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Isiah On Recent Signings and Recruiting

Isiah Yesterday in a conference call, FIU hoops coach Isiah Thomas spoke about the newest Panthers (F Marvin Roberts, G Stephon Weaver, G Antoine Watson and G Phil Gary, Jr.) and what's next in recruiting.

No surprise, with him being a Hall of Fame guard, IT's first path on the recruiting trail had him focusing on the guard play.

Said IT: "We wanted to improve our guard play and increase scoring at those positions and we did that with the signings of these players. All of them are versatile and can play the 1, 2 or 3 positions. When I was in the NBA, these were guys who were highly touted as high school seniors and went on to junior college, and you had to be ready if one of them left junior college early and went to the pros."

IT on the style he expects his team to play: "We want to get up and down the court and exploit the three-pointer. We want to be an aggressive, defensive team."

Will IT add some size with the next round of players that he signs?: "We will go out and look for some size, but we want the best players. We will look to add size with these next couple of signings."

IT did not get into the specifics of this coming season's schedule. He said: "We're continuing to work on the schedule. We have had some interesting proposals."


FIUJM: Pete, what schools were recruiting these kids that IT added? Thanks in advance

PP: Roberts (Cal State Fullerton, Rutgers, High Point); Weaver (Arkansas, Arkansas State, Xavier, Ole Miss); Watson (right) (Western Kentucky, Missouri State, Rhode Island); Gary Watson (Southern Cal, Fresno State, Central Michigan).

FIUBlueandGold: Pete: can you find out what sort of renovations will done at "The Bank ??"

Pete, I understand you removing and censoring my comments back to CC, done as a response to his insult about my mom....Look, I get it, this is just a Blog/internet banter and nobody cares anyway.....yada, yada..blah, blah, blah...Seriously though, this idiot is worthless...do us all a favor and use that CLAW permanently and block his IP address from posting here. Either that or I take it up with the Data Center ops folks and get it done myself. - Thank you

PP: The plans are currently being drawn up for the renovated Bank. From what I've heard there will be a whole new entrance to the arena with a more modern look. There supposedly will be more courtside seating and likely a new Banco floor and new bucket seats. Won't really know for sure until the plans are finalized.

As long as posts are kept clean they will remain. The folks from across town care about FIU, if not they would not be trolling on the GPP. You don't see any green/orange folks visiting Ted Hutton's FAU blog, because the g/o don't care about FAU. Just remember this is Why the green/orange care about the blue/gold

blkpanther: Are J.C. Otero, Nikola Gacesa & Cedric Essola still on the team? I think the range 6'8 to 6'9. Similarly, I am not sure if Badara Ndiaye is still with the team & can apply from Med Reshirt for this year.

PP: Otero, Gacesa and Essola are still on the team. N'Diaye is gone, he graduated.

Jimmy: Pete: What affect will losing all of these players pre-graduation have on FIU basketball and the sports program as a whole in light of our current probationary status? Are we looking at possibly losing additional scholarships or other sanctions?

PP: Been told we won't know until the final hoops roster is set, but the effect is expected to be minimal. Each of these new players academic backgrounds was carefully researched. There was a post player among the recruits that was turned away, because of his grades.

Apaw You've just been named FIU hoops recruiting coordinator....


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more beeeef....

I would think now we gotta get more size down low. Great job on getting these guards, not let's get more size to complement them.

A playmaker! At any position is fine!!

You Know You Know

Nice try FIUBandG.

HAHAHAHAHAH...I love it Crazy Cane. What a baby B&G/Sanitizer is...

"Im going to call the data center folks on you and take care of it myself (while he pounds his chest like a barbarian)"

Last I checked, the data center people wont accept demands from their cleaning staff


I will be contacting Todd, Travis and Diane to discuss. If you prefer scUM over FIU GP'ers ? Well that's your call...You don't strike me as someone to prostitute their integrity for a few hits from bottom-feeders...especially scUM that take pleasure in diminishing most of what you are reporting for us.

Some WKU guy on the ESPN comments section was talking about WKU ruling basketball in the Belt, so I like that one of the recruits was being recruited by WKU, and at least three of the four have better stats than WKU's top recruit (also JUCO).

