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Nation's Leading JUCO Scorer Signs With FIU....1 of 4 New FIU Hoopsters

New FIU hoops coach Isiah Thomas signed 4 players on Tuesday that will take the U.S. Century Bank It Arena court this November.

Among the new Panthers is 6-5 forward Marvin Roberts, the nation's leading scorer in junior college basketball. Roberts led the NJCAA averaging 29.6 points per game this past season for Redland Community College.

IT also signed three guards: Stephon Weaver (left), Antoine Watson and Phil Gary, Jr.

22stephonweaver Weaver led Connor State to the 2009 NJCAA Final Four. He averaged 17 points per game and six rebounds per game.

Weaver, a 6-3 guard was named the Bi-State Conference Player of the Year and Third Team JUCO All-American.

Watson (right), a teammate of Roberts at Redland CC, averaged 24.8 points per game -- which was the fifth best average in the NJCAA. Watson also led the NJCAA in steals per game (4.7) and three-point shooting percentage (72% on 54-of-75 shooting). He also averaged 8.4 rebounds and 5.6 assists per game.Watson

Gary, Jr., a 5-10 point guard from Chicago Malcolm X Community College averaged nine assists per game to go along with 19 points per game. Gary recorded three triple-doubles this past season where he scored at least 30 points in those three contests.


Center Freddy Asprilla (below, left, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo), according to his AAU coach Art Alvarez, has asked for his release from FIU. Point guard Josue Soto is off to Puerto Rico to play professionally. FA went back home to Colombia after the spring semester ended last Friday. FIU has not Asprilla granted FA's release.

Alvarez said: "We have nothing against Isiah Thomas or the FIU basketball program. But Freddy didn't come to FIU to play for a new coach. He came to FIU to play for Sergio Rouco under those conditions. . . His coach was just dismissed and the combination of Josue leaving left him with uncertainty. Freddy has asked for a release and we're awaiting to get that release.''

The irony of it is that FA would be playing for a new coach -- that is not SR -- wherever he ends up anyway. So this is NOT really about "a new coach". But unfortunately, we have not heard from FA directly.

IT said: "We want to do what's best for Freddy. We understand this is an emotional time for him with his coach being let go. We want to leave the door open at FIU for Freddy and I would like to talk with him when the time is right. I believe the players we have signed thus far will complement him real well.''

As far as Soto's decision, IT said: "We will do everything to assist Josue in his decision to play professional basketball in Puerto Rico.''


Apaw With Michael Dominguez and Harley Fuller deciding to go play closer to home, there are now 6 returning players: FA (to be determined later this summer), Tremayne Russell, Cedric Essola, Nikola Gacesa, J.C. Otero, Martavius Kee (transfer from Temple under SR). Although Otero and Kee are Alvarez's former players -- so stay tuned on whether those 2 guys stick around FIU.Timh


Former TCU assistant coach Anthony Anderson is the first assistant to join Isiah's staff. IT has interviewed 12 to 15 coaches for his staff and hopes to have his staff in place by the end of July. I asked IT about the possibility of Tim Hardaway (right) joining the FIU staff and IT said: "Tim is high on the list."



Congratulations to the FIU women's tennis team in making the NCAA Tournament. The Panthers open the NCAAs next Friday against Princeton in the Coral Gables Regional.


Haven't forgotten about the MARIOS Spring Football Awards, but the FIU hoops train is gathering steam of late. Will wrap up FIU spring ball later this week.

So what's your take on the Freddy situation:


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Freddy has to stay. He is the kind of player that FIU needs to build around! We saw what he can do last year, and he will only get better! And imagine him side by side with the kind of talent that Isiah is going to bring in, plus the kind of exposure he will be recieving by playing under him... it's scary!

It sounds to me like Art Alvarez has his own agenda and Isiah Thomas threatens that agenda. And the FIU program needs to silence him. With the players coming in (and keeping Asprilla, Gacesa, and Otero to play with them), we have a chance to compete for the Sun Belt right away. Is Alvarez saying he doesn't want Freddy to be a part of that? That he doesn't want to put him in the best possible light? And besides, Rouco is staying at FIU and I'm sure will be working with the basketball program in some fashion.

