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Where's Latavious?....Here's Latavious

Ww Latw We were looking for five-star forward Latavious Williams around the GPP and on Thursday afternoon we found him.

LW -- who would be the highest rated hoops recruit to sign with FIU if he does so -- did not visit Georgetown today, but will go there next week. Here's what he had to say:

How was your visit to FIU?

LW: It was nice. Great weather and a beautiful campus. I like coach Thomas. I like the style of play he's going to have. Coach also has a lot of NBA connections. I didn't really know much about FIU, but it's looks like a good school and I really like coach Thomas. He was a fine point guard and he's a good dude.

What happened today that you didn't visit Georgetown?

LW: Coach Thompson wasn't in town so we postponed my visit until next Friday. After my visit at Georgetown next weekend, I will decide which school I will go to.

So what schools are you still considering playing for?

LW: Georgetown, FIU, Kansas State and Memphis.

Is that the order that you like those schools?Latdunk

LW: Nah (laughs). Every one of the schools has a chance to sign me.

So FIU has a 25 percent chance just like the other 3?

LW: FIU has a chance just like everybody else.

You seem to be undersized for a power forward. What are you weighing now?

LW: 212. I'm trying to get to 220. That's an ideal weight for me.

Do you think you can handle power forward weighing 220?

LW: I really only played power forward in high school, because we didn't have any bigs on our team. I'm comfortable playing the 3 or the 4. I can score from the wing or down in the block.

There have been concerns with schools, because of your grades. How are your academics right now?

LW: I did real well on the ACT. I will be all right. I'm going to do real well in college.

How did you find your way to FIU?

LW: My AAU coach and coach Thomas have known each other for a long time. I enjoyed my visit there. We'll just have to wait and see where I go. 



FIU hoops got another committment today from Highland (Ill.) JUCO forward Eric Frederick. EF is a 6-6 forward, who was committed to TCU where new FIU assistant Anthony Anderson used to coach at. Should EF sign with FIU he would play this coming season and would be a sophomore to start at FIU.

FIU_GPanther: Pete do you have any info on whether FIU is working on a TV contract with anyone, because I'm assuming there will be more games shown on TV specially Basketball and maybe even Football.

PP: There is nothing yet regarding TV. I'm sure one of the ESPNs will pick up some FIU hoops games.Espn Even if it's the Ocho.

FIUPIKE: Are we to assume that PG and Zeke would not recruit this kid unless they knew he qualifies here as well ?

PP: From what I've heard, LW will qualify, now it's a matter of him getting the grades at whatever school he goes to.

Gooch7: Pete I am so proud to have lost the baseball bet. I underestimated how good this team can actually be.

PP: The FIU baseball team has gotten much better, but it still has plenty of room for improvement to own  property in the Top 25 neighborhood. What has really hurt this season is losing those mid-week games and that has a lot to do with the depth of the pitching staff. TT has had only 1 full recruiting class. I agree with you that when TT gets a couple of more full classes in, FIU should be the class of the Sun Rem Belt and eventually a regular Top 25.

There is plenty of freshmen and new pitchers on the pitching staff with loads of talent (TT doesn't hand out scholies like dinner mints), but they need to trust their stuff and attack the hitters. They have to follow Scott Rembisz (left) and Tom Ebert's leads. Quick anecdote: there were several major league scouts at FIU's last home series last week vs. Arkansas State. A National League scout was raving about Rembisz. He told me "that kid is one strong, mentally tough kid on the mound". The scout added "Rembisz has got the [testicular fortitude] of a bull." He said another word not printable in this blog for testicular fortitude. 



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crossing my fingers on this one... would be a nice steal though.

Thanks for the info, Pete...as usual...Not only do we have a chance...albeit a longshot...at Latavious Williams, now we have the commitment from yet, another top JUCO, only this time he will come in as a Sophomore. Frederick looked good for his Highland team in the JUCO Championships......

Crossing my fingers on Williams as well...Figure if we land this type of talent, more and more players would want to come to FIU...or some players (read Asprilla) would be 'convinced' to stay put at FIU....


Eric Frederick did sign with us right?

