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Sun Belt Game 2: FIU vs. Hooters LIVE GAME BLOG

TROY, Alabama -- With Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive" song playing on the stadium speakers while FIU takesLogo infield.....It's do or die for your Panthers this morning here in Troy in FIU's second game of the Sun Belt Tournament.

Da A familiar opponent in the Florida Atlantic Hooters are on the diamond with FIU.

We have football weather this Thursday morning in Troy sort of appropriate with Troy's Veterans Stadium right next door to the baseball field. Walked by the football field yesterday and still could see T.Y. Hilton making that one-handed catch in last year's game here in Troy.

Back to baseball: Temperatures are in the mid-60's according to FIU weather girl Victoria Lynch seated to my right. And Victoria says there is a "gusty" 21 mph wind blowing out to the short 310-foot fence inLynch right field. Could be a home run derby type of day.

There is a threat of rain later today, which could back up the tournament, but first things first, FIU needs to win today to worry about the rain later.

Let's see how the Panthers have adjusted one day after playing in this small racquetball/trampoline Riddle-Pace Field.

We'll have the LIVE BLOG going on inside the comments section....


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Tom Ebert gets the start for FIU.

The lineup: Arrojo, SS; Mollica, 2b; Townsend, RF; Stropp, C; Jobe, 1b; Martinez, DH; Waddell, LF; Alfonso, 3b; Bermudez, CF.

FIU is the visiting team in this game and will bat first.

The Sun Belt alternates home and away teams in the first two rounds.

Mike Gipson starts for FAU.

Gipson shut down FIU in 4 innings of relief in Boca last week.

Let's try this again!! Hahaha GO FIU!!!!!

Jr. grounds out to 3b to start the game

Mollica Ks

Tyler grounds to first to end the inning.

0-0 going to the bot of 1st

Wilson leads off with an infield single for the hooters

After a sac bunt....FAU gets an RBI single and lead 1-0.

Thanks for the updates Pete. The gametracker is a bit slow

Not again... :/

We need to beat the Hooters!

double into left field corner...fau runners at 2nd and 3rd with 1 out....still 1-0

Just got in...GO FIU!!!

"all drumsticks please"

If you guys want to hear the game broadcast, we're here alongside Pete broadcasting from Troy, Alabama! Go to www.wrgp.org and choose the format on the top right or tune in to 95.3 FM near University Park, 96.9 FM near Biscayne Bay, and 88.1 FM near Homestead/Kendall.

unintentional/intentional walk to fau cleanup ozga loads the bases with 1 out

Yes, but you can't have too many drumsticks

OMG not again!!! Bases loaded already!?

oh joy....here we go again with the bases loaded in the first

Thanks Rick

what is this drumsticks post about??

big K for big Tom

Thanks for the info Rick! However can't pick any signal up down in Tamiami Airport in a windowless office. :(

hmmm...hooters PP

Ebert strikes out batter for 2nd out....bases still loaded still 1-0

Ebert strikes out another ....end of inning 1-0 fau

YES!!!!!! Way to get out of it EBERT!!!! LET'S GET SOME HITS!!!!!!

big sigh.....tom gets out of it with back to back K's

just got the drumsticks reference....sorry a I'm litle slow in Bama....there is no Cuban coffee is this part of the world

stropp reaches first on a hit by pitch to lead off the inning.

Cuban coffee I think everyone who came up from SoFla could really use right now...

Way to go Tom!! Let's get the bats going FIU!!!
Pete, there may be no Cuban coffee, but you gotta take advantage of the pulled pork if you can!

PP...always ask for all drunksticks at hooters, part of the $1 upgrade includes a quick flash of dem hooters!

Jobe lines out CF for 1st out

I am all for the pulled pork...

had the pulled pork yesterday good stuff....didn't know that about hooters upgrade.

martinez hit by pitch....1st and 2nd for FIU with 1 out


Excuse my ignorance, but what has to happen for FIU to advance to the next round...win today and that's it?

Come on two on base with one out!!!

Waddell Ks now 2 outs.

Alfonso hit by pitch bases loaded for Bermudez

Interesting! Sounds like he's having trouble hanging on to that ball!

yes FIU is in win or go home mode.

