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Fiustadium Welcome to FIU Stadium for your Panthers Blue/Gold Spring Game. Fiuhelmet They are about to kick it off in about 15 minutes.

Before we start the LIVE BLOG,  the Sun Belt Conference released their football schedules today and there are 3 changes to FIU's road schedule this coming season, which might be due to possible TV outings -- the TV sked has not been released yet.

Here are the changes: Original sked had Oct. 10 at Middle Tennessee; New sked has Oct. 10 at Western Kentucky.

Original sked had Oct. 24 at Western Kentucky; New sked has Oct. 24 at Arkansas State.

Original sked had Nov. 7 at Arkansas State; New sked has Nov. 7 at Middle Tennessee.

There are no new bye weeks added and the FIU home schedule remains the same with the home opener on Sept. 26 vs. Toledo.

We'll start the LIVE BLOG now -- inside the comments section of this post.


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Scoreboard lists the teams as Blue vs. White with blue being the offense and white the D.

A ton of recruits here. They were brought into the Stadium Club and are now lining the field outside of the 20-yard lines.

Just got a visit from FIUrulez here at the press box. Drop by and say hello if you're at the Stadium.....

FIU media relations intern Brett from Ohio, who has not had any kind of Cuban food until coming to Miami, says the free pork sandwiches are incredible. Brett will next try Cuban coffee.

FIU 3-time All-American volleyball player Yarimar Rosa is here.

Rosa, the nation's leader in kills this past season, is ready to show the players how to properly spike a touchdown.

Sitting here at FIU Stadium, but my heart's in Alabama for Sept. 12.....nah just kidding, I will cover the Spring Game.

There's a helicopter hovering over FIU Stadium.....might be the Owls filming.

Offense and defense are now heading back into the locker room and we're about 11 minutes from kickoff.

Here's a list of players sitting out the spring game: Kasey Smith, Jonathan Jackson, Jeremiah Weatherspoon, Trenard Turner, James Wiggins, Daunte Owens, Kenny White, Chris Cawthon, Eric Kirchenberg, Wendy Napoleon, Andrew Clawson, Tyler Clawson, Big Ontario Smith.

Offense to start at the 35.

PM to GE for 20 yards on 1st play...1st down

El Oso takes down DP for loss of 5

Peter Riley nice pass D and ends the drive for the O at the D 45.

2nd series....PM to Ge for 7

PM to TY for 10 yards and a 1st down.

Brandon Ellison almost gets an INT

D leads 3-0.....D gets 3 points stopping for O

PM scrambles out of rush and hits GE for 29 yards and 1st down to D's 25 yard line

4th and 4 at D 21 and D stops again and gets 3 more points to lead 6-0.

CA in game now.

Walk-on RB DeMario Lee fumbles and D recovers.

Now 9-0 D

CA would be Colt Anderson.

CA found Reggie Thompson for what would have been a 15-yard gain, but holding on the O

CA hits Elliott Dix for a 1st down, but holding again on O.....2nd string O-line in the game for these holding calls.

D now leads 12-0 after their 4th consecutive series stop of the O

Wayne Younger in the game now.

WY connects with Jonathan Faucher and GE for a 1st down.

O'Darris D'Haiti with big hit and another D stop and now 13-1.

Bad snap on punt to Dustin Rivest, but DR gets it off.

End of the 1st quarter.....D 13-1.

WY still in the game.

Another D stop, now 16-1

DP nice spin move and picks up 7 yards.

WY to Junior Mertile for 10 yds and a 1st down.

Jarvis Wilson nice tackle for loss of 4 on DP.

Derrick Clark intercepts WY and returns it 60 yards to the 10 yard line.

Now 17-1 D

I'm sitting down here next to Frank Gore!

Wesley Carroll now in the game.

WC to Jacob Younger for 5 yds and a 1st down.

But D stops O again....now 19-1 D

Maybe Jakarhi Gore is ready to become a Panther

ask him who he came to see

PM to Frierson for 44 yards to the D 26

PM to Junior for another 1st down for the O.

Ball at the D's 11 yd line now.

PM with QB keeper to the 9 yd line.

