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New Radio Home for FIU Football

Fiuhelmet FIU football is switching radio stations this fall and will have its games broadcast on Tik 790 The Ticket beginning with the season opener at Alabama on Sept. 12.

"We've very excited to have the opportunity to be on 790 The Ticket -- the number one sports station in South Florida," said FIU athletic director Pete Garcia, whose program signed a three-year contract with 790. "We're the only college team on 790. It's the
beginning of a great relationship as we continue to build the FIU athletic department."

When Golden Panthers games conflict with Marlins or Panthers games, FIU can be heard on WMCU 1080.

Last year FIU football was heard on 940 WINZ.

The football broadcasts will have new announcers as FIU chose not to retain color analyst Randy Kassewitz and sideline reporter Michael Mandich.

Last year's play-by-play announcer Jeremy Marks-Peltz is considered a candidate for the FIU play-by-play job on 790.

The new announcers are expected to be named later this summer.


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Randy is gone. Long years of suffering finally come to an end.

It really is a new era in FIU athletics, thank goodness.

Great news! I think we started out on 790 back when the football program started. Hopefully they can stay on there for a long time.

"McCall, with the deep pass to Hilton...COMPLETE! He's at the 30, the 20, the 10...TOUCHDOWN!!! I draw ding dongs on people!!!"

Fantastic news! The days of having an amateur broadcast team are finally over!!

Wow!!!!! Just great news....and on 790? What a coup by Pete Garcia and his staff... I guess 790 is also buying into what FIU is about to bring in the future of Athletics....The Isiah naming...I'm sure...had also some to do with this signing of a contract, as he adds a "national" dimension. Of course, Mario Cristobal and his program would be the overriding criteria...

Just wow!!!Yes!!



790 baby !!!!
El Ticketaso !!!

Great news!!!!

Like Quijote said


Great news! Who can we thank on the 790 side for this deal?

Very exciting news!!! Like Pete Garcia said, 790 the Ticket is the #1 sports station in South Florida. They definitely are seeing FIU athletics are improving.


Sounds good. Good work.

I had a feeling this would get done. Great job by Pete Garcia and his staff in getting this deal done.

NOW, the boys gotta go out there upset either BAMA, Rutgers or Florida and turn some heads this season.

Yeah....Football is on the rise....and on 790 The Ticket!


It's a brand new day at FIU Sports.
Thank you Pete Garcia and the FIU Athletics Family.
Thank you 790 The Ticket.
After being on life support for wayyy to long, 560 WQAM is now officially dead in my book.

FIU Fans, we must represent and tune in to 790 The Ticket. Haters, you're welcomed to listen in as well. I'm sure 790 would not turn away the listenership.

Go G-Panthers!

The good news just keeps on rolling in,

next on my wish list is we hire Tim Hardaway

and a couple of seasoned college assistant coaches (i hope we keep at least 1 existing FIU coach)

This just personal wish, Tim was along with Glenn Rice my favorite Heat players

This is very very very very good news. Nice job getting this done. GREAT NEWS!

WOW!!! This is awesome!!! It goes to show that FIU is being taken seriously. 790 wouldn't enter into this agreement unless it believed FIU was on the rise. soo glad they didnt go to WQAM. i hate that station. i think mainly though because Joe Rose is on there. I cant stand that guy......

I hope FIU considers Jerry Delcastillo for the English broadcast play by play. I have followed his broadcasts in Spanish language for many years, first with the University of Coral Gables and at FIU since they started the program. I have met him at UM, and I know he speaks perfect English. Can you find out and let us know if he is a candidate as well?

I second that motion for Jerry Del Castillo I think he would be a great addition to the 790 broadcasts as the play by play man ;)

I guess Isaiah is trying to bring in his own guys and getting rid of rouco recruiting class
From espn.com fiu BB recruiting page

Jamel Marshall | SF Grade 80
New Florida International head coach Isaiah Thomas has reneged on his scholarship...

Chris Rozier | PF Grade 80
Reportedly his offer was pulled by new head coach Isaiah Thomas...

I just hope he keeps Terrance Beasley that kids Beastly

theFIUfan, Roman, I TRIPLE that request. I often would listen to Jerry’s broadcast instead of other broadcast. Jim Mandich's son will do that to you! Jerry is TRULY the Dean of Sports in South Florida. He would be perfect, ideal, the right fit, etc.!

Pete, relay this along with others who may agree, to PG. Congrats on the 790 radio deal to FIU. Any basketball games on the radio this year? BTW, Jerry is equally qualified for the hardwood!