Freddy, this is the place to be. This is where you belong! And now you have a chance to prove to EVERYONE that you can help build a winner! YOU will be what people see when we win Sun Belt championships! And it will be Isiah putting in a good word for you to the NBA when the your time here is complete.

Freddy shouldn't let ANYONE control him or make this decision for him. He needs to do what he feels is best for him. And FIU, now more than ever, has to be the best option for him.

Coach Thomas, way to go. Show em it can be done. As a 95 grad, we are pulling 4 u. with a full yr of recruiting, show them U can get a FAB 5 at a small school. Go after the top 10 players and land them and shake up college basketball. The larger conferences will be beggin FIU to Join.

Rouco is only staying with the program prob due to FIU oweing him money? am I right? its like Isiah in NY, when Mike D got hired, Isiah was still under contract and was "'part of the team"' but wasnt. I think since they have cutbacks goin on, they are just saying he is part of the program. He lost every yr he was here. would U want that around your program? NO. and I am sure Isiah doesnt either.

All this sounds fishy, no question about it. I know AAU coaches have pull - and a lot of it sometimes - but this much on a player is a little strange, especially considering it's Pilin Alvarez vs. Isiah Thomas. I don't know either of them, but I know who I'd trust more when it comes to basketball. Nothing against Pilin, but Thomas is a sure-fire NBA Hall-of-Famer. Logic says IT knows more, especially at the pro level, where I assume is where FA goes.

I definitely understand where Pilin's coming from, though. Having a strong relationship with the head coach is essential. It's usually a major reason why kids go where they go to school, especially in college basketball. I can see why Asprilla and everyone else at FIU hoops might be wary of IT; it was Rouco who brought them in. Heads are already rolling and more are coming, to be sure. Losing has a way of making that happen.

While Asprilla will have to play for a new coach regardless, PP, remember that he'll be the one deciding who that coach is if he transfers. If he stays, it's Pete Garcia who makes that call. Even though he'd lose a year, I can understand why Asprilla would think about leaving. He has more power that way. He can dictate where he goes, who he plays for and under what conditions. That's a lot more power than he'd have at FIU right now. That might be a cynical way of looking at it, but it's got to be a factor in all this.

Hopefully, Freddy stays. FIU needs the kid. And I think Asprilla benefits a lot more from staying and playing here than transferring somewhere else, unless said somewhere else is a major college program. The same could be said of Soto, especially with IT being a former point guard. I'm very surprised Soto's leaving, unless he was told he'll be riding the bench because of the new players coming in. I suspect that's what happened. Maybe PP can shed some light on that one.

Pete, thanks for the info.

I really hope Alvarez lets FA decide what to do with his future and not pick it for him. In a way, it seems like he's an agent for many kids that choose college programs. Didn't he coach Clemente(UM),Guillermo Diaz(UM), and even Barea(Northeastern, in the NBA)?

Pete, what schools were recruiting these kids that IT added? Thanks in advance.

One more thing, it would be great if IT hires Tim Hardaway as assistant coach. How can anyone turn down a visit from two great PG's in the NBA?


I think Freddy is leaving because Isiah doesn't speak spanish and Freddy doesn't speak english well.

And Stan Heath at USF does speak spanish well? I have no idea, but I wouldn't think he would know any more than Isiah. That's a very weak "reason" at best.

Freddy is leaving because Isiah is bringing in a 7'6 monster who will become the next Dikembe Mutombo. Period...End of story.

High school coaches always have a say in where their players go to school. Alvarez knows that Freddy will be watching games from the bench if he stays!

Asprilla would get destroyed in a major conference. Can you imagine him posting up against centers like Hasheem Thabeet in the Big East??? Can you say REJECTED!

And who might this 7-6 monster be? There have been no rumors or buzz about a center coming in, and if that were the case, then why wouldn't Isiah issue a release from scholarship to Freddy like he did for Soto and Fuller? Isiah has basically stated in his comments and official statements that he wants Freddy to stay here.

