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Latavious "The Same"; Mollica Back For Hooters Series

Called 5-star forward Latavious Williams this morning to see how the visit to Georgetown went.

LW did not go to Georgetown last weekend, but will visit the Hoyas this coming weekend. He said he would make a decision between Georgetown, FIU, Kansas State and Memphis by next Wednesday, May 20.

Asked if he's changed his mind about any of the 4 teams, LW said "I'm still looking at all the schools theMollica same. Everything is still the same."

Not so the case with FIU second baseman Ryan Mollica (.379 avg, 8 HR, 49 RBI), who was cleared to play after missing the last couple of weeks with an illness. Spoke with RM this morning and he expects to be back in the lineup on Thursday for the first game of the regular season finale 3-game series with Florida Atlantic.

FIU is currently 4th in the Sun Belt and trails Middle Tennessee and Troy by 2 games in the loss column. MT finishes the season with 3 games against conference leader Western Kentucky. Troy plays 3 vs. South Alabama.

The Panthers still have a chance to finish 2nd in the regular season, but need big weekends from WK and SA. Either way, FIU needs to win the series vs. the Hooters and a sweep would be even better for their chances to catch MT and Troy. By the way, if FIU wins the series against FAU, more than likely the only Hooters we'll see in Troy, Alabama at the Sun Belt Tournament are of the chicken wings variety.

Hooters FIU owns the tiebreaker vs. Troy, but not vs. MT.

Although stranger things have happened (ask our GPP friend Joaquin Andujar), it looks as though FIU will need a strong showing in the Sun Belt Tournament next week to get into an NCAA regional. The thought here is FIU must at least reach the Sun Belt title game. You can vote below on what FIU needs to do to get into a regional.

Will be traveling to Troy, Alabama next Tuesday to cover the SBC Tourney and will have LIVE GAME BLOGS for each of FIU's games in the tourney.

The Panthers open the SBC Tournament next Wednesday at 4 p.m. against either: New Orleans, South Alabama, Louisiana, ULM, Florida Atlantic or Arkansas State -- all 6 are within 1 or 2 games of 5th place right now with UNO, SA and UL tied for 5th going into Thursday's play.


Jimmy: After reading the wrap-ups I was shocked to learn that FIU lost 7 starters on defense. Is that correct and, if so, who are the starters that are returning?

PP: FIU lost 6 starters on D: Daniel Chacreton, Michael Dominguez, Marshall McDuffie, Robert Mitchell, Quentin Newman and Jarvis Penerton.

gpantera: Pete, Your blog is hungry. Feed it!

PP: Dinner is served. Busy in these next 9 days before leaving for Troy. Working on a couple of FIU baseball features (Tyler Townsend's story runs in Thursday's MH and Scott Rembisz/Tom Ebert story runs early next week), currently in Lakeland helping out with state championships for Dade/Broward high schools, will be in Boca Raton Thursday-Saturday for FIU/FAU 3-game series, then Marlins/Dodgers on Sunday before flying up to Sun Belt Tournament. But don't worry the GPP will not go to the back burner.

FIU Fanatic: Pete, I never read online your article talking about the conversations that UM AD and Pete Garcia are having to renew the rivalry games in both...revenue and non-revenue sports. Any reason for it?

PP: Will check with on-line people on why it's not on there. The full article is on the previous blog. And FIU will not play UF, FSU and UM all in the same season in football like some readers were wondering. Although the Panthers would like to play all 3 in baseball and basketball yearly if it could be worked out with all the teams schedules.


 The Latavious train keeps on chugging with our poll question, which has reached close to 300 votes. From the conversations with LW, I get the feeling he's headed to Georgetown. A couple of our new readers are sure that's he not going to FIU.

A reader in Fargo, North Dakota says FIU has 0% percent chance of landing LW and so does a reader in San Jose, Costa Rica. No gains from those people for FIU, but they are gains to our scorecard:



36 COUNTRIES: Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, U.S.A., Venezuela, Vietnam.

1 DISTRICT: Washington, D.C. and 1 TERRITORY: Puerto Rico.

Apaw Besides receiving an automatic bid by winning the Sun Belt Tournament, what do you think FIU must do to get an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament:


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just sweep FAU... anytime we can whoop on them im happy :)

Hey Pete, any news on what happened to Delmonico after he finished coaching the Netherlands? We need to get that master of disaster back!

I can't see any way FIU gets an at-large bid unless they finish in 2nd place overall and get to the title game in the tourney. In past years, that's been enough for most SBC teams to nail down an at-large.