Bermudez 2-run single...2-1 FIU

Way to go Pablito!!

Way to go Pablo!!!


Jr. Ks to end the 2nd for FIU.

FIU leads 2-1 going to bot 2nd

thankfully the finally take the lead.. lets figure it like this.. FAU ended our season in football we ended theirs in basketball... this is the tie breaker! come on FIU!!!!!

fau lead off batter flies out to right.

Ebert walks next batter


not the same buddy, however this would be some nice revenge!

fau's mesa steals second base with 1 out.

wilson strikes out on wild pitch and ball goes to screen.

still 1 out and runners now on 1st and 3rd

wilson steals 2nd, still 1 out.

albaladejo grounds out to ebert for 2nd out.

runners still at 2nd and 3rd

fau ties game on wild pitch.

griffiths hits 2-run HR for a 4-2 fau lead

Too many wild pitches....


WOW incredible....
Tyler needs to take advantage of the short wall in right.

Geeee wizzz..... let's just get out of this inning...

What is up with our pitchers?!

ebert gets out of inning with a K.

going to 3rd....fau 4-2

in the 3rd for FIU: Mollica, Tyler and Stropp

Mollica HR 4-3

Way to go Mollica!!! Come on Tyler! Put it over the wall in right!

WAY TO STRIKE BACK!!! Come on Townsend, back-to-back!!!

what a game!

tyler hits ball off his foot but ump calls it fair and pitcher throws to 1st for the out.

Sounds like the umpires are really out of it up there.....

Let's get the lead...i hope our team is mad, they are better than this. Rip FAU!!!

stropp walks.....1 out

Jobe grounds into DP to end the inning.

4-3 fau

we need to take advantage of two things....the field itself as far as putting the ball in play and that short porch in RF

Ozga strikes out to lead off inning for fau.

What's up with the umpires? Do they forget what the count is?

bubley reaches 1st on K/wild pitch.

nick gets infield single.

hooters on 1st and 2nd with 1 out

By the way, we're using this tournament to test out some new equipment (using the Internet to get out broadcast to the studio instead of the phone line). Let us know how it sounds and if you have any comments or suggestions! rick.martinez@fiusm.com

bukovich walks to load bases.

Turtle is barking from the dugout at ump "you have to call low strikes consistently....get them right"

Ump must have listened, because he calls out Mesa on 3 low strikes.

2 outs bases loaded


Listening to the internet broadcast on 128k stream and it sounds very good.

line out to junior to leave bases loaded...end of the 3rd.

fau leads 4-3


Nice that Tom got out of the inning without allowing a run. Let's get the lead.

What in the world... the Radiate FM broadcast just switched to music... am i the only one with this problem?

Top 4th:

FIU weather girl Victoria Lynch says the Panthers are scoring 6 runs this inning.

Martinez leads off with a single to center.


As I wrote my last post, your signal crapped out. I'm listening to some real crappy music right now! Get me back to the game!

Crappy music is an understatement...

waddell flies out to LF. 1 out

Martinez still at 1st

Raiko flies out to center. 2 outs

Pablo grounds out to 1b to end the inning.

bot 4th now 4-3 fau


wind and cold weather picking up here in Troy....must be in the high 50s now.

and i came prepared with Miami clothing : shorts and t-shirts

HAHAHHAHA!! Besides the games, this radio station has to put better music... this is GARBAGE!!!

waddell drops field ball in left field....bad luck continues for ebert.

mike reaches 2nd on the error

Dude, Pete, its 70 degrees. Man up a bit.

griffiths doubles to lcf gap and fau now leads 5-3.

Wow....gotta get it going, guys!

that was waddell dropping fly ball not "field" ball.

i got miami blood

Son of a...! Come on man! Its do or die!

intresting note is that Ebert has 7 Ks in 4 IP DAMN...we need to settle down and play smart

eric berkowitz and corey polizzano warming up in the FIU bullpen.

ump just blows a foul ball call that could have given FIU an out....Ebert is not happy about it.

hatcher with single to center.

fau runners on 1st and 3rd with 0 outs in the 4th.

5-3 fau

Oh jesus, zero outs, runners all over the place.

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