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FIU vs. Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns at 10 a.m. Wednesday

FIU opens the Sun Belt Tournament against No. 5 seed Louisiana in the first game of the double-elimination tourney at 10 a.m. (Miami time) on Wednesday morning.

We'll have the GPP LIVE BLOG going for that game around 9:45 a.m. (Miami time) on Wednesday.

The Panthers, the No. 4 seed, might want to get a good night's rest on Tuesday, because 10 a.m. inTownsend Miami is 9 a.m. in Troy.

Originally, No. 3 Troy and No. 6 South Alabama were scheduled to be the tourney's first game, but as the host school the Trojans get to choose their 1st round game time and chose 8:30 p.m.

The Panthers took 2 of 3 games from the Cajuns this season back in late March. FIU won 11-10, 11-7 and lost 11-4. As we know well, UL can lay the metal on the cowhide really well.

The rest of the Wednesday 1st round games are: No. 8 Florida Atlantic vs. No. 1 Middle Tennessee at 1:30 p.m.; No. 7 Louisiana-Monroe vs. No. 2 Western Kentucky at 5 p.m.

Despite the loss to FIU on Saturday, the Hooters got into the SBC tourney after New Orleans got blasted by Louisiana 18-2.

Should FIU defeat UL, then the Panthers would play the winner of the FAU/MT game on Thursday at 5 p.m. Should the Panthers lose they get the loser of FAU/MT on Thursday at 10 a.m.

Apaw Tyler Townsend (right, thanks Alex J. Hernandez photo) belted 2 more HRs on Saturday against the Hooters and now has 43 career bombas one back of Brad Eldred's 44 for the all-time FIU career HR record.

Apaw Baseball Fan is our write your own GPP Blog Winner. Baseball Fan predicted a 35-21 record for FIU (34-21) as did 3 other readers, but Baseball Fan had the Panthers scoring 420 runs which was the closest number to FIU's 472 actual runs scored this season. E-mail me your blog, Baseball Fan and I'll have it up here.


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joel, if you were at friday's game you would know that berkowitz didn't blow that game. We had 3 innings to score a run and we couldn't, and when we were winning 9-8, he got a fly ball to right center that could've been caught to end the game but was dropped. It takes more than one play to win or lose a game so keep that in mind.

Damn! I fell just short. I thought 400 runs might've been low-balling it. Oh, well. Enjoy the W, baseball fan.

I'm glad to see FIU's improved on the diamond compared to last season. Credit goes to the coaching staff and the players. Now, it doesn't matter. Win the tourney or go home; it's that simple now. That series loss to FAU won't matter if TT's boys are lights-out from here on out.

Personally, I think FIU got screwed by being the first game. That 9AM start time sucks. Bad luck that Troy's the 3 seed and they get to pick the night game (which every host team does). But, if memory serves me correctly, FIU's done pretty well when they've had to play the first game of the SBC tournament, so that might not be a bad thing.

I hope whoever's starting gets their beauty sleep. They'll need it.

I would imagine the starter will be Rembisz. They really don't want to fall in the loser's bracket, especially if they will (most likely) play FAU.

I stand corrected, baseball fan, I was unaware of what was specifically going on during that play. I was going on what was being said on the live stats section at FIUsports.com.

And I understand that it takes more than one play to make or break a game, believe me I know, because I've played the game since I was old enough to walk. I'm just saying that the bullpen for the most part this season has underperformed, and has blown big leads.

What is wrong with the other board?

baseball fan...i'm glad you cleared that up. You're right. Unless you were there, you really didn't know what happened Friday night.

Keep us posted...any news on basketball signing/commitment?.....did Eric Frederick actually sign his LOI?.....

Good luck to FIU's baseball team..

Its all about that first game. Need to make sure we get the win so we can go into the second game with a little less pressure. As for the early wake-up call, I don't think that is a big deal. If you are a D-I athelete and are playing in the Conference Tournament, you would be responsible enough to prepare to play your best at ANY time. The game can be at 6:00am and it still should not matter.

Lets go Boys. Make it happen!

FIU's student radio, Radiate FM will be carrying every game FIU plays in the tournament, so make sure you tune in Wednesday at 10 AM to 95.3, 88.1, 96.9 or online at WRGP.org.

We'll be driving all through tomorrow night so we can be there for the early game, so make sure you tune in at work to listen live to FIU's first baseball conference tournament appearance of the Turtle Thomas era.

Hope you don't mind a little viral advertising there, Pete!

Be careful on your way up there!!....will tune in.....

fiupantherfan...is your site being hacked?....we need it up there!!

Also, Pete...I assume that Latavious already visited Georgetown this past weekend...Up until this morning there wasn't any news on whether he had committed while being there....I know he was planning on announcing a couple of Mondays ago, then this past Monday...so, I could assume he could announce today...Anything new?

