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Fieldhouse Tour -- Lobby/FIU Store/14,000 sq-foot Weight Room

The R. Kirk Landon Fieldhouse -- the new headquarters of FIU football -- is getting its final touches in these next few weeks and will be ready for use by your Panthers in July.

Here's the first part of our 3-part tour as we take you through most of the first floor of the FH. Since the FH is still under construction the photos you are about to see may or may not give you a good sense of the inside of the building, but you decide.

When everything is painted and the toys to the FH start arriving, we'll have another set of tours in July for you. For now enjoy what's the going on in the FIU fieldhouse. **Click on each photo to enlarge it.**

Before we take you inside the FH, here on the right is a rendering of what the facade of the FH will look like and here Fhoutside on the left is what the facade looks like right now.Fhfacade The first drawing in the photo on the right is what the west side of the FH will look like, that's where the windows looking into the humongous weight room are located. The second drawing in the photo on the right is looking at the FH from the north side (the side where FIU's game day tailgating takes place which is SW 17 Street). So as you can see there are 2 different drawings of the same FIU logo on 2 different sides of the FH.

Located just to the right of the lobby of the FH is the ticket office. As we approach the lobby -- which will be the main entrance to the FH -- here below left of the photo of the current facade of the Fhtix FH is a shot of some ticket windows.

Let's go into the FH's lobby. Here on the right is a shot of what the lobby would look like once you're inside.Fhlob

Located in the lobby will be an FIU merchandise store and a temporary FIU Hall of Fame. When we went to the FH on Monday the store was under construction, but here on the left are a couple of photos of the skeleton of Fhstore the store. The first photo shows an open rectangular window of the store (obviously, they will put glass in there Fhinsidstore once it's ready). And the second photo, to the right of the first store photo is looking at the lobby from inside the store.

The reason the FIU Hall of Fame will be temporarily located in the FH is because the plans are to eventually make a permanent FIU Hall of Fame inside the future Alumni Center (don't have a date for you on when the AC will be built). The AC will be attached to the east side of FIU Stadium. For now, Mike Lowell and co. will be housed on the first and second floors of the FH. Once we go up to the second floor of the FH, we'll give you some photos of the temporary HOF area.

Although most of the features of the FH, such as the exercise equipment have yet to arrive, there are some FH toys already in the building. For example, after Darriet Perry runs for 200 yards against Troy Fhwhirl this season, he'll probably want to take a dip in the new whirlpools (photo, right). As of Monday, there were 2 pools in the building, might be more on the way. Of course, all the stuff covering the whirlpool will be removed for DP.

Hopefully, not too many of your Panthers will be regulars in the injury/rehab center inside the FH. Here on the left is a look at one of the 6 Fhinj separate rooms for getting treatment. These are some of the storage cabinets. To the left of the cabinets (but not in the house yet) will be training tables and other medical supplies.

We gave you one photo in the previous blog previewing the sparkling 14,000 square foot weight room. Hopefully, the following photos give you a better sense of just how humongous the strength and conditioning room for ALL FIU athletes will be.

Here on the right is a photo taken by a professional photographer (Joe Rimkus, of the Herald). Joe asked for PG to stand near the NW corner of the weight room and Joe took the photo at a diagonal angle, which he says gives you the best view for how large the room is.Weightpg

And then on the left we have 2 photos from an amateur photographer (yours truly). These 2 pics on the left are from the NE corner of the Fhweightentrance weight room. The 1st pic is from the entrance of the weight room and maybe you can tell how far south the room extends to or maybe you can't because I took the photo.

The 2nd photo might give you a better view of all the windows of the weight room. So if you want to see how much your favorite FIU athlete squats, here's where you can check it out from.

Fhwtwind On the next tour, we'll take you inside your Panthers locker room and show you some of the features of the room that can be seen now. We'll also take you down the tunnel that your Panthers will storm out of as they run onto the FIU Stadium field to sounds of AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" before the home opener against Toledo on Sept. 26 and every other home game after that.