Now I'm curious... do you have info none of us know about?

You are telling me that Isiah cannot bring in a better center than Freddy Asprilla? Or Soto, or anyone else on the FIU team for that matter? I want winners on my team, and none of these guys are winners...or leaders. Neither was Rouco.

That is not fair. Freddy was a monster this year as a FRESHMAN! With Freddy and a strong supporting cast, which Isiah is assembling, we can compete for the Belt RIGHT NOW! Freddy is extremely talented, he was the Sun Belt Freshman of the Year for goodness sakes... this kid stayed healthy for most of the year and was a presence down low all year. He is the reason we won as many games as we did this year. Is it fair that everyone around him was hurt? No. Freddy belongs here. He is a GREAT center.

Can Isiah bring in a better center? Maybe. But has he yet? No. And all the signs are pointing to the fact that Isiah wants Freddy to stay. Otherwise, if "Mutombo" was coming, we would have given Asprilla his release outright today and been done with it.

I don't agree that Freddy is a GREAT center...He is a good center that has benefitted from playing Sun Belt competition. He averaged 13.7 ppg, 9.2 rpg, and 0.7 blocks per game this past season. Isiah has signed the most prolific JUCO scorer and two JUCO ALL AMERICANS. He can and will recruit a center with more skills than Asprilla. My thinking is that since he is trying to sign players late into the process, Isiah wants Freddy to remain with the team as insurance in case he does not get the caliber of player he wants before the season starts.

My point is this: I think it is utterly ridiculous to have to try to convince a player to stay and play for a program that he obviously does not want to play for, especially when we all know that Isiah can get someone better to replace him.

I don't care who he is or what he has done as a freshman in the Belt...If he does not want to be here, then get the hell out of here and get someone in there who does!


Before we start drawing comparisons to Big East competition, how about we just focus on being good at the level we're at. We play in the Sun Belt. Let's do some damage here and recruit the type of players that allow us to do that for a season or two THEN we can start to entertain your Big East chatter. I want a conference affiliation improvement as much as the next G-Panther, but for right now, i'd love a crack at the Sun Belt Championship lest we forget we haven't ended a season post .500 in basketball in a very long time.

Who's with me?

gpantera, I never once said that FIU was going to be playing the big east? When did I even hint at that? Can you show me because I am confused by your statement??? All I said was that Asprilla would not be good if he played against big east centers. You are putting words in my mouth when you say things like that.

Ladies, Ladies calm down. Dont worry about whos putting what in whos mouth. Lets just get along. Were all FIU fans right ?!

What in the world is going on here, We have a AAU coach that is going 2 tell IT 2 keep his players or else. OR ELSE WHAT??? Is that coach crazy????....Take ur players and KEEP THEM....This is a new era @ FIU, with all the things going on and we have 2 have this problem going on......its a waste of time....Let them go, we will c @ the end of the day that IT was the right choice 4 this job.....Wonderful job 2 all who made this happen.....

Something just occurred to me, people were saying that Sergio was a bad coach but was a master recruiter and brought in talented players but it was actually Pilin bringing in all of his old players to play for SR.

So who was really running this program?


Great observation. I suspected as well that Alvarez was the real "handler" of these guys. SR was an average coach at best and as a recruiter...well, we might never know.

Why would Asprilla want to leave and sit out a year at this point. Doesn't make sense unless Zeke told him he'd be coming off the bench in his system...because of a "new center" ??

Nice job Zeke on these 4 signings, we just need that center to fill out the puzzle.

Fab 5 JUCOs and Zeke....ESPN would be all over it, what a story that would be if we could field a team of elite talent and give NC a run for their money...Somewhere WKU cannot be happy about this.

Pete: can you find out what sort of renovations will done at "The Bank ??" I'd like to see our gym resemble Cameron Arena at DUKE. Seating on the sidelines on top of the court (one level) packed in tightly. Not sure if the east/west structure can be modified for seating behind the baskets, but that would be ideal...I'd think a capacity increase from 6,000 - 7,500 is possible.

