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APR; Where's Latavious?; A-Rod The Painter

The NCAA released its APR scores today and FIU continued its improvement with five teams (women's Grad cross country, golf, soccer, tennis and softball) scoring a perfect 1000. And 10 other FIU teams also improved their scores.

Men's basketball had the biggest leap of 155 points from 800 to 955. The minimum score the NCAA requires is a 925. MC's football team made a 74-point leap from 891 to 965.

While the FIU baseball team raised its score (917) from its multi-year rate of 873 and had every player eligible and every baseball player that was scheduled to graduate ended up graduating, the NCAA gave FIU baseball some penalties: practice time reduced from 20 to 16 hours per week; reduced the playing season from 132 to 125 days and the schedule goes down from 55 to 54 games in 2010. No scholarships were lost and all FIU teams have their full allottment of scholies.


Although it has not become as popular a question as Where's Waldo?, there are 3 teams and possibly just 2 teams waiting to find out where 6-8 power forward and 5-star recruit Latavious Williams will play hoops this fall.

Still waiting on a call back from LW for a GPP interview, but heard two different scenarios about LW today. One has LW deciding between Georgetown, Memphis and FIU and the other scenario has LW deciding between just Georgetown and FIU with the Hoyas being the favorite. Let's see what LW can tell us.


If this baseball thing doesn't work out for Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez, then there might be aArodp future in painting for him.

The person that donated the paint job to University Park Stadium is none other than A-Rod. He owns the construction company that painted FIU's baseball stadium. FIU coach Turtle Thomas recruited and signed A-Rod to play across town back in the early 1990's.


Apaw With 7 games left (including tonight's game at Florida State) in the FIU baseball regular season, we have 4 contestants (Crazy Cane, TheChampionUnderdog, Gooch7 and Yandro) eliminated thus far from our WIN A GPP BASEBALL BLOG contest.

With FIU currently at 30-18, the most games the Panthers could lose would be 25 if they did not win the rest of the season. With the 4 contestants predicting FIU's loss total to be more than 25, they have gone over the loss total and are eliminated. (Closest to the actual FIU record without going over the loss total is the winner; Tiebreaker is closest to actual runs scored by FIU without going over) FIU has scored 398 runs as of Wednesday.

Here are your predictions from back in February:

FIUUuu (40-16, 392 runs); Baltimore Panther (37-19, Regionals, 409); Posterchild (37-19, Regionals, 449); Joel (36-20, Regionals, 410); Roman (36-20, Regionals, 385); Baseball Fan (35-21, Regionals, 420); Clawing Cancer (35-21, Regionals, 400); FIU_GPanther (35-21, Regionals, 408); Max (35-21, SBC finals, 401);  FIUBlueandGold (34-22, Super Reg, 392); FIUcanesFan (34-22, Regionals, 409); FIUPantherFan (33-23, SBC semis, 370); OC Panther (33-23, Regionals, 425); 2006PA (32-24, SBC champs, 320); FIU Fanatic (31-25, SBC semis, 402);

**** Yandro (30-26, SBC semis, 374); Gooch7 (29-27, SBC semis, 390); TheChampionUnderdog (26-30, no postseason, 385); Crazy Cane (25-31, Regionals, 350).    


FIURage: Pete any info on Byron Blake...did he sign w/ FIU?

PP: No, he signed with Arkansas State.

Fomenter: All I've seen mentioned, in your blog and Barry Jackson's, is that UM had a change of heart. Have I misread any article in which it shows that they initiated the conversation with FIU in regards to scheduling a basketball game? Please address this

Pete, I know you are a horrible journalist, hence you covering FIU and the Marlins, two of the worst represented sporting interests in the Metro-Dade market, but I suggest you get your head out of your ass and do some simple research on the attendance. . .I was able to attend a few of [UM] home games this year and my associate attends all their games as he is a die hard, and I assure you that there was not less than 30k actual attendance at any game

PP: Thanks for the compliment and your readership. To answer your questions (which by the way for Lunch being an avid Florida State fan, you're also UM's top defense attorney).

