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Marshall The Buccaneer

Bucs Mmcduffie FIU safety Marshall McDuffie signed a free agent deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the NFL Draft concluded on Sunday.

The 6-2, 212-pound McDuffie had 26 tackles and three interceptions last season. MM worked out for the Bucs and Dolphins last week before the draft.

MM might get a chance to go against former FIU and current Falcons receiver Chandler Williams twice should both players make their teams out of training camp. The Bucs and Falcons are in the same NFC South division and play twice each season.

MM & CW along with El Monstruo are the 3 FIU players currently in the NFL.



Congratulations to Mark Rosenberg on his new job as FIU President. There was not a better candidate out there than Mr. Rosenberg. Rose


Another series win for the FIU baseball team. The Panthers defeated ULM on Sunday to take 2 out of 3 and are just 4 games from first place Western Kentucky. The last 3 home games of the season for FIU are this coming weekend with a 3-game set against Arkansas State at University Park Stadium. FIU has only lost 2 series (Middle Tennessee and New Orleans) this season.

Your Q&A

FIUAL: Hey Pete hows the construction of the field house going?

PP: Going just fine and on target to open June 30. Will have a tour of the fieldhouse on the GPP soon.

Ab alt7787: He came up with EL Monstrou didnt he?

PP: Yes, JDC came up with the nickname for Antwan Barnes (left).

FIURage: Does anyone know if Rosenberg is a sports guy or not. I would hope that the next president keeps the sports ball rolling at FIU.

PP: Like cabin001 posted: Rosenberg beat and dunked on Isiah in a pick-up game. Rosenberg ran past MC along the offensive line and sacked the quarterback and Rosenberg struck out TT on 3 pitches looking. Yeah, he's a sports guy.

Apaw For our poll question on this post, we are only going to go with seniors. Yes, FIU will eventually have some juniors ready for the NFL, but for now let's stick to this year's seniors:


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I didnt know Chandler was still in the NFL, let alone with the Falcons. I thought he was a free agent. Good luck to him. I really hope he can make the roster. The Falcons have a weak receiving corps so Chandler has a chance to make the team as a #4 or #5 receiver.

Good luck to McDuffie. Hopefully he can really work hard and show coaches that he deserves a a roster spot. Special teams, maybe a dimeback on passing downs.

Good news on McDuffie....Good luck Marshall!!

Just read on rivals where IT (and FIU) just signed two players from Redlands CC...one of them the nation's leading scorer in JUCO ball (Marvin Roberts), and the other one (Antoine Watson) top 10, plus led the NJCAA in steals and 3=point percentage...Also, signed Stephon Weaver out of Connors State CC, where he was voted a 3rd Team All American in JUCO ball...

wow great news for McDuffie....i hope he puts in a good effort and becomes very successful at the next level. I will be rooting for him.

congratulations to marshall.

Congratulations to Marshall McDuffie. There's a guy who overcame adversity by sticking with it and working hard. A tip of the cap to him. Keep working hard and good luck in the NFL, you deserve it.

As far as next year's class, I think JSpoon has the most NFL upside, but I'm rooting hardest for Scotty Bryant. Let's hope he has a great senior year and elevates his stock.

Thanks for the updates!

Wish nothing but the best for Marshall, he's a great kid!!

Weatherspoon hands down has NFL written all over him. His measurables/size/speed and physical play make him a compelling consideration for NFL teams. A great senior season next year should guarantee him a mid-round pick, ?? maybe even higher....we'll see.

Ula Matavao should get some looks. I think the Buzzsaw has the same issues that Keke Bouie had (size??) or lack thereof...I wish all of our seniors luck in continuing their careers.

thanks pete i was stayed and watched the draft till "mr. irrelevant" just to see if MM and yes even frazier from FAU would be drafted... neither did and till now FIU has 2 players drafted and FAU has none.. but that kid frazier isnt a bad player hope someone picks him up . the more belt players in the NFL the better it is for all of us

Congrats to Marshall. Make it happen!

Baseball is going to need to packed house (or at least 1/2 a packed house) in the last 3 home games of the season. Turtle and the boys need to finish the season the way they started. I still think they will make Semi's in the Sunbelt and posibly The Championship game. Western is tough!

P.S: Good Luck to the Track and Field team at Outdoor Conference. Bring home the hardware!

Gooch7, with there being no Track facilities on campus, where does the team practice, meet? Pete, have you heard anything in regards to them building a track stadium or at least expanding the soccer field to be a dual track stadium?

The FAU kid is Frantz Joseph ??

FIU needs to handle their business in these final conference series (winning all of the series and mixing in a series sweep 1 weekend). Middle Tenn. has Troy and WKU left, so hopefully WKU can sweep them and Troy can get a win or 2. Then Troy has ULM and S. Alabama (not including Middle Tenn. bc we want them to win some there) left, so hopefully overall they could lose a couple games there. Therefore, setting us up for a 2nd place regular season finish!!!.... A lot of baseball to be played, but it could happen

what happened to the little sunday article about FIU coming back to beat ULM? They took it down?

