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It's Official, It's Isiah

Isiah Thomas signed a 5-year contract this morning to be the next FIU basketball coach. He is flying into It Logo town this afternoon and will be introduced as the Panthers coach on Wednesday.

Dollars figures have yet to be disclosed on the 5-year deal.

Along with a new hoops coach, FIU's basketball arena is going to get a makeover. The U.S. Century Bank Arena is about to undergo a $5 million renovation thanks to the Capital Improvements Trust Fund that FIU has received.

While Isiah won't be able to play point guard for the Panthers, what does his hiring mean to FIU hoops:



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Pete, what kind of renovations are they talking about in general? 5M seems like a substantial amount of money for renovations - are they talking expansion of the arena?


Thanks for the information. I think season tickets sales will go up for basketball season.


Pete who broke it Andy Katz or yourself? ESPN seems like they are trying to steal your thunder!!!



Interesting Hire. He was a good player but has shown nothing in other positions. do we have a strock part 2 here?

This is a disaster. Everything this guy touches turns bad.

Great hire. Isiah is here to jump start the program and set us into orbit. He's not going to be a long-term guy. All he needs to do is recruit, recruit, and recruit.

Wow! For publicity reasons A+ lol. No matter of his track record he just put F.I.U. on the map other than raja bell, which is the only fiu grad in the nba. He plays for the charlotte bobcats. If i were a up and coming hoop star from florida and dont want to leave florida, i would've went straight to f.i.u. just because of thomas. I think UM should go after Tim Hardaway, it would be real good for the program at the U

I'll reserve judgment until I see who he hires as assistant coaches. Yes, the publicity is good and yes Isiah is better than Rouco.

However, he needs guys on his team who can recruit and guys who can coach the college game.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

I am interested to see summer ball and pickup games. You think he would bring down some NBA players to play in the gym during the summer with the team. What a recruiting tool..... For recruits to come in the summer and watch IT's NBA friends in pickup games

Well the nation is definetly buzzing about FIU... that's the good thing. Bad thing is most of them think we are fools to even consider hiring him... for FIU's sake, I hope he succeeds down here.. and FAST. But for now, I'm just enjoying the fact that we are being talked about lol

Sedano said something about Tim Hardaway as an assistant - Pete, anything to that? I'd be a bit worried about that one. You need a strong Xs and Os asst.

FI-UM Fan - are you actually comparing a hall of famer with championships at the college and professional level with Don Strock, a career backup qb with minimal national stature and only moderate reconition in Miami. Even if we assume Zeke is a numnuts gameday coach like Strock, he still has him beat because of all the intangibles he brings to the table. You think when Strock walked into the living room of some kid in Pahokee that that kid knew he the h*ll Strock was? But he'll know Isiah all right.

sportcenter is blowing up with the news..... they even had pete on for a few minutes.

On the record this is horrible. He has a lot of baggage, he has failed as a coach and executive everywhere he has been plus he is a liar. He stated that his daughter was take to the hospital this past summer for a drug overdose when in actuality the NYC stated it was him. This is horrible and I can't believe FIU, with all of our own baggage in the past would stoop to this level. I hate this hire.

I personally think this is a great thing for FIU. Everyone getting down on Isiah for the CBA and the Knicks isn't looking at the whole picture. Isiah took on a massive undertaking with the CBA, and while it didn't work he simply didn't have the experience to run such a big organization so early. He went to the playoffs in the NBA as a coach from 2000-2003, that is nothing to look down upon. He didn't have a great run in New York, but that isn't entirely his fault.

I think without having to contend with serious egos he could become an asset to FIU as both gameday coach and a recruiter.

Terrible hire. He's a horrible coach. That alone should say it all, but sadly, he comes with charges of sexual harassment and racism from his Knicks days.

This isn't a coaching move, its a move to get recruitment, but honestly, who would want their kid playing for Isiah?

This isn't a coaching move, its a move to get recruitment, but honestly, who would want their kid playing for Isiah?

Posted by: Kyle | April 14, 2009 at 02:31 PM

He's one of top 50 all-time NBA players. I'm sure he knows what it takes to make it to NBA so I wouldn't be surprised if top-notch talent wants to play for him.

Great point Jules, everyone seems to be forgetting his playoff run with Indiana Pacers.


