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Never Too Early For Football

Still about two and a half months until your Panthers begin fall practice to get ready for Alabama in the Sept. 12 season opener -- 109 days until the 2009 opener.

But as you have requested it's never too early to start talking FIU football. No need to take photos of theMc fieldturf at FIU Stadium or find out what TY had for lunch, FIURage.

We're back this summer with another installment of your questions and FIU coach Mario Cristobal's answers. MC has agreed to join us on the GPP for his 3rd annual Q&A with you good people.

The Q&A with MC won't be a live blog, but rather you can send in your questions starting with this post and going until this Saturday, May 30. I'll round up your questions and have MC answer them and then post the answers on the GPP.

Among the other FIU football-related upcoming blogs: We'll take a tour of the fieldhouse in the coming weeks and have photos and details on here for you. And yes, blkpanther, we'll get some off-season conditioning news on here. And if you have any other ideas for blogs during the lazy, hazy days of summer send them and we'll see what we can do to accomodate your ideas.

Apaw If you've followed the Latavious Williams recruiting saga then you know by now that he won't be coming to FIU.


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Q for MC: Can we have details on plans to have the football team walk to the stadium followed by the band, and surrounded on either by the fans/students/alumni.

Can't wait to see pics of the completed field house!

And here's my question for MC: When we get to a bowl game this season , what team would you like to go up against the most?

Q for MC: What are you doing to ensure that every single seat in that new stadium is being filled? Commercials? Give-a-ways? Concerts?

Q for MC: What aspect/aspects of FIU in general, do you believe has/have been the best one(s), or most successful, in order to "sell" a recruit why he HAS to come to FIU?

#2 What about you? What element has struck you, or surprised/impressed you, about FIU in the 2+ years you've been at FIU?

Q for MC: Can you talk to us about the living legend that is Don Strock.

Q for MC: Whats the toughest place to play in the SBC?

Q#2 for MC: Does he talk shop with any of his peers?

Q for MC:

1. Given the huge momentum that exists with the program, how will you be able to rein in the focus of the players, to play consistent all season?

2. First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank you for makiing us Alumni proud of our Football Team and I applaud your commitment to the program!! What are your/the programs goals for next season, 3 years, 5 years?

3. In your mind, what would signify progress for the team this season? (Specifics)

Q for the BOSS - Is FIU planning on moving out of the Sunbelt? If so what is the projected time frame?

Dear Boss Man,

From one Columbus alumni to another, thank you for all that you are doing. I have three questions.:
1) When you accepted the position to become FIU's head coach, if someone would have told you on that day where your program would stand going into year three, would you have said that it would:
a) exceeding your expectations
b) meeting your expectations
c) not meeting your expectations

2) Do you see a change in attitude by the players from year to year since your inauguration year? If so what is the change?
3) What is the missing piece that you feel FIU needs to overcome this year to help us win the SBC championship?

Thank you again for all that you do.

1. I know you expect 100% from all your players, but what unit do you expect to lead the team?
2. What unit will be the most improve next year?
3. What do you think is the biggest challenge in the upcoming season?
4. how do you feel about the games against Rutgers and UF?

Coach, A quick couple of questions:

1. What kind of role do you think Larvez Mars will have this season? Has he gained any weight?

2. What kind of season do you expect out of Jeremiah Weatherspoon? What are his chances to be the 2nd FIU player to be drafted?

Even though I'm really excited about this season, I can't help but think about the offense we'll have with Wesley, TY, Laporte, Theliar, Vann, Perry and Mallary in 2010!

For MC: I would suggest plans to walk through the Dorms on Saturdays (with Turtle and Isiah) and go door to door and get each student to the stadium? I think small efforts like this go a long way.

Also, can we please see commercials on TV. I realize this my cost money, but I would be willing to donate (and I'm sure others will) for efforts like these.


MC, Keep up the good work!!!

Which players do you expect to be leaders this year on your defense?

What did you learn about your offense durring the spring?

Thanks for putting this together again Pete!


Questions for Mario:

How much faster & stronger will this team be against Bama, versus last season against KU & Iowa...

Does he think we have the ELITE speed to match up and give Saban some problems ?

