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Marshalling To The NFL; JDC Is FIU

Mcduf English teachers and some particular GPP readers will correct my use of the word marshal in the title of this blog post, but who cares it's sports not Shakespeare we're talking about here and in particular, it's safety Marshall McDuffie (left) -- FIU's best hope for the NFL in this year's draft.

Had a quick chat with MM recently to see how he's preparing for the NFL Draft. At 6-2, 210 pounds, MM has the size and skill set to play on Sundays. He is projected as going anywhere from the 6th round to signing as a free agent.

How has this week been for you with the Draft this weekend?

MM: I've been extremely busy with school that way I don't think about the draft so much. It hasn't hit me yet that I could be picked to play in the NFL. I'm just hoping for the best.

Have you had any recent workouts with NFL teams?

MM: Yes, I worked out for the Dolphins at their camp in Davie and I was brought up to Tampa to work outTbbucs Dolph for the Bucs. I thought I did well in both workouts.

The projections for you are anywhere from the 6th round to free agent signee. What are your thoughts?

MM: I really don't think about it too much, because the draft is so unpredictable. I know I performed well on my Pro Day at FIU. The scouts asked me to stay after the Pro Day was over and perform again for them.

If selected you would be the 3rd FIU player ever drafted to the NFL. Have you sought out any advice from the first two Panthers drafted in Antwan Barnes or Chandler Williams (left, thanks Sam Lewis photo)?

Cwill MM: I've talked a lot to Chandler and [former FIU defensive back and the first FIUKtim player in the NFL] Kevin Timothee (right). They have helped walk me through the process. They've told me to stay focused on my goal and if I do get a shot in the NFL act like you've already been there before.


We all know the popular commercial the FIU athletic marketing department came up with last year  I AM FIU and there are t-shirts with the slogan all over campus. Well, good suggestion by you good people on the GPP in nominating Jerry Del Castillo for FIU football's play-by-play job.

JDC (english translation: Jerry of the Castle) has broadcast every single FIU Iamfiu football game in the 7-year history of the program and can give you the history of the football program in both Spanish and English, which he speaks fluently. He's seen the good (first Division I win on Nov. 5, 2005 vs. Louisiana-Monroe; winning the last football game played at the Orange Bowl on Dec. 1, 2007 vs. North Texas), the bad (7 OT loss to North Texas in 2006) and the ugly (the Rocky 7 auditions in 2006).

There is no other broadcaster out there with the knowledge of FIU sports that JDC has. JDC (right) was onceJdc the Spanish voice in football, basketball and baseball of the green/orange across town before joining FIU in 2002. At FIU, he has called football, basketball and baseball. You can also hear JDC on his weeknight sports talk show -- Descarga Deportiva -- on 1550 AM.

Haven't spoken to JDC since the last football game vs. Western Kentucky to close out the 2008 season. But dialed him up to see if he had read your comments. JDC read about your push for him and is interested in the job.

"I really appreciate all the nice things the FIU fans have to say," said JDC. "I love FIU and it's wonderful that I have been able to be there since the beginning." 


A big setback for the FIU baseball team. Second baseman Ryan Mollica (.379, 8 HR, 49 RBI) is out until probably the final series of the season at Florida Atlantic. Mollica came down with mono and the Panthers hope to have him back for the Hooters, if not the Sun Belt Tournament at Troy.

Freshman Raiko Alfonso (.307 batting average) will likely fill in at 2B until Mollica returns.


Yes, it's been 3 weeks since the FIU Blue/Gold Spring Game, but FIU spring football does not end until we dole out the 3rd Annual MARIOS Spring Football Awards on the next post.

Until then, tell us how you really feel about FIU football's new radio deal.


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Hey Pete hows the construction of the field house going

He came up with EL Monstrou didnt he?

The 790 thing is huge...it helps validate the program locally and helps the resume that we appear to be preparing for a move into a major conference at some undefined point in the future.

By the way, I just left UM's Bank United Center. They brand EVERYTHING. From the toilets to the elevators and everything in between, there's that U staring back at you. It's on the walls, the floor and the ceiling.

Learn something here FIU and start branding. I'm a b-school student and if you take a picture of almost any room in the joint, there's not evidence you're at FIU. Conversely, you'd be hard pressed to take a photo anywhere on UM's campus without that U making it's way into the frame.

It's called branding for those of you taking notes at home. Learn it, love it, brand it.

GPantera, with that said I would take great pleasure in pissing on the "U" in the urinal.

haha, good one quijote

Quijote, I had great pleasure doing that during the basketball game against FIU last season.

Wow - this blog has so much spark when I dont post comments.

Does anyone know if Rosenberg is a sports guy or not. I would hope that the next president keeps the sports ball rolling at FIU.

I heard Rosenberg beat Isiah in a pick-up game. Broke Isiah's ankles on one of his moves to the rim!

Donna Shalala just fired Randy Shannon...just over the AP wire. Seems that Hocutt resigned too, he could not stomach the fact that UCG is right smack in the middle of a banana republic and he had trouble ordering dinner anywhere in town, because nobody speaks ENGLISH down here.

