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9-Mile Schedule Wall Coming Down....FIU vs. UF & FSU In All Sports?

Helm Apparently, that schedule wall that stretches for 9 miles from FIU to the east in Coral Gables appears to be crumbling with FIU getting a visit from the crosstown school in volleyball on Sept. 10. And your Panthers could be looking at the Gators and Seminoles on their schedules in ALL sports on a regular basis in the near future.Uf

Here's the story by yours truly running in Saturday's MH:

   FIU and the University of Miami did not have any games scheduled between Fsu the two schools in the foreseeable future, but that has changed in one sport and might change in many more.

   Recently, UM cancelled all games in revenue sports with FIU, and FIU cancelled all games in non-revenue sports with UM.

   But the scheduling freeze ended with the Golden Panthers now scheduled to host the Hurricanes in volleyball Sept. 10 at U.S. Century Bank Arena.

   And with new FIU basketball coach Isiah Thomas on board, the teams are discussing a game for this coming fall.

   FIU athletic director Pete Garcia said Friday that the schools are in talks to find a date to play basketball for the upcoming season.

   “Kirby Hocutt and I have had very productive conversations in reference to scheduling,” Garcia said. “We will continue to have conversations about future scheduling in every sport.”

   FIU is also in discussions with Florida and Florida State to schedule games in all sports, including the three revenue sports: football, basketball and baseball.

   The Panthers are playing football at Florida this November and just played Florida State in baseball last week.

   Garcia believes playing the Gators and Seminoles on a regular basis is just as important as playing the Hurricanes.

   “It’s important to us to play Miami,” said Garcia. “But we want to make sure we balance our schedules by playing Florida and Florida State just as much.”

   Before the games in the revenue sports were cancelled, FIU and UM had played in baseball every year from 1973-2007, and in basketball from 1987-1992 and again from 2001-2008.

   FIU and UM met in football twice in 2006 and 2007.





Nice turnout on our Latavious poll question on the last blog. In the voting's first day, 35 states chimed in, but so far the leading vote says FIU has 0% chance of landing LW.


Some readers in Buenos Aires, Argentina were a little more optimistic giving LW a 25% chance of becoming a Panther.


Before we add Argentina to our scorecard, here's a link to a blog on the latest with Freddy: As The AAU World Turns




35 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Apaw Your thoughts and vote on the future FIU schedules....



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The wall came stumbling down just as soon as they wanted to erect it!..LOL...amazing what hiring Isiah can do to UM's leader in determining that "not in the best interests right now" to play FIU in any revenue sport lasted all of 3-4 weeks...Pretty funny, if it wasn't sad.....

Interesting the possibility of playing UF and FSU in every sport as well....Doors seem to be opening, and we need to take advantage of it....

Glad to see UF and FSU have an open-mind to consider scheduling an FIU. Kirby is looking more like an idiot. What Kirby needs to do is force Jim Morris to play against FIU in baseball every year. It makes sense "economically".

Thanks for the info Pete.


I'll take UF and FSU every year in all sports and at least one of them a year in football,

lets hasten the mounting irrelevancy of the University of Coral Gables.

Great 9-1 win by our baseball team.

We are not ready to have a football schedule with Florida, FSU and Miami on it in the same year. I mean I want to beat them too but I just dont think we are ready

UM every year we can handle, them and marble mouth are a joke, but UF and FSU every year, I agree, not ready. Let's keep the schedule light, just book the candy canes.

Actually FSU is the weakest in football, and since they might over look our program we might have a better chance beating them than the other two.

Except that FSU beat UM last year, both FSU and UM are about equal.

I did not ready anywhere that we will be playing them in football in the same year.

- Hold let me read the article again .......

Right.. I did not see that anywhere in the excerpt. I believe at some point we may play 2 out of the "BIG 3" in one year but I doubt we will play all three.

Similarly, Pete scheduling begins in 2011 I think, so there is 2 years before we get into that football schedule and by then we may be setting 1 of the 3 per year. Lets not jump off the handle lets wait and read the full article....

Remember this is what we wanted to play the best.

I voted for all 3 but I now agree, it'd be fine with just UF and FSU.

Plus playing both every year doesn't have to be in the same sport. Maybe UF in baseball and FSU in football the same year. And switch next year, and when we get good, we can play both in football every year or every other year.

anyone know how the tennis match is going?

I voted for all three, but after reading's the OC's comment about the University of Coral Gables... (great line btw) I agree, let UM fall to irrelevancy for us.

hahahahah...speaking of being irrelevant...they lost to Bethune Cookman last night

Thanks for the info Pete.

I voted for UF and FSU, although I wouldn't mind if we played UM as well.