1) There has not been any article written about the talks. How do I know UM initiated the talks, because I have sources from both schools close to the situation. And both groups of sources tell me the same thing: Kirby Hocutt called Pete Garcia and invited him to lunch to open talks about playing FIU again in basketball. But initially, this lunch was going to happen later this summer and it was to discuss the 2 schools playing in other sports, not necessarily basketball. Then Isiah Thomas gets hired and the lunch invitation to PG suddenly gets moved up and playing FIU in basketball is the priority......Guess, it's a coincidence Barry had the same story, but not as many details?

Rb 2) As far as the attendance at Joe Robbie Stadium, now I'm not a lawyer, but I played one on TV. And I know you say you are a lawyer and you're kind of a big deal. In sifting through the sitcom between you and the FIU bloggers, I noticed you mention something about facts being more important than speculation.

So if that's the case, unless you grabbed the P.A. microphone at Joe Robbie Stadium when you were at a UM game and told the crowd: "Everyone please sit in your seats, because I am going to do a head count", then you can't really state for a fact that there were 30,000 or more people there, because you didn't do a head count and those large pockets of empty orange seats sure don't help your case, counselor. Sounds like you are speculating on attendance.


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Way to go Pete. Score one for the good guys.

How much of a narcissist must A-rod be to donate a painting of himself to UP stadium????

Cabin - I literally laughed out loud with that one - he didn't donate a painting, he donated the painting of the stadium.

Pete do you have any info on whether FIU is working on a TV contract with anyone, because I'm assuming there will be more games shown on TV specially Basketball and maybe even Football.

Pete u do an excellent job reporting and writing blogs here, just want to say thanks...That guy who insulted u is a total tool...I went to all ucg home games last year and there is no way there was more than 30k fans at Dolphin Stadium...

About A-Rod, i think it was a nice gesture towards TT for recruiting him...And I really dont care too much about the steroid controversy because honestly it was not banned in baseball back then...Plus we have no way of knowing how many baseball players actually did juice...In my opinion they were probably all on it...But anyways im thankful for A-Rod's nice gesture...

About Latavious Williams...Im crossing my fingers, he would be a key figure in team...I think it would be a good gamble on his part...Isiah and the new coaches will make sure he makes it to the NBA...

Speaking of Barry Jackson I decided to send him an email today regarding his Florida Sports Buzz column. I notice he usually writes about the Heat and UM. So i asked him if he could start including FIU sports buzz since there are thousands of FIU alumni that read the Herald. Here was his answer: Hi, Alex. Couple things: I write more about the Dolphins than any other team, followed by UM, the Heat and Marlins, because that's what's the overall level of interest is in this community. I would love to write more about FIU - and I do on rare occasions - but space constraints simply do not allow me to write more. While space is unlimited on the Internet, I have a finite amount of space in the newspaper, and that determines how much I write. That's why I can't give much space to the Florida Panthers, either.

Ive always seen him as another anti FIU writer at the herald along the lines of Greg Cotex and Manny Navarro. He had something in today's column about Robert Marve. Who cares? The kid left, thats that. Lets get some FIU buzz in that column. i encourage all to NICELY request more FIU related sports buzz. cause we deserve it.

yea i was bored at work ha. had nothing else to do today other than 81tch to Barry Jackson.

you da man pete. The service that you provide for FIU fans is unparalleled. but i also know that you aren't going to take this clowns nonsense to heart anyway...

Those things hardly make headlines, i'm talking about A-Rod consruction company paiting the baseball stadium, that was really nice of them. That stadium has been needing some LOVE paint 4 a long time. He probably saw it when he came, 2 shot a commercial last year.....but anyways Thank U, for painting the stadium..... By the way Pete, when would we know about the signing of Latavious Williams ????? i will watching out 4 it!!!!!

