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So Now U Want To Play

Knock It Bg Well, look who is knocking on FIU's door checking to see if FIU wants to come out and play basketball.

Guess, the spotlight is shining too bright on FIU from the Isiah Thomas hiring that now the crosstown school wants to have the light shine their way too. And u said u didn't care about FIU?

Kind of stinks when FIU is making all the local college hoops headlines. And wait until Tim Hardaway comes on board. U will be banging down the door with a sledgehammer wanting to play FIU.

And let's put aside the newly minted smokescreen excuse of "it's smart economically". Yeah, it may be "smart economically" to get a sellout at the Coral Gables arena with FIU visiting. But, what it really comes down to is that "it's smart Isiahnomically". 

From what I'm hearing, the green/orange wants to play FIU 2 games next season -- a home and home, (Guess the g/o's last proposal of 2 games in Coral Gables and 1 at FIU didn't work out too well for FIU's liking so the new proposed terms have been re-worked to an even number of home games).

But the Panthers schedule is filling up rather quickly with IT on board as head coach. Seems a lot of Osu teams around the nation want to play FIU. So there may not be a spot for the g/o onItpoint FIU's schedule next season.

Case in point, the Panthers are set to open this coming hoops season at Ohio State as part of a tournament like last season's O'Reilly Auto Parts Tournament where the Panthers visited Washington and then hosted the Miami round of the tournament.

After a visit to Columbus, Ohio for the 1st round of that tourney, FIU will host 3 teams from that tourney. IT and PG are currently sorting out the offers they have received from other teams around the nation and will have the FIU hoops schedule done later this summer.

Gm Back to the point of this post, while u won't play FIU because of THIS , there'sDm suddenly an interest to play, because of the national attention of IT. So if FIU hires Greg Maddux as its pitching coach and Dan Marino as its quarterbacks coach, then will u want to play baseball and football??

If I'm PG, I say make the hoops deal with the g/o, but it MUST include these 3 stipulations:

1) FIU/UM must also play in football and baseball

2) Make all 3 sports series -- home and home games

3) Make all 3 series be played every year.

Here are the simple terms of what the deal should be: Football at FIU Stadium one season, then the following season the 2 teams play at will-always-be-Joe-Robbie-Stadium-to-me. And don't worry about FIU Stadium only seating 20,000 right now, the actual crowds were less than 20,000 at JRS on Saturdays last fall anyway.

Baseball between the schools should be a 4-game series every season: 2 at FIU and 2 in Coral GablesTtjm {Jim Morris just clicked on the X in the right-hand corner of his screen upon reading the previous sentence}. This will also save travel costs for both schools in these economic times. Because we have to be "smart economically".  

It's good for the local community to see these crosstown teams suddenly have a chance to play each other again.

Because you know "There's history there." and "At this particular time it is in Miami's best interests" to play FIU.



5-star recruit and 6-8 power forward Latavious Williams (right) was at FIU on Monday meeting with IT after postponing a press conference to announce where he would play hoops this fall. LW is supposed to be going to Memphis, but took a detour for the momentLatwill to meet with IT. Trying to get LW for an interview on the GPP.


Jsuarez88: Pete, What's the story behind (5star prospect) Latavious Williams visiting FIU this past weekend? What are our chances in getting him? Any way we can get his opinions on his visit?

PP: Supposedly, LW is a raw talent that can rebound and score down low, but still needs to refine his skills and put on some weight (he's 210 right now) to play power forward. Memphis should land him, but it would not surprise to see him in an FIU uniform, because of IT. Trying to reach him on the phone to get his opinions about FIU.

Puma: Pete is this a record for the Marlins in terms of grand slams allowed so early in the season? Jeez, we can't catch a break. I wanted to know the following: 1. What was Alvarez a/k/a Rosenhaus demanding from IT in exchange for his clients (Asprilla, Soto) staying? 2. Have you spoken to TT, IT, or MC about replacing Mia/NY Josh as cleanup hitter on your softball team? 3. Is Crazy Cane really Manny Navarro’s alter ego?

PP: The Marlins record for allowing grand slams in a season is 7 back in 2000 and 2001. So far, Fish pitchers have allowed 5 grannies. 1) From what I'm hearing from 4 well-connected sources in the local basketball community is that he wanted one of his assistants on IT's coaching staff. The sources also said that IT wants to run a clean program and won't play Granny that game. 2) I'm trying to get Tyler Townsend and his 18 HRs as a clean-up hitter. 3) Manny's too busy now as the backup Marlins writer. The CC that showed up to FIU Stadium last year for the Louisiana-Monroe game, ironically enough, is a lawyer.

alt7787: Pete I have some marlins questions if you dont mind answering. 1) Have you heard anything about the Marlins bringing in another pitcher to take over Andrew Miller's spot? The taylor kid is ok, but he is definitely only a temp solution. plus even andrew miller wasnt the best starting pitcher. 2) Have you ever met Rich Waltz or Tommy Hutton? dont know why i ask. guess ive just been watching too many marlins broadcasts lately. they grow on you.

PP: Don't mind at all. 1) Andrew Miller (right) will be back in his spot when he's healthy. They will use Taylor for now. The pitcher that could challenge for Miller's spot eventually is lefty Sean West, who is 6-8 andAmiller throws in the mid-90's. He's currently at Double A Jacksonville, but is off to a so-so start at 2-2 with a 6.39 ERA. 2) Yes, have met them, both good guys.

c-UM: Pete, if possible, could you give us some stats on the baseball signees that were listed in the article on FIUsports.com a couple months ago?

PP: Listing the stats of all the players -- the two highest ranked of the FIU class are Texas slugger Rudy Flores (left) and Orlando's Jabari Henry -- takes up too much space, but here is the Flores link to the release on the FIU sports website: New FIU 2010 ballplayers They have all the stats for the players in the linked article.

ridgepanther: what is the time frame on renovations? two years?

PP: The arena renovations (new entrance, new FIU locker rooms and players lounge, new seating and courtside seating and floor) are expected to take 2 years.


PG needs your help (well, not really) but what's your take on UM begging to play FIU again?


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