Realistically speaking, they'll probably have to win the tournament to get in, especially if they don't beat FAU this weekend. Which, hopefully, FIU will. The Owls are not doing too hot and the starting pitching has been very good all season long.

My only concern is the starters, though. If they falter, FIU's pretty much screwed. The less this bullpen gets used, the better. Hopefully, TT fixes that up next season.

CC, the good thing about this week and from now on, is that essentially FIU gets 2 additional good relievers in DeSimone and Fondon since there are no more midweek games. If you can get through with them, Berkowits and Marban (what's wrong with him this year) then you hopefully can get things done.

Clawing - i think you may be wrong. I think if we can pull off a sweep and then make it to championship game in tourney, then we are in (regardless of whether we finish in 3rd or not). We hold the tie breaker against Troy and i think making it further in the tournament would put us in over them.

The mid-week games hurt us this season, middle relief arms got hammered all year. Hopefully in this SBC tourney we get quality innings from the starters late into the games...

I get your point about DeSimone and Fondon, PantherFan, but relief and starting is two different things. Not everyone who's a starter can be a good pitcher out of the bullpen. It can't hurt, though. They can't be any worse than what's been in the pen so far, and they might be better.

The Sun Belt's a decent baseball conference, c-UM, but they don't always get two at-large bids. That's why I think it's important for FIU to finish in 2nd place. Granted, it's partly out of their hands - FIU needs help for 2nd place to happen - but a sweep of a team who might not even make it into the conference tourney isn't exactly the stuff at-large bids are made of. If we had done better against top teams, maybe that's a different story.

(On that note, I'm sure TT is seriously regretting that FIU's games against Tennessee and Coastal Carolina got rained out. Wins against either of those two would've definitely helped in that department.)

Regardless, I think FIU, at the least, has to win the FAU series and get to the title game to have any chance of an at-large. I'd feel better about it if FIU was also the #2 seed going into the tourney. They'd probably get a better draw and be a little better positioned on the bubble.

The big thing is what pike says, though... the GP's need Rembisz, Ebert and Polizzano to have solid starts and use as little of the pen as possible. If the starters falter, it's curtains, I think. FIU could hit their way out of one bad starting pitching performance, but more than that is a lot to ask for.

I think its going to be extremly hard to get to the Championship Game. They should be O.K until the Semi's but Western and Middle are two tough teams. If they make the Championship game they will get into th Big Dance for sure!

Regardless, what an improvement TT has made in such little time. Amazing!

Big News:
Head Track and Field Coach Camble was named Sunbelt Coach of the Year!

Add another big time coach to the staff. Way to go coach. Keep up the hard work!

Go F.I.U.

Congrats to the Track and Field Coach!!..especially working without facilities at the moment...

Now...Pete...is it true that Isiah is recruiting hard Lance Stephenson?
...and the kid is actually favoring...or listing FIU among his favorites now?.

He is a 5-star recruit in both scout.com and rivals.com. Hoopscooponline ranks him...believe it or not...as the NATION'S #1 RECRUIT!!

Please, let us know what you know..and if true...

Here's the link with the story:


FIU Fanatic what are some of the issues that are being brought up about the kid?

Isn't nice not to hear from crazy cane?

He was arrested for groping a woman ???


Not sure what resulted in this ??

i posted this question to the U fans..

i dont want to bring up this whole FIU vs. UM thing as much as the next guy im just wondering what the UM fans would think IF FIU lands the 2 5 star recruits in Lance "born ready" Stephenson (McDonald all american Guard) and latavious Williams (6'-8" PF) in roughly a month of IT' era while it has taken Frank Haith this long to be under consideration for Mark Wall. granted we are a long shot for latavious i think but source says we are being strongly considered by Lance stephenson. its a serious question not ment to anger anyone just curious what would you think recruiting wise?

Posted by: CJ | May 13, 2009 at 03:49 PM

If we were to sign Williams and Stephenson, we would win 20 games alone on pure athleticism, and if Zeke can actually coach...WATCH OUT !!

NY Daily news is known in the industry to be sensationalistic and even then there is no real story there.

Sign the kid

CJ: Dont you think it is a little premature to discuss the implications of FIU signing 1 or even 2 5-star basketball recruits? Talk of such hypothetical scenarios will only get the crazies of world all riled up for no real reason.

Also, the source alleging Lance Stephenson's strong interset in FIU is an anonymous insider quoted in the NBE basketball report. I think it would be prudent to wait to hear of such strong interst from the horse's mouth.