Ordering my BBall season tix today !!!

Great news on Tim Hardaway! I really hope Isiah makes this happen. I also hope Hardaway's son comes to FIU, that would be a monumental step forward.

I somewhat have to agree with cabin, if FA wants to go, then let him go. You guys are being a little over-nostalgic over this kid. Sure, he was the best player on a team that was a bottom feeder in the sun belt conference, but we all knew changes would come as a part of Isiah's arrival. Isiah said he wants to build a big basketball program at FIU and if FA does not want to be a part of that, then so be it. Obviously, it's not the coaching that is the cause for FA's departure.

The kid still has time to change his mind. We'll see what he wants and the best of luck to him in all his future endeavors.

I say clean house. Let IT bring in some fresh meat.

I find Soto's situation intriguing. The guy would rather leave right now for PR to play "professional ball" rather than to stay and have a year under Isiah and add that to his resume??

Undeniably, Isiah must've made it clear that Soto was not guaranteed anything as a senior.

Similarly, while we are on recruiting lost in the signing of the 4 JUCO players for this year is DeJuan Wright who committed Join the panthers in 2010.

As Pete stated in a previous blog he was the #7 high school player coming out of Michigan. Think how big that is.... remember the talent level out of that state and the schools who compete for that talent not only in the state but the BIG ten.


Go after this kid in Staten Island, you must know him...(Dylan Bulger) a bit of a project but has good upside at 6'9" 270lbs.

Still unsigned and undeclared rated an 87 on ESPN.

I am glad at least some people see things the way I do...Let Freddy go and clean house like FIURage said.

A little something I found on Phil Gary coming out of high school.

"It’s not your size that makes you a competitor, it’s the size of your heart. That is exactly what Gary proved as he was an essential key to helping his team to a 70-68 OT win over Bloomington HS in the Pontiac Holiday Classic. Phil is good at getting to the basket and finishing. He has a strongly built body and is very clutch. He plays all out and is one of the more underrated point guards in the 2007 class."

I'm sure Isiah could bring in better talent, cabin... the problem is, he's got bigger issues to worry about right now. Asprilla was the conference Freshman of the Year for a reason. He's good.

When WKU - the class of the Belt, a team that got to the second round of the tourney this year and the Sweet 16 the year before - is having major issues containing this kid as a freshman on an injury-ravaged team, imagine what he'll do as a senior. Scary. FIU hasn't had someone with this much talent as a low-post player in... well, maybe ever. And you want to just let that go? That's insane.

Isiah could use the time he'd take up to find a starting center to better use finding other players. Asprilla might get destroyed in the Big East - I kind of doubt that - but this is the Sun Belt. As gpantera said, that's the more important factor right now. If FA wants to leave, that's his deal, but I definitely think it's worth trying to convince him to stay. There's enough holes to fill already.

BlueandGold, there already IS seating behind the baskets. It's just no one sits in them except for the band. Hopefully, the renovations include getting rid of those bleachers and get something that looks a lot nicer. Chair-back seats would be cool, but I'd take nicer-looking bleachers. Not to mention a new floor, new concession stands, new... hell, maybe they should just blow the place up and start over from scratch. ;)

I second you on Soto, LonePanther. That's exactly what it sounds like to me.

cabin001 i agree that if freddy doesnt want to be at FIU i would want some1 that wants to be at FIU more.. however IT has been recruiting mainly guards and medium size ( in comparaison) small fowards... i have yet to see him bring in a big... now i know you cant do it all in 1 year.. but im just a bit concern about if he can recruit bigs

In his first three weeks at FIU, Isiah has signed arguably one of the best JUCO forwards in the nation and three all-star JUCO guards who were leaders on their respective teams and look to be great perimeter players. In his first three weeks! If I was coach and Freddy told me he didn't want to play for FIU anymore and he wants to transfer to another school, I tell him to get the hell out. I don't want players on my team who even show the slightest bit of apathy toward my program...Especially when I know there are probably a plethora of talented centers out there waiting to play for me. Garcia got 350 calls from players around the country when Isiah called!!! You don't think there were any qualified centers in there with skills like Freddy or better? Isiah has shown me that he can recruit GREAT players the likes of which we have never known in three weeks time! He will find a more than capable center to set up pick and rolls and rebound for his team!


