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New Hoops Coach for November (Updated)

Sergio Rouco has been re-assigned within the FIU athletic department and relieved of his basketball head coaching duties at FIU today.

Although plenty of internet Dick Vitales have already started confirming that FIU hired this guy or that guy, here is what is going on as of this afternoon.

First of all, no one has been hired as the FIU hoops coach as of 5:36 p.m. on Monday.

Several interesting names have surfaced this afternoon for the newly vacant FIU head hoops job. Among them: Reggie Theus, Isiah Thomas,  Ed Pinckney, Tony Pujol, Shakey Rodriguez and Jorge Fernandez are among the more prominent. However, several sources have told me the list of coaches interested and that have called about the FIU job goes well beyond these 6 guys.

When I get more info, will post it on here. For now vote on the 6 names above:


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My brother and I were having dinner and guess who we saw there. P. Garcia and ISIAH THOMAS. Pete, is ISIAH the Next Coach @ FIU??? If yes, WOW!

Are you serious FIU Fan for Life??? That would definitely bring national recognition to FIU. I wouldn't be surprised if PG was consulting with him about future basketball coach.

Personally, I thought it was time for change with basketball coach. Team had lots of talent last two years and they should have demonstrated it in the W column.


It'll be Isiah Thomas, Bobby Knight, or Rony Seikaly.


Have you heard of any possible candidates? Thanks.

Tony Pujols (VCU)

I doubt that it's Thomas himself, but I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas is recommending someone for the post. Who is currently out there with Isaih connections. If it is Thomas, then I want Rouco back! LOL.

I. Thomas, come on, seems very far fetched. But overall this is a good move, let's trust PG that whoever he is bringing will be the right guy...he hasn't been wrong yet!

we need someone with Big East connections. That's our 5 yr goal and right now basketball is hurting our chances of jumping to that level more than any other sport.

Sergio Rouco needed to go. How many 20-loss seasons did they need (in that crappy conference) before they figured out that he was useless? At least he's been reassigned, and doesn't have to rush out and find a job in this tough job market. Maybe he can serve out the remaining time on his contract by taking care of Pete Garcia's laundry and dry cleaning, as well as handling his work and personal calendars. I hear they're not letting Pete's secretary do that any more

As to a possible replacement, just get someone that can coach and recruit in South Florida. (Tony Pujol comes to mind. He is ready to take over a program like FIU after a great career as a high school coach down here and a very successful stint as an assistant at Appalachian State and the last few years under Anthony Grant at Virginia Commonwealth). Rouco wasn't allowed in any High Schools down here. He needed Art "Pilin" Alvarez to bring him players.

One more thing: let's not get stupid and think Isiah Thomas, now. EVERYTHING Isiah Thomas has touched after his playing days (Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons, NY Knicks, the CBA, for example) has crumbled to death.

Pete Garcia should NOT be even asking this clown for advice, unless he's just going to do the opposite of what Isiah recommends.

the FIU fan-

though i agree about Pujols and I don't think I.T. is interested in the job. He knows more basketball now than you will ever know in your life!!!

Very diplomatic by SR to be demoted without complaint. Shows the kind of bond that PG HAS with the coaches.

Hopefully SR is kept somewhat within the FIU basketball circle, he did a pretty good job recruiting in the past couple years with Asprilla, Galindo and others.

Isiah is still a HOF basketball presence.
Why not litsen to what he has to say?

It appears to be Isaiah Thomas...not sure what to make of this just yet. "Zeke" hasn't exactly been a BEACON of LIGHT in the last decade.

For this to happen, I must assume that the Arena will getting an overhaul at some point here and basketball becomes a priority to get us out of the SBC.

It appears to be Isaiah Thomas...not sure what to make of this just yet. "Zeke" hasn't exactly been a BEACON of LIGHT in the last decade.

For this to happen, I must assume that the Arena will getting an overhaul at some point here and basketball becomes a priority to get us out of the SBC.

Posted by: FIUBlueandGold | April 13, 2009 at 03:10 PM

Did you read anywhere that it was Isaiah Thomas? Thanks.

I heard from an ex assistant and player at FIU that it is definitely Zeke.

Well if it is Thomas then that is a big time name PG landed. I don't know how he made the finances work though??? Thomas is a great name but questionable coach until proven otherwise. In PG we trust.

Zeke was a great, great point guard! He's HOFer, however his coaching / management resume has been radioactive. I will support the program; however I'm definitely VERY CATIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC.


I'd b PUMPED if its Isiah, HOF, World Champion, NCAA legand...

Questionable coach but this is the SBC not the NBA. He'll kick the SBC's behind in recruiting and fund-raising.