FIU Fanatic he might be waiting for Late Signing Period End on May 20th... just like LS is

I dont know if you saw the latest blog from bruce feldman on espn but he ranked the fittest college head coaches and MC ranked number 1:


What is insane is that MC does muay-thai which i think is one of the sickest martial art fighting techniques.

Congrats on being the fittest HC in College Football MC. Too bad your players do not share your passion, hunger and killer instinct - all things you nodoubtedly got at UM where those traits are in everyone.

"What is insane is that MC does muay-thai which i think is one of the sickest martial art fighting techniques."

I agree...however, Muay Thai does not allow take downs or grappling, so standing to toe with someone swinging and kicking at you....

is just dumb.

I prefer Kenpo-Karate/Counter-fighting. Look what it's done for Lyoto and Chuck.

personally Judo i think is sick cause its self defense you rely on some1 elses attack and use it against them... mix that w/ wrestling at is skill man

Actually muay thai does allow for takedowns, it just isn't a central part of the art. As far as a striking martial art I tend to think that muay thai is the best, though boxing teaches better head and body movement. However he mixes muay thai training with jujitsu. If you wanted to go for a catch all your best bets would be either krav maga or sambo, with krav maga being preferable.

With the other site down and these updates getting sparse I need an FIU fix!!! LOL

Hey there was a nice article on Antonio Dixon in today's Herald. Very rewarding to see a young man overcome his disadvantaged background and learning disability to be awarded a prestigious scholastic award. Congratulations to Antonio and his family...Hope he does well in the NFL.

Congrats to MC on being the fittest head coach in college football. That guy is a specimen. I've been told by my student athlete friends that he is often the first person in the weight room and the last one out.

LMAO CANDY CANE - killer instinct in that sad bunch over in coral gables, you're living in the past. Keep that ra ra garbage to your scUM board where whether delusional douches like yourself can pat each other on the back on how right you are, then shut down their computers and weap silently. Your whole world has flipped on your head and you'll be the last to realize it.


All this talk about the great Turtle, but what about the things going on in the clubhouse? Limited practice hours exceeded, the use of former student athletes GPA's when they are no longer on the team, and revoking of scholarship and paying kids under the table. Why is there no one celebrating this? Instead, everyone promotes how great Turtle is, when in reality he is just another racist redneck not giving players their shot. Oh, and did I mention certain donations being made so certain players hitting below the mendoza line to play the infield?

Gotta love the Tortuga!

Truth... how much TRUTH is there to your story? This is the first time I read anything about those allegations yet you're asking us why we haven't mentioned it... maybe because you're the first one to make such bold statements about the program.

The Truth,

You better bring some proof to support your wild accusations and "paying kids under the table" claims. If you are incorrect (which you probably are), then some IP tracing should be considered as your defamation of character is a very serious offense and such derogatory claims spread like wildfire over the internet.

Truth - where are the facts that support your allegations?

Hey Truth:

Was that you with Jim Morris the other day in handcuffs coming out of the men's room at Tropical Park? The both of you getting arrested by MDPD....No one brought that up at Manny's blog either ?

Hmmmmm, maybe someone should look into Jim Morris' off-the-field personal hobbies.

The Truth ... were you under that table Turtle was sitting at? Did a stack of cash smack you in the face while you were on your knees?

Hey just so you know Turtle coaches for FIU not UCG. I think you are getting our guy confused with this other guy by the name of Jimmy! Go look for him in C.G.

Turtle has done an amazing job so far, and is most likely ONE season away from winning the SBC. Not bad for such a short time.

P.S: Who know maybe they will win it this year!

Big Game tomorrow!

The Truth - You're a complete idiot buddy. Not one thing you said there was true. Its idiots like you, prob an upset parent because your loser son never saw the field at c-UM (or whereever) and your upset bc you thought he was a 1st rounder and are now stuck footing the bill...HAHA! you crack me up. Turtle, for anybody that actually knows him, is one of the most stand-up, loyal, and well-mannered persons i have ever met (the same def cant be said for back stabbing morris who has passed his poor decision/coaching blames on Turtle, Lazer, Gino, and even JD)... Please explain to me how turtle is a racist? And FIU def., def., def. does not have any money what so ever to be throwing any out under the table. The bills you saw under the table where the ones they were throwing you for the excellent job you did while playing "stone face".... For those that dont know the game, a group of men sit around a table with a long table cloth, while The Truth is under the table and randomly choses a man to perform you know what. That man has to keep a straight face so that nobody knows its him.

Seriously, dont come on here with bs, childish accusations. That is a person's career and life that your talking about. Grow the F*(K up F@ GGOT!!!

And for your info dumb@ss. Players that are kicked off the team for their own stupidity but are on scholarship have to be included in the teams GPA for the semester (or whenever their scholarship expires), its an NCAA rule... YOU"RE SOO DUMB!!!!!

hey pete any update on the basketball recruits we are goin after.. tom is i think late signing day period comes to an end.. any chance we get an update?

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