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9-Mile Schedule Wall Coming Down....FIU vs. UF & FSU In All Sports?

Helm Apparently, that schedule wall that stretches for 9 miles from FIU to the east in Coral Gables appears to be crumbling with FIU getting a visit from the crosstown school in volleyball on Sept. 10. And your Panthers could be looking at the Gators and Seminoles on their schedules in ALL sports on a regular basis in the near future.Uf

Here's the story by yours truly running in Saturday's MH:

   FIU and the University of Miami did not have any games scheduled between Fsu the two schools in the foreseeable future, but that has changed in one sport and might change in many more.

   Recently, UM cancelled all games in revenue sports with FIU, and FIU cancelled all games in non-revenue sports with UM.

   But the scheduling freeze ended with the Golden Panthers now scheduled to host the Hurricanes in volleyball Sept. 10 at U.S. Century Bank Arena.

   And with new FIU basketball coach Isiah Thomas on board, the teams are discussing a game for this coming fall.

   FIU athletic director Pete Garcia said Friday that the schools are in talks to find a date to play basketball for the upcoming season.

   “Kirby Hocutt and I have had very productive conversations in reference to scheduling,” Garcia said. “We will continue to have conversations about future scheduling in every sport.”

   FIU is also in discussions with Florida and Florida State to schedule games in all sports, including the three revenue sports: football, basketball and baseball.

   The Panthers are playing football at Florida this November and just played Florida State in baseball last week.

   Garcia believes playing the Gators and Seminoles on a regular basis is just as important as playing the Hurricanes.

   “It’s important to us to play Miami,” said Garcia. “But we want to make sure we balance our schedules by playing Florida and Florida State just as much.”

   Before the games in the revenue sports were cancelled, FIU and UM had played in baseball every year from 1973-2007, and in basketball from 1987-1992 and again from 2001-2008.

   FIU and UM met in football twice in 2006 and 2007.





Nice turnout on our Latavious poll question on the last blog. In the voting's first day, 35 states chimed in, but so far the leading vote says FIU has 0% chance of landing LW.


Some readers in Buenos Aires, Argentina were a little more optimistic giving LW a 25% chance of becoming a Panther.


Before we add Argentina to our scorecard, here's a link to a blog on the latest with Freddy: As The AAU World Turns




35 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Apaw Your thoughts and vote on the future FIU schedules....



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September 11, 2007 at 03:23pm by Matt Meltzer

Despite Winning Tradition, UM Football Still Not a Draw

If you know anything about Miami, and the hotbed of sports fanaticism that it is, it should not surprise anyone that a school with five national football championships in the past twenty-five years could barely fill half their stadium. That a team only three years removed from a BCS bowl appearance has a sizable percentage of their student body who would rather spend a sunny Saturday afternoon studying indoors than going to a football game. Such is the case in a town where sports are about the ninth thing on most people’s conversation list, right behind whether or not Hugo Chavez has a cold.


By Craig Handel, The (Fort Myers, Fla.) News-Press
The University of Miami has a new football home, but that doesn't mean the Hurricanes are drawing a lot of new fans.
Dolphin Stadium is bigger and cleaner and has more amenities than the Orange Bowl. But, like its predecessor, it's normally a little more than half full.

For the fourth season in a row, the Hurricanes' average home attendance will be in the 40,000-plus range. The Hurricanes would have to draw more than 69,000 fans Thursday against Virginia Tech to average 50,000 for the season. The last time Miami got a crowd that big against anyone other than Florida or Florida State was five years ago against Tennessee.

School officials point out that this year's average of 46,191 is about 3,500 better than 2007's, but part of that bump can be attributed to school officials giving free tickets to university employees for the season opener against Charleston Southern.

"Obviously, there's opportunity to grow," athletics director Kirby Hocutt said. "We will take a look at every opportunity to offer our product to as many people as possible. We'll continue to talk about price and affordability."

Ticket prices start at $19 but range much higher.

"We've started conversations on how we may want to price Dolphin Stadium," Hocutt said. "It will be different next year. We have to be strategic."

Despite having some of the best players and teams of the past quarter-century, Miami's attendance has not been the best. Counting five Orange Bowls, the Hurricanes have had 28 home sellouts in their history. Florida has a streak of 120 consecutive sellouts.

"I did not know that," said Hocutt, in his first season as Miami's AD. "Does that surprise me? Yeah, it surprises me."

Miami coach Randy Shannon always has understood the challenges of getting fans in the stands at Hurricanes games. Appreciative of what he has, he calls the atmosphere great, the fans' support unbelievable.

"Miami's not a college town, not a big alumni-based school," he said. "We have 8,000 undergrads, a graduating class of maybe 1,200. Most state schools are 35,000, 40,000, may have 5,000 or 6,000 graduating. We have students, alumni in the South Florida region that come to games, and the fans.

"If you get an average of 50,000 a game, that shows a lot about the fan base you have. Because it's not 50,000 alumni. It's just the fan base."


I know for a fact FIUPIKE doesn't work at Publix...

he spends his days at Milams Market on Bird Rd and 57th Ave. A step up from Publix if you ask me... lol hahahah

CC you're such a douche dude... wow


Please forgive me and my fellow FIU alumni. We obviously were unfamiliar with this Google feature you speak of. I wasn't aware that I can type up any series of words, select the first item to pop up and declare to be accurate canon to the history of UM Football.

How dare do any of the older FIU alumni object to your vast knowledge of the UM lexicon. Obviously, FIU alumni before 2001 had no reason to be UM fans and were oblivious to any and all Miami sports history. In fact, your knowledge is so in depth that you took Boston College terminology regarding another event and applied to what The University of Miami officially refers to its 1983-84 National Championship.