I think its an amazing feat for IT to even have FIU listed on those players' wish lists (confirmed on one list and allegedly on the other's). But I would wait until IT actually signs a top player before getting into these discussions. Remember it is a huge step from considering a school to actually signing with that school.

Good point, Jimmy....especially when talking on "other" boards. However, "in house"....meaning on FIU boards, it's just impressive that Isiah, and FIU, could be the only program "talking" and with chances of landing the last two 5-star basketball recruits that have not committed, or signed, yet.

Jimmy smells like a Cane. Nevertheless, I second his post. Way to early. Let's not get panties in a bunch prematurely.

Rumor has it, since Kobe Bryant and Kevin Garnett never went to college - they want to go to school and play for IT at FIU. Wow, IT is really making a splash with his recruiting. Can you imagine if IT can land these guys, we will def win the Sunbelt, or at least be in contention in IT's first season. Way to go IT - keep up the good work.

Next, TT should go after A-Rod and Griffey for the 2010 baseball season. If he could get them for next year - we will definetly make the an NCAA regional.

I think the sleeping giant is awake and ready to eat based on the recruiting shown above by IT and TT.


gpantera: I am a UM graduate and Cane fan. However I am from Miami and like to follow all South Florida sports. Also Pete writes a great blog and actually posts updates, unlike Manny who has become completely MIA.


err...crazy panther...cane....FIUDad...and other "personalities" is mad.....and can't understand what's written on some blogs, and on recruting websites......

for an update regarding stephenson check out zagsblog.com, also he is prob going to Memphis, JMHO and Williams is BE bound

Crazy turd is just upset that A-Rod's dirty drug money was able to buy naming rights to their baseball stadium.

I knew the Idiot UCG Cheerleader would come out of his little cave sooner or later.. Hey keep cheering since you can't do anything else.



CrazyCane is very sensitive today. Probably time of the month.

Pete, thanks for the great info. I believe our top 3 starting pitcher can take us far in Sun Belt tournament and having Mollica back definitely helps. Even if we don't make regionals, TT has done a tremendous job. Next year should be even better.


If this whole IT turns out to be legit (the jury is still out), then I think FIU will without a doubt pass um in basketball in about 2-3 years.

Frank Haith, the mens basketball coach at um- no need to google it crazy cane, is not the "name" coach that IT can be.

I know that everyone points to football as the sport that will take FIU over the top, but I feel basketball could be the one to do it first.

All it will take is 1-2 blue chip players for this team to go over the top. Think about it. What was um before Howard S. became the coach and recruited Jim Kelly?

I know what you are asking crazy cane, so I went ahead and did the work for you:

Howard S. - um footabll coach.
Jim Kelly - um/buffalo bills qb.

Source: Google.


Pete I have an idea, got the inspiration from the picture of the real HOOTERS. I think the previous blogs had too much hate, name calling, and arguments that it is time to bring everybody together.
You should do a blog about the lingerie football team and league and have lots of pictures. I am sure all, or at least most of the blogers here would become fans.

I knew something smelled fishy about that whole Schnelly/Kelly thing, and since Google searches seem to be the fad the past week or so...guess what I did... Seems as if Lou Saban recruited Schnelly. I thought I remembered watching an Army/Navy game and hearing about how he had to leave Miami in the late 70s.

Why don't people on this blog just try to enjoy their team and avoid talk about "overtaking" UM? There's nothing that says you will overtake them except expectations and hopes. You aren't even the same conference with them, and chances are you never will be, so it's pretty much irrelevant whether you do or don't overtake them.

I would hope FIU fans would be more concerned with overtaking FAU and making some real progress outside of the Sun Belt.

Sorry, supposed to read "Lou Saban recruited Kelly". Bit too tired, apologies.

I agree with Fomenter we need to focus on beating our current rivals ... the UM thing is getting old. Its going to be an exiting game if it happens but lets focus on FIU. Forget UM.

Baseball America has posted its latest predictions/projections for the regionals:


It has the Sun Belt getting 3 teams, currently WKU, MTS and Troy. If FIU can get up to #3 in conference it has a great shot at a regional, probably as a #4 seed.

We should focus on FIU, I couldn't care less about fau and frankly, there's no point in discussing ucg. There's enough FIU sports related information to keep us happy. Is the new 5* recruit a possibility Pete?

You are right. Let's forget about um.