Are J.C. Otero,Nikola Gacesa & Cedric Essola still on the team? I think the range 6'8 to 6'9. Similarly, I am not sure if Badara Ndiaye is still with the team & can apply from Med Reshirt for this year.

You must remember how late in the recruiting game that IT and his assistant(s) got into the recruiting game and the caliber of players that he has brought in amazing for such a late start. But, I cant say i know what style of play he plans on running but i will just wait and see how the rest of the off season unfolds.

blkpanther im not sure who is on the roster and beint that its IT on the bench coaching i can think back and the 2 styles of play i can see him running are the fast pace games w/ half court traps/steals etc. or a PHYSICAL gamy type like the pistons were when he was there. me personally i like somewhere in the middle... but then again im not the coach.

what im saying is that even though if those guys are still on the team they are not physical post presence to win in the NCAA you need both outside shooting AND a post pressence..

now Freddy gave us that and it was good to have.. however, if he doesnt want to be here i dont know if any one on this current roster can give us that.. and i know IT got in here late in the game.. im just saying that from this point.. 2 or 3 weeks after the hire i do not see any incoming big men...

to me i would want a big man in the post and someone down in the paint thats goin to say o no dont come in here w/ the finger wag just like Dikembe Mutombo or the chest pounding like Alonzo Mourning

Clawing Cancer,

I mean real seating behind the baskets that are flush across to the corner entrances...Trust me, been to many games. Those bleachers are weak.

Clawing Cancer - you do not get to post anymore b/c in one of your first comments on this blog you stated that IT is a "sure fire hall of famer" smart guy - he has been in the hall of fame since like 2000. Get a clue.

Hey guys...It's obvious IT wants to give it a shot at keeping Freddy at FIU....that speaks for itself. If he ends up transferring, then so be it, but I wouldn't...and certainly Isiah nor Pete Garcia are....rush to give him the waiver and have him out of FIU. He is good...very good, and Isiah thinks he can help his team NOW.

Another issue with so many players transferring out is the APR hit it will create with the basketball program. If you have to keep some players from transferring, you better try to keep the best ones, and take the APR hit with less talented ones (Fuller, etc.).

Anyways, the fact Isiah has signed so many talented guards, point guards....explains more than any words could...why Soto is leaving FIU. We don't need any press conference or anything else to reach that conclusion, as it is fairly obvious Soto would not see that much playing time, most likely, with the advent of Isiah's signings.

Exciting signings.....found out Gary was recruited by Fresno St., also by Central Michigan, and some reports from USC as well.

If there is another center waiting in the wings, then by all means, let Freddy go. But there isn't any right now! I'm not talking about who thinks what, or what I think, or what anyone thinks... just look at the situation. Isiah has given out waivers to Fuller and Soto, no problem. But when it came to Asprilla, he didn't. WHY? Because he knows how talented and skilled Asprilla is and that RIGHT NOW, Asprilla gives us that presence down low. NO ONE on the current roster can fill that gap. And it doesn't look like Isiah is focusing on finding big center talent, but upgrading the guard and forward positions. He knows keeping Asprilla makes his job much easier and will make us immediate contenders. I gurantee you, if Asprilla leaves and Isiah can't find a guy to replace him NOW, our chances of winning the Belt this year are not too good. Just look at the writing on the wall!

Point given to the other CC. Congrats. Make sure to note it on your little scorecard where you note every other time someone on here makes a factual error. I'm sure your buddies on the UM board will be so impressed. And I will keep posting, thank you very much. You of all people should know that being wrong doesn't mean you can't post on this here blog. :)

Anyway... Fanatic's also got a good point about the APR. All these players leaving is going to cause problems there, and if memory serves me correctly, the APR in basketball isn't that great to begin with. That's another compelling reason to try to keep players, especially someone like Asprilla.