Reality hurts doesn't FIU baseball fans?

For the first time this year you had to play a team ranked nationally in the Top 25 and you got smoked. There is no real shock there, is there?

As for ArrozConPollo - are you really that big of fraud? You just admittd to going to all of the UM games last year. Thank you for your support? Did you go to UM and are now a FIU fan? Do/did you go to FIU and are a Canes fan - is that even allowed by the GPers? Are you a fan of both the GP's and the Canes - is that allowed? Or, are you going to continue to be a fraud and say you went to every UM home game and cheered for the opposing team?

Dude, honestly I do not care why you went or who you cheered for, it just comes down to that fact you could not stay away from the U and it is what I have been saying here for the past few years, FIU will always need and want to be what The U is, was and will be again.

PP wrote:
"Everyone please sit in your seats, because I am going to do a head count", then you can't really state for a fact that there were 30,000 or more people there, because you didn't do a head count and those large pockets of empty orange seats sure don't help your case, counselor. Sounds like you are speculating on attendance."

PP, did you? Sounds to me like you're the one speculating. You know, this I can understand coming from an FIU blogger reg. But from you? A supposed journalist? No wonder the herald doesn't give you any real assignments.

Biggest Putz Award goes to.....(drum roll)..... little PP.

Here's actually a link regarding Miami's poor attendance.

Unbiased reporting showing that Miami does have a really poor attendace (not arguing). "For the fourth season in a row, the Hurricanes' average home attendance will be in the 40,000-plus range." Waay above that 15,000 garbage you were talking about in the last post.

The shadow being cast from Tamiami across Coral Gables is getting longer and larger every day. It's over for the U.

I like that CC comes here to talk smack when UCG's rival beats us. Funny, I remember last year taking one from the #1 ranked team in the country with FIU fielding one of its worst teams in a long time. Obviously that means we're ready for the big time right CC? It's one game, as everyone knows, in baseball, anything can happen in one game and it has nothing to do with the overall quality of the team.

Great stuff Pete,

You know times are tough & pete is great when a "lawyer" has the time to come online and come to check out the GPP section. Yet again, CrazyCane and the rest of the scUM come by the GPP daily in fear that FIU might take that next step.

Say all you want, but YOU know its true that if UM held one game to only students and alumni to attend... it wouldn't break 15k...
Just wait until another team starts winning, see what happens to all your LOYAL UCG FANS

Say all you want to sound big and bad, UCG hasnt done jack since the days of Willis and Andre.

You have all these BIG TIME recruits come your way year in and year out, and what happens? NOTHING. We get TY Hilton, who was maybe a 2-3 star recruit, and what happens? he creates more buzz than any of your weapons. Guy, the highlight of the UM season was Marve wanting to transfer! end of story.

UM is stuck in the mud & can't seem to get out.
While FIU can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We all know 40,000 don't attend UM games just like 18,000 don't attend FIU games. The "official" numbers are tickets sold, which includes donations which can run into the thousands.

I remember when the Heat had practically sold out their season tickets during their "dynasty" years yet AAA was half empty when we'd play weak teams like Minnesota or Sacramento. When I was a Heat season ticket holder, I wouldn't bother going to the uninteresting games...and I wasn't alone.

Let's continue inviting CrazyCane, Fomenter and all the other FIU haters to post....this drives readership and traffic polls throughout the internet. You think 790 the ticket decided to get into a long term contract with FIU before researching community interest and "virtual ratings" in FIU? I'm sure when they see four pages worth of replies in GPP, it confirms their media allegiance to FIU. Way to shoot yourselves in the foot Crazy, Fomenter, and other FIU haters.

good point...


I heard that LW is visiting Georgetown today and we are the only schools he went on Official visits to.

I think Depending on his grades determines where he goes between us and G town. Think Memphis a Dark horse after their coach bolted.