This is what I have been saying and is echoed by Knicks President Donnie Walsh:

"If you really think about it, some of these kids that are coming out of AAU that are going to go to college for one year, that's a pretty good sell," Walsh said. "'Come down to Miami, spend a year with me.' I think he's positioned to do well with recruiting there."

All I want to know is when do season tickets go on sale!?!?

Anyone from NY has no credibility or independence in their posts. Sorry, you're just too biased. Yes the guy has had a miserable time of late but how has he performed as a college coach before...oh that's right, there's is no track record as a college coach because he's never done it! So anything he did with the knicks is completely irrelevant (basketball wise) and even his Pacers time is not equally applicable. But what we do know is this guy knows basketball. He's a winner. Recruits will at least listen to him, can't imagine ANY not talking to him at least. So now a former bball legend who was known for his comebacks and performing in the clutch wants to make a comeback at FIU, hell yes I say, I'll take my chances.

Yesterday on Le Batard, Hardaway said he had reached out to PG in the past about coaching, which may be the source of the rumor.

IMHO Hardaway as an assistant would not be a good move. Thomas needs a proven recruiter and coach.

Get Pujol or someone like him down here as an assistant coach, promise him he's the successor once Isiah bolts.

i dont think Pujol would jump ship just to be an assistant.. i do not think in coaching contracts would allow you to jump for a "parallel move" somewhere in the contract i believe that you would only be able to jump for a positive move

So why not just pick up Tim Hardaway as assistant coach? That way he gets a bit of higher level experience, and he brings us another great level of recruiting power.

I am not so sure that Isiah bolts. He has a five-year contract, so we can reasonably expect him to be here for 5 years. Do I expect him to be involved in our program for decades, no, but I think he sees an opportunity to build something special, and to work in an environment that suits him better. He showed with the Pacers an ability to coach, it was only after he ran into serious egos in NYC, and was saddled with the business end that things didn't pan out.

The business end will be taken care of by PG, all Zeke has to do is recruit solid talent and coach, and I think he can do both.

Assuming he can create a solid program at FIU, we will need to eventually give him a bigger arena.

Love all the haters on 560!! The point that everyone is missing is that he has never coached in college, so give the man a chance. This could be his thing!! College I think fits more with his pesonality than does the professional level...There wont be a Stephon Marbury here to ruin it...He definetely knows basketball and this could only help out FIU. Isiah is on a mission to prove all the haters wrong...This is the perfect place for him...When he turns this place around, all the haters will see...I stick by Pete Garcia on this move...

Agreed ArrozConPollo. People need to give him a chance, especially when one considers he was 131-115 at Indiana and was working with a lot of young players. He knows how to spot and develop talent, which is not as big of an asset in the pros due to the number of veterans, but is a huge asset in college where new players come in all the time.

Good thing he isn't coaching womens' basketball.

People, they guy took Indiana to the playoffs like 3 years in a row. He just needs to hire some good assistants, especially one that will just dominate in recruiting locally, and he's good to go.... I dont know how Hardaway is coaching wise, but i do know the guy gets rowdy... Where is the Baseball Stadium Trust Fund, or whatever it is??? 5 million would do wonders for it

He's been the coach for less than 12 hours people... right now, we're getting the attention. Let's enjoy it, let's spin it, and then when November comes, let's start winning and getting people out to The Bank! In the end, this has to be about rallying up support and interest in FIU. He has been hired. Let's get behind him, and hope he puts a winning product on the floor every night. He's our coach.

People can say whatever they want now. It doesn't matter. It's April. From now till opening tipoff, everything we say is just mere speculation. If the man genuinely wants a clean slate and wants to do it here, then let's give him an opportunity.


I heard on 560 WQAM that Pete Garcia was seen on Kansas State campus AND that coincidentally there is an opening for Athletic Director.


This is an NCAA violation and/or a media nightmare waiting to happen. I understand the hire, it def. gets FIU out there to the public, but it scream publicity move, and desperate.

560 WQAM are also the same embellishers that said last December that Sid Rosenberg had already agreed to work for Sirius starting January 2009? How did that go?

After reading somebody's post early Monday morning saying their relative saw PG and Isiah Thomas together and further entertained the thought of him as the next FIU coach, anything is possible as PG could be looking elsewhere but anything of the sort is ALL SPECULATION with no proof and if there is? Enlighten the GPP reader please.