4th down O going for FG

no field goals in spring ball?

Rivest 25 FG gets O 3 points.

19-5 D leads with 1 minute left in the first half

CA in game now and is sacked by Joey Harris.

Kambriel Willis with a sack and that ends the first half with D leading O 24-5.

what is Joey Harris playing? Tackle or End?

Harris is playing tackle

Start of the 3rd quarter.

WY in game.

John Ellis tough run for 8

how big is he pete?

He came to see his cousin ty freirson.

JH is listed at 250.

WY to Faucher for 29 yds to the D 15

Dez Johnson with a crushing blow to break up a pass

Jonathan Nieves with a sack and ends another O drive at the D's 15.

Now 28-5 D

Wesley Carroll in game now and finds Lightning Ramirez and makes a nice move for 10 yds and a 1st down

WC to Marquis Rolle for another 1st down.

Kambriel with another sack.

WC to Ramirez another nice move for 4 yds.

WC to Ramirez for 9 and a 1st down

WC to Mertile for 15 yds and another 1st down to the D 20.

WC through some hands into Jacob Younger's hands for a 1st at the 9.

Jonas Murrell nice open field tackle on Ramirez.

Brandon Paquette runs in from 5 yards out for a TD and Jack Griffin hits the extra point.

D now leads 29-13.

4th quarter now.

PM to Frierson for 35 yds and 1st down.

PM to Frierson again for 1st to the D 26.

PM to Junior for 10 and 1st down to the 16.

PM to Ellis looking to score but fumbles, D recovers.

D now leads 33-14.

About 6 minutes left in the game.

Will be heading down with 2 minutes left to get some post game interviews and head to the baseball game.

So will let you when last post is for me.

Darold Hughes in the game.

Derrick Clark almost get his second INT.

D holds again and now leads 34-14.

Walk-on Antwoine Bell gets an INT off WC.

37-14 D now.

Darold Hughes back in and walk-on Edward Blanchard gets an INT.

Less than 2 minutes heading down now....will be back on here later.

thanks for the updates.

Glad to see MC is really mixing in starters through out the game.

what's the score on baseball game?

blkpanther, I was there at the spring game tonight, Joey looked great! he played D-end and did quite well. He says he is now 260, he has put on quite a bit of muscle. I was very proud of him today, just thought i'd write to let you know, cause you had asked Pete. I can't help i'm a proud parent of JH #86! GO FIU!

Baseball wins a crazy game, getting 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win the game 9-8!

Congrats Mrs. Harris, for the game blog he was part of the success of the D tonight

Nice afternoon/early evening at the Blue-Gold game. As expected, following the trend lately, the defense dominated (outperformed) the offense tonight. Derrick Clark had a good performance...and the ones that stood out for me include Kambriel Willis...who must have had 3 or 4 sacks...Winston Fraser also made some plays behind the line of scrimmage, as well as Jarvis Wilson....Man....I think we will be so deep in the linebacker spot, that it won't be funny...

On to baseball...You are right Maxx...that was a crazy finish to that game!! To have two runners score on a very close (head first slide) infield hit by Mollica, couldn't have been more exciting....the play where Lammar Guy was safe at home was yet another bang-bang play...Awesome finish!!

BTW. I saw almost the whole video depicting the recruits for next season, and their hightlites...Wow!!! I couldn't leave the stadium....I want to see that video again!!!

awesome, thanks for that, wish I could have been there.

The play that stands the most to me was Wesley Carroll rolling out of the pocket trying to give his receivers time to get open, and at the last second he hits Mertile in the end zone for a tip-toe touchdown!

Good amount of people. Most of the area under the club seats had people, but I have no idea how many that was.

best baseball game of the season, by far, and everyone was in attendance to see it (PG, President, etc...)

Glad the baseball team pulled the victory yesterday. It's a huge series against Western Kentucky.

I must say Derrick Clark is a playmaker in the secondary. I believe when it's all said and done he will have the most interception at FIU. As for the game, defense just dominated!!!To top it off, that unit will only get better with addition of Pooh Bear and incoming recruits. Coach Galiano has done a great job.


