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FIU At The Movies --- Part III

Film Sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon. Time to take a field trip to the movies. The FIU sports season is over for now, at least until your Panthers put on the pads in August to get ready for the 2009 football season. 

Let's take a look back at the past FIU sports year by referring to movies that were released between August 2008 through May 2009. Turn off the cellphones please, the show is about to start as we present FIU At The Movies, Part III....

Righteous Kill -- FIU volleyball player Yarimar Rosa (right) led the world in kills last season and picked Yrosa   up her third consecutive All-American honor. YR prepares for another righteous kill and righteous All-American honor this coming September.

Eagle Eye -- Tyler Townsend avoids the junk at the plate and belts fastballs to the tune of a .434 avg., 24 HR, 77 RBI. TT collects the career and single-season FIU records for RBI. 

Elite Squad -- We'll add an "s" to the title of this film for the elite squads of the FIU volleyball and tennis teams -- both Sun Belt champions.

Tyexp Express The Express -- T.Y. Goodbye (left).

Frontrunners -- The story of the FIU track and field team last season. With his team's performances, coach Eric Campbell won the Sun Belt Coach of the Year. Paola Reategui became the first FIU distance runner in an NCAA regional. EC is the 4th FIU coach to win a Sun Belt Coach of the Year award in the last 2 years.

Max Payne -- It was max pain after Florida Atlantic ended FIU's bowl chances in football and FIU's season in baseball. The Hooters derailed bowl hopes last November. The Hooters cut short the baseball season at the Sun Belt Ml Tournament.

Morning Light (left) -- After each of the 2 losses to the Hooters there was "Morning Light", because with the talent FIU is bringing in, it was likely the last time the Hooters end any FIU season.

W -- No. No politics on this blog. Instead, we're talking Ws for the best turnaround seasons in FIU footballHappen and baseball this past year. MC's team improved by 4 wins -- a program best and TT's team improved by 14 wins -- also a program best.

What Just Happened? (right) -- Yes, Isiah Thomas is the new FIU basketball coach. Most of the world caught by surprise by this move.

Jolie Changeling -- Of course, I'm going to put a picture of Angelina Jolie here even though this FIU movie has to do with soccer at FIU Stadium. MLS bows out is replaced by Miami FC.

Doubt -- Will anyone still thinking MC and TT (below, right) were not the right hires for FIU football and baseball, please raise your hands? I can't see any hands. Anyone? No, OK let's move on.

Saw V -- Nobody really saw FIU getting 5 baseball players on the All-Sun Belt team, but that's what yearTt 2 of Turtle Power produced. And 4 FIUers on the 1st team was a Sun Belt best.

Pride and Glory -- FIU has 28 players make All-Sun Belt teams in their respective sports. The FIU swimming and diving team is named an Academic All-American Team.

First Passengers -- All the other college teams fans that visit the GPP. Thanks for your readership.

The First Basket (left) -- Anticipation builds for FIU hoops in 2009. When was the last time we had FIU hoops talk year round?

Role Models -- Definitely, not like the actual movie. Yarimar Rosa wins Sun Belt Female Student-Athlete of the Year. Paul McCall wins Sun Belt Male Sporting Behavior award.

Chacha Soul Men -- FIU baseball team's "Cha-Cha Slide" (left) during the bottom of the fifth inning of home games this season.

Eden -- New FIU Stadium and opening later this summer the state-of-the-art fieldhouse.

The Beautiful Truth -- Golden Dazzlers (right) and their calendar....need we sayDazz more.

Transporter 3 -- Dustin Rivest kicks field goals out of his souped-up BMW and kicks a school-record 5 field goals against Arkansas State to help set up the Hilton Heave.

Everybody Wants To Be Italian (left) -- The story of FIU and Italian National Team Italy Sg swimmer Sara Giovannoni (left) and her brilliant FIU career.

Let Them Chirp Awhile -- Whatever excuses the school across town has for not playing FIU.

The Punisher 2 -- Scott Bryant leads the FIU defense in tackles for the second consecutive season.

The Reader -- Or The Readers as for the second straight year, FIU's APR numbers keep climbing.

Forever Strong -- FIU's strength and conditioning program under Rod Moore, Mick Smith and Dave Feeley has made the Panthers noticeably stronger and better conditioned in the last few years. Or as a visiting Sun Belt media member said at an FIU baseball game this season: "These guys look likeBed Jmert   ballplayers now".

Bedtime Stories (right) -- The non-fiction version...."The Hilton Heave"; "Galindo 3 at the buzzer beats Troy"; "Arrojo squeeze in the 9th wins Opening Night"

Marley & Me -- Rather Monique and me with the me being FIU softball player Kim Rodriguez, who tied Monique White for the FIU softball career HR record this past season.

