing another recruit? Awesome!

To all those out there who think that TT has made FIU relevant again and that the country is starting to know who and what FIU baseball is all about again, Rivals (link provided below)just posted their predictions for the Regionals of the CWS tournament


funny thing - FIU is nowhere to be found. I guess Rivals is behind the rest of the country is learning that FIU is a super power.

Can you all please relax - the TE he signed last week was, and I stress was, highly touted in '2007, then he was hurt ALL of '08. Basically what I am saying is, MC signed a TE who noone else wanted anymore, not even the 3 or 4 other schools and had committed and/or signed with - lets not hand the guy the key to the city just yet.

Jimmy Lover - you get 0 (enter Jim morris' nickname here; hint: another name for cat and starts with a P).

That is a prediction you loser. that has ZERO meaning to anybody in the nation and to prove this, that little prediction has UM as a national seed. I will guaranteeeee!!!! you that UM will not be a national seed come the end of the season. We can even make a wager on it if you would like.

Again, TT is in year 2 and as far as im concerned Morris just isnt as good without TT in his life. Goodluck LOSER.

Wow...not only is crazy cane=crazy panther...but....he is also jimmy morris experience? What a coincidence...5 minutes afterward....

Too funny...if not sadder...

i know, i saw the same thing. They both have been on here in a while but yet they decide to come on and post within 5 minutes of each other

crazycain you mean to tell me all the other schools that offered Mr LaPorte contacted YOU to let you know that they rescinded their offer?

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