Jason Frierson looks like a real good football player- very impressed with him throughout the spring. I enjoyed the spring game but would still like to see us get better upfront. Oline needs to be better!

Pete, in your opinion, how much of game's final score was the result of a dominating defense versus the result of offense that still needs work?

I would like to think that adding Wayne Times and Dudley LaPorte to T.Y. and Greg O will make the offense very hard to stop...but I'm not sure. Your thoughts?

Not having fiugoldenpanthers.com up and running is a real drag. Can anyone shed some light as to when we'll have the site operational again?

I am hoping fiugoldenpanthers.com goes back up soon. I mean come on, it's been down for a week already!

And on another note... can our bullpen really be this bad? Is it possible? Last night we blow a 4-2 lead in the 8th, and now today, just as we take out Polizanno, our bullpen erases a 5 run lead. It's now a 10-9 game with one out and a runner on first for the Hilltoppers. WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR BULLPEN!?!?!?!

Fondon cleaned up the mess and secures a 12-9 lead to close out the game and series against WKU... never a dull moment in FIU athletics!! lol Next weekend's series against MTSU is going to be just as huge, hopefully we can go up there and gain some ground! GO FIU!!

FIU takes 2 out of 3 from Sunbelt's first place team. I want the Turtle haters to come out now considering only ONE full recruiting class.

Big win today...If ULL's lead over MTSU stands, now WKU leads the SBC on the loss column, with only 3. Huge series this coming weekend at MTSU indeed.

Fondon is good. He knows how to pitch. I like how the FIU staff is now using him as a closer/relief guy.....Huge weekend coming up

Pete, check this one out.... I was posting on the rivals.com blog, putting some UM fans in there place. They started a blog calling out Martin for not shaking morris hand and calling him immature and classless. So i let it ride and then hit them with "that must mean Morris is even more immature and have even less class bc he did not shake TT hand and let his team chant F*** TT". That, along with some other things that made UM look dumb and make the UM fans get their panties in a bunch bc it was negative towards UM.... This led to personal attacks on myself, followed by a post by the name of LHSNaughts starting to make some racial commets:

"I'm not ashamed of that in the least. I would be surprised if you could find Excel on a computer, much less create a function to add up the number of your friends named Carlos or Manny. I have degrees from UM and can re-create college baseball ratings systems. You graduated from Hialeah High with a 2.6 and still use the word "bro" a thousand times a day when hanging out with all your JUCO buddies. And you're laughing at me? Classic."

"It's not racist; it's what you FIU folks do. You catch the Hialeah game then head down to Sunset Place and stand around outside the movie theatre."

"You have no ambition of your own except to crash Hialeah High football games on Friday nights."

""Ur"? "Should of"? "Your cool"? Buddy, when trying to come across as being smarter than everyone, you can't keep writing like a Hialeah High sophomore who's up way too late."

So i try to tell Kendall Rogers, to head man on the site, about these racial attacks towards latin people and am greeted with

"NCAAtruth, you get one more chance to post something rational. You clearly were the one to ignite that battle. You want someone banned, well you're going to get your wish pretty soon if you don't change the tenor of your posting." posted by Heels2Omaha (one of the site Admins)

this sounds like an article to me.

wow that is some effed up stuff. I'd love to send that to a few important people to see their reaction. Starting with Dr. Modesto Alex "Mitch" Maidique.

Typical classless, scum, trashy UM way off doing things. Never seems to amaze

Oh, i forgot to mention that i never said anything about FIU. they just assumed that since i was not a UM fan, but knew about south fl. college baseball that i was an FIU fan.... Which i told them i had nothing to do with FIU

1 more thing Pete, sorry im on fire here.... All the pointless/dumb UM fans posting that seem more like cleat chasers were talking about how UM canceled the series against FIU because of the brawl. But why didnt they cancel all play against FSU like 15 years ago if that is their reasoning??? They tried to come back by saying that they have to play FSU because of conference ties, but UM and FSU got into fights wayyyyyyy before UM was ever part of the ACC

Franky The Cat, don't sweat the small stuff! Believe me, that low-rent UM fan that make those types of comment are exactly that, LOW-CLASS. Keep on showing the passion for FIU. I've been on this blog for quite some time and I'm definitely one of the elders on this blog (and I'm only in my mid 40's!).