OC Panther, love the enthusiasm, however everything in these leagues are pretty balanced. In the NBA he had NBA talent (Indiana, Detroit & New York) and never won. As a GM in NY, he was, to put it mildly NOT SUCCESSFUL, as a league commish for the Developmental League he was shall I say non-HOFer. So his mgmt track record is not good. If he is indeed coach, he will inherit a talented team that finally played together their last 3-4 games and were at times very impressive. However this will be an SBC team competing against other SBC teams; an equal playing field. In other words, in equal playing field scenarios he hasn't fared well.

If he's the coach, I truly hope he's learned from his various past experiences and does the job for us. Guys, I've through ALL FIU coaches from Rich Walker to present. No one wants FIU to succeed more than I. I just want the right guy!

BTW, I heard that Michael Dominguez is transferring again, to a Div-II school. Pete is that true? Is the kid that transferred last year from Temple eligible? Let us know.


I agree with you Ultimate FIU Fan, the NBA and at a larger NCAA program its a pretty level playing field. With the SBC being below the ceiling of NCAA top talent, my hope is Isiah can steal some kids that would other wise go to ACC/ Big East schools and thereby be at a higher level than the rest of the SBC. I know we arent going to the FInal 4. :-)

THe sexual harassment suit, the Knicks fiasco all do worry me but it will help tremendously to have someone who can bring instant name recognition to the program. Something we have never had in B-Ball.

In Pete Garcia I trust!!! We need coach that can recruit and especially develop the players.

Wow.. What happened to Bob Knight (LOL).. I thought he made the cut, but I guess Thomas will at least bring some new energy to the Arena. What are his recruiting skills like? If he can recruit like M.C. and just coach at SBC level we are good to go..

Hey the boys from U.C.G. are starting to see Mario does not play when it comes to recruiting. His amazing at what his doing..

Pete can you tell us if they narrowed it down to at least three guys or is it official with Thomas??


I don't know what in the world to think if Isiah is the new coach... I'm not a fan of the guy and he just hasn't gotten a lot done in management positions... but I can't argue about the name recognition he'll bring. This is just too crazy!

A little Shakey anyone? He was coach last time we even sniffed relevancy.

Thinking at this from a different angle, our main approach to hiring bball coaches to date has been local guys who could supposedly recruit the local kids. And how has that panned out? Miserably. Either because these guys really can't recruit or because sofla bball talent is far from being as rich as football. Maybe we take a different approach this time, bring someone in with instant national and international name recognition, someone that when he calls some 17 yr old in Indiana you can bet the house that kid is going to talk. Someone who by his mere presence on the sidelines will boost attendance. And despite all his recent setbacks, from that list of interested candidates, that's Thomas. I'm in.

IT is a done deal... PC for Weds. SR will have another job by the end of the month.... Percpective people.... how can we afford him? he still has TWO YEARS pay left from the KNICKS!!!!!!! so we have him for two years tops...

Did they make it official that it's Thomas? I think Theus would be a much better hire than Isiah.

PG probably also sees a big name beneficial in the next few yrs if he plans to try to make a jump to the Big East. Football is working itself out, but bball needs electroshock. This could be it.

FIUer... baby steps

hopefully for FIU's sake its not Thomas. He's stunk it up as a coach every chance he's gotten. Stunk it up as a GM. Stunk it up as a commissioner in the CBA. He was a great player but has been bad in every role since. Plus he's never had to recruit. He's got the best name but would probably be the worst choice.

Reggie Theus on the other hand would be a major steal. He's been a helluva recruiter while a college coach. And he's had success with a smaller program as well. I like some of the other candidates, but think Theus would be by far the best land.

Also, not sure how Shakey got so many votes. Been there done that. Why would anyone want him back. FIU's supposed to be trying to get better not stay the same.

whos the assitant to VCU that guy should be getting a solid look.

and I'm a cane fan, but like seeing FIU do good since all things 305 I like to be winners. and i'm waiting for Eddie Rios to resurface as an FIU player.

Eddie Rios! We want to move forward not backwards!


I'm with you on that one UFF. We don't need ANY UM thugs!

Theus took a NMSU team that was 6-24 the year before his arrival to 16-14 his first year, and 25-9 (with a tournament appearance) his second year. In the process he got a 5 star recruit from Pittsburgh to sign up to play ball in the middle of nowhere, namely NMSU. I like our chances there.

All Thomas has beyond his (admittedly great) days as a player is a bad coaching record to go along with a sketchy private life. Who knows what kind of trouble he will stir up on south beach.

If FIU is to make a case for a move up a conference or two, a few winning seasons will be more telling than a big name coach.

Big name hire!

On the bright side, we'll get another 15 seconds of fame on ESPN now.

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