Where will Rupert Bryan play ? OL or DL ?


thats for the update Pete

MC like gold fellow Columbus Alum. and i couldnt be more excited to have a fellow explorer leading my Home team.

Q1: what do you think is the biggest hurdle to winning the Belt Conference?

Q2: who (which team) do you think is the biggest hurdle to winning the Belt Conference?

Q3: what game do you think holds the key to the season?

Q4: how can i lose 10 lbs along the mid section? (being that your the fittest coach in all of College football according to ESPN im sure you know haha)

MC: any plans of using wayne times in a wildcat type formation this year?

Since the secret is out about TY being as good as he is, do you think teams are going to be able to gameplan against him better and take him ouot of the game? If so, who are the GPers other options?

question for mario cristobal:

How has the economy affected you and FIU Football? Do you think the economy is better?

Thanks Pete!!!

alt7787 - r u serious with that question? What a loser you are.

MC: Have the plans for stadium completion been moved back due to the loss of the MLS bid?

Ask the coach if he thinks there is any way for a team to be given a shot at a national title coming from the sunbelt? I doubt it and thats why we need to get out as soon as possible.

Outofthecage88 - interesting question. Is your question aimed at FIU or the sunbelt teams in general?

I would think the only way for FIU to make a national title bid is moving out of the sunbelt and into, say, the Big East. It would be quite interesting to see a sunbelt team ranked in the top 15 where an automatic bid may be possible. Even then it would be challenging to make the cut coming from a non-BCS conference. But I'm interested in MC's response.

Questions for Cristobal.
1- Do you feel that being a new parent has given you a different perspective on the young men that you deal with?
2- Are you committed for the long haul to FIU, or are you hoping to use us as a spring board to a bigger school?
3- Does your blood still bleed orange and green, or is FIU truly in your heart?

Q: What defines this being a successful season?

I like Outofthecage88's question, and I'd like it if MC could answer it.

i think if you look at what Utah did last year... the answer to outofthecage's question is "no."

it will be interesting to hear MC's take though.

Pete, any news on any remaining scholarships to be awarded for this upcoming season? Also, do you have any update on Quavon Taylor?

OOTC88 - Do you think FIU is that team? If so, please step away from the computer and go directly to the hospital to get your head examined. If not, and you are just asking a general question, please follow the same steps referenced above.

Dude, no one in the SB Conf. plays a schedule anywhere close to tough enough to be considered for Nat'l Champ. They would rather have a 3 loss team for the SEC, Big 10, Big 12 or ACC before have an undefeated SB team.

Get serious people. Please only submit ?'s to MC that make sense and are not obvious.

For example - MC, if TY has another great year, do you fear that he may transfer if bigger schools are interested?

Miami FC coming to FIU stadium in July. Come out and support pro soccer in Miami.

TheU24/7 - The only place I see TY going to is the NFL...I think that's obvious, so no need to ask.

Can't wait till kickoff! This season can be history in the making as long as our offense plays smart ball and our defense stays agressive we should be playing in some kind of Bowl during December.


chrisfiu - He is going to the NFL after his sophmore year? Interesting. Care to explain? Also, why dont you ask MC what pick in the first round TY is going to be in next years NFL draft if that is what you think. You are a moron.


chrisfiu - He is going to the NFL after his sophmore year? Interesting. Care to explain? Also, why dont you ask MC what pick in the first round TY is going to be in next years NFL draft if that is what you think. You are a moron.

Posted by: TheU24/7 | May 28, 2009 at 12:09 PM


Pete, can you also give us hungry FIU football fans more updates on the status of Cedric Mack, Carlos Munera, and Chris Cook?

Also, what's the status of the D-line coaching position? Has this been officially filled?


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1. What are you expecting in the Bama and Florida games? In terms of "visualizing the win", are you hopeful that this team will put up a good fight?

2. My guess is attendance most likely will increase this fall. What efforts are currently underway to bring out as many fans to the games as possible?

FIUPIKE - ohhh, that hurt. Please. Get a life bro.

My guess is that due to the economic times, season tickets to ALL sports are one of the first things to go... MC, what steps have you taken/will take to maintain attendance in these hard times?

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