Give us your thoughts so far on the fieldhouse in our poll below the Pawse Q&A.

FIUFPL: Pete, what does this all mean for Phase 2. Is that even on the drawing board within the next 5 years?

PP: The next step is getting the north side and student support complex done. Building an upper deck to get the stadium's capacity to 45,000 will depend on attendance and support for the program.

FIUJM: Pete, any news on Hardaway joining the coaching staff? Was reading the sports section today and towards the end of the newspaper it had list of local kids that got drafted last week by ML baseball team...I can't believe someone put that Ryan Mollica was from the University of Miami and drafted by the Mollica Mets. Very sad!!!!

PP: Not yet, but it is a good possibility. Last time, I spoke with IT, he said he wanted to have his coaching staff filled out by the end of July. The error regarding Mollica in the paper was fixed today. Maybe, it was that they wanted Mollica across town, because he hit better than any 2nd baseman from the Coral Gables school. By the way, Mollica became a New York Met yesterday when he signed with the team.

Quijote: Pete, The 2009 Gold Cup is quickly upon us. Miami is a host city for the tournament, games will be played at FIU Stadium. What new phase 2 implementations will be ready by then to show off on the national and international television transmissions? When will tickets go on sale?

PP: What you see right now at FIU Stadium is what will be shown off. Tickets have been on sale for a couple of months now. You can buy tickets HERE

FIU Fanatic: Any news about Noel?....or do we have to wait until tomorrow?

PP: Noel is expected to make a decision on Friday.


It's not painted yet and a lot of the furnishings are not inside yet, but what are your initial thoughts about the new FIU Fieldhouse....



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Thanks for the tour....it just looks great. Can't wait to see how the locker room looks like at this point.

When this baby is finished and furnished....I can't wait to see the impact it will have on prospective FIU recruits..from ALL sports!!

Amazing looking building....

oh man... I shudder with anticipation.


Thanks for the udpate Pete.

Looking great!! Can't wait to see when it's finally finished!!

Will the FIU Store be selling an authentic football jersy that costs less than the $189 jerseys they're selling at the bookstore by any chance? I really want one of those at an affordable price!

That weight room is HUUUUUUUUUUGE. Our team is going to dominate the SUNBELT!

Saw troy's fieldhouse and weight room when I went up there for the baseball tourney and I have to say as nice as this thing js looking, I'm not sure it close to that level.

But then again, Troy does everything well, so perhaps it isn't fair to compare. That's a class university, so it isn't surprising thy have high class facilities.

ok deby downer chris lol i like it looks nice i cant wait to see it fully finished

I have to agree with FiuChris...

13,500 sq. ft is large, but it isn't THAT huge. Maybe someone can provide hard data on sizes of other DIV 1 school gyms?

Great info Pete!!! Can't wait to get till football season starts. I asked Joey #86 the other day if he would give me a tour of the new field house/weight room and he said he would if he has time!!! lol can't wait GO FIU!

Joel, i agree with your post....i'm trying to find somewhere that I can get a Jersy with Joey's no on it #86 and I can't seem to find anyone that would do it. We should be able to get one for any player that we support on the team!

It looks awesome, but it doesnt do justice to what its gonna look in 2 months. thanks for the tour pete.

Not sure if anyone has noticed but, Nick Turnbull got drafted yesterday by the Las Vegas team of the UFL. Congrats to Nick!


I had a chance to tour the weight room facility for the UA Razorbacks with the team back in 2007, it was about 20,000 sq ft. and I also toured the Penn State weight room and it was 13,000 sq ft. **Closer to home, I was at UCF recently with my nephew and the weight room there is about 11,000 sq ft.

So everyone just relax, our 14,000 sq ft weight training ctr is BCS ready and can be expanded if necessary. What an amazing recruiting tool this will be.