Marshall McDuffie you are truly a success story. Your comeback from the unfortunate event against Miami to receiving a second chance and you making the absolute most of it is a great story and example for ALL of us at any age! I've told my kids about you because yours is a story worth telling.

Congratulations on TWO things, 1) earning your Master's degree and 2) your invitation to the Bucs camp. We at the GPP nation will be following you closely and will root for you and ALL Golden Panther pro athletes! Good luck!


Pete, what have you heard about Soto and Asprilla leaving the basketball team? Soto moved all his stuff out of the dorm.


The Track team practices in the mornings as well as in the afternoon at Tropical Park. They are renting out the facility at T.P. in the mean time.

I have asked Pete as well as coaches about building the New Soccer/Track stadium, and everyone has given me the same answer: "When they finish Phase Two of the football stadium they will start with the Soccer/Track Stadium. That means most likely start in 2010, and open for the stadium for 2011 (soccer season).. Its not the best answer but at least there is a goal in mind.

Note: Even with all that said the Track team has found a way to compete well at the Conference level and the NCAAA level. Good luck to the entire team (specialy the distance group)...


Does anyone know how large the proposed soccer/track stadium will be? We can make a home for Miami FC on campus, which will be a huge boost to our own soccer program, by building a venue capable of holding somewhere in the area of 5-8000 people.

Hello canes fans.

Please, let us not be angered by the the ignorance and the lack of class shown by some of the fans of our friends at UF. Let us instead realize just how much much of a motivating factor FEAR is. You see, people don't like things that they FEAR. When they come across something they FEAR, they strike out against it and attack it, out of FEAR.

This is the tactic that our Gator friends have been employing here the last few years, due to their recent success. Let us not forget that not too long ago the gators were an underachieving and second rate SEC football team who were of little to no significance to anyone outside of gainesville. Now they are a talented team with a whiny head coach and a gimmicky offense. (That doesn't produce any lasting NFL talent). Also let us not forget that up until last year UF hasn't beaten UM in a number of years.

Strong and fast. Miami changed the way college football was played. Yes, including you Gators, you took your cues from us too!
No need to thank us you're welcome. Don't forget UM owned most of the 80's and 90's. If we didn't win the NC we were playing for it. Cant say the same for the gators. Our last one was IN 2001. Then we had another one the next year stolen by ref's. So I think were coming due. Regardless of what you say, 5 championships is still better than 3. And until you get 5, please exercise your right to remain silent.

So with all of that said, lets make it clear so that everyone can understand.


How else can you explain their behavior? For example:
1. Finding the newspaper that covers the miami area (The Herald)
2. Creating a profile and becoming a member of the canes blog
(Eye on the U)
3. Logging into a UM athletics blog (basketball article) and spewing
their rhetoric and taunting UM fans.

ALL MOTIVATED BY FEAR (so, so, sad......)

So instead of anger and frustration, let us have mercy on our little fishy friends from the swamp. For they as well as the rest of the country have taken notice. The U is on it's way back to greatness!!!

Only a coward kicks a man when he's down. But a real man will get up, stand toe to toe and fight for respect. We have been down and have taken our licks. But now were rising up to take our rightful place. As one of the most dominant teams in college football history.
And were not done yet. When we get back on our feet we'll show you who is best the state of Florida has to offer. (That is, if you'll play us?)

Who would of thunk? A huge publicly funded state school, would be so concerned about a small little private school in Miami.


Watch out little gators, There's a Hurricane coming>>>>

It's all about the U!!!

Posted by: Canetown | April 28, 2009 at 04:26 PM

Just to stir the pot take a look at the definition of fear


How else can you explain their behavior? For example:
1. Finding the newspaper that covers the miami area (The Herald)
2. Creating a profile and becoming a member of the canes(panthers) blog
(Eye on the U)(GPP)
3. Logging into a UM (FIU) athletics blog (basketball article) and spewing
their rhetoric and taunting UM (FIU) fans.

before CC or any other UM fan starts to shoot arrows my way... remember i hate the gators and do root for the U when they do not play FIU. just thought this definition is interesting lol

Some people have to get out of South Florida more often, norht of West Palm Beach there is only one rivalry and one game that matters UF vs FSU, maybe FSU has more of a rivalry with ucg since they are in the same conference, but that beef can be removed with dental floss, compare with the rivalry with the Gators.
UF has more rivalry wiht Georgia then with ucg.
ucg needs to realize Miami is at the end of state and the only schools that are closer to at FIU and FAU, Gville is 5 hours away, and Tallis is 9 hours away. There are hills up there, no beaches, it gets colder than 60, red clay and the seasons change somehow, it is a different place.
Florida should have a playoff system, in the South FIU, FAU and ucg should play and the top dog move to the playoff.
In the center UCF, Bethun Cookman and USF should play and the winner goes to the playoff.
In the North, UF, FAU and FSU and the winner moves to the playoff
the top 3 will play eachother and decided the state champion by record and points, then that team plays for the Championship and the other 2 go to different bowls.
I know it sounds crazy, but then again the Bowl Championship doesn't make much sense.

Canes have the most annoying fans in the world!

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