I think FIU has a chance to get Stephenson and Williams. That would make them a good team instantly. But, Don't be surprised if Thomas lands James Beatty, Alvin Mitchell, Rascoe Davis, Quinton Watkins, Waverly Austin or Keenan Ellis. All would be instant contributors for FIU and Isiah Thomas is a good enough salesman to land these guys. Davis is a F/C who is looking for a home on the east coast. Ellis is a former top 100 guy who played with Mayo and Walker in HS. Watkins is a top talent who just needs to be given a chance. Mitchell is a scorer who is from south florida. Beatty is the best PG available and he just finished up at Miami-Dade. He is still wide open. If they land 4 out of the 8, they will win the conference and go dancing this year. Next year will be even better especially if they add Tim Hardaway to the staff.

We do have a chance to pick up Stephenson and/or Williams, but with the Hoyas possibly back in the running for Williams academically I wouldn't count on netting him. Born-ready and LW would be such huge pickups for us, and they would be instant stars down here. If they sign and Fredricks signs we will have two five-stars, three four-stars, and two three-stars, giving us the best recruiting class in the Sun Belt by far.


We have signed 4 already, how many scholarships we have to hand out? Is not 5 max 6? Pete can you help here?


Great article on Tyler. Who else do you think in this year's team has chance to get drafted and play in the pros?

As for IT, I expect team next year to be competitive and fun to watch.


Great article on Tyler, Pete... Look at TT bringing some comedy to the article with him joining the chant... I really hope he comes back for 1 more year. That would make a pretty solid team for next year

Hey chrusfiu, would that be the same dirty drug money that just painted your baseball stadium?

Interesting post, AGW....are you just using those names because of their availability, or are you saying those kids are actively being recruited by IT to join FIU?

Great article on Townsend in the paper!! I really hope he finishes up here at FIU, but whatever he chooses to do we'll be rooting for him!!

And the buzz about these recruits keeps on coming... Things are getting very interesting over here!

I think the team has an outside chance of 6 or 7 players being drafted. Mollica should go and probably will late since he is a Senior, Stropp possibly (unlikely) based upon a good summer, Ebert & Rembitz also have a shot, Junior has had a very good year and he has all the tools that scouts are looking for, Jobe possibly (probably not) and last but not least, Lamar (most tools on the team).
Good Luck to all,

No way, baseball fan... We will have 3-4, MAYBE. Dont see junior going, even though he is have a great season and is a huge part of the team this year. Stropp wont get drafted. maybe some of the other guys

Just heard Latavious is going to be a Hoya. No big deal, plenty of other 5 star recruits for IT to get.

Go Panthers.

i seriously wasnt goin over there to start trouble and i emphisized IF being that it is a BIg DOWN time in sports... what would canes fans think? its a simple question. i also enjoy the canes sports and i dont see how this quesiton would offend. Frank Haith is a good coach and a good recruiter.. but if i were the causal UM fan, and i saw FIU pull in some TOP FLIGHT recruits in 1 month while playing in the sun belt what it has taken UM to do in several years... and only started to attract such big recruits when they joined the ACC... i would be frustrated to say the least... so ya i dont see why its such a horrible question i know it hasnt happened yet.. and stated that it might not happen

and CC... if Kobe and LeBron want to come play for FIU ill gladly take them ...... arod.... you can keep him

CJ: The problem with the question is that IT has not actually signed any 5-star recruits. Your question is just speculation which should really be reserved for the FIU blog. What purpose will it serve to hear how a Cane fan will react to such speculation?

Not to sound like Crazy but you could also posit a hypothetical such as..."How would UM fans feel if FIU went to a BCS game before UM when RS has been trying so hard to get there and hasn't?"

I know that is an extreme example but it will likely get you the same response from UM fans as your actual question, hostility. It also serves to reinforce the notion, which some UM fans hold, that FIU fan's hopes and dreams for the their sports programs are already a reality. I agree that those hopes and dreams may eventually come to fruition but they are not a current reality.

Therefore, wouldnt it be best to keep such speculation on the FIU blog?

Ohhhh my...now we have internet blog etiquette?


Jummy - I agree, although Fomenter & CC would argue speculation is out of the question even on this blog.

I agree also that FIU should handle its business, make strides, win some championships and then worry about rivalries with higher-ranked teams (excluding UM since they barely qualify as higher ranked anymore).

CJ - you needn't worry, for FIU is on the rise and soon we'll be a force to be reckoned with!

Pete who will FIU play against if they end up in the: 2nd seed or the 3rd seed?

I think if FIU takes 2 of 3 from the Owls they should move up to 3rd or even 2nd. That might give them a better chance to make it to the Finals. We will know in less then 48 hours..


does anyone knows the score for the baseball game?




9-5. FAU.