I absolutely love the way Jerry of the Castle does FIU games in the Spanish station. However, unless the show isn't there anymore, he has a spanish language sports show he runs called "Descarga Deportiva" which promotes the FIU games as well....Then the question is...who will do the Spanish language games...if not Jerry?

Still...back to the topic....3 year contract to do FIU Football on 790 The Ticket...does it sound good to you?

I have officially stopped listening to 560 on the web and now will listen to 790 for my sports talk. By Mad Dog, you are entertaining but my allegiance is with FIU.

FIU Fanatic, I'd rather have Jerry do the games in English, which he speaks perfectly and have a broader audience than a smaller audience in spanish. BTW they may or may not do the spanish games anymore.

What Jerry brings to the table is a deep knowledge of FIU sports, FIU sports history, albeit a short history but he knows the university well. In my conversations with him about sports in general, HE KNOWS HIS STUFF!

So FIU should do the correct thing and get Jerry on board.


I can't listen to 560. Can't stand Joe Rose and Mandich. Both are arrogant individuals.

790 The Ticket does great job covering the Marlins and Florida Panthers...I'm sure they'll cover FIU the right way. I hope they have show with Cristobal or any of the coaches.


I've listened to Del Castillo's shows, both sports talk and the FIU games, he is very good. I would have no problem at all with him doing the FIU games on 790 The Ticket.

He would be a huge upgrade over what was there before. Actually Del Castillo & Zemplar (the former Dolphin announcer, which did one season of FIU football) have been the best announcers in FIU's short football broadcast history.

Count me in on the Del Castillo bandwagon!

New to the GPP Nation! I've been reading the blog for a while and love all the FIU talk. On this Jerry Del Castillo talk, I've heard him and agree that he is the natural choice for FIU Football. If you select a re-tread that happens to be a sports guy and knows NOTHING about FIU it will usually show in either mis-pronouncing names, numbers, etc. With a guy that knows your program from day one he will take the radio performance to a new level.

FIU on 790 The Ticket! Incredible news!


This is a petition for Jerry to be named the play-by-play man

Jerry For Play By Play, there has to be another way of signing this petition without having to join something. I tried but the site required me to join something or get twitter, etc.

Believe me Jerry's got my vote however, there has to be a petition on line where the invitees don't have to join anything to participate.


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great newss!!! for FIU!

and wtf is up with the guy above me?

Why not Mr. Peligrin himself as an analyst/commentator? thoughts?

FIU students go to the Miami FC game it going to be live on FSC.tickets for students are only $ 5.00.

GOLD - do you know PP? Have you ever heard him speak? We all know he can write, but being on the radio, having to entertain live is an entirely different ball game.

Also, NYCFIUFan, I think you meant to post "byE Mad Dog," there is an E at the end of the word bye when using it in that context.

As for all you other posters, 790 the ticket is NOT the #1 sports radio station in this market, it is 560. Check the numbers. Also, you all better hope that the marlins or panthers are not playing at the same time as your panthers, or else you'll be left in the dark. I do not understand why you all are so excited to be third on the radio station in order of priority.

Finally, I just wanted to comment on the games added to the FIU schedule. I think it makes TT look like a wuss. Lets see, you get rained out against 2 big time schools in Tennessee and Coastal, and add Bethune Cookman and someone else that sucks. Please, this was nothing more than a bid to just pick up two extra wins to make your record look better. It looks silly and desperate. I lost a lot of respect for an FIU baseball program I was quickly gaining respect for. Next time they should schedule the Howard Palmetto Khoury League County All-Star Team instead so they will not have such a tough time beating a lesser opponant, or would they?


It wouldn't have been an issue if Miami would have liked to play a game, but since they are too busy playing St. Thomas and Barry, then FIU needs to add games to their schedule that on the fly wouldn't have been added. Also love how you talk about Bethune-Cookman as a third rate program, when they have only been to the NCAA regional 8 out of the last 9 years. Nice job in knowing your schools.

Some people can not stand the fact that FIU is on the rise. CrazyCane, don't talk about adding cream puffs to the schedule please. Who did UM play in their opening game in football last year?

I love the fact that a big time am local radio station has recognized FIU as the preeminent program in Miami. Go FIU!!

Jerry would be an awesome addition to the radio team. Having known him personally for many years, I have a lot of respect for how he does games. I learned a thing or two from him about play-by-play when I did games at WRGP. But I gotta be honest and say that I kind of doubt he'll jump to the English side, if FIU offers him the job. Maybe he'll surprise me, but I just can't see it.