And it does seem obvious that Zeke wants to try to keep the guy. We need to, I think. Even if Isiah brings in a stud C, you can never have too many options in the post. But you don't need a good post player to win the Belt. Guard-heavy teams are totally capable of winning this conference as long as the post play isn't a total liability.

As for Soto... if the new guys coming in are the reason he left, then FIU's probably better off with him leaving. If you're not willing to compete for your job, you're not worth keeping around.

I would not mind having Asprilla on the team as long as he really wants to be here. If he is dead set on transfering, then I think he should not have to be convinced to stay...especially when this Alvarez guy is part of his baggage. After all, every player is replaceable, including Freddy and all a team needs is one or two great players to be good (eg. Kansas State last year with Michael Beasley). I agree with Clawing Cancer, I think this team is totally capable of winning the Sun belt with a team of great guards and forwards. Sort of like the old Pheonix Suns before they acquired Shaq.

Either way, this is going to be a faster team and from the looks of it, a much more fun team to watch. Isiah is building an offensive arsenal to be reckoned with, no doubt. And it looks like we are going to be much imporved from previous years. I'm just saying it never hurts to have an anchor down low.

And I don't think it's a matter of whether or not he wants to play here or not, but what he thinks will be best for his future. It isn't a decision to be made lightly and under the influence of some shark like Alvarez. He's got some serious thinking to do.

you guys are probably right you could probably win the belt w/ just gurads and fowards... i mean they do have the 3-2 defense..

however, you still need size down below + good rebounding and defense.. not sayin the players IT are bringing in arnt good defenders.. but when we go up against UNC next year for example.. they will KILL us in the pain w/o a post presence there to deter them..

finally again your right you could probably win the belt w/ guards and fowards.. but remember this team is lookin at a grander scale... they do not only want to be competative with the belt, but rather the entire NCAA and im sorry but right now we couldnt out muscle dwight collins of UM let alone a real big man (sorry crazy cane but you of all people should know how bad collins is .. kid never lived up to potential)

I don't get whats all the FA/Big man run on is about. All IT can do is talk to the Kid if he wants to leave let him go.

Point 1. We would get killed in the middle against UNC with 2 FA.

2. Yes we do want to get competitive in the Entire NCAA, but it will not take 1 year to do that.

3. We brought in some good guards and SF, but let the man finish recruiting and lets see what happens.

Come on lets be for really here even with the team we fielded last year healthy we would have been .500 at best. I do think we need some Bigs to bang and make plays in the paint but its April, BBall starts in Nov or whateva lets give it time.

If Freddy Happens to go lets look at it like he is a Blue chipper that used FIU as his one stop before going Pro. He played his 1 year and he wants to go.

I just want to win the belt, or atleast contend for it. Wins against teams like UNC, Duke, UCLA, etc. are out of the question right now. Maybe in a couple years when we have a good bench and Isiah's guys in there we can maybe sneak in a win here and there against top 25 programs.

I completely agree, Isiah has shown me that he is an excellent recruiter late in the process. He has months to bring in top tier talent before the season starts. In three weeks, he has made FIU go from the bottom of the sun belt to possibly contending for a title. He is focusing on small players right now...in time he may focus on getting some bigs. If Freddy leaves...there will be another big to take his spot. Possibly a JUCO star?? Who knows?

im not saying over night im just voiceing my concern.. and i know there is still time in this recruiting year for him to finish off... however, its the off-season and im not a baseball fan.. i have to talk about something lol and basketball recruiting is the topic lol so ya i would love to land a big

I am very upset with the news that Freddy is thinking about leaving FIU- Unfortunately I have a hard time believing that Freddy really wants to leave. Art Alvarez is very influential in the lives of these young players. He is the former coach of Miami Christian and was involved in very serious recruiting violations during his tenure- like many of the AAU coaches, Alvarez is not concerned with the players best interest. He sees the dollar signs and hopes to cash in on players like JJ Barrera of the Dallas Mavericks. Freddy has unbelievable potential and could help bring a sun belt championship to FIU. Why would you want to leave in the first place? He was successful here and is already established at the university- why start over? Why sit out an entire year? Please--- Tell me what he can gain by leaving FIU!
Also- Why does Soto leave for Puerto Rico? Did he not like FIU? Does he not value an education? I completely understand players leaving school for the NBA or even Europe- but puerto rico? To me this just sounds like both Freddy and Soto are getting bad advice from someone who doesn't have their best interest at heart...