Thanks Fomenter, that one is going to hurt big time

Okay, who broke our forums? I'm seriously starting to consider opening an alternate for when we get displaced from FIUGP.

"The 21st-ranked University of Miami baseball team turned in its greatest offensive output of the season, recording 25 hits en route to a 23-5 win over Wake Forest Thursday night at Wake Forest Baseball Park"

chrisfiu - tell me again how FIU did against FAU last night.


You are such a DOUCHE, nobody cares !!!



Well credit is due where its deserved. scUM did well at unranked, bottom dweller Wake Forest last night...fortunately though scUM has been mediocre at best all season long, hence their #24 (baseball america poll) ranking.

Don't forget our series sweep against USF, who were top 25 at the time of our sweep and has always been a top 25 team before last weekend. Come back when scUM manages to obtain an AWAY series sweep against a top 25 team, UF doesn't count everyone knows they were a joke at the start of the season.

What is wrong with the other board?

The NY Daily News is also now confirming the FIU pursuit of Lance Stephenson


Quijote - you are joke dude. Tell me the last time FIU won a SunBelt conference title, and 1999 does not count b/c everyone knows the Sunbelt was horrible that year.

So the answer would be NEVER.

Lance Stephenson is goin to Kanses. Reported on several sites late last night and early this morning.

once again i stipulated IF .. not saying its already happened the the reason i ask the question is cause i know the canes side of me is wondering WTF ... just Cause IT comes to FIU they get top recruits to even consider FIU while Frank Haith is taking so long im just asking a question to know if that side of me is justified

Why do you FIU posters feel the need to post under my name? Do you think it funny? Do you think other people really think I am posting it?
It just shows what kind of people go to FIU. So thank you for proving my point for me.

Hey fake CrazyCane, when you post, do sit at your laptop laughing, saying to yourself, this is going to be awesome. I know that you go to FIU, and basically all you need is a pulse to get in, but you should really try to pay attention in class. Wait a minute, it is probably summer break for you, so that means you are working (assuming you were able to find work) Stop playing on the computer and go back to manning the counter at the Circle K or picking the oranges.

Like I said before, you are proving the point I am constantly making on this blog, FIU fans and com,munity as a whole, are a bunch of low class people who should be honored that the rest of the town even acknowledges their existence. There was a time when FIU was more than just a school for students with English as a second language, those were the days.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying UM's sweep against a Top 25 team is a joke, but yours isn't, despite the team you swept is no longer ranked? Wow. Just at a loss for words when it comes to that logical fallacy.

I'm pretty sure UM wasn't mediocre all season, they were ranked Top 10 for most of the season and then their youth caused their wheels to fall off.

Talked to a few UM friends. Rumors are that they have a very strong chance at landing the #1 overall Broward player and possible overall 1 player next year in Brandon Knight.

Also, I do know Haith has had a ton of top recruits interested in the Miami program, but they normally tend to go somewhere else (where they get a ton of "fringe" benefits like O.J. Mayo). But that might change this year, rumors are the overall #1 player and top guard John Wall might sign with them. I think it's a bad move on his part, but if he does land at UM I hope he's 1 and done and he doesn't affect the Noles too much.

thank you fomenter

John Wall is 99% signing with UCG, this is on info from a UK alum with access to Bball program there...This was as of...2 or 3 days after his recent visit to UCG.

His street agent prefers Duke, but that is not likely a fit anymore. Duke has one hell of a Public Safety Dept and Wall will fit right in at UCG. He can continue his hobby of "breaking & entering" Hide those MAC laptops and iPODs on the 7th floor..

Here comes Johnnnnnnnnny !!!

You know what is funny, John Wall, a 17/18 year old kid makes a mistake and the FIU fan(s) is all over him b/c he may come to The U.


the same FIU fan(s)scream that IT, a grown man who mistreats women and has ruined several franchises and leagues, should get a second chance.

How is this logical?

All of you FIU posters have been spot on with your assessment of UM sports. We are def in the decline. Read below.

With Rice’s Durand Scott already committed to play for Haith, Wall could instantaneously re-shape the ACC. With big man Dwayne Collins (6-8 F) coming back for his senior year, the U could have a dynamic trio better than any other grouping in the conference. Who else could even compete with these three? UNC’s Ed Davis, Tyler Zeller, and incoming freshman Leslie McDonald? The Tarheels will be good, but even with Larry Drew II and McDonald in the backcourt, they wouldn’t be able to stay with Wall and Scott.

The Dukies trio of Nolan Smith, Elliott Williams and Kyle Singler will be formidable, but not nearly as explosive.

Wow, you FIUers are idiots.

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