Hey CandyCane i grew up a canes fan cuz obviously there was no other football team here in Miami to root for, Cane by default my friend...But after seeing all the crappy decisions they have made as a school the past couple of years: 1) Destroying the OB~the pride of joy of Miami & replacing it with a lame Dolphins stadium 2) Making horrible hires~ President shallalaalala, Coker, Chocolate Marsmallow man Haith (cant even take a talented team to the tournament). 3) A Classless University: Total disrespect to RIP Sean Taylor for not honoring him with the memorial at UM but instead having it at FIU. Sad thing is he was such a good person and in my opinion a hero. 4) I decided to go to FIU instead of UM after realizing how much FIU is growing and how UM is going backwards...Not to mention how expensive the school is for nothing. And my decision paid off...I am successful and have no debt...So yes last year I bought season tickets for both UM and FIU...But i can guarantee u that this year I will only spend my hard working money on season tickets for FIU...FIU is heading in the right direction, UM is not...Whats happening in FIU is unstoppable!! It will be what UM once was to Miami...People are realizing they were only canes fans by default, just like me...

One question Mr. Candycane...How many players from UM were drafted this year...Only one lol, UM is even losing its grip on bringing players to the NFL.

Max - the funny thing is I agree with you. So let me ask you this question, after FIU beat Miami last year in the game at Mark Light - why was every FIU fan on this blog talking crap - it was only one game and anything can happen, right? Or does that ideology only work when FIU loses?

You all are such hypocrites. Say what you want about me, but mr arguments and ideas never change - they don't alter whether my team is winning or losing. You all are the biggest bunch of frauds I have ever read.

ArrozConPollo - you are one of the biggest frauds of them all. Youmake claims and provide no factual evidence to back it up - and when you do use facts, they are often inac curate - if thats what an education paid for by the state and a job serving black beans and rice and having no college debt will get ya - you can keep it.


Don't confuse privileged UM alumni who leave the school still living off their trust funds with hard-working people that had to make their own living.

By the way, I work at a major federal facility here in South Florida and I have still to meet a UM alumni here. I'll ask my fellow FIU alumni here to keep looking. Also, you mentioned STATE education? I wonder what the FSU and UF alumni around me think about that as well.

Look, you're absolutely right. We're ALL biased. But some of the UM posters here are drenched in insecurity, which isn't a Calvin Klein cologne last time I checked. If FIU is such a backwater, low-class school why do "attorneys" and Masters of the Universe as yourself bother spending time with us imbeciles on our blog. Surely, if one of us dared to wander into a UM blog, I'd understand the assault. Besides, the impeccable used of the English language on a UM blog might cause my feeble brain to disintegrate and seep out of my ears.

I'll respect the UM student/alumni populace to defend what is truly theirs. But you guys no longer own the show down here. FSU and UF alumni continue to grow in South Florida, FAU is growing in the Treasure Coast, and FIU is slowly but surely proving that UM is no longer the only show in "black bean and rice" land. I appreciate your racial insinuations. Perhaps you should ask Greg Camarillo, Mark Sanchez, Anthony Gonzalez, Tony Gonzalez, Luis Castillo, and many other pro football players of that origin as to what kind of bean to prefer to eat.

Fact is CC, you're a troll. Nothing of value comes from your fingertips. At least Really? presents factual arguments and coherence. But you CC, you're nothing more than a waste of sperm and ova spawned years ago.

When your dreams about FIU being amazing don't plan out, don't jump back on the canes bandwagon

Great, great post ArrozConPollo.

You should seriously think about sending that in to the editor for the editorial page in the Herald.

The FSU loss was a tough pill to swallow, but this can happen at any time. As a FIU fan I do not believe our team is ready to challenge the very best in baseball, that being LSU, but we have shown an ability to beat credible opposition and wouldn't be surprised if we were to beat FSU in a different game.

Our win against UM in baseball was a lot like our loss to FSU, it can happen. However our team is clearly improved in that they are now consistently winning. TT has already brought in more solid recruits, and eventually we will have a program that ranks in the top 15 of college baseball programs nationally.