I like the idea of playing the gators and noles in all sports on a regular basis and like blkpanther mentioned, we have a couple of years before we start competing consistently with UF and FSU which gives our athletes time to prepare and regroup if necessary to compete effectively.

Great job in scheduling PG!

FIU Fanatic...agree 100% with your comments!

The talk about Freddy and his dumb ASS coach, has 2 stop.....Lets move on, we have better things 2 talk chat and write about. There is a reason 4 him not 2 be here. Who cares!!!!!!! Lets go FIU!!!!! Thanks Pete 4 the Info

Amen Biggest Fan

Baseball keeps on winning! Way to go! Recruiting is only getting better. Come on and just SIGN on the dotted line. Ha ha..

I think we should play all 3 (except in football):
1Home for 1 Home
Start at FSU (2011)
FSU at FIU (2012)
FIU at UF (2013)
UF at FIU (2014)
As you can tell UCG is not needed in these Pic.. Make it happen coach.

UF and FSU make sense because they're a measuring stick. They also bring with them a ton of fans so it makes "financial" sense.

UM I could do without but the reality is that we're natural rivals.

Schedule them all.

Anyone notice Sun-Sentinel's David Hyde crying over Isiah Thomas releasing Rouco's recruits from their commitments? Hyde is such a douche. Isiah did the right thing. He was honest about the kids not being able to play since he didn't recruit them and released them with plenty of time to find another team/school. Hyde better than anyone else should know college ball is as much as a business as pro sports. Isiah could've kept to those kids buried on the bench or released them with only enough time to sign with Northeast Central Missoula Polytechnical State.

Of course, this is probably the Sun Sentinel catering to their UM and FAU audience who has recently developed a case of haterism for FIU.

This is Hyde's second article/column regarding FIU basketball and IT. Both, of course, have not been in a positive light. This from a writer that had not covered...or even mentioned FIU in years. Now, in a span of 3-4 weeks, he suddenly finds time to attack FIU and its decision to hire IT, and then now take the information some other newspapers have written about, and incoroporate that into his column. It is for these type of newspaper writers/columnists that I lose some respect....Always trying to put on a negative slant on things, in particular with FIU.

Hyde...stay in hiding, or try to present a balanced view of FIU Basketball, not what you feel has to be reported to support your obvious anti-Isiah/FIU viewpoints!

Great comeback win for the baseball team last night as they scored 9 runs in the 9th inning to beat South Alabama 21-15 and win another Sun Belt Conference Series. Go for the sweep this afternoon with Polizanno on the mound.

Hey Westchesterians stop wanting to play the U, yesterday was a typical UM-fiu (notice the lower case) match. We kicked your behind so bad, the match only lasted 2 hours. UM 4 fiu a typical 0.

Funny when Isiah Thompson releases players is good for the kids, but when IT cries to Pilin Alvarez for Freddy to stay then is PA a bad guy? Be consistent.

Its amazing how many of you have jumped on the IT bandwagon. This guy BANKRUPTED a league, destroyed 3 teams (Indiana, Toronto and NY)and left the city of New York 27 MILION DOLLARS poorer. So in the name of maybe winning you'll sell your soul to anybody.

BTW the 4 recruits that are coming in ALL HAVE criminal records, just google them.


Criminal records no way... You must be used to searching criminal records being a u fan.

Correction - it's duh U that wants to play FIU.

Hmmmm....I wonder what Crazy Cane has to say about UM losing a SERIES (2 of 3 games) to lowly Bethune-Cookman...hmmmm....didn't he say a few weeks ago they were a 4th rate team....

BTW...another nice win for the baseball team as they swept South Alabama on the road and kept a lock on a top 4 seed in the conference tournament. We have one more road series left up against FAU starting on Thursday before we go to Troy for the conference tournament

Let's go Panthers! Exciting things are happening down here.

Where can I see their criminal records? Can you post link please, UM-forever.

Another loss to Bethune-Cookman..HAAAAAAAAAA

"BTW the 4 recruits that are coming in ALL HAVE criminal records, just google them...."

***Interesting to see the scUM-DOUCHE PEANUT GALLERY slowly coming over here with their ridiculous propaganda. Using tennis now ?? LMAO, what's next (Crew ??)

I know the women's tennis coach at UCG since I was a kid playing juniors here in South Florida. Congratulations to Paige and her girls, she is a class act. Too bad the scUM that come on here can never calls things as they are and should be. The FIU women did not have any seniors, hopefully next year with some a veteran roster, they can advance further. Congrats anyway on a successful season.

Great work PETE.


Congrats to FIU's women's tennis on a successful season!