He does speak English flawlessly, but that doesn't necessarily mean he'd be comfortable doing English play-by-play. I happen to speak Spanish, but I seriously doubt I could do Spanish play-by-play. It's a hard enough skill to master without having the language change thrown in. It takes someone really talented to be able to do radio play-by-play in a second language, especially considering that Spanish play-by-play and English play-by-play often have different styles. Those of us who are bilingual know some things said in English are said totally different in Spanish and vice-versa.

Many of you who are soccer fans might remember when Andres Cantor moved to English to do World Cup games on ABC. He wasn't bad at it, but you could tell he wasn't comfortable, either. There was something special missing there. I much preferred him in Spanish. It's hard to say if that would be the case with Jerry, but I fear the real problem there is, he's already established on the Spanish side. He might not want to venture into other waters.

Personally, I hope he at least thinks about it. I think he's one of the few Spanish broadcast guys who could pull it off.

With that said... God, I wish I was in Miami again. I'd apply in a heartbeat.

I think we should go with Jeremy Marks-Peltz. I think he is pretty good.

Am I the only one who thinks so? I think he could be a good addition to the FIU family....especially if Jerry sticks to Spanish.

I think the FIU fan base is really starting to grow. There are a lot of FIU alumni out there who have been lukewarm UM or even UF or FSU fans for years who are starting to come around and take on the program that they can actually call their own.

Alright Roman - I guess I need to school you again. Yes, Bethune-Cookman continuously goes to a regional, but lets take a look at their powerhouse conference and their superior in conference games. The MEAC Conference consists of the following schools:
Delaware State
Maryland - Eastern
Norfolk State
Coppin State
Florida A&M

Now - my friend, that is a conference even FIU could win and go to a regional every year. Please do not come on this blog and tout Bethune Cookman as a quality opponant just b/c they win the MEAC and go to a regional - you should be smarter than that. But then again, maybe not b/c you apparently want to put FIU's strength of schedule up against UM's, in any sport bro, that is a joke.

So before you post here, remember we are all not as dumb as you, some of us think out our posts firsts so that they can not be ripped apart by those funny little things called facts. Get a clue (I would say buy a clue, but assuming you are an FIU grad, you probably need to save your pennies)

lol... crazyC needs a hug.

CrazyCane how many times do I have to tell you, we don't give a CRAP what you think. You are a SOCIOPATH, this has to be the only explanation for the fixation in diminishing all things FIU.


crazycane your prevalence to come on this board and attack fans and particularly alumnus on the quality of our education and the financial value of our diplomas is astounding to say the least. It is especially so when considering that you attend a school (assuming of course you attend school) that you are so ashamed of you choose to support someone else's institution and you keep the identity of yours a very closely guarded secret.


Ok since once again you lower yourself (oh wait you are already on the floor and love calling people names when I haven't lowered myself to that level and heck at least I put my name behind my posts). Lets take a look at UM's midweek schedule this year and compare that:

Rhode Island
Mount St. Mary's
St. Joseph's
St. Thomas
Ohio State
FAU (3 times)
FGCU (2 times)
North Florida

Oh and look at that you guys play Bethune Cookman 3 TIMES

So I guess the cream puffs are on both sides....hmmmm....looks over (open mouth and insert foot....thank you and have a nice day).

Yes, we all know, Miami plays in the ACC and it is much better than the sunbelt obviously with teams like UNC, FSU, Clemson etc.

But why are we responding to crazy, he is an idiot. Why do we bother?

CrazyCane, face it you just got served! Schedules do not lie... and if you want to say you're OOC is way tougher than ours now, faced with the evidence, then you are delusional.

First of all, FORGET any UM talk on this blog. They're the ones that choose NOT to play FIU in any of the major sports. Back to the radio talk, good move getting FIU on 790 The Ticket. An even better move would be moving Jerry De Castillo to the English play by play. This guy is great. I started listening to him after hearing the atrocious English broadcasts of the past. I remember, even during the winless season, being able to listen to the games without wanting to kill myself. I've met him at the stadium before and after games in the past, and his English is flawless, with no accent. Think about the fact that football, unlike soccer, is an AMERICAN sport and as a bilingual person myself, I think in English before translating to Spanish. That is not easy to do for me, yet this guy manages to pull it off without a hitch on their broadcasts. Football, basketball, baseball, whatever. Bring De Castillo over to the English play by play. I feel bad for the people that have had to listen to the amateurish English broadcasts in the past, always bashing FIU. I'll miss him in Spanish, but I am positive he would be even better in English.