*applies war paint*

Blue and gold just come down man let the UM fans post.. deep down they really want FIU to do good.. its not only cause deep down they want the cross town rivalry... and believe me they do cause they are desprate for that rivalry where they only have to travel 20 miles at most, but its a "MIAMI" thing.. as much as i know the U fans talk crap about FIU.. let them ill still root for them cause i support the city i live in. and deep down they want to root for FIU

Pete, I wanted to know the following:

1. What was Alvarez a/k/a Rosenhaus demanding from IT in exchange for his clients (Asprilla, Soto) staying?

2. Have you spoken to TT, IT, or MC about replacing Mia/NY Josh as cleanup hitter on your softball team?

3. Is Crazy Cane really Manny Navarro’s alter ego?

PETER... I call bull on the "careful research" on these players academics... JUCO guys are always risky. Clearly they are good players but i doubt any have sprkling academics. if they had grades that were even close they would not have gone to JUCO. what is the time frame on renovations? two years?


I more think they more meant researched their JUCO grades. Their high school grades would be irrelevant once they qualified outta JUCO

What? I saw Marvin Roberts in my Physics with Calculus class the other day...lol. But seriously, I hope FIU really tries to emphasize the "student" in "student athlete" because the last thing we need are sanctions from the NCAA due to grades.

These scUM guzzlers CANDY CANE and NY SLOSH are the epitome of pathetic. They despise all things FIU yet Pete posts a blog the night before and they're posting FIRST THING next morning. How many times a day do you douches refresh this blog to see what the adults are talking about? You must have no life to be this into FIU. You are swine flu, I am the vaccine.

As hard as it might be, we gotta ignore them. I got flustered once over these fools, but what good does it honestly do? Pete's right. They are here because they care. They feel threatened by our presence, and feel a need to poke at us with a stick. It's fine. We know they're idiots. We know they're annoying. Let em be, and let's consider it a compliment when they roam around here.

In stuff of ACTUAL importance, I'm excited about what these four guys are going to do. It should serve as an indicator of things to come, until we can start getting guys out of high school to develop.

Pete, if possible, could you give us some stats on the baseball signees that were listed in the article on FIUsports.com a couple months ago?

Pete I have some marlins questions if you dont mind answering.

1) Have you heard anything about the Marlins bringing in another pitcher to take over Andrew Miller's spot? The taylor kid is ok, but he is definitely only a temp solution. plus even andrew miller wasnt the best starting pitcher.

2) Have you ever met Rich Waltz or Tommy Hutton? dont know why i ask. guess ive just been watching too many marlins broadcasts lately. they grow on you. ha.


Pete I found a link with FIU's signed recruits... On the list is Byron Blake. I haven't heard anything about him. Was he a last minute signee ... any good stats on him.


Thanks for sharing that FIURage. Actually Rivals has that Blake signed LOI with Arkansas State on 1/30/2009.



Barry Jackson wrote this today, incase none of you read it. Something may happen.

UM, which had said it would not play FIU in revenue sports, had a change of heart, and the schools are talking about playing in men's basketball next season, partly because it's smart economically. . . .

I read that... "smart economically"???? HAHAHAHAHA who in the WORLD are they trying to kid?? This is hilarious on every level.

It is hilarious. Bunch of frauds at UCG!!!

Great win by FIU baseball team. Hopefully they finish the season strong and get ready for tournament.


Smart economically? whatever. They just want a piece of our IT action

The "U" gets more pathetic every day...

I hope PG is using scUM's new found desire to play us in basketball as leverage and ultimately to our advantage. I personally would prefer we don't play them, in any sport, for years and years so hopefully this won't pan out. Those people are pure scUM, distance is fine with me.

I agree this is a bad decision. We shouldn't play these guys in any sport.

What is this crap about economically advantageous? What are they just cheap prostitutes haggling over price? If you don't need to play us, then don't.

Anyway the true benchmark is UF in terms of profitable athletics program.

Separately, Pete is this a record for the Marlins in terms of grand slams allowed so early in the season? Jeez, we can't catch a break.

Well, it probably would be smart economically. That's probably always been the case. UM-FIU games draw well for both sides, and it's not like the 'Canes need to pay a lot to FIU to have them as an opponent. But, really, who cares why it's happening? I'm just glad someone's trying to make the UM-FIU series a reality again. If Zeke coming here helps make that happen, great.