I will look into this Google which my sub-standard public education never provided for. I mean, FIU just upgraded its on campus computers to Apple IIe's last year. I happened to minor in Oregon Trail!

CrazyCane, you sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I defer to you in any and all matter. Your socio-economic and perhaps ethno-racial superiority is quite obvious. I will return to my parents, six siblings, two sets of grandparents, and spinster aunt as we eat Pollo Tropical for the third time whis week and stare at my free FIU diploma (which was obviously printed on one of those state-of-the-art Packard Bell BubbleJet printers!).

Hey CrazyCane,

I am also glad to report that my whole family upgraded to a great efficiency in East Hialeah, right under the Metrorail tracks! Now I have access to the great public transportation in this city. Wow, I can even take the train to the University of Miami station and explore the beautiful campus and dream about all the debt I could've incurred!

I have to agree Bryan. We know nothing.

I was obviously mistaken when I googled "miracle in miami." How stupid was I to actually look past the first two or three hits.

I apologize to all my fellow FIU and um bloggers...

As for my FIU dipolma, they just gave me a piece of paper with the words written in pencil! You were a step up Bryan! Lucky!


Well... this is all amusing to say the least haha

Its okay fiu4ever! FIU downsized my Oregon Trail program after all my oxen died.

Also, my name is Bryan, but my diploma says Heriberto Arquimedes Caceres-De Jesus, Bachelor of Arts in Tax Evasion and Money Laundering and was awarded in February 30, 1986. :D

You know, I've posted quite a few times over the past few weeks in response to CC's poignant posts. But he fails to address me even one time. I guess I'm just too far beneath him. One day, I hope I can prove that I'm a smart, white, Protestant person who's love for money and power over schools younger and less established than is above all else in the world. :(

Turd boy is just angry that he got schooled by one of this own as he was in the process of defecating all over himself.

Cretin why don't you do some research on UM athletics so you don't look like a complete buffoon when posting. It's obvious you know very little about that eroded program in Coral Gables, so make an attempt to learn something about it before it's completely irrelevant.

I'd like to think you're a little smarter than FAU grads, but at this point you sound as ignorant as the clowns up north you douche.

Speaking of FAU,

Pelegrin's only beef with UM is their lack of desire to play FIU in any revenue sport rather than establishing a crosstown rivalry that benefits other programs like USC-UCLA. It's a legitimate gripe. UM can make the argument that it has nothing to gain by playing FIU. True, FIU athletics are barely just gaining relevance. Anyone with basic observation skills can concede that. But then you see UM's schedule in all three major sports schedules and they gladly play "cupcake" games. Charleston Southern in football?? Barry in baseball?? Come on, at least FIU can put up a fight in baseball and now UM sees the media attention gathered by IT, good hire or not.

But on to FAU, Ted Hutton who runs the FAU blog on the Sentinel is openly hostile to FIU. Like someone poisonous and off-base stuff. One post he had a FIU football player being kissed by a baby in a poor use of Photoshop and he claims that's how swine flu started. I'm willing to bet to bet that FIU alumni outnumber UM and FAU in the Dade and south Broward areas alone and we need to step up our game.

Ted Hutton really, really has a problem with FIU.....He even wrote a piece anti FIU APR in baseball...after some commentsand complaints about this , suddenly, he included in a secondary situation, the problems FAU had in the same piece...with FAU even losing some scholarships....oh well....

In my book, Pete Pelegrin has a lot more class than that guy, for sure...

Man, I don't know about you guys, but I'm excited about NCAA 10. I can't wait to play Dynasty mode with FIU and finally have the new logo and stadium on there along with T.Y. Hilton on the team and our best recruiting class thus far.

Gotta admit it was pathetic playing previous versions of the game and having the smallest and quietest stadium in all of D-I football. By the time NCAA 12 rolls around, it'll be great playing in that 40,000 seat stadium with the defending Sub Belt Champs.

CC - i just finished eating my pan con bistec after hitting for the cycle in my flagami all-star game. Now im off to Pirates to play the arm wrestling arcade game... See you there!

PIRATES! OH MY GOD!!!! I used to love that place. Damn... good times.

I can't wait for NCAA10 either, unfortunately I do not think they will update FIU Stadium in the game. On their website they posted a list of stadium upgrades and we are not on there. Maybe when we are done building it they will update once and for all.

c-UM, when you are done at Pirates, I have something else for you to play with.


Your mom must be proud in that trailer of hers to see your posts

CC - I seriously doubt that buddy

On a new note, does anyone here read the college football blog on ESPN? They posted the spring wrap-up for the Sun Belt Conference and each team. Here are the links:



After reading the wrap-ups I was shocked to learn that FIU lost 7 starters on defense. Is that correct and, if so, who are the starters that are returning?

CC - If you did, they would probably call it the "Miracle in Miami"!!!....Waittt, DONT GOOGLE it, Dont google it!!!!!

LMAO the douche probably already googled it.

You all are welcome.


Your blog is hungry. Feed it!

Pete, I never read online your article talking about the conversations that UM AD and Pete Garcia are having to renew the rivalry games in both...revenue and non-revenue sports. Any reason for it?

Also...any news in terms of new recruits for basketball?...it seems things are happening quite fast in men's hoops nowadays...


fiu is funny. You fans are living in a fantasy world. FRATS ARE COOL!!!

YEAH MANNN!!!...not funny buddy... PS - UM is king of frats/f@g$

and sloresssss...better hope your daughter doesnt go there bc ive taken down a good portion, my friend

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