WQAM and talk radio in general are paid to spark controversy often without cognizance

U kidding me,

Im not comparing their playing days!

The guy has done nothing good as a coach or gm. the guy has never coached college before. What does he know about recruting?

but hey at least PTI is talking about us.

We have to see how this goes, we have to remember that things might not change overnight. We have to see what he has to work with next year, no blue chippers, he might get a walk on or get our boys motivated to improve in the SBC, but his impact wont feel until he gets a chance to recruit and get his players for the type of system that he will develop at FIU.
Also the assistant coaches are important, he was a point guard and he know x's and o's, remember back in the 80's the NBA was not a one man show like now, it was more team work and one or two leaders, almost like UTAH is now in the NBA. But I agree he needs help recruiting and working with the big guys.
We have to see what his style will be, he might like fast athletic guys running up and down, or build around a big center, or a balance zone team. One thing is for sure, he will make them play hard nose defense, because that is his style that is how he played and he needs to get back to that. In NY it was hard because of the prima donas there, not too many guys like David Lee a true blue collar player that will hustle 100% game in game out.
Lets see when he gets his staff together and his first recruit class in 2010 and then we will have a better idea.
Welcom coach Thomas, and 2 thumbs up to PG.

Did anyone read Cote's article? How is that guy a writer for a "major newspaper"? The guy drips of bias and is not ashamed to show it. His unprofessionalism is pretty disgusting.

Worst of all, the guy has an article in the FIU section with his name stamped on the top as if he were the final authority on Miami sports. He needs to be demoted to covering american idol for the herald.

Pretty wild run so far on Isiah signing with FIU...Media exposure has been off the charts...both locally...and nationally.

Unfortunately, locally....some of the most ifluential local columnists (Cote) and radio personalities are mostly pretty severely anti-Thomas....in part due to the controversial nature of this hire...but in part..I'm sure...because of their own preconceived notions and preferences...which we all know don't include FIU!!

Go vote inside that crap article by Cote. This is far from a "Hurricanes town". That dbag.

if woody paige from around the horn is all for it then im all for it. lol woody is the man!

After all these post, I need to hear from one of our GPP veterans C. Cancer. Where are you? What's your take?


i love how everybody says that his personality suits him better for college basketball (conpollo).. do you guys know him personally? What happens when an irrelevant basketball team loses alot of games... nobody around the country cares... now what happens when an irrelevant basketball team loses alot of games when isiah thomas as the head coach... still nobody cares but it gets national attention.

More national attention than UM basketball has gotten in a while. And people obviously care. You care enough to post over here on the matter.

Canesfan05, as a matter of fact i do know Isiah and PG very well...I've known Isiah now for a few years, through PG...Let me tell you about Isiah: He is one of the nicest guys u will ever meet! All this trash talking about him, is absolutely nonsense....He has been married 20 years to his wife and is a great father...About the harassment case all he did was call his co-worker the b word...Wow big crime and this b got all this money for nothing...Obviously if you are smart, you can see that people are greedy and make false claims to make money...On why his personality fits college better? Well for one he likes to teach...This is extremely hard to do in the NBA when u have cancers like Stephon Marbury...Next, he knows how to recruit young players...Its totally different in the NBA with money, so u cant compare the two...Why do u think great college coaches make horrible NBA coaches?? Trust me he will prove the haters wrong...Canesfan05 whether u like it or not, FIU is rising...Get use to it...FIU is Miami's REAL University....UM got its fans by default...At the time there was no other college team in Miami...

Anybody heard of a douchebag named Adam Levinson? Former bball announcer. Well he just spent 20 min on 560 spew venom about FIU, PG, the bball program, to a slanderous degree. I sure hope he has evidence to back up what he said. This is a litigious society an word gets around quick.

For all the clueless idiots saying this is a bad move, especially the scUM balls trolling this BLOG... Zeke would not come down here to the virtual SIBERIA of college basketball unless he had "pocket-rockets" to start. Think about it, why would Thomas put himself in the forefront of the national media to coach a team that has been irrelevant since Shakey, Bell and Arroyo were here. He has everything to lose, but also an opportunity to repair his image. In college hoops, all you need 2 or 3 guys to impact a team and role players. I find it next to impossible to believe that Zeke will have trouble recruiting kids to play for him. The phone will be "blowing up" at FIU with new interest from HS kids who play the point or the 2 for an opportunity to learn from one of the best ever.

