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Isiah On Recent Signings and Recruiting

Isiah Yesterday in a conference call, FIU hoops coach Isiah Thomas spoke about the newest Panthers (F Marvin Roberts, G Stephon Weaver, G Antoine Watson and G Phil Gary, Jr.) and what's next in recruiting.

No surprise, with him being a Hall of Fame guard, IT's first path on the recruiting trail had him focusing on the guard play.

Said IT: "We wanted to improve our guard play and increase scoring at those positions and we did that with the signings of these players. All of them are versatile and can play the 1, 2 or 3 positions. When I was in the NBA, these were guys who were highly touted as high school seniors and went on to junior college, and you had to be ready if one of them left junior college early and went to the pros."

IT on the style he expects his team to play: "We want to get up and down the court and exploit the three-pointer. We want to be an aggressive, defensive team."

Will IT add some size with the next round of players that he signs?: "We will go out and look for some size, but we want the best players. We will look to add size with these next couple of signings."

IT did not get into the specifics of this coming season's schedule. He said: "We're continuing to work on the schedule. We have had some interesting proposals."


FIUJM: Pete, what schools were recruiting these kids that IT added? Thanks in advance

PP: Roberts (Cal State Fullerton, Rutgers, High Point); Weaver (Arkansas, Arkansas State, Xavier, Ole Miss); Watson (right) (Western Kentucky, Missouri State, Rhode Island); Gary Watson (Southern Cal, Fresno State, Central Michigan).

FIUBlueandGold: Pete: can you find out what sort of renovations will done at "The Bank ??"

Pete, I understand you removing and censoring my comments back to CC, done as a response to his insult about my mom....Look, I get it, this is just a Blog/internet banter and nobody cares anyway.....yada, yada..blah, blah, blah...Seriously though, this idiot is worthless...do us all a favor and use that CLAW permanently and block his IP address from posting here. Either that or I take it up with the Data Center ops folks and get it done myself. - Thank you

PP: The plans are currently being drawn up for the renovated Bank. From what I've heard there will be a whole new entrance to the arena with a more modern look. There supposedly will be more courtside seating and likely a new Banco floor and new bucket seats. Won't really know for sure until the plans are finalized.

As long as posts are kept clean they will remain. The folks from across town care about FIU, if not they would not be trolling on the GPP. You don't see any green/orange folks visiting Ted Hutton's FAU blog, because the g/o don't care about FAU. Just remember this is Why the green/orange care about the blue/gold

blkpanther: Are J.C. Otero, Nikola Gacesa & Cedric Essola still on the team? I think the range 6'8 to 6'9. Similarly, I am not sure if Badara Ndiaye is still with the team & can apply from Med Reshirt for this year.

PP: Otero, Gacesa and Essola are still on the team. N'Diaye is gone, he graduated.

Jimmy: Pete: What affect will losing all of these players pre-graduation have on FIU basketball and the sports program as a whole in light of our current probationary status? Are we looking at possibly losing additional scholarships or other sanctions?

PP: Been told we won't know until the final hoops roster is set, but the effect is expected to be minimal. Each of these new players academic backgrounds was carefully researched. There was a post player among the recruits that was turned away, because of his grades.

Apaw You've just been named FIU hoops recruiting coordinator....


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