If I'm PG, I make sure any basketball renewal comes with the caveat that UM-FIU renew their baseball series as well, ASAP. Otherwise, forget it. We don't need to play UM in hoops, or anywhere else, if they won't play us in baseball. I'd leave football alone for now, but I'd love to see UM-FIU happen on the gridiron within the next 5-10 years.

im sorry you all are probably goin to attack me... but here we are constantly calling out the "U" to play us play us, dont be scared. and by whatever means it happened it has.. they now was to open up on basketball again... and now you all are trashing them... this is not a way of doing good business... i do think that Pete G. needs to make this a more even series like a home and home not away away home for us... and this could possibly lead to other sports being opened to playing again.. do not ride the high horse.

they now want****


What's the story behind (5star prospect) Latavious Williams visiting FIU this past weekend?

What are our chances in getting him?
Any way we can get his opinions on his visit?

Well, well Jsuarez88, you are on to something! Read this link:


Look at the schools HOT after him. Interesting!

Well GPP nation, a little more to wet your appetite and make the girls (cc & company!) cry.


Mr. Williams, you sure would look good in BLUE & GOLD!! Don't be just another brick on the wall in the other schools, be the foundation of this wall being built at FIU!!!

man how that team got dunked on by that pick and roll i mean could you not see it coming.. great high wire act though! would look great in blue and gold

Yeah Latavious would just be a huge addition to the team. Mr Williams come to FIU and become the cornerstone for this growing program.

No wonder Freddy doesn't want to stay at FIU

Haha ... im crossing my fingers!

If Latavious comes to FIU, it would be FIU's biggest recruiting steal EVER.

However, look at the other schools that are after him. I don't see why he would choose FIU over those NCAA powerhouses.

If Latavious comes to FIU, it would be FIU's biggest recruiting steal EVER.

However, look at the other schools that are after him. I don't see why he would choose FIU over those NCAA powerhouses.

Posted by: Quijote

We are the only school he has visited, not that that means he would sign with us, and Thomas has better NBA connections than most any other coach in the NCAA.

sorry jules i kind of agree w/ quijote.. IT may know more people in the NBA... although i doubt by much.. but Gtown has such great prestige of producing some top flight NBA talent.. and Memphis has been the class of the mid majors for a few years now.. so im not sure if he does come to FIU but i wont be complaining if he doesn i would really like to see that

Dont under estimate the IT effect. This is an NBA Hall of Fame player COACHING!

Pete, I will be contacting Larry, Moe and Curly to discuss the FIUBlueandGold situation.

This guy must be stopped. His posts, always delusional and often without merit, plague this blog and its good readers like CJ, Jules, OutoftheCage and FIUDad. He is a disgrace to the FIU community. Furthermore, his empty threats and annoying style of posting has brought the readership of this post down and I fear he is crushing any chance FIU has of getting the top recruits in all 3 major sports.

Please be advised that if FIUBlueandGold is not banned from posting here, in addition to calling Larry, Moe and Curly, I will also call the following: all three Tanner girls; Rudy, Vanessa and Denise; and, the Law Firm of Hector, Hector and Cohen.

Crazy Cane is insane ... from sweet home Hialeah to San Amaro drive ... he's always here to keep FIU alive. The number one poster in the blog is Cane, what in the world is this ... Its Crazy ! Its Crazy CANE!!!


well thank you CC for considering me a good blogger... however, like you are entitled to your opinion i think everyone here should be allowed their opinion... FIUB&G is entitled to his opinion (though i do like the Larry Moe & Curly refference) i dont think anyone needs to be thrown out of the blog it provides us entertainment to keep ALL extremes on this site.. and it benefits the blog count to spur up some ... shall i say festive conversations. i say FIUG&B leaves the Herald Higherups out of it and you leave the stooges out that way we can discuss more important things like the lack of gold hammer pant in the uniforms

Made a mistake earlier - it is the law office of Webster, Webster and Cohen. I think they hire only Jamaican bobsledders though.

CJ he isn't going to Georgetown though, by all accounts he falls below their academic standards. So it is between us and Memphis, I agree Memphis is the more appealing program, but it isn't the same competition for us that Georgetown is.

If we get a few games on national TV, next year, I think we might get one, but in case we get a few more, eventhou the belt is almost never on national tv, then maybe we get a shot at better recruites based on exposure.
Maybe we get NC on ESPN and ucg if we get a game with them.

Signing Williams would be awesome! But remember he is only 6'7" and plays power forward...I still think Freddy should stay cuz we would make the team complete...Think about it...Williams at pf, Freddy at center, and then with the addition of our new guards that can shoot (seen their videos these guys are automatic), FIU would begin to dominate...

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