As a school we are improving academically, even if a bias exists that doesn't recognize that fact, with our average incoming freshman having grades and SAT scores comparable to that of UM. As an athletic program we have seen a tremendous turn around with better recruits coming to FIU than ever before, and tangible growth on and off the field. It will take some time, we are a young school with an even younger athletic program, but we will get there eventually.

That's not the concern Pete. Fact is, for decades FIU alumni have been on your bandwagon. Now that the school is growing on so many levels, we don't need UM to carry us. No, FIU still isn't the established institution that is UM, but at least we have a future to look forward to.

Perhaps you should stop taking note of the people jumping off your wagon and keep your eyes on the path ahead.

CrazyCane all u do is assume and talk nonsense yet im the one with no facts. How are these not facts:

1) OB was destroyed and replaced by Dolphins stadium
2) Sean Taylor's funeral was held in FIU and not in UM
3) I do not serve black beans and rice. lol I run a successful buisness that has nothing to do with food. FIU buisness school is great! Im only 26 and already own two houses and a Mercedes Benz SL convertible. Don't be a hater!

Btw ArrozConPollo is just a silly name I thought of to call myself on here. Since I seem to eat ArrozconPollo a lot I decided to go with that..Stop assuming, think more critically, and accept the truth. Time will show you Crazycane that u were wrong about FIU...

ArrozConPollo - I own a house in Bel Aire, Paris, the Bahamas and an apt in Japan. I have several hundred cars ranging from a 1960's porsche to a 2009 Lambo. Please do not compare property with me, you will lose everytime. Also, please do not use property as a sign of success. I know that is the FIU way i.e. we have a stadium on campus, so we must be better - but that would be a huge mistake.

As to your facts - the OB was not destroyed and replaced by Dolphin Stadium. In case you live under a rock somewhere, The OB was destroyed and now the New marlins stadium will be constructed at that site - Dolphin Stadium has been around for a long time my friend - and by the way, i own that too.

More to come.


I've seen that J.Thompson Jr is not too confident Lat Williams gets admitted and cleared for G-Town BBall...Are we to assume that PG and Zeke would not recruit this kid unless they knew he qualifies here as well ?

The kid bolts after 1 year anyway, does that not impact that APR stuff we are still working out ???

Lmao, that just turned ridiculous.

"I own five mansions, nine penthouses, a summer villa in St. Barth, a hotel in Bangkok two of the Virgin Islands, the top deck of the Eiffel Tower, one side of the Great Wall of China, the original Batmobile, a Gulfstream V, the original Boeing 707 used for Air Force One, the government of Oman, and your mom."

Fricking grow up, CC. If you had that many investments, it would be obvious you wouldn't spend nearly as much time posting on here.

You know what CC, nevermind about the posting issue. I forgot you had NASA develop a special Blackberry that has its own satellite and uses the most advanced AI to auto-respond to any blog on Earth based on recordings of your brainwaves. All this while you engage in your fourth menage-a-trois today with the freshest Iranian virgins.

Couple things I had in mind:

1) The FSU lose hurts. I realize we are not a Top 10 team (yet), but a game of that magnitude would build up huge confidence going into the end of the season.

2) I.T. is doing an amazing job with the recruiting. In less then a month he has picked up more talent then FIU has in the last 5 years. More to come also..

3) As for Mr. Lawyer (LMAO).. If you think that UM comes close to having 40K human bodies inside the stadium that you "Rent" you are truley a looser.. Just so you know there is this thing called sponsers. They will buy 10,000 tickets and now 30K(humans) + 10K(non humans)= 40K.. FIU's fan base sucks I admit it, but UCG fan base sucks also!

Last note:
Pete I am so proud to have lost the baseball bet. I underestimated how good this team can actually be. I cant wait till 100% of the players are T.T. recruits. Wow! Just order the Sunbelt rings ahead of time. Maybe they will give you a better price. Ha ha ha..