Is FIUGoldenPanthers.com down again?

ya i think so pikedanny

It appears that way...at least for me, I can't access it as well....

FML... how am I going to pass the time at the office now? Dammit...


This is a long, long shot...but with some help from Troy and Middle, FIU still has a slim shot at finishing 2nd in regular season conference play(Man i wish we didnt give up 2 9th inning HRs to Troy and would have swept them). If there is anytime that can sweep Middle(which we will need a miracle for this), it is probably WKU. A sweep by WKU and 2 losses to Troy is what we need... Pretty amazing play by Troy to go in and sweep ULM this past weekend.

If um is so much better at sports and everything else in general, than why are you wasting your time on this blog? It would be like us ragging on Barry University (no offense Barry U).

You must either:

1- Bored

2- Worried

3- Jealous that you are no longer the only game in town.

The sad thing is that many of the UM trolls that come on here are likely not UM alumni or have even come close to paying for any kind of education on that campus.

Apparently, its a terrible thing when FIU alumni start to take active pride in their alma mater's recent accomplishments. Hey South Florida, let's face it. FIU is no longer MDC, Part Deux nor a Div I-AA school.

fiu4ever - actually it wouldn't b/c Barry is better than you too. But the reasons we spend time on this blog (or at least I do) is because:

1. I enjoy PP's writing and I want him to succeed - without the UM posters, this blog is boring and sucks;

2. The FIU fans are the most delusional fans around, and I am worried that unless I constantly remind you that you are second class citizens, you will forget and think that you are equals;

3. In case you did not know, you are irrelevent, with or without IT. So I do not think jealousy plays a role. it is hard to be jealous with 9 nat'l titles in the revune making sports to your Zero and countless other Nat'l Titles in the non-revenue sports to your - - Zero.

Here is an interesting tidbit involving FIU from today's baseball america college baseball chat:

Adam (Miami): What are your thoughts on the Sun Belt Conf? How many bids will they get and will FIU be one of them?

Aaron Fitt: At least two, probably three. The Panthers really helped themselves this weekend by sweeping South Alabama, but their RPI (61st) is still not great, and Troy (52nd in the RPI, a game better in the conference standings) is also playing well right now and has the inside track at the Sun Belt's third bid, behind Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee State. The Blue Raiders are not a lock yet, but I like their chances and their talent.

LOL CrazyCane, as obnoxious as you are, you're last post was actually kinda funny (point #2 in particular).

hmmmm...funny how CC avoided my question to him about Bethune Cookman LOVE IT!

ok - Roman, you want me to respond fine. Yes, UM got beat in a weekend series by Bethune-Cookman. I still think that Bethune Cookman is a second/third rate program and Miami mistakingly took them lightly. However, if they meet in a regional, which is likely, I do not think UM will make the same mistake. I'll loet you know, tell me again what regional you think FIU is going to be in?

Now please answer this, a couple of blogs ago this was posted:

CrazyCane - I think you should be worried/focusing on your own boys making a regional, instead of worrying about FIU losing to FSU...UM got blown out by FSU 1 game, as well, not to mention swept by UNC, loss 2 of 3 to Clemson, and loss 2 of 3 to GT... so it doesnt seem like they handle top 25 too well either.

Posted by: c-UM | May 07, 2009 at 05:37 PM

Funny thing - seems c-UM failed to include a sweep of the "Mighty" Gators who last time I checked were a top 15 team. Funny how those facts get left ouot of FIU arguments, isn't?

My question to you is - are you willing to call out one of your own as a fake and a fraud?

You go writing crazy cane. You have to do something. No matter how mindless it is.

Did I even mention IT?

You drive over to Joe Robbie-Pro Player-DHL-Dolphin-Land Shark stadium and cheer on your canes with the other 20,000 fans that go.

I will be at FIU stadium, enjoying watching my Golden Panthers play.

I know that there nowhere near being a national powerhouse, but there something to be said for being able to root for the university you graduated from.

Something tells me cc, that you really don't know what that means.

I am sure if it was not for the "miracle in Miami" back in '83, there would be many um fans. Remember, the football program was almost closed back in the mid to late 70's.


"I am sure if it was not for the "miracle in Miami" back in '83, there would be many um fans."

FIU4ever - what does that even mean? Is that english? There so many things wrong with that statement, it is laughable. First - the play your are referring to was Flutie and UM lost, why would that promp a surge in Cane fans? Second, if you are saying that b/c of that play there are less Cane fans, again, I do not understand. If being able to graduate from a school and cheer them on in football means to write and talk like a retarded 3 grader, then you can keep you FIU education buddy.