Hey my comments were not really meant to offend, but I totally understand what you are saying we will get a BIG and I have a feeling that FA wont leave

lol CJ, yeah I am not a big fan of college baseball either. I can't wait until football season starts again and I can become a zombie on Saturdays!

Short clip of Sportscenter news...Enjoy !!


Zeke has got this THANG in full throttle mode, sign 1 more kid out of JUCO & we might have our own version of a FAB 5.

Freddy needs to do what is best for him, and no one else! As an FIU fan, alumni and former athlete I want him to stay, but he should just do what is best for him and his family.

Great job again Pete!!

the news of the JUCO signings by Thomas were all over ESPN News this afternoon. What publicity!!! Hire a big name and people will pay attention. this is great.

Some of you have made a great point regarding the possible negative impact on our APR with the loss of so many players prior to graduation.

Pete: What affect will losing all of these players pre-graduation have on FIU basketball and the sports program as a whole in light of our current probationary staus? Are we looking at possibly losing additional scholarships or other sanctions?


You wrote, "Asprilla would not be good if he played against big east centers."

Cabin001, Why did you invoke the Big East? As of today, what does FIU have to do with the Big East?

Art Alvarez is a Clown, praying 4 a big pay day, that will never come!!!!! Its not whats best for the player,its whats best 4 him......i dont think this man should be going 2 any gym in the country and now im even happier that we wont even see him in our GYM.....GO PANTHERS!!!!!!! Thank u PP

On the other forum (fiugoldenpanthers.com), I heard that Freddy was thinking about transfering to USF, which plays in the big east. Since he will be posting up against some of the best centers in college b-ball, I said he would not be very good.

Mr Alvarez, sorry but ur a joke if u think u can control high school kids here in this county......there is a big reason that ur not in Miami Cristian anymore...Let Freddy decide what he wants 2 do, he doesn't need ur baby sitting service anymore. By the way i want 2 c from here on out what players stand behind u.....Go Panthers!!!!!

Actually, it was Pete Pelegrin who said Freddy was thinking of transfering to USF. Here you go gpantera:

IT wanted both FA & JS back, but apparently FA is going to transfer (USF) and JS is going to play pro in Puerto Rico.

Stay tuned

Posted by: Pete Pelegrin | April 25, 2009 at 12:24 PM

Why r my post not showing up???

Question - You do all realize that the "Fab 5" that keeps being reffered to was all Freshman - not a bunch of JUCO transfers who excelled against lesser talent. So I do not see the comparison you all want to make, esp. sisnce the Fab 5 went to the NCAA finals.

As for you Clawing, yes I know being wrong does not stop you from posting on the blog, but lets be serious, you want to look like such a big IT fan, but you did not even know he was in the HOF, you might as well call him I. Thompson. You are a poser my friend, in every definition of the word.

Furthermore, I saw that the latest Rivals NCAA Regional baseball projections were out. Sorry to say that they have placed UM in the UF regional, but it pains me even more to say that FIU still was not projected to play in a regional eventhough two other Sunbelt teams were. So sad, I guess we need to give TT another year to show how great he is. Funny how you all are willing to give your guys 2-3 years to turn things around and show how good they are, but a UM coach, RS to be more specific, you all said sucked b/c he could not turn it around in a year or two. Hypocrites.

Hey douche-bag....I never referred to them as Fab 5 Frosh you bOTchedAb0rtIon !!

Fab 5 JUCOs.

The Michigan kids got the "tagline" before the first game of the season you mental midget.

The problem with the hispanic kids that Pilin brings in is that none of them stay put at the college they are at.