Ithomp Knowing The International -- No, thanks....just FIU, please.

I Love You, Man -- FIU fans reaction to Pooh Bear Mars, Edgard Theliar and the rest of the top-notch 2009 FIU football signing class.

Knowing (left) -- That Isiah Thompson is not the FIU hoops coach and Turtle Thompson is not the FIU baseball coach.Mc

Sevn 17 Again -- The story of MC (right) being named the fittest college football coach in the nation, according to an ESPN blog.







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Interesting read, nicely researched.

that was cool, thanks

As usual with this feature...very entertaining and nice read. Thanks....

Haha that was cool! Can you give us the links to the first two? Never got a chance to see those!

LOL awesome!!

Great stuff!!! Pete, good to see you keep up with movies.

On another topic, did any of you guys see John Salley on The Best D**n Sports Show? Well basically they asked him about Isaiah getting coaching job at FIU. Salley said he called Isaiah immediately to hand him, in his opinion, the best player in VA so that Thomas can have a great season. He's said, Thomas never returned his call. Player was Donte Morales and Salley compared him to Jalen Rose. Well since Isaiah didn't return call they saw each other at Chuck Daly's funeral and first thing that came out of Salley's mouth was why he didn't return his call about this player. Just thought I'd shared this with some of you that may not have watched. Must be true that Isaiah got many calls and apparently didn't return some.


Interesting stuff, FIUJM. Based on current signings, and dealings/visits from/with some of the TOP players in the nation, it does appear as if Isiah and his staff do have a lot of things/contacts to take care of since he took over FIU's reign.

Thanks for sharing...

BTW, The First Basket...cool...really, we haven't had this much basketball talk ever....For two months, in both "main boards", FIU Basketball had a lot...and I mean...a lot more traffic than football or all other sports combined. The anticipation for hoops is there....I have a feeling that first home game will be somewhat of an event in South Florida.

Looks like Miami will be the same place as us next weekend

Yup, licking their wounds...

Licking wounds left by a big old swamp gator!

GPP Nation and Pete, I nominate the movie "TAKEN" for Art "The Thief" Pilin for TAKING Freddy Asprilla and making him sit-out a season in Kansas State.


Actually, Miami will be recovering from playing in their 37 straight regional and FIU will be recovering from getting swept out of the Sun Belt tournament. Those are two completely different places to be at next weekend.

Yes, UM got their ass kicked by UF this past weekend, but lets not forget, they also won two games in the regional.

Also, the ass kicking they got was nothing compared to what ohio state got from FSU.

So what are you trying to say 24/7? That FSU would've handed you a worse ass kicking than the one you received from UF?

Keep living in the glory of all the previous championships... it doesn't look like you'll be getting one in any major revenue sport any time soon.


Any chance you can do an interview with Jeremiah Weatherspoon ? I think he will play a pivotal role in next season's defense with a young LB and DL corps and he is rated as a mid-round pick next April by several scouting services..

I'd like to know going into his last summer/fall camp what his expectations are for this team, himself and as a senior how much has his body and measurables changed since his freshman year. ***I wonder how different the FAU game would of been had he and Marshall played.


Great write up Pete. Really looking forward to the football in the fall.

Washington Post says FIU still in running for 5-Star Lance Stephenson


TheU24/7, are you joking me?!?!?! c-UM beat jacksonville twice in the regional, thats it!!! Jacksonville finished 3rd in a 1-bid conference, the Atlantic Sun. Only reason Jacksonville made the regionals is because FGCU and N. FL arent eligible for post-season play yet. Anytime c-UM played a real team, they got blown out.. Who cares about your 37 years? That does nothing for you right now, does it? You guys are in the same place FIU is. You guys were crap this year, get over it!!!

c-UM - you are delusional. I didnt know crap teams play in the post season and are ranked in the top 25 all year.

From what I understand of "crap" teams is that they dont make the post season, do not sniff the top 25 and get swept out of their conference tourny by two other "crap" teams. Yeah, that would be you FIU.

We need to focus on beating FAU before we get angry a the U.

U24/7 - are you delusional?!?! Your team did not end the regular season in the top 25 in a couple of polls and the only reason they did in the others is because they started the season so highly OVERRATED. Secondly, you guys only won 1 conference tourney game agaisnt a GT team that lost to pretty much everybody they've been playing lately (and GT still shouldve won the game. They left like 100 runners on base). Other then that you lost to FSU and got blown out by BC. That team was crap this year and wont be much different next year.

I think we should focus on beating FAU and taking a few whacks at the U in the meantime.