For me, who has followed FIU Athletics since the EARLY 80'S it’s a pleasure to read MOST of the stuff on this blog and the energy you guys show. The fear that some in the UM camp feel is that 1) they are no longer the lone wolf in town and 2) they are not that relevant any more.

In the 80's and 90's the majority of the FIU students who were fans of college football followed UM because of their success and lack of options. In this millennium, FIU started football and UM was on the decline. Now, every year more and more FIU students and alumni are awakening to see that FIU is closing the talent gap in football and are they’re investing time, support and funds to their alma mater. This was bound to happen and is GREAT to see!


yea man. its all about the F I UUUUU! hahahaha

No but seriously Franky just because we are coming up and trying to do big things here at FIU doesn't mean the folks over on the other side of town are just going to roll over and play dead. Some of that stuff was completely uncalled for, but I don't think it even warrants any of our time or energy. Let a sleeping dog lie.

I like the effort by franky though. I can see what he was doing there. Hes calling the UM fans out and then making them show their true colors.

Anyone know the deal with the FIU message board?

Why would Miami cancel a series against us because of some fights? We are rivals, have been playing them since 1951, have the most watched football rivalries ever, both schools make an obscene amount of money that they desperately need since they are a small, private school, and are arguably two of the top 10 programs in CFB history. FIU offers none of those to them, they have little to nothing to lose.

Fomenter, who is "US"?



Formenter, thats great.... but what is being said is that they canceled the rivalry between FIU because of the brawl, none of the other stuff was ever mentioned, so i think your post is pretty worthless here. Why dont you guys stick to 1 reason, instead of trying to manipulate what you said every time someone calls you out on it and makes you look dumb.... And news flash, UM athletics does not bring in that much money compared to other top schools in the nation, but you're right

Ok my post is worthless in your opinion. The reason I bring up that other stuff is because of the fact that if FIU offers some of those pros then it might have swayed UM's reasoning in canceling the series. FIU offers very little to UM outside of the actual game itself.

If you can't see the difference between why UM cites a fight as a reason for them canceling your series and a fight not being enough to cancel a series with us, I don't know what to tell you. It's the same reason that UF and us haven't canceled our series despite fights. That and the fact that the legislature has threatened to actually force them to play us before. Is your reading comprehension poor or did you just misread my post?

And what was the point of your news flash? UM doesn't bring in that much money. Their football program brings in the majority of their funding to their AD. Are you trying to be slick by agreeing with me?

yes, the fight excuse is just dumb and irrelevant. The only thing they've been saying, recently that it, is because the brawl. UM brawls with everyone, but hasnt canceled any other games. Its a pointless excuse. For a team that needs the big money from the FSU rivalry game, you're going to tell me a cross town rivalry isnt going to attract more funds then FAMU????? Come onnnnnnn!!!!! you guys make the dumbest arguments..... i mis-read that part, thought you were trying to say they brought in a lot of money in general.

oh oh...brace yourself for a novel and pseudo psychoanalysis of everything....if it likes to chase after mice, likes cat food, and meows....it must be a cat....

Look at the attendance for both games last time they played Miami, which was in 2007.

FIU: 40,915
FAMU:40, 208

Throw in the fact that you don't bring any big name recognition, no T.V. deals, are in a weak conference, and the history , what do they lose out on, 15k? That's a drop in the bucket for them.

And you guys would want a home and home with them right? Isn't your stadium built for 20k? You can't hold their fans, what makes you think you can hold both? Correct me if I'm wrong but you didn't even sell out your stadium on its opening day against a decent team in USF. Seems as if they aren't losing out on much, so if they feel the need to drop you from their schedule they can afford to do so. They have nothing to gain.

I don't even sigh anymore when I read your posts, I laugh. Not only did I shame you into not responding to my last post, you follow me around on a blog entry that isn't even current, to add nothing of substance, with your same puerile catch phrase. I shouldn't expect anything more of you, but you have proved that I have overestimated you.

Since you left out a farewell, at least you can respond without making yourself look like a hypocrite.

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