Josue Soto transferred to FIU from FSU after 1 year, now he is going pro early in Puerto Rico.

Sammy Hernandez transferred from George Mason (where he was key to their final four appearance) to FAU

Jesus Verdejo transferred from Arizona to USF

David Huertas transferred from UF to Mississippi. Although this one has worked out nicely.

Guillermo Diaz left University of Miami early for the NBA only to be selected in the second round and now play ball in Europe.

Denis Clemente transferred from the University of Miami to Kansas State.

Jason Bennett the 7'3 shot blocking monster, transferred out of Kansas State to Tallahassee Community College, and his now transferring to Detroit Mercy College.

Pilin has done alot for these kids by taking them out of Puerto Rico or Colombia and setting them up in high school teams where they can succeed with other recruited potentials at schools such as Jacksonville Arlington, Calusa Prep, and Krop which all won state championships here in Florida. However, he is not thinking about their best interests when he continues to talk them into transferring and ruining critical years of eligibility which would build them as team players. They all have dreams of going to the NBA but none of them make it. JJ Barea is his one golden gem who did it correctly. Played for him at Miami Christian, went to Northeastern and STUCK IT OUT. Worked hard most likely under his own conditions!

A very plausible reason a lot of these guys transfer certain places is because of the relationship Pilin has with the coaches. K-State, for example with former Miami High coach Frank Martin.

All I'm saying his Pilin is a good stepping stone for these guys. He helps them get noticed and sends them off to college. But he needs to let go after that, because he has ruined a few of them.

Being wrong doesn't stop you either, Crazy one. You've made plenty of dumb statements on here, too, and some far worse than knowing when someone was inducted into a Hall of Fame. Go read about glass houses and stones, OK?

And, for the record, I'm an FIU fan, not an IT fan. I never liked Isiah before he came here, mostly because of all the bad press over the years. I still don't know if I do like him, but I'm willing to give him a chance to see if he can turn FIU into a hoops contender. It's been a mostly solid start so far.

Cabin, I think Freddy wouldn't be so bad in the Big East. He'd be a decent option once his game is more refined. I'd definitely take a chance on him if I was Stan Heath. But, hopefully, Freddy stays put at FIU.

Hey Pete put grass on the stadium then you will have the best facility for soccer.


I understand you removing and censoring my comments back to CC, done as a response to his insult about my mom....Look, I get it, this is just a Blog/internet banter and nobody cares anyway.....yada, yada..blah, blah, blah...

Seriously though, this idiot is worthless...do us all a favor and use that CLAW permanently and block his IP address from posting here.

Either that or I take it up with the Data Center ops folks and get it done myself.

- Thank you

Pete's no fool. He knows CrazyCane brings contreversy which brings more readers to the blog. There is no way Pete gives CC the boot.

ClawingCancer, I think Freddy would be a good option coming off the bench in the Big East, but I don't think he is starting quality in that conference. However, he is just a freshman and he is pretty raw at this point. With a couple years in the weight room and some good mentoring, I think he will be ok. Remember, he would be playing premier teams like UConn, Pitt, Syracuse, West virginia, Notre Dame, Louisvile, Marquette, Villanova, St. Johns's, Georgetown, DePaul, etc every night....All top caliber teams with players just as good or better than freddy. But I wish the guy luck whether he stays at FIU or if he transfers to the school of his choice. I just think Isiah shouldn't have to bend over backward to keep him.

I'm with you, cabin. If FA wants to leave, so be it. But I do think he'd be a solid bench player for any school. Just his size and raw skills alone guarantee that.

BlueandGold, with all due respect, it's a free country. The First Amendment was created to protect all kinds of speech, ESPECIALLY the unpopular kind. CrazyCane may be crazy, attention-starved and a misanthrope, but he's also a citizen of the USA. The man has a right to say and do what he wishes so long as he keeps it civil and it isn't illegal.

Besides, I do think the blog is more fun with him around, too. After all, his being here just proves to me that UM-FIU is a rivalry already. Even if Miami won't admit it to themselves. :)

He's a B.A.T.

just like the rest of those scUM bags.

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