Don't need to call out one of my own as a fake or fraud, because honestly i didn't see that post, I was just referring to our little conversation about B-CC that is just wanted you to swallow your medicine.

We shall see in a few weeks who goes where for the postseason.

Good luck this week vs. Wake Forest, 21-27 (6-21) in conference. A sweep of them should get you a lock at hosting a regional this year.

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! you guys swept the gators in like the 1st or 2nd week of the season. The gators didnt actually start playing well until mid-season. If that series were to be re-played this weekend, there is a 98.9% chance that it would be the gators sweeping UM. The other percentage points were left of for a 1.1% chance that UF would take 2 of 3... Right now, i think Bethune has a better chance of hosting then UM...

To Jimmy - we hold tie-breaker against Troy. We just need to make it further then Troy in conference tourney (hopefully we can make it at least to championship game) and i think we should get #3 bid, if there is one. A lot of things can happen in this one weekend coming up though. There is still a lot of baseball to be played between this last series and conference tourney. I believe sun belt deserves 3 teams this year though

Roman - i know you may not have seen it, thats why I re-posted it for you? Why can't you call out an FIU fan? Scared of the backlash?

Truth be told, I hope FIU makes it to a regional and honestly, I hope it is a regional Miami is in. Not only would it be fun on the field, but it would make for some great posting.

CC - I can say that would be an exciting regional, but i can also say that the last thing Morris wants is to face FIU in a regional. And im not saying because FIU is a better team (not even going to start that whole thread), but because if FIU were to beat UM (which is very possible bc UM has no hitting and poor pitching whereas FIU can put a lot of runs on the board) he would never hear the end of it.... I think the most exciting regional setup would either be at UF or FSU, with the other 3 teams being UM, USF, and FIU(in no particular order)... That way bringing TT, Jimbo "king of the f@g$", and lazer all together in a regional, along with another rivalry team UF or FSU

How can you say miami has no hitting and poor pitching? Last time I checked - teams with has no hitting and poor pitching are not top 25 teams, which Miami is. And yes, FIU scores, but they are hitting pitchers who have D-II/D-III/NAIA talent - not quality D-I stuff, that has to be taken into consideration. I think it goes without argument that the quality of schedule Miami plays far and away exceeds that of FIU's. I think you all have a very warped sense of reality b/c your team is beating a lot of weak schools.

c-UM you are retarded. " 98.9 chance that it would be the gators sweeping UM. The other percentage points were left of for a 1.1% chance that UF would take 2 of 3". Excuses excuses the bottom line is that we destroyed UF. Let me guess if FIU re-started the season there is 98.9 % chance they would be win every game because they are on a winning streak right now.

It is also funny how you mention UM losing to Bethune Cookman. Yeah UM did slip up but FIU is not even top 2 in the SUNBELT. A sorry conference to play in.

I bet all these FIU "fans" were all UM fans in every sport before the hiring of IT MC and TT. Lets see how long you really stay fiu "fans" after couple years of only reaching mediocracy.

Miami isnt a top 25 team in some of the polls and shouldnt be in the others... And FIU hit the same pitching that shut down Miami all weekend, except saturday. If Miami were in the sun belt this year, they wouldnt be in 1st, probably not even 2nd... I never once said the ACC isnt a lot tougher then the Sun Belt, im just talking about UM. They havent hit against teams that are very mediocre and have been ripped by those same teams.

Josh, are you RETARDED??? UM SUCKS buddy. no way around that. Whether you beat UF at the beginning of the year or not. Fact of the matter is that UM is not going to CWS, so the rest is irrelevant. And you can say FIU might not make regionals, but they'll be in same place UM is, watching CWS on TV.

And like i told CC, UM couldnt win the Sun Belt this year if they were in it. So you saying that Sun Belt is a sorry conference is pretty dumb too

There you go again trying to sound smart saying UM won't win sunbelt...They have a shot at the CWS. Just because FIU won't be winning it any time soon don't be sad and say UM won't. Your just retarded go keep fantasizing about fiu being great and being in the same breath as UM.

and you say UM sucks no way around that, That means fiu is a piece of s**t since UM is better than fiu... It cute though that you think you know what your talking about

c-UM - what evidence are you citing when stating that UM could not win the SunBelt? Are you looking at stats from common opponants, and their common opponants? Are you factoring in strength of schedule and other "x" factors? Please explain.

I mean, i is pretty bold to say a top team in the ACC would not be able to win a SunBelt, or even come i or 3rd. If that were the case my friend, wouldn't there be several SunBelt teams ranked in the top 25, or at least ahead of Miami.

I am not for calling people names, but unless you can back up your statement with some hard facts, you sir do sound a little retarded.