Well, Frederick was a 3rd Team All American (like FIU signee Stephon Weaver) as a freshman!!...after averaging 20 pts/8 boards per game, as well as shooting over 40% from 3-point land!!

If he signs with FIU, it will give us 2 JUCO All Americans, plus the JUCO leaders in scoring average, and steals per game....Again....not bad guys for only 3 weeks' worth of recruting...

Just looked Frederick up on Rivals database, he was recruited by Syracuse and Xavier coming out of high school.

ESPN had him linked to UConn, Syracuse, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma state

From the interview, doesn't sound like the kid is too convinced about FIU. But the fact that his coach has ties with IT could play a major role.

If it works out, then great, our first 5 star recruit in only 3 weeks worth of work. If it doesn't work out, the fact that he's even including FIU in his list of schools that includes Georgetown, Kansas and Memphis, validates us almost immediately.

Good stuff for FIU!

im not sure of validating us but it is a MAJOR improvement over for FIU and a major Step that players of that caliber are even looking at us... however, we still would need to land players like that

I don't know why (I have no factual basis whatsoever in this 'hunch'), but based on the staff Isiah is assembling, I expect to hear one big "international" signing soon, or for next year's recruiting class. Hiring Hashim Alauddeen as "Coordinator" speaks volume for itself.....

If we land Williams for this year...and I agree with Lone Panther here that he doesn't sound too 'gong-ho' with FIU in that interview....it would be just a truly amazing crop of recruits...notwithstanding only being in the job for 3-4 weeks....

lol FIU fanatic.. imagine what he could do w/ an entire year? lol

To me it seems most of our scoring will be done from outside the paint. If FA stays or we getting another descend 5 he gonna have a lot of room to work inside.

That's exactly true....That's why I'm sort of expecting some more really big news in terms of international recruiting as well.....Pete Garcia mentioned in his interviews that some of the signings IT was gonna bring would "shock" some people as to the high level of them...So far...so good....

I am happy so far with the recruits that have come in, but I am kinda a little more interested right now with what assistant coaches he adds to the staff. Recruiting as we have seen by SR or more so Pilin is only half of it you gotta Coach up that talent.

So now the Canes are playing in Landshark stadium. A college team playing in a stadium named after a beer...the NCAA and ACC must be loving scUM now more than ever! lol

Speaking of beer, does anyone know if we are allowed to bring kegs to tailgate at FIU? I know they are banned at Joe Robbie for UM games.

Also, would FIU ever allow alcohol sales in the main part of the football stadium or is that never going to happen because it is on-campus?

sorry jimmy never to sell beer on an on-campus stadium

Open common sources of alcohol (ie. kegs, coolers of punch, etc) are not allowed anywhere on campus. Beer funnels, beer games, anything that promotes the rapid consumption of alcohol is also prohibitted.

My friends and I have been doing our tailgating at Tropical Park, not on campus. I've never brought kegs to the new stadium because I've had issues tailgating at FIU before and was avoiding the chances of being hassled. But, I'm pretty sure you can get away with it. Just make sure you go to Tropical Park NOT ON CAMPUS and of course, that all of your guests are over 21.

BTW, I'm the self proclaimed King of Tailgating at FIU. No one gets there earlier than me and my crew. NO ONE... You try drinking from 11am - 7pm... lol I LOVE COLLEGE!!!

Then you would KNOW it's not TROPICAL PARK, it's called TAMIAMI PARK.

Alcohol is permitted in the lot east of the stadium and the south VIP parking. YOU MUST BE 21 to drink & possess, otherwise ATF will CITE minors. My group never had any issues and I parked on FIU property.

11am ??? hmmm, impressive...we usually start at 1pm >>>>>>>> Midnight.

ya normally i got their from 2 onward... but i think you should tone it back from 11 till the the afternoon all that alcohol has got you confusing park names

FIUPIKE, that was me brother. lol I always get those damn names confused. You know we get there super early...

I'm glad I underestimated the team's won loss record, but I knew it would not turn around night and day. Baby steps. Let's give another year of work to RJ Fondon, Mason McVay, Danny DeSimone. Pablo Bermudez has been hurt most of the season with a hamstring. Mike Martinez has been a pleasant surprise, being a true freshman.

