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New FIU Hoopster

Lytch 6-6, 240-pound power forward Kavon Lytch signed with FIU on Wednesday. Lytch was being recruited by Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Iowa State, Seton Hall, Kent State, St. John’s, St. Bonaventure, Texas Tech and Alabama-Birmingham. He becomes the 5th player to join the Panthers since Isiah Thomas took over.

At Midland JUCO, Lytch scored 17.7 points per game and pulled down 9.2 rebounds per game. Lytch must have caught IT's eye two years ago when Lytch scored 45 points at a New York Knicks sponsored basketball tournament at Rucker Park in New York.

Lytch gives FIU a power forward to go with point guard Phil Gary, shooting guards Stephon Weaver and Antoine Watson and forward Marvin Roberts.


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Very nice Zeke. Welcome aboard Mr. Lytch.

Alright!!! Welcome to FIU, Kavon!! This class is quickly becoming FIU's finest....amazing to think Isiah has been officially FIU's coach for just over one month....Wow...Cincinnati, Pitt, Seton Hall, Iowa St....another IT coup!

Another 3rd team JUCO All American...as a Freshman...has joined FIU folks.....

Again...welcome to FIU, Kavon!

Sorry...he was a Sophomore Honorable Mention JUCO All American...

FIU's other "commitment", yet not signed...Eric Frederick....was the JUCO 3rd team All American as a freshman......BTW...any reason why he hasn't signed yet with FIU?


Another great signing. Very cool, this is a whole other level of recruit we are bringing in.

One more 4 or 5 star recruit and we have a shot of wining the conference.

Do this mean that we are out of the LW competition?

gooood stuff.

We aren't out of the LW competition, but we face very stern opposition.

It is good to see Kavon join our team. We now have two four star recruits, three three star recruits, one two star, with the possibility of getting one or two fives.

dam is this a quick fix thing? 5 players, all jucos


as long as it gets fixed

All of these players can be with us for 2-3 years, I don't think it is a quick fix.

LW looks likely headed to Memphis, check zagsblog.net for more info.

Well...I guess if you can't get the best freshmen out there (Bledsoe, Latavious Williams, and Lance Stephenson)...at least try to get the best possible JUCO players out there...We need infusion quick...then we need to bring up some freshmen to shore up our team for the longer term....

I like it. Plus, watch out for Isiah next year. he can easily have a fab 5 type. This yr, he brought in JUCOS since we will be gettin alot of TV time,. and he doesnt want to look bad, and next yr with a full year of recruiting , maybe he cal talk 4-5 NBA type kids to come down for 1 or 2 years. Thats all it takes, and we are in the tourney. Smart moves. And, with a respect earning team, he can say ""look, we are winning, and if we add you , you can put us over the top. I like the strategy. Most of the big boys get them for only 1 and 2 years anyway, and the others that stay are not NBA lotto guys.

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