Note: Boys will make it to Semis and maybe Finals in the Belt!


Laughing at CC. How did u pass the LSAT if u can't even think critically. It's very obvious that when i said the OB was destroyed and replaced by Dolphin Stadium, I meant that the the stadium of great pride of Miami was destroyed and UM is now playing at lame Dolphin stadium..Yes Marlins stadium will be built at the OB site but what does that have to do with UM football? How does it benefit them? They will still be playing at lame Dolphin stadium aka Landshark stadium...And the sad thing is that UM changed venues just to save a few dollars...They don't care about what the fans want...They don't even care if youre a famous alumnus that gets murdered (RIP S. Taylor)...Classless Univerity...

I own two Technics 1200 turntables.

Take that.


I would say he stay 2 years. He would need to gain another 30lbs at his position before he goes pro. I could see him leaping after 1 year if he had the mobility small forward.

Similarly, if he is good enough to go pro after 1 year that speaks wonders for the direction we are going.


I hear ya and agree. He is raw and a project, but I think his athleticism is rare. Zeke could work the phones on his behalf and make this kid a lottery pick in 2011 ?? Hope we can sign him.

grew up a canes fan cuz obviously there was no other football team here in Miami to root for, Cane by default my friend...But after seeing all the crappy decisions they have made as a school the past couple of years: 1) Destroying the OB~the pride of joy of Miami & replacing it with a lame Dolphins stadium 2) Making horrible hires~ President shallalaalala, Coker, Chocolate Marsmallow man Haith (cant even take a talented team to the tournament). 3) A Classless University: Total disrespect to RIP Sean Taylor for not honoring him with the memorial at UM but instead having it at FIU. Sad thing is he was such a good person and in my opinion a hero. 4) I decided to go to FIU instead of UM after realizing how much FIU is growing and how UM is going backwards...Not to mention how expensive the school is for nothing. And my decision paid off...I am successful and have no debt...So yes last year I bought season tickets for both UM and FIU...But i can guarantee u that this year I will only spend my hard working money on season tickets for FIU...FIU is heading in the right direction, UM is not...Whats happening in FIU is unstoppable!! It will be what UM once was to Miami...People are realizing they were only canes fans by default, just like me...

One question...How many players from UM were drafted this year...Only one lol, UM is even losing its grip on bringing players to the NFL.

Posted by: Not the U anymore | May 07, 2009 at 02:23 PM

Why post this? I dont understand, is this not the same fiu program that went a season in the sun belt without gtiing a win.
What makes you so cocky?


I realize it's (still) a longshot to land Latavious, but hey...a 5-star player choosing FIU Basketball at this stage would be incredibly positive to our program. However, I'm not holding my breath for that one....just hoping....

Pete, as for the APR thing...I find it extremely ironic that Sun Sentinel's Ted Hutton, who is FAU's beat writer and rarely writes about FIU, found it necessary to write about FIU's baseball program penalties from APR consequences, while ignoring the improvement witthin FIU, and ignoring FAU's scholarhsip reductions penalties....hmmmmm....


I know the opening game for football is months away, but what do you guys think that chances are that the game will be sold out! 20,000 crazy FIU Fans! Wow! That would be nice to see.

Got my tix..

We need to do all we can to fill the place up at all home games... and avoid the confusion caused last season with the "student voucher" fiasco that cost us who knows how many students going to the USF game... Keep it simple and promote the games really well and the students will come!

So the NOLEs spanked us, not to despair our best arms should be throwing this weekend against USA. The schedule was a little unkind and neither Tom or Scott could go against FSU.

If we can get into the NCAA regionals, I like our chances. Double elimination format and if you toss Fondon in the mix we have 3 arms that could get us thru to the Super Regionals. Turtle will have to play it smart here at the end, but opponents are only hitting under .260 against Tom & Scott.