Interesting thread...I don't like to get (although, some times I do get involved...lol) into this type of back and forth, since it's based mostly on factless theories, where each side will bring the best stats to "support" their strategies..

But, if you go to some canes message boards, some over there are questioning Morris...and praising Turtle Thomas as someone who would make FIU...at least...a "Cal State Fullerton lite".... Pretty funny how they are beginning...whether some would like to accept it or not.....to feel the heat.....

Even, accepting that T.Y. Hilton is the best WR in ANY South Florida college....Again...I'm not saying that...it's some of the smartest um fans over there...

And there are also smarter FIU fans that realize that fiu is not better than UM and that fiu is an average school

how does saying that UM wont win the sun belt make me try to sound smart???? are you really that dumb?... Ill put $500 that UM will not make it to CWS right now if your willing. We can sign a contract, photo copy drivers licenses, whatever it takes... And i would love, love, love to see UM and FIU in a regional together. IF! UM is better then FIU, its not by that much and that is because FIU is rebuilding right now... There you go sounding dumb again.

CC - when talking about the things we are, its hard to use hard facts because there's no way of proving or disproving it. But UM as a top team in the ACC!?!?!?!?! They are currently 6TH and could drop to 7TH pending how this weekend goes. There is still a chance they wont even make a regional depending on what they do this weekend and in the ACC tourney... Where i was coming from with UM not being able to win the SunBelt is that in a weekend series, i could see them losing to WKU and Middle Tenn for sure, with possible series losses to FIU, Troy, and between ULM/ULL.

Josh - you bring up the dumbest and most worthless points known to mankind... FIU is rebuilding in baseball after a couple of down years in DPs final years. They have already out recruited UM in TT's 1st full recruiting class...Football is starting a new program whereas UM football has been around for decades, etc., etc... Nobody is saying that overall FIU is better then UM in athletics. What we are saying is that FIU is closing the gap and FAST... And i would love to see a weekend series between FIU and UM in baseball this year because i would put $500 on FIU in that too, but your AD and head coach are THE biggest "female dogs" in town... Go plant your balls in the dirt and see if you can grow some extras for those guys

c-UM: I hope you mean that there is a chance that UM wont HOST a regional depending on what happens this weekend and in the ACC tournament. Even if they are swept by Wake and lose in the first round of the tourney, they are still going to a regional, just probably as a 3 seed.

If UM is able to sweep Wake and make noise in the ACC tournament they are still in the running to host a regional. The ACC will have at least 4 host schools and very possibly 5. I would say right now those would be UNC, FSU, GT with UM, UVA and Clemson in the running for the final 1 or 2 spots.

I almost hope UM hosts and FIU gets in as the #2 or #3 team from the Sun Belt so that we might have FIU at the Coral Gables regional and actually get to see the team live in the postseason.

Shows how much of a canes fan you are.

I'm talking about the Sports Illustrated cover of Miami's first national title, "Miracle in Miami." That was issued on Jan, 9 1984. So I am talking about the 83-84 canes team....

I am not refering to that other "miracle."
That play even haunts me.

It's interesting how you, "CrazyCane," didn't know that.

Maybe you should brush up on your canes history.


Dont be so sure about that Jimmy... If they get swept this weekend they for sure fall to 7th, possibly lower in conference. They will be sitting in front of a TV monday on pins and needles waiting to see if they get in or not... I would say UNC, GT, Clemson, and FSU host for sure, with UVA being a strong possibility. UM would have to sweep and make it to conference championship game to host, i think....but would like to see that postseason matchup as well, whether its in coral gables or at UF

Hey you just said Bethune is a 2nd or 3rd tear team.. Wow what happen to 4th tear? You guys got tossed around by a team that in the Top 50. I'll take a lose to a Top 15 team (FSU) before loosing to Bethune..

I have to agree with FIU4ever:
Its a great feeling to cheer for a team that you graduated from or currently attending. Like I said 100 times crazycane will always be a private cheerleader. Nothing else because UCG will never care about him or even know his name..


all this um-fiu willie measuring is getting soooo OOLLLDDDD

yall are a bunch of children man

I want to punch someone in the face.

TheChampionUnderdog, I can understand your frustration.

The only issue I have with your point is that ever since FIU has hit puberty, The "U" won't even put its "willie" on the table. You can't measure what you can't see. I'm beginning to think we don't even need to measure any more.

Keep running, Candy 'Canes.