Word is that several blue-chippers might already be coming to play ball for him and bounce to the NBA after a year or so. Stay tuned FIU faithful, as polarizing as Zeke might be, he gives us a shot at rising to the next level very fast.

It would make ZERO sense for him to come down here and struggle. Any chance at getting to a bigger BBall program or back to the NBA would be impossible if failed at FIU.

See you guys at the "Bank."

FIUer I heard that too! Not cool....amazing how all the bad mouthing comes out when good things happen to FIU. HATERS

He's talking crap about Pete Garcia and that he's a hard ass to work for... probably what the reality is that the staff has been in a comfort zone and now interprets Garcia as a stiff ass when perhaps it was easier to "coast" before.

This was a great article written in December on why Isiah would fit better coaching in college...


Remember...you can watch Isiah's Press Conference tomorrow LIVE on ESPN NEWS!

Pretty wild these past 24-30 hours, hasn't it been?

Funny how now we're talking about live on ESPN NEWS instead of Panther Pass!!!! hahahaha I LOVE IT!!

Very wild day!!! I feel drained but I'm loving it. Can't get enough FIU coverage. Seems like all the Haters come out when FIU is in the spotlight.

Honestly, i don't care about Pete Garcia's managerial abilities. That guy just wants to get the job done. He's got my support!!!

GO FIU!!!!

the haters are comin out in mass... haha i love it!

but what does irk me. seriously. no lie. like painfully. is all these people on sports radio taking some sort of moral high ground here about this sexual harassment case. SERIOUSLY?! ill bet half of the callers sexually harass women on a daily basis. These are all a bunch of testosterone fueled has-been jocks talkin smack. this is not christian talk radio. this is not the delylah show. Who is anybody to judge? The details are sketchy, and everybody deserves second chances. this women made off with over $11 Million... im sure that has long since patched up her emotional "wounds"

Anyway, as always GO FIU and remember:

For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who don’t, no explanation is possible.


With all this attention on FIU, you should write an article in the paper about all of the changes in the FIU athletic department, namely coaching changes, since the arrival of PG. It would be interesting to show the improvement across the board in all sports, to include athletic and academic success. Our teams are getting better while our academic performance is improving as well. Statistics in both categories don't lie.

I believe that this will be the case with the basketball program as well. You know Isiah Thomas will be able to recruit due to his work ethic and he is a big upgrade in basketball IQ over the previous coach.

The Giant is continuing to wake and people are just not comfortable with it. Winning cures all and I believe support for the program will continue to grow with continued success. Although some might say it is a bit risky, I believe PG has made another great hire. I don't think Isiah Thomas was hired just to make a "splash".

Can someone please let me know when is Rebecca Lobo coming to coach our women team?
I would not be surprise if next year we make a splash with a new woman coach

I will say it again. This guy is trouble and a cancer; we reached for the bottom of the barrel. I would not be surprised if we are on probation in 2 to 3 years and the laughing joke of the NCAA. I thought Pete Garcia knew what he was doing but I seriously question this move and how can the president of the university allow this hire? I am extremely troubled by this. I want to get attention nationally because we win and lead an exemplary program, not because we hire a basket case. We need a Mario Cristobal type guy to lead our men's b-ball program, someone with character, integrity, and a fire to win and do the right thing not a guy who's career is in its last gasps. This is a circus and Pete Garcia is the ring leader.

Where is FIUMom or the other football mom when you need them? Lets see how they feel about the hiring of a man that mistreats women. By the way "TheChampionUnderdog" you think just b/c she got money she is "over" her emotional scarring? Do you think rape victims get over their emotional scarring if they get 10,000,000 or even a 100,000,000 dollars? That was pretty insensitive dude.

As for him being a good father, I do not know the guy, but it has been reported, and later confirmed, that it was him who overdosed on pills last year; however, he initially told the media it was his daughter and not him - why would he try to use his daughter like that? Does that sound like a father of the year candidate to you?

And also, it was said in a previous post, "I know he is a good recruiter" what the heck is that based on? Please explain.

I said it before and I will say it again, this was a great PR move for FIU and Isiah - the national media had not mentioned either one in a long time, but in the end, this is going to be bad for both. Isiah will lose and will never get another shot and as Isiah and FIU continue to lose, it will be nationally shown unlike before and FIU will be on probation b/c of something Isiah did, no doubt.