Roman - what a shocker that you forgot to mention that UM played UF and Rutgers, both OCC games. Is that your thing, you leave out the facts that do not fit your argument? face it dude, FIU could go undefeated and noone would recognize it b/c they only play 1 or 2 good teams all year long.

As for OutoftheCage, at least you admit that the ACC is a milliopns times better, but whop are you calling an idiot? Buddy, you are probably that loser FIU fan who drives around in a used bright yellow corvette that his parents bought him for being the first college graduate in the family and now you drive it around the Grove looking for 18 year olds who think you are rich. Good luck with life my friend, you are going to need it.

CrazyC-UM, your an idiot. The flamers across the way in coral gables play Bethune for a whole weekend series? and it is tough to pick-up games at this time in the season so we have to take whoever will bite. Yeah, florida memorial is not the greatest, but atleast they have the balls to play us. Too bad we cant say the same for your boys who woould rather play Univ. of Maryland Baltimore County, hahahaha!!!! .... What are your boys hitting these days btw, a whopping .254 as a team or something like that?

im sorry, before you correct me... i meant to put "You're an idiot"

who is Rutgers??? they suck... FIU would have an easier time winning the Big East this year then the Sun Belt. You are clueless.

Crazy Cane,

Once again you don't read what was written. I didn't mention out of conference scheduling. I mentioned mid-week games. There is a difference. The only weekend series I mentioned was that you guys plays "in your words lowly Bethune-Cookman"

The rest of what I typed was your midweek games. The only team that was good on that list besides FGCU is Ohio State, oh yeah and they one-hit UM this year.

Also I didn't say anything about conference because I do agree the ACC is a better conference than the Sun Belt (congrats on being in a better conference).

As for the other games yes you do play Florida and Rutgers (Florida is good, Rutgers is not), but unfortunetly FIU can't control the rain, at least we had the what it took to schedule Tennessee and Coastal Carolina. But the rain took those much anticipated games away from us.

And lastly, remember the team that canceled the series between FIU and UM was....wait...for...it...oh yeah UM.

Have a great day trolling the blog CrazyCane, and when you can put a name behind your post then and only then talk to me again. :D


I admire you're passion and enthusiasm, but let's leave it alone already. CrazyCane, is a DOucheBAG & evidence of a Botched A*orti*n !!

Roman - you want me to sign off on my posts with a name, will do from now on. Did you all forget that Miami is not only is a better conference with a much tougher schedule as a whole, but they are also ranked #11 in the country right now and have been as high as #2. It is funny how these facts get lost in the rediculous FIU posts. Also, enough with the Miami is scared to play FIU. Not wanting to play someone and being scared of playing someone is 2 different things. Miami doesn't want to play Eastern Conn. State - are they scared of them too. Face it FIU,you are not in Miami's class and it bugs the crap out of you and your only response it, oh UM is scared. That's like picking a fight with a guy after he has already left the room. You want to look and sound tough, but on the inside, you are thanking God the guy left the room before kicking your butt.

CrazyCane aka Roman's father Pepe

Crazy Cane,

Once again, read what is written. Did I say Miami was scared, nope, I just said Miami was the one that canceled the series (Didn't say they were scared).

Once again, you show your immaturity by saying stuff about someone's family that you don't know, for your knowledge how do you know if my dad is even alive. Ok then so if you don't know me or my family, then leave them out of the conversation and stop hiding behind a screen name.

Congrats on being No. 11 in the country and for playing in a tough conference facts that I have never denied, this whole conversation started with mid-week games nothing else, you turned it into something else because you didn't like what you were hearing not me.

Have a great day!!!

Who cares where they have been. Ask anybody and they'll tell you miami is the most OVERRATED team in the nation this year. They finally face 3 decent opponents in Ga Tech, clemson and UNC and look what happens to them, they go 2-7... Theres no need for argument here because i know for fact at the end of the year, UM will be sitting on their sofas watching the CWS. GUARANTEED. UM Sucks, face it.

Roman - I do not know if your dad is alive, I do not know your family, but on the same token, are you the only Roman in the world? How do you know I do not have a son named Roman and my real name is not Pepe? So, I guess you need to get off your high horse now because you don't know me, or my son Roman.