Good luck against USA this weekend guys !!!

How are no FIU fans calling out "WhosHouse" for his rediculous post?

You ALL are proving my point that you are hypocrites. I say something about black beans and rice and everyone acts like I am Satan - this guys posts the above, and no one blinks.

Where is the Panther Claw??????????????????????

Also, Arroz - what is the LSAT - and why would have had to pass it? Please explain? Is it like the SAT's? B/c as far as I know there is no "pass"/"fail" on the SAT's, just scores. Please explain to everyone who does not know what the LSAT is, myself included, and how you PASS it. Thank you.

You get no sympathy from me U scUMbag !!! Stop your crying and remove the KOTEX from between Ur legs.

D-bag. Your cAnEs r finished.

Crazy Cane of course you wouldn't know what the LSAT is. It is the entrance exam to get into Law School. You first have to graduate from college to go to law school and from your remarks i'll be surprised if you even have that. Arroz was just confused with the other UM reject who is posting on our board who is a lawyer.

How is it that all you UM folk cannot spell the word RIDICULOUS correctly and still have the nerve to call out our school on education?

For the record, in my profession, I have met students from all over the country with the same engineering background on me. You name it, I've met them. At the end of the day, NONE of them have anything on me as far as scientific knowledge and the engineering process is concerned.

This takes me back to a post I saw tormenter make saying that "his company" throws out applications from FIU, FAU and Nova. Any person here who works for the federal government knows that as long your school is accredited, the US does not care where you graduated from. End of story.

Now, if you work as a traffic lawyer and have your face on every bus bench in the city, then by all means, congratulations on throwing out applications that are as accredited as your own. For the record, I am US federal employee and I'm working for the most prestigious agency in the world. Here's a hint, watch a news station at about 2:03 PM on Monday. I have been recruited by the best of the best private computer & processor industries in the world; and all of this with my FIU degree. It is pretty sad that the United States Government is willing to acknowledge a degree that your "prestigious law-firm" will not.

This now takes me to this silly little argument about who has what. First of all CC, no one cares about your money or what you own. Secondly, it is pretty obvious that you had money in the first place, since you attended a school that leaves you with a mortgage payment after you graduate. Lastly, I question your security as a successful UM alumni. The fact that you need to come in here and take shots at our blog columnist, who is merely doing his job, is pretty pathetic. The fact that you feel the need to knock on your supposed inferior competition only a few miles away in FIU, shows that you UM guys (or Miami Dade Drop-outs, I can't tell the difference) are feeling threatened by something. You have to be blind to not realize the progress that FIU is making in a couple of years. If you feel that you will keep us down by putting us down, you're very wrong.

Keep up your pathetic rants. It only validates us more to have the likes of you and tormenter grace us with your honorable presence.

CrazyCane - I think you should be worried/focusing on your own boys making a regional, instead of worrying about FIU losing to FSU...UM got blown out by FSU 1 game, as well, not to mention swept by UNC, loss 2 of 3 to Clemson, and loss 2 of 3 to GT... so it doesnt seem like they handle top 25 too well either.


Well said, my brother.

My money says that LocaCane is a retired mortgage broker and is now trying to CON people into loan modification programs.

That's what a G.ood E.nough D.iploma gets U.

FIUPIKE - i think we need to make it to championship game in conference tourney to get a regional bid. Hopefully we can get a healthy Mollica back in the mix too, to help with the bats (although defensively, i think his fill-ins have been better then him)

BTW, I too was once a UM fan. Why? When I was in high school, if i saw the word "Florida" or "Miami", i was rooting for that squad.

When you get into college, specially right now when FIU is on the rise athletically, you realize that that team that said Miami on their jerseys hardly represented the city. Schools only represent schools and that's how I completely lost interest for UM. I think speak for many of the GPP members who were once UM fans.

Damnit, where's my F Da U shirt?