Something to consider, Antwan Barnes came to FIU weighing 210lbs and had zero training program and sub-standard resources, ran track and got drafted in the 4th round. Yes, he is a FREAK, at the NFL combine ran (2) 4.4s and repped 225lbs. (31 times) more than anyone at the combine except for like 3 lineman and he weighed 240lbs.

This new facility, under the direction & guidance of Coach Moore will deliver results. TDAOS !!!

Any news on Noel...?

Good info, FIUPIKE....I also agree our fieldhouse will start looking a lot better once it is closer to being finished and furnished. Also, I do not pretend for FIU to have the absolute biggest, nicest, fieldhouse in the nation. Just a fielhouse just...or almost...just as big, and nice, as the "bigger" schools.

FIU Chris. Remove FIU from your username, learn to spell then add it back.

I don't know if i can wait much longer!

I'm looking forward to season. It's pretty bad when I'm having dreams of the football season. Last dream I had we were trailing Alabama 23-21 in 4th quarter. lol

so dude... call me crazy but a couple of months back i had a dream that we were beating them 200+ to like 6 IN THE FIRST QUARTER!! Its like getting an addict off drugs... it came with very strange side effects haha! That was months ago! I dare anyone to top that haha.

Weight room may not be the biggest but it's competitive with the best of them. I'm wondering what kind of equipment they'll bring in? How many workout stations?

Pete, any news as to how many of our incoming football recruits are slated, if they are slated, or are they already ON CAMPUS to start Summer B session?

In particular, I would like to know if the most talked about recruits....Pooh Bear, Dudley, Times, Dillard, Theliar, Mallary, Rupert Bryan, etc?..or some other info of relevance, if you could....Thanks..

Bring MLS to FIU.


I think Barca's recent attempt is just the beginning of their efforts. If we can get FIU stadium packed for Gold Cup matches, this will make a difference.

FiuChris, I am pretty sure Troy's facilities and our's a comparable. A 13,000-20,000 sq ft weight room seems the norm amongst D-I programs nationally. At 14,000 sq ft I think our facilities are just fine, keep in mind the boys in Coral Gables operate out of a weight room that is 1,000 sq ft smaller. FIU PIKE has also provided figures for other universities that shows that we are not lacking for size when it comes to our facilities.


Well, I did my own research on this matter:

Now, some of us pretty much wanted to know how, at least in terms of size, our new weight room compares to others...particularly the so called "big time" programs. I would say our new weigth room will compare very favorable even with some of the best schools in the south...SEC and ACC. Here's a brief comparison, after some research I did:

Weight Rooms Square Footage:

1. FIU (Sun Belt): 14,000
2. Ole Miss (SEC): 10,000 Ole Miss
3. NC State (ACC) : no mention of sq. footage...locker room is 7,000 square feet (to our 8,500).
4. UM Konopka Center (ACC): no mention... but sure smaller than FIU's
5. Florida (SEC): New Center 25,000 ("Old one was under 10,000)
6. Mississippi State (SEC): 9,000 (renovated in 2005)
7. Kentucky (SEC): 9,000
8. LSU (SEC) no mention...built in 2006
9. Auburn (SEC): 14,000 Tatum Center
10. Alabama (SEC): 20,000 Brand new this year also! Alabama Center
11. UNC (ACC): couldn't find Kenan Center
12. Tennessee (SEC): 12,000 Percy Center
13. Clemson (ACC): 14,000 Jervey Weight Room
14. Maryland (ACC): 7,000 Gosset Team House
15. FSU (ACC): couldn't find
16. Duke (ACC) 3,500 Murray Weight Room

So in conclusion, of the 15 SEC and ACC schools researched, only 2 schools....the 2 ones we are playing this coming season...UF and Alabama, have much bigger weight rooms than ours. We have basically the same size as 2 others (Clemson and Auburn), while 3 schools I couldn't find their square footage. FIU's weight room is already bigger than 7 of those schools.....

Found that UM weight room is 11,500 square feet.

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