Oh see what happens when I leave a blog for a few days. I have to follow a post that says "since FIU hit puberty (puberty, really, please elaborate, and don't just use pure numerical growth in study body size), The U won't even put its willie on the table. (See, I have problems to address here. First, you capitalize the "T" in U, which indicates, grammatically speaking, a sense of reverence, respect, and superiority on their part. At least you admit that much. I'm sure they thank you). Yes, quote your stats about how many public school valedictorians you get. Wnat to talk about how hot the chick the skinniest chick out of a group of porkers was? Congrats, you have the smartest group of the dumb and underprivileged. Truly and market for so many.

Secondly, I have to address FIUer. He said "ever year we can handle UM". Now, am I mistaken and misread your statement or do you really believe you can handle UM every year, or are you saying for every year you can handle UM at some years? Because you can't, in both scenarios. And that's a fact. Just looking at their football, basketball, and baseball schedule you'd be at the bottom of the league for the past 10 years...easily. I'm a bit tired and pressed for time, so please correct me if I'm wrong or just skimmed through your post.

FIUjules -UM and FSU are equal? Bit of a stretch. Look at the records the past 4-5 years and you'd agree. But again, I don't expect all of you to be informed on it, considering the laziness of some on this board.

PUMA - FIU and UM are natural rivals? So if MDC becomes full fledged then all three are natural rivals? Toss in FAU and USF and UCF as well huh? Doubtful. You guys aren't on the stratosphere of the big 3, as indicated by your conference affiliation and even a move up requires you to prove yourself, and mere presence isn't enough.

c-UM - FIU is rebuilding. 'Tis true. UM isn't rebuilding either? They have a bunch of young talent. Their main problem is really, really slopping fielding and I'm surprised Jim Morris didn't flip a lid, especially after their series against UNC. But then again, UNC has arguably some of the best pitching on the east coast.

This part is directed towards the maintainer of the blog, good 'ole Petey boy. So did you respond to my flatulent destruction of your post about attendance (thanks for stroking my ego by directing a sizeable portion of your blog to me, according to some that's my biggest problem. Who knew!?)?

If you want me to get an air traffic controller, and some bright neon lights, Las Vegas style, to point you into an obvious trap to make you better aware of the gauntlet being tossed down, I will).

If so, please point it out, as to I'm limited on time and have a whining infant to attend to. I would love to hear as to how you approach the inherent ironic part of your post. Talk about a sitcom! Indeed!

Formenter - fielding is not the only problem they have. Their offensive numbers this year are piss poor and the pitching has been pretty horrendous all year, as well...Those guys are hurting this year

Their offensive numbers are on the downside, that's true. But their bats have gone silent, for the most part, since the UNC series. Their player, Hermann I think his name is, but can't be sure since I haven't caught that many games, is down right putrid at times.

And even still they are ranked pretty well and have a good shot at hosting a regional.

Sorry, forgot to address the pitching, juggling too much tonight. Their pitching is down to. I think their two Aces are Gutz and Hernandez, who have been juggled back in forth in the rotation have been sloppy this year. And one of them (Hernandez I think, not sure) was a stud as a freshman and has been pitching poorly, from a mental standpoint, since then.

One big reason for ucg hosting a regional and been ranked is because of the past history of the program, some of the people ranking and scheduling the regionals like ucg, also because it is good to have a regional in Miami because of the obvious, if you have to chose to go on vacation to Miami or Tallahassee or Gainesville, I don't think I have to go any further on that.

Baltimore Panther: It also helps that UM has the #10 RPI in the nation. However even with that it is still a long shot that UM will host a regional this year. FSU and UF will host barring epic collapses. UM will only host if they get insanely hot against Wake and in the ACC tourney

FIU4ever- maybe you should be more clear in your posts so as to avoid confusion.

Hey Idiot,

Miracle in Miami could not have been any clearer. Get over yourself you CandyCane. They were lucky to even be crowned champs that year. Would never happen today. 4th to 1st in ONE GAME.

Got the HECHT center at UCG and the issue is there for all to see. YOU are such a POSER CANE fan it is PATHETIC.

FIUPIKE - are you FIU4ever's significant other? Of course it could not happen today smart guy - there is the BCS. Wow, your post was insightful.

Also, do me a favor my friend. Google search "Miracle in Miami" which is what I am sure a lot of people did upon reading FIU4ever's ambiguous post if they are not UM fans. Since this a FIU blog, and since most of the readership here was born after '83, so I'm assuming that's what people did. But I digress, so if you google search "miracle in miami" the first thing that comes up is NOT a sports illustrated cover, it is Flutie's hailmary.

So, FIUPIKEIDIOT, before you come on the blog and start name calling, do yourself a favor, go take your $1,500.00 education to Publix, finish your day shift of bagging groceries, go home, eat dinner with your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in that 2 bedroom/1 bathroom mansion in west miami with a 180 degree view of the turnpike, and start posting with some god-damn sense.