It's a package deal.

c-UM, you don't give UM enough credit. They lost something like 60% of their team to the draft, some of them I didn't expect to leave, which made me happy when they did, but they still beat Florida 3-2 overall this year and played us 2-2 in our games. They aren't a "crap" team, it's called rebuilding and playing in a real, competitive conference. If FIU was playing in our conference and having to face us, UNC, Gtech, Clemson etc. they'd be lucky to stay north of 18 wins.

I still don't think they should be ranked in any polls, but I'm happy Morris didn't get them hot by some miracle. They weren't a team I would have wanted to see come out of that regional.

Regardless, you guys should be more worried about making any noise in the Sunbelt than a team that has nothing to do with you.

Fomenter - nobody was discussing what they lost though. I know what they lost. Im just pointing out the fact that UM was not a good team this year. You call it rebuilding because you're a fan, but myself looking at the team THIS YEAR only, they were a crap team... As for the ACC, its a competitive conference no doubt, but once you get pass the top 4 the conference wasnt all that this year. Like i said before, Miami's team this year would've had a tough time in the SunBelt because you need to be able to put up a lot of runs.

Im not worried about UM though, your boy U24/7 came on here trying to brag, when there was absolutely nothing to brag about. I know we have to worry about our own team, but i do believe we are headed in a more positive direction then UM if you ask me. I think Morris is washed up and his antics in that final game were very immature and wayyyy over the top. UM should head in a different direction.

...and NO, i am in no way even comparing the Sun Belt to the ACC, so nobody get that confused because people like to take the slightest thing and twist it

Come on, obviously your hate for UM is blinding you. They aren't the team they were because they lost a lot. That doesn't make them a crap team, and I doubt they would have "struggled" in the SBC, but that's your opinion. I saw why Morris was upset, the umps blew UM's game on Saturday and he made an obvious wrong call with the "leaning into a pitch", which we all know in CBB, if you're in the batter's box, it's a HBP. Only way you can lean into it and not get awarded the base is if you are out over the plate, which he clearly wasn't.

People called Fresno State a crap team last year and IIRC, they won just about the same number of games in the regular season as UM did this year with a similar SOS. They just got hot at the right time.

Irrelevant either way, as I'd rather not see UM in Omaha or Super Regional, assuming we would get past Arkansas in the Super Regionals.

Changing subjects...

anybody know what happened to the FIUGoldenPanthers.com web board? it's been down for at least two weeks, and i'm trying to figure out why.

if there's a money thing, i'm sure we can raise funds.

Fomenter - You cant look at the Fresno St. thing like that. Fresno got hot at the right time, played like a team, and got the job done (winning the CWS). UM didnt do any of that. They did terrible the 2nd half of the season, did poorly in the ACC tourney, and in my opinion did terrible in regionals. They played 2 close games against a Jacksonville team that finished 3rd in the Atlantic Sun and got blown out twice by the gators. The ump's call didnt make or break either of the games because it wouldnt have made up for the 6 runs in the 1st game and the 9,10,11 (whatever it was) in the 2nd game. Wrong calls are made all the time, come watch a Sun Belt game. Morris would be in the hospital after the 2nd series of the year if thats how hes going to act after a bad call.... UM wouldnt have played Arkansas by the way, they would've have been facing a Southern Miss team that is just playing on pure adrenaline right now. But you really cant look too far into those SOS and RPI deals. Sometimes they are very far off... Either way, if UM wants to head in the right direction they should try to hire a more "Ron Fraser-like" coach. I like what i say some guy write under an article. Morris has passed blame onto everyone of his assistants from TT, to Lazer, to Gino, to JD that other year they had where they almost missed the regionals. He's not a true head coached and his getting by ways are catching up to him.

Try this link for fiugoldenpanthers.com


thanks. for some reason, the main page won't load.

C-um, I agree with you that UM played bad the end of the season. I'm almost positive if we faced them at the end of the year we would have won the series.

As far as UM playing Arkansas...I never said they would nor implied they would. My team is facing Arkansas.

But you can't say UM is a crap team. If UM is a crap team, what is FIU? Certainly they don't reach crap. It's unfair to label either of those teams crap teams when there are certifiable bottom dwellers to be named "crap teams".

But regardless, who is to say UM couldn't have gotten hot if the ump didn't shrink the strike zone on their pitcher in their first game with UF? Their pitcher was doing great and the umps screwed him in that inning. Move onto the next game and how they got screwed again by the ump, I can see why Morris got upset. He did nothing wrong getting upset. I can't remember the last time I heard or saw him get tossed out of a game even, but I can't watch more than 30% of their games or so.

If you think Morris isn't a true head coach that's fine, but he's proved that with the rings on his hand and I'd trade Martin for him any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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