I've got to love Pete's "journalism" (and I use that term very, very loosely). Thanks for addressing my question regarding the "sources" you and Barry have. Don't you think you left out valuable information? You should have addressed who initiated it, not left poor implications regarding it. That's exactly why I asked you to address it.

As to the attendance issue, I'm the one speculating? You have no proof of your "under 20k" statement, with obvious reported attendance in the AP slapping you in the face regarding it, and you think I'm speculating? Jeesh, so if those reports are wrong, how wrong are the reports for FIU's attendance?

Isn't it funny how the NCAA requires 15k(IIRC) for D-1A programs in attendance and your school consistently hovers around it? If you're going to accuse Joe Robbie's ticket counters of funny math, I suggest you look to your own school first. Pockets of empty seats in a stadium that sits under 20k might put you under that requirement, wouldn't it?

So the fact that my speculation underestimates UM's attendance by 10k as a safe observation, I was obviously proven correct. Sure they had pockets of empty seats, that's what happens when you play in a stadium designed for soccer/professional football. Are you ready to concede the point that you were incorrect. Or was that just speculation. Here's what you wrote:

"And don't worry about FIU Stadium only seating 20,000 right now, the actual crowds were less than 20,000 at JRS on Saturdays last fall anyway."

Did you do a headcount? Were you on the PA? Seems as if people counted the tickets and proved you wrong. Do you believe in printing retractions, or do you just have no belief in accountability.

You got me for defending UM. I respect the heck out of them since they play anyone, anywhere, anytime. Guess that's why I married a Hurricane. I too used to be one of the many delusional haters like you, but once I started actually working and getting to know people from UM, they dispelled those misnomers about them.

Are you going to address that or continue to back track? Do your editors know that you are putting out incorrect information on the blog they own?

Hmmm still avoiding my comment about how FIU Law whooped everyone in Florida this past February and how UM scored dead last.

Maybe you should ask your buddy CrazyCane for an explanation as to why UM Law is doing so poorly. Since he doesn't even know what the LSAT is, he would be the correct individual to ask.

lol tools.

Anyone else as pissed off at the Marlins as I am? Seriously, how do you go from being the best to be soooo damn mediocre? Canes fans, can you help me out here?

Wait... So tormenter, you did not attend the U?

If not, then where did you go to school?

Congratulations Fomenter on your best post to date. You were coherent this time around. See what happens when you stop trying to impress and start writing to your true abilities.

I just have one question for you. Did you just admit to marrying your wife because she is a hurricane, and the hurricanes will play anyone, anywhere, anytime? I find you fascinating, please don't stop entertaining me. Come back anytime to this blog.

Sorry I was gone for a while, things occur where I don't stick to a blog every day. It's quite flattering that your post includes some sort of adulation towards me, despite that the blog dedicates a substantial amount of attention towards me as it is. But your adulation falls upon shoulders with too much to burden as it is, as there is only so much room on my plate for the courses that matter. See, things like FIU adulation, the broccoli of the plate if you will, get brushed aside before the lobster and such. But at least I take notice of it before I request a side plate to take it away.

I didn't marry my wife because she is a hurricane. I respect the school because of what they stand for athletically (and in that sense only) and only until recently did I begin respecting them academically when they got their head out of the sand. Hopefully your new President does the same, but if he's anything like Modesto the Brave, it'll continue to spread itself way, way too thin.

Much love to all of you.

Oh, and sorry about that Quijote. You guys did a great job of whooping everybody. Too bad those who passed are busy going to the state attorney's and public defender's office for jobs, while being turned down at the bottom rung 50k a year jobs to the half decent 100k a year jobs. Good for you! Your students passed the exam. Happy happy joy joy experience, yet their best shot of doing anything relatively soon is chasing ambulances.

Maybe they can follow the FIU "whaammmmmbulance" train.

One more comment Quijote, Benifacio's great start was a reason for our great start. His slump is the reason he's on the chute and not the ladder. That's why Washington couldn't do much with him.

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