Well when a scUM fan talks about rules violations and probabtion you listen, they know a thng or two about those things. I'm sure if the scUMholes hired Isiah then they'd be singing a different tune. Get out of here with that crap.

I dont think they would hire Isiah - they want to win and Isiah couldn't handle the ACC and its recruiting wars.

Yeah, he is more suited for the SunBelt, where you get players who have no other choice b/c they are not being recruited by anyone good and/or they want to stay close to mommy.

As for probation and violation, scUM, those are the days of the past, get a clue, if you want to live in the past, we can do that - I'll role out all UM's national championships and you can role out football seasons of zero wins, 0 nat'l titles in baseball and a basketball program with Raja Bell as its pride (a guy who went to BC first and couldnt hack it so he came home to mommy)

Your basketball team is lucky to be in the ACC, thank football for that. scUM basketball might get lucky here and there but they are not even close to elite ACC. And the sadest part is that not even being in the ACC can bring people to caring about that program, and I've gone to scUM ACC bball games when my alma mater comes to town and the turn out is sad, even at its height. Step down from your high horse.

I've been busy, UFF. That's why I haven't posted in a while. Life's taken some interesting turns for me. I'll leave it at that. I've been trolling, though. :)

As for Isiah... wow. Just wow. I still can't believe this move. I can believe that PG would go for a big-name hire; it's that it's Isiah that shocked me. Garcia's got major sack, no doubt about it. And he clearly has pull, because I never thought Maidique or others within FIU would risk hiring a guy with Isiah's past, especially after the whole Shakey fiasco. Whatever happens now, one thing's for sure: this isn't the FIU who's fine with being second-fiddle to anyone anymore.

I would've liked to see SR get another season, especially because of last year's injury disasters, but I guess that's me being a bit biased 'cause I like the guy. 5 years without a winning record just isn't going to cut it. It is what it is. I hope Rouco stays on as an assistant, though. He can get good players and it'll help Isiah with recruiting in the short term. He's also going to need someone who knows how to deal with the NCAA still, and SR definitely knows that part.

I wonder where the money's coming from to pay off Rouco and get Isiah? Especially with all the financial problems at FIU these days. Hopefully, Pelegrin can shed some light on that.

I definitely understand the concerns with Isiah's past. That has me a lot more worried than the basketball side. A lot of his problems in the pros came because he was an executive as well as a coach. He won't have that to contend with at FIU, fortunately. I just hope IT's on his best behavior, because there will be a microscope on him.

All IT has to really do is find talent and coach them up. Like many others on here, I find it hard to believe he can't do that. His name alone guarantees that more high-level recruits will be interested in FIU. Whether he can get them or coach them up is another story, but he may not even have to do that. College hoops is mainly about recruitment, not about game management or even coaching kids up. Talent alone can make a huge difference. If he can convince a Blake Griffin or two to come here for a year before going pro, I don't think many of the GP faithful will complain too much.

No matter what happens, I guess FIU basketball isn't boring anymore. Something tells me we'll be seeing more basketball talk on this board instead of recruiting talk once hoops season begins. Thank God for that.

scUMsanitizer - you are not an FIU alum - where did you go? How are you such a big FIU fan if you did not go there? How is that possible?

FIU will sell out it's opening game v. who ever we play. It will be the first sell out since Raja and Carlos beat Michigan back in the day. If we win and keep winning, expect big crowds all season. The team is going to play better simply because of increased expectations.

With Basketball on the rise and with Baseball turning it around, a big season in Football will really set this place a-blaze.

If football makes a Bowl, baseball gets back to the regionals and Basketball plays to a full house, Mr. Madique, et. al. need to start to seriously think about how to strategically plan to keep this momentum going. It's not going to be just ucg and FAU looking at us with an envious eye, it's going to be the rest of the country. We need to start thinking now on how to make/keep FIU an attractive place to be.

Go Panthers !!!

great thing that he is willing to give back his salary for the first year to the FIu athletic dept. NBA Hall of Famer free for one year

Candy Cane - I am an alum of FIU as well. Multiple degrees are possible. I know it's hard for you to comprehend such a thing.