They will make the Sunbelt playoffs, but I don't think will advance with Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky playing the way they are.

Hopefully Rembisz and/or Ebert come back for their senior seasons. We'll have Mejia next year who was ineligible to play this season (he's supposed to be really good).

By the way, Rembisz's testicular fortitude = Company Jones

lol It takes skill to drink as much as we do, still make it to the game on time, and stay for the whole thing. All it means is an early bed time. I'm usually in bed by 11PM on gamedays. It's not easy being the King. lol


CJ - that is not entirely true. You are allowed to sell beer on campus (its not an NCAA thing). The people that would have to approve it is the university.

CC....then you must be a hell of a drinker, cause your team isn't that much better last time I checked....7 wins compared to 5....yup that is a huge difference...2 games ok..so maybe instead of a 12 pack, you would be drinking 8 cans....

Hey I think CC needs to drink all that beer because its the only way he understands the post game speech after a LOSE from Coach Shananana. Can't blame him.. At least Cristobal can explain how he feels after a win or lose..

Anyways, Baseball needs to seal the season with some wins.. I'm still thinking Semis for the Golden Panthers. One more year for the Sunbelt Rings to be places around TT's finger..

Basketball i just have one thing to say: This man can recruit amazing. I thought Cristobal picked up some amazing players but I.T is going for the 4 and 5 star players.. WOW!

Keep it up..

I have to point out the fallacies in your logic. 7 wins to 5 isn't a big difference? Maybe. Bowl selections say otherwise. That means money, which you guys are obviously strapped for.

And please point to UM or FSU's schedule and tell us how many wins you would have own. More than 2-3 is stretch, but ignorance is bliss on your part I guess.

The mutual attorneys are in full force....anything to try to look foolish....

You contribute absolutely nothing Fanatic. It's a shame you consider others foolish when you have yet to look in the mirror and realize where the true definition of foolish came from.

Look who's talking...I think a little lesson on humility and acceptance would do wonders for you....I'm sorry for your obvious problems...I pity people with so much anger, uncontrollable desire to be noticeable, and petty meanings in life. You can't control yourself and try to have the last word...even if no one is paying attention late in the wee hours of the night.

Awww. A "look who's talking" reference. What's next? I'm rubber, your glue? Pants on fire?

No need for pity, I have no anger. It's more mocking humor. In case you haven't typed in my name yet into websters, it's Fomenter. Do it, you'll see exactly what I'm doing here. I'm sure you won't read this, because as you've said, you don't like to read (shocking you went to FIU, a true home for those who don't like to/can't read).

You're right, no one notices me...except the author of this blog has dedicated a good portion of a blog entry to me, and put his foot in his mouth in the process.

And you surely don't notice me. You don't pay attention to me, but 30 minutes after I post on this blog entry, which is 3-4 blog entries removed from the most current one, you respond.

You're predictable my friend. I would say I pity you, but that would be a bold faced lie. I actually mock those in the world like you. You're one step above a functioning imbecile, and can't realize it.

Please continue to "not pay attention" to me. I absolutely love the dripping irony and hypocrisy.

See?...a legend on his own mind who can't control himself....take it easy with the attacks as it shows how desperate you are, and have become. Maybe even make some good use of your (supposed) degree, and "google" some words other than "hipocrisy", and "irony"...I sure hope, for your poor self, you could do better than that....


You just can't respond to anything I bring up, in typical "Fanatic" fashion. It was once Winston Churchill who said "a fanatic can't change their mind". And obviously, you fit the bill.

Why would I "google" different words? Those two fit the bill perfectly for you. I know you don't realize it, but it does. Heck, you can't even use quotations properly, as there was no reason for you to quote "google". Or are you looking for me to use a more plebeian vernacular in order for you to understand what I mean?

Remember, if you'd like the shovel to continue to dig your own grave, I'm more than happy to supply it. You are the one who says no one is paying attention...yet here you are. Unless you consider yourself to be a no one?

Speaking of no one noticing...it's pretty much turning into a two person post fest(I'm assuming you still consider yourself to be someone), yet your post have an undertone as if you are directing it to someone else.

You truly have a warped sense of reality...oh wait, you're a "Fanatic".

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