Hey a view of the palm tree lined turnpike beats my friend's brick wall view from his 1/1 apartment near Wall Street - $2700/month. He would love to be able to eat dinner with his family instead of eating alone - save for the random date or so. I took my "$1500" education, and got a great job in which paychecks pay my two mortgages, and I'm only 27. He instead pays his $120,000 tab in student loans from UM, and he's 31.

CrazyCane: For any Canes fan the "Miracle in Miami" refers to the team's win over Nebraska in the 1984 Orange Bowl game which gave the school its first national title in football.


Flutie's hail mary might be known as the Miracle in Miami to BC fans but for everyone else it is know as the "Hail Flutie"

Jimmy - I understand that - but this is an FIU fan blog (as I am always reminded). THEY may not know "Miracle in Miami" and Google it to try and research it. Hence, they would see Flutie as opposed to the 1983 Nat'l Championship team. Understand, or do you need me to draw pictures for you in crayon?

CrazyCane: You are the only person on this blog, and the only person I have ever met, that refers to the "Miracle in Miami" as the Flutie game. Therfore I posted the above information to correct your apparant mistake.
Have you ever met anyone that is not a BC fan use the "Miracle in Miami" phrase to describe the "Hail Flutie" game?

crazy cane: You need to relax. It's like we have touched a nerve or something.

I did in fact google "miracle in miami." What I found was a youtube video of the "Hail Flutie" and some Boston College websites.

Right below that what did find? This:

1983 (11-1-0): The Miracle In Miami - MIAMI OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE1983 (11-1-0): The Miracle In Miami. Miami's National Championship Teams ... the University of Miami Hurricanes stunned the college football world by ...
hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/archive/043002aab.html - 44k - Cached - Similar pages

So there you go. A true canes fan would know what that means.

Folks, I think we have a fake. crazycane has been outed!

Dude, you really need to worry about educating yourself on um football and their sports program in general, and worry less about FIU. Not knowing what the "Miracle in Miami" is just plain embarassing.

I know that without the success um has had in football, there would be no FIU, FAU or maybe even USF football. um will always be the first college football team from Florida to break through.

So how about you sit back and enjoy the success of "your" team and let the FIU fans enjoy their up and coming teams.

We know that we are not going to win a national championship anytime soon, but that's OK. It's not all about national championships. Ask Michigan/Ohio State, Alabama/Auburn, Texas/Oaklahoma and Georgia/Florida fans what is more important.


I would love to see FIU play UF every year in Football. I am already planning my trip to Gainesville in November. I wouldn't mind playing UM once they have the guts to play us, but who knows. But it is great that we are playing the best football program in the state and the nation. I think we can stay with them.

fiu4ever - I am going to go out on a limb here and say if I ask Michigan/OSU/Ala/Auburn/Tex/Okl/Georgia/Florida if they would rather win a rivalry game or lose a rivalry game, but WIN a Nat'l championship - I think they are all going to say lose the rivalary game and WIN the Nat'l championship.

Saying it's not all about nat'l championships is what someone who has no chance at ever winning one wants everyone else to believe.

As for your accusations about my Cane fanhood - you are just as dumb as Jimmy. As I pointed out - NONE CANE FANS WILL GOOGLE SEARCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as you proved my point for me - the Flutie video is the FIRST result which comes up. And since I see FACTS are not high on your list of priorities - the website you posted about the '83 Canes is actually the 6th result which comes up with a "miracle in miami" google search.

Here is a tip for you FIU4ever, instead of making up facts to support your weak arguments, go back to FIU and take a few more classes on reading comprehension and English and learn how to come argue at the big boys table.

Jimmy, I do not refer to the miracle in miami as the flutie play - apparently you do need the crayons and pictures. Please go re-read my previous post. I discussed how none UM fans will Google and find the flutie play.

Really, are all of you FIU fans from the same retarded gene pool? I mean one of you out there have to have a set of parents who are not related by blood. You all need to learn how to read and comprehend what is written before responding like a bunch of idiots. It is almost like you are not even reading the posts.

New proposed GPP rule - One may not post a response to a previous post unless they certify, in their responsive post, that they have read the post for which they are responding to and understand it completely.

Really crazy cane, you need to relax. um has a blog in the herald website. Just go there.

Why are you so worried about FIU anyway? Are you scared that they will one day be the better team?


CrazyCane: Lets review the posts regarding the "Miracle in Miami" issue:

I am sure if it was not for the "miracle in Miami" back in '83, there would be many um fans. Remember, the football program was almost closed back in the mid to late 70's.