As for saying UM cancelled the series - I disagree. They did not want to play them, there were no games scheduled for this year - so how do you cancel something that was never set to begin with? Maybe it is just that FIU has fallen so far in baseball Miami didn't want to lower their schedule rating by giving FIU the priviledge of Playing them. That is NOT cancelling a series.

CrazyCane is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot.

THEY DID NOT RESCHEDULE THEM which ='s THEY CANCELLED THEM and FIU's RPI is a lot higher then that list of teams that Roman listed

c-UM - I disagree with your logic (if you want to call it that) UM decided not to play FIU this season, for whatever reason. Were there games already scheduled b/tw UM and FIU for the 2009 season? No. So what did Miami "cancel." Do I need to pull out the defintiion of cancel for you? I know that is one word that FIU should have taught you. Merely deciding not to do something is not the same as canceling something. Did USC cancel their baseball series with FIU this year? Using your logic - they did, right? I would love for your little FIU brain to explain this one to me.

Crazy Cane’s father, I know it’s Take Your Child to Work Day and the auto shop is busy today but please don’t let Manolito play with the computer any more.

Oh and if nothing else, please teach him how to spell ridiculous. Just because Ricky Ricardo used to pronounce it "rediculous" with the long o doesn’t mean it’s spelled that way.

Wow... come on, Crazy Cane that's not even a fair comparison! We played USC, what, one time? We've been playing each other for DECADES! USC is on the other side of the country. UM is a few miles away! Look, whatever, the UM thing is tired. We're moving on, just like you have. One day, hopefully, you guys will man-up and renew the series. But if you want to skew what happened and justify it to make you sleep better at night, that's your choice. Everyone knows that UM cancelled/walked away from this, not us. So please, spare us...

"Everyone knows" I think the only people that "know" what you are alleging are the people who read this blog and Pete's articles in the herald. Honestly, the majority of people do not even know who FIU is, or care that Miami and FIU are not playing. And I promise you, noone on the FIU campus thinks that UM is scared to play FIU and that UM is not "manning-up" to play FIU.

Joel, maybe your world consists of everything west of 107th, but over here in the real world, where is more than just people selling shrimp and oranges on the street corner, we "know" the truth, that FIU doesn't deserve to play Miami.

Remember this guy has at least a triple personality....perhaps even 4 alter egos in this board....Talk about low self esteem...

790 The Ticket...A very good deal for both, FIU and for 790....Great move!!

I'm looking forward to hear an interview with both Mario Cristobal and Pete Garcia on Dan LeBatard's show....

Yeah- maybe they can tell us how TY is possibly the best player in the country again and deserves Heisman consideration. Talk about being delusional.


call it what you like, the main point that we are getting across here is that UM DID NOT renew, reschedule, etc... the series (or any games for that matter) against FIU. Plain and simple. I can give 3 $h!t$ if you want to call it cancel or not.

This blog is being ruined by all that UM-FIU talk. Why do you all insist on asking cc about UM canceling the series? It's like asking Costa Rica why Germany attacked France during WW2. It's old news and he is to UM what any bum off the street is to the school: NOTHING.

Also, I am not a fan of UM --never was-- but why do we automatically respond to him by bashing the other school. I have yet to hear an actual alumni say anything negative about FIU, and I have friends, family and co workers who are graduates. I actually admire the way they built their program.

Listen, we are better than that. We take pride in our school and that's more than these bashers can say for themselves.

Also, the 790 news is great news. I’ve never heard of Jerry De Castillo but if he broadcasts with the passion for FIU you all speak of I wish we can get him. Just because he might not be comfortable broadcasting in English at first does not mean he will not be able to learn and get better.

my purpose of responding is to show CC how dumb his points actually are. Its like a tone deaf person singing, they do not know how bad it really sounds.

Pete Garcia on 790 at 4. Stugotz advertised a big announcement, it's probably the contract.

Pete Garcia on 790 at 4. Stugotz advertised a big announcement, it's probably the contract.

Posted by: TXgoldenpanther | April 23, 2009 at 03:52 PM

Thank you.


Mario will be on at 6:40pm according to other message board...790am

Pete Garcia said that great news will be coming up in next coming weeks. About players maybe Isaiah may be adding. Great things are happening at FIU!!!


Alright!!!I did hear an Isiah interview saying something along the lines that some recruits might be visiting soon, or something like that....Keep 'em coming....the good news for FIU!!!

I completely agree with your comments TXgoldenpanther, there should be no discussion of UM on this board. It will not be relevant until we are playing them in a series.

Great news on 790, FIU is growing no matter what anyone says.

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