....he had trouble ordering dinner anywhere in town, because nobody speaks ENGLISH down here.

Posted by: FIUBlueandGold | April 24, 2009 at 02:18 PM

LMAO. Coming from an FIU student? This Post = epic FAIL

good post Gpantera...

Jerry is the best announcer to be the FIU play by play voice in English!!!!!NO QUESTION HE SHOULD BE THE ONE!!!

Right now im at FIU Stadium watching Miami FC play & I must say i am pleasantly surprised (The first Miami FC game I watch). The game has been entertaining and the fans here are very passionate...Even though its a small crowd, they get very loud...Funny too was hearing people say in spanish, "Wow el estadio aqui en FIU es muy lindo!" (Wow the Stadium here in FIU is very nice). Anyway, I heard from a reliable source that Isiah is bringing in some real good talent...We should here some more on this in a few weeks...Its gonna take at least two years though until we see the basketball team do a dramatic 180 degree turn...FIU is making the right moves!

I loved being there at the Miami FC game today, it kind of felt like I was back watching Miami Fusion games when I was a kid! It was great!! I hope more of the FIU community will go out and show their support next time. I think we can all learn a lot from this small, yet passionate group of fans and perhaps even add numbers to their strength!

I hope IT does bring in players to compliment Asprilla & Souto. However, I heard from a student close to the players that IT ran both FA & JS out of town. Pete say it ain't so! Pete, any truth to this? I truly hope not.

Even TT has benefited from two of DP's guys Townsend & Molica. FA was SBC freshman of the year and 6'10, 290 lbs talented centers don't grow on trees!

It's Rosenberg!!! FIU's new President.

I actually heard IT wanted to keep both of them....especially Asprilla (obviously...who would not want to keep him?), on the team. However, outside forces were/are pushing the wrong buttoms for/against FIU in the Asprilla "stakes"..

I hope IT does bring in players to compliment Asprilla & Souto. However, I heard from a student close to the players that IT ran both FA & JS out of town. Pete say it ain't so! Pete, any truth to this? I truly hope not.

Posted by: FIU Fan For Life

* Will have more on this in the coming days, but IT did not run these 2 players out of town. IT wanted both players back.

A person or persons close to the 2 players tried to force IT's hand and IT, a Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA great, is not going to allow some low-level wanna-be local basketball pseudo-agent run the FIU hoops program.

IT wanted both FA & JS back, but apparently FA is going to transfer (USF) and JS is going to play pro in Puerto Rico.

Stay tuned

There goes next year! Oh well, I was expecting it, but I was hoping a big name like IT would be able to keep them. Go F I U!

Wow...I was hoping Asprilla would have stayed....as well as Soto....Oh well...I can't wait for the "stay tuned" part...

Argghhhh....I really wanted IT to keep Asprilla at FIU..he is definitely someone to build around the team....Oh well!!

Ohh...and Pete...could you confirm the players that are currently visiting FIU for hoops?...I've read that Redlands CC point guard, Antoine Watson, was supposed to be here this weekend. Also read his teammate...Marvin Roberts...might be interested..as per rivals.com in FIU...but I've read somwhere he has already signed with Cal State Fullerton....any other names visiting?

As usual, Pete...thanks...

That totally sucks whoever that pseudo-agent is, and I think we know who it is, should be run out of town.

NCAA should ban the guy

losing mollica is a major blow to the team now! hes definitely one of the hottest hitters on the team and lets not forget that he and Townsend are the only ones from the DP era. Junior Arrojo is having a hell of a turnaround year and two other DP signees are Polizanno who is also having a great run and the infielder Garcia who hasnt seen the field since Price got booted out of here. other than that the team should be fun facing the weaker teams in the sbc until mollica returns to the team.

It would be a shame to see them go, but I have no doubt that better players will be on their way here in the next couple years if not this year.

Wow... losing Asprilla would be a HUGE blow to this team... I'm curious as to how IT would fill this gap. I really hope he has some real great prospects in line for this year. It looks like we're going to be seeing a brand new team next year...

Pete, by your description, that sounds like "Pilin" trying to get his grubbing hands inprinted on this program. Still the loss of FA if true, will be a HUGE loss and he will be very hard to replace!

that suxs on FA and JS. pete any word from McDuffie about the draft and if his phone has been ringing?

lol NFL network is saying that a UM fan was trying to get the crowd excited... so the crowd decides to do the gator chomp to him.... the UM fan responds in a ... let say less than respectable and got kicked out

If FA and JS decide to listen to some "agent", rather that be coached from a HOF and get more exposure next year playing for FIU, and maybe get a chance to play in a better league than the Puerto Rican league, or the Tropical Park league.
Let bydone be bygones and lets get real talent that would be proud to play for FIU and get a good education while playing bball.
Their ego id hughe but not bigger than FIU, part of the reason our team was bad the past couple of years is because of the character of some of the "great talent" that SR brough to FIU. I am not talking about all the players, I am sure some guys really wanted to be here and are proud panthers and they played their hearts out when they had the chance to do so.
But the best thing about our basketball program is that Those Day Are Over Son.

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