Posted by: FIU4ever | May 11, 2009 at 04:24 PM

"I am sure if it was not for the "miracle in Miami" back in '83, there would be many um fans."

FIU4ever - what does that even mean? Is that english? There so many things wrong with that statement, it is laughable. First - the play your are referring to was Flutie and UM lost, why would that promp a surge in Cane fans? Second, if you are saying that b/c of that play there are less Cane fans, again, I do not understand. If being able to graduate from a school and cheer them on in football means to write and talk like a retarded 3 grader, then you can keep you FIU education buddy.

Posted by: CrazyCane | May 11, 2009 at 04:41 PM

FIU4ever clearly references that the "Miracle in Miami" was back in 1983.

For some reason CrazyCane presumes that the statement has something to do with the Hail Flutie game which occurred in 1984.

There is nothing in FIU4ever's post that indicates he is referring to anything that occurred in 1984. Instead it is very clear it refers to UM's 1983 national championship which is well known, to nearly everyone, as the "Miracle in Miami."

Again I would like to reiterate that CrazyCane is the only person on this blog to the equate the Hail Flutie game with the Miracle in Miami.

I'm starting to like this, Canes fans tearing each other up.

Thanks Jimmy.


Holy crap Jimmy - you are seriously missing some chromosomes. I clearly stated that it would be none UM fans and I posted exactly what the google search would be.

I do not understand why this is so difficult for your small brain to comprehend. I KNOW what the Miracle in Miami is and what it refers to, I was speaking to what none UM fans might think - b/c this is an FIU blog and not a Miami blog. How much clearer can I make it for you.

Alright, I am dont posting on this Miracle in Miami thread - those of you who cannot understand my point - I feel sorry for you. Those of you who take the time to read the posts - unlike Jimmy - thank you.

*done posting

I think that from now on, we should refer to crazycane as "Miracle Man."

What do you all think?


CrazyCane: It is clear that you do not know what the phrase "Miracle in Miami" refers to since you immediately jumped to the conclusion that it somehow referred to a game involving Doug Flutie in an entirely different year.

The only reason you would even google the phrase would be because you were unfamiliar with what it referred to.

Also, what does the phrase "none UM fans" that you use actually means? Is it some sort of slang?

"none UM fans" = I'm an idiot!

That's what he meant.

CC - we all know that you said if you googled it, you obviously arent a canesfan, but you didnt google it and were wrong. So you're not a true canes fan regardless. Jimmy understands what you're saying but is pointing out another issue about the topic. Are you the retarded one?

maybe you should read their post more clearly

Jimmy - reading comprehension really is not your strong suit. I am done commenting on the Miracle topic. Jeez, some people, yes even UM supports like Jimmy, are dense.

chrisfiu - you sure you want to get involved here? I mean, I like that you do, but everytime you post something, and people (me) start responding, you get insulted.

Please let the record show that I have not posting anything whatsoever to chrisfiu; however, she took it upon herself to call me an idiot.

So, in response, I would just like to add the chrisfiu, who has brain zero in her tiny little head, needs to leave the football/baseball/basketball talk to the men on the blog who have a clue. When maid service b/c a revenue sport, or cooking becomes NCAA regulated, by all means, turn off Dr. Phil and contribute to the blog. Until then, enjoy reading, but please throw away your keyboard before I am forced to put you in your rightful place.

Guys guys, what he means is that he was actually helping you guys by stating something that you would understand. He referred to the miracle in miami as something other than THE miracle in miami, after all he was doing you a favor. right? So from now on im gonna call pan con bistec a cheeseburger just in case others like crazy cane misunderstand me.

My point: Say X but you Really mean Y, Just in Case Z didn't understand. CrazyCane I Really hope this is just an act you put on to get people all crazy.

"So, FIUPIKEIDIOT, before you come on the blog and start name calling, do yourself a favor, go take your $1,500.00 education to Publix, finish your day shift of bagging groceries, go home, eat dinner with your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents in that 2 bedroom/1 bathroom mansion in west miami with a 180 degree view of the turnpike, and start posting with some god-damn sense."


U R SUCH A DOUCHE.........I don't need to GOOGLE information, the FRIGGIN MAGAZINE COVER is available for viewing at UCG, LandShark Stadium and I witnessed the game and media coverage after the fact. IT IS WELL REPRESENTED AS THE MIRACLE IN MIAMI = SI COVER JAN. 1984.

Some of the posters on here know me, all I can do is LMAO at your FUTILE attempt to describe my circumstances. It is becoming more evident to all of us what a miserable person U are.

U are SUCH a DOUCHE-BAG, no other words can describe your pathetic existence.

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