The past few days have been quite the rollercoaster for FIU! It's nice to see FIU in the spotlight, but like many others, I too am concerned about IT given his shaky past. The one thing that provides comfort is that PG personally selected him and got the blessing from Mitch. So far they've proven time in and time out that they can manage, spot talent and take risks that in the end prove to be beneficial to the university. I remain hopeful that this decision will make FIU a stronger competitor in basketball and that IT will be on his best behavior and represent FIU in a dignified manner. Having said that, I would like nothing more than to see IT better his career and prove the naysayers wrong! Everyone has ruled him out, so in essence, he can't underperform. I hope he uses this opportunity to raise his image. Lord knows Miami wants a winning basketball team and FIU has just positioned itself to give Miami want it wants. Go Golden Panthers!!

always kinda wondered why people never used espn's FIU message board over fiugoldenpanthers.com etc

scUMsanitizer - So you went to more than one school, so you cheer for several teams - wow, what a concept? However, I do not know if that is allowed. If I am not a true Cane fan b/c I did not go to UM, how can you claim to be such a big FIU fan when you heart is scattered over several schools where your degrees come from like ITT Tech, Devry, and other trade schools. Do those schools even have sports?

Chrisfiu - news flash, Miami has winning basketball. In case you didn't notice, the Heat are in the playoffs and the University of Miami was in the top 25 for a period of time this past season and in the second round of the NCAA tourny last year. Get a clue before you post.

Big time hire for FIU- The entire program is taking huge steps. Pete Garcia has made some great moves- Mario Cristobal, Turtle Thomas, and now Isiah Thomas... wow! Three big time coaches that will take the athletics program to places the UCG could only hope for.

For the people who are second guessing whether FIU will be successful in Basketball... just look at schools like Memphis and Gonzaga. Conference USA and the obscure West Coast Conference! The sun belt already is home to a WKU team that went to the Sweet 16 last season, knocked off a 5th seeded Illinois team this year, and received votes in the final top 25 poll--- in the past 2 years those are better numbers than storied programs such as DUKE and Kentucky not to mention the beloved Hurricanes! Basically, You can build a powerhouse in the Sun Belt and Mario Cristobal, Turtle Thomas, and Isiah Thomas are the guys to do just that!

GO FIU!!!!

panthernation - are you serious dude? those coaches are going to take the FIU program to places that UM could only hope for? Are you forgetting that UM has 5 nat'l Championships is Football and 4 in baseball? What you should post is that you hope those 3 coaches can get FIU to where UM is. The way you post it, you sound really really dumb. But your an FIU guy, so it makes sense.

Candy Cane - you are a tool. I only cheer for schools I actually went to and got a DEGREE from. Hell I'll even accept someone cheering for a school they attended but never actually graduated. But you are NEITHER of those scenarios. I'd be surprised if you've ever even stepped foot on scUM's campus...maybe just to sniff some worn jock straps. Smells like loneliness doesn't it.

Candy Cane - be clear with your nonsense, scUM was invited to the NIT, not the NCAA tourney.

What IDIOT introduced him as Isiah Thompson.

I remember last year, Athletics told the media (or locally atleast) that on TV and print, they could only say "FIU" and not "Florida International". I saw an article in the herald with Florida International in the headline and people on this blog demanded that the writer of the article be called and corrected. Now the national media seems to refer to us as "Florida International" and I don't hear no big stink.

Just interesting to hear.

National media is somewhat objective about this, the local media is killing it !!!

PETE WHERE ARE YOU???? You haven't posted anything new!

Couple of things:
1) Tim Hardaway as assistant coach? Isiah said on 790 that he was in consideration.

2) I heard on 560 that you were taking a job with FIU. This true?

3) How many emails/phone calls/text did you get from national media trying to get information on FIU?

I'm a lifelong basketball fan. I know very well who Isiah Thomas is. In my rush to move the program along, I mispronounced his last name. My apologies to all, especially Isiah.

No problem Ronald. It happens! It;s one of those funny moments that are really not the big of a deal.

What you mean Isiah Thompson is not our coach! Well who the hell is this guy! Haha. It happens Ronald.

It was funny Mr. Berkman...I know you actually called Isiah Thomas correctly at least the first time you spoke of him....but the other two...

But of course, the "non-biased" local radio stations had a field day with this, giving it